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Why People Prefer Indian Handicrafts Handicrafts are great resources for art lovers and fashion savvy people. They are known for aesthetics and craftsmanship. This industry is gearing up to become a Billion dollar business. Handicrafts from India, which forms a considerable portion of the worlds business commands greater respect and value in the market for its aesthetics, designs and unique styles. India for ages has been a labor intensive market and as such handicrafts or hand crafted materials were most common in every product category. Though the advancements in technology have changed the production methods in many other industries, the arts and crafts industry in India has realized that no machines can match the skill and craftsmanship of traditional tools and skilled artists. Handicrafts industry in India has a rich & glorious 5000 year old history. Art loving people of this country have always encouraged developed and supported this artistic industry for ages now. The rich heritage and culture of India helped artisans to come up with great and unique styles that have a majestic appeal. Handicrafts are made using fine and strong quality material like paper pulp, textiles, ceramics, stone, marble and wood. Using these material beautiful pieces is art are carved that have great aesthetics unique designs and styles etc. Indian handicrafts are made for different uses: 

For decorating: Items like wall paintings, carpets, designer clocks, pots and vase can be used for decorating homes to work places.


Home furnishings: Curtains and blinds, bed sheets, pillow and cushion covers, and garden accessories.

Clothes: beautiful designs and styles are carves on clothes for men and women, designer tops and shirts, designer dress wear, party wear, kurta, seasonal clothing, leggings for women etc are all beautifully crafted by skilled manpower.

Jewelry: jewelry sets, necklace, ear rings, pendants all are being designed by expert hands to make them look more beautiful and stylish.

For spiritual and religions use: special items are carefully designed for religious purposes books and other accessories for offering prayers to items used to decorating temples and prayer room in the house are al being made by handicrafts businesses.

Gift Items: as these items have unique and distinct designs and styles, they are also being used as gifts to exchange on special occasions. They are used as gifts for every occasion and for every age group people. Watches, cuff links, dresses, stoles etc are all being used as gifts.

Realizing the huge demand for Indian handicrafts and also keeping in mind the changes in technology to market their businesses, many handicrafts companies are now setting up their websites. Theses websites lets you own and buy Indian handicrafts online, no matter which part of the globe you live in. Indian handicrafts are now highly preferred for their ease of availability along with their expert craftsmanship, unique design, styles etc.

Why people prefer indian handicrafts  
Why people prefer indian handicrafts  

Handicrafts are great resources for art lovers and fashion savvy people. They are known for aesthetics and craftsmanship. This industry is g...