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ShamROCK the Rose District


ind your favorite green shirt, hide your pots of gold, and get hungry for corned beef and cabbage because March is upon us and that means St. Patrick’s Day and the annual celebrations where everyone is a little bit Irish!

Broken Arrow’s annual St. Patty’s Day celebration in the Rose District, appropriately named ShamROCK the Rose District, is gearing up for its biggest year yet. In 2019 approximately 15,000 people packed the streets of downtown Broken Arrow for the event which will be the 6th annual incarnation of this festival. Located between the Farmers’ Market and Broadway on Main Street, attendees will find a variety of food trucks, local artisans set up selling their hand crafted goods, a main stage with live music, entertainment that includes a Kid Zone, a cornhole tournament, and more. Of course, you can’t talk about St. Patrick’s Day without talking about beer. There will be no shortage of suds at ShamROCK the Rose. Beer stations will be set up throughout the event, including

By Jeremy Strunk the St Patty’s Day staple green beer. For those who truly love beer, the Craft Beer Garden is making its return and will be bigger than ever! Over fifteen breweries have been announced for the Craft Beer Garden this year. With a ticket to this area of the festival, thirsty patrons can try as many delicious craft beers as they would like from these breweries. For those who find themselves looking for a place to have another beer and keep the party going after ShamROCK the Rose District has concluded, Broken Arrow Brewing Company is a short walk from the festival and open until midnight! Participating Craft Beer Garden breweries for 2020 include: Broken Arrow Brewing Company – Broken Arrow’s first, and thus far only craft brewery. They are also coordinators for the Craft Beer Garden. Black Mesa Brewing Company – Based of our Norman, Oklahoma CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


Left to right: Austin Ferguson and Jason Northern, of Broken Arrow Brewing Company

attend. Because of the small batch nature of their beers, there is always a good chance you’ll never have these beers again. Go early so you don’t miss out. Beer is OK will also be on hand selling beer themed apparel, stickers, mugs, and other beer themed goods. MISSION 22 organization working with Solider’s Wish and ShamROCK.

Nothing’s Left Brewing Company – Their taproom and brewery in the Pearl District in Tulsa is known for turning out interesting, flavorful beers made with wild ingredients like muffin tops, cinnamon rolls, and Pop-Tarts. High Gravity/Pippin’s Taproom – Tulsa’s homebrewing shop has their own taproom and they will be bringing some of their tasty beers to ShamROCK the Rose District! Elk Valley Brewing – Based out of Oklahoma City, they opened their own taproom a little over a year ago but have been producing beer since 2014. Anthem Brewing Company – Also from the Oklahoma City area, Anthem has been in the craft beer game in our state almost as long as anyone. Tupps Brewery – Based in McKinney Texas, a big hit at last year’s ShamROCK event. Dead Armadillo Craft Brewing – One of the original craft breweries in Tulsa, even before the current boom we are experiencing the last few years. They will celebrate their 7th anniversary later this year. Emersumnice Brewery – Coming soon to Owasso. This will mark the first festival Emersumnice has poured their beer at. Vanessa House Beer Co – The five guys from Vanessa House started in Norman and have opened a very fun taproom in Oklahoma City. Renaissance Brewing Company – Another Tulsa brewery. Try the Black Gold Hybrid Stout! Pearl Beach Brew Pub – Located at 5th and Peoria in Tulsa Iron Monk – Stillwater’s lone craft brewery FOAM (Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers) – FOAM is a homebrewer’s club that absolutely kills it at every festival they 10


There will also be a ticketed VIP area on the third floor of the Museum Broken Arrow featuring food from Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen, wine from Water’s Edge Winery on the Rose, more beer, and a cash bar for anyone who prefers something other than beer and wine. The VIP area also has a balcony that overlooks the main stage. ShamROCK the Rose District is more than just a good time though. The event raises money for the benefit of Soldier’s Wish, an organization that identifies and helps provide for the unmet needs of active-duty service members, veterans, and their families and provides resources directly. Over the years ShamROCK the Rose District has raised $70,000 for Soldier’s Wish. A local hero will have their wish granted on the main stage at 6:00 during the event in what is sure to be a special moment. Event organizer Debra Wimpee said she started the event largely for the purpose of raising funds for Soldier’s Wish, so all proceeds from ticket sales to vendor fees, etc. benefit that organization. The event also marks the single biggest day in sales for businesses along Main Street in Broken Arrow each year, so it has the added benefit of pumping sales tax revenue into the city. The various merchants along Main Street will be open for business during ShamROCK the Rose and many will feature sales and discounts during the event. Since you never know what Oklahoma weather in midMarch will be like, this also offers a great excuse for anyone who may be looking for a break from the outdoors to step inside one of the many restaurants and other businesses along Main Street. ShamROCK the Rose District runs from 5 PM to 10 PM Saturday, March 14th. Tickets for the Craft Beer Garden can be purchased at For more information about Soldier’s Wish visit More information about ShamROCK the Rose, the event organizer Debra Wimpee, as well as other events and goings on in Broken Arrow, check out





Kilkenny’s Irish Pub -

Authentic Ireland right on Cherry Street


n a Tulsa World preview from 2001, Dana Simon wrote about Kilkenny’s Irish Pub in the future tense. It was a bit surreal to read sentences like “The new restaurant menu will feature steaks, lobster, fish and pastas -- some with Irish sauces, Rehorn said.” In fact, it’s hard to think of a time when Brett Rehorn’s authentic “Public House” hasn’t been part of the Cherry Street Landscape. In true pub-style, Kilkenny’s has become an indispensable anchor along 15th Street, and has made an indelible impact on Tulsa’s restaurant scene. Kilkenny’s recently made The Daily Meal’s list of the Greatest Irish Pubs in America. Irish Pub Food is by its very nature, the antithesis of chefdriven cuisine. Not fancy, not necessarily daring and essentially pedestrian. Yet

by: Jeff Thompson

everything about Kilkenny’s screams quality. The warmth of the staff, the deep authenticity of the atmosphere inside and out, and most importantly the food. Something as simple as a plate of peeland-eat shrimp becomes a transcendent adventure in perfection. Perfectly cooked, beautifully presented and accompanied by fresh horseradish and house-made cocktail sauce. Erick Dyer, Kilkenny’s Irish Pub General Manager says that even though the menu has evolved and expanded over the 18 years since Kilkenny’s first opened, at least 80% of the core favorites have remained. Anyone who’s followed the nearly 20 year saga of Kilkenny’s knows that Brett shipped over from Ireland huge chunks (Dyer calls them “Irish Artifacts”) of the decor that make the atmosphere authentic. Dyer (who has worked at Kilkenny’s for over 11 years) also reminded me how Brett has created a culture where staff are valued and loyal and some of them have been with him since 2001. That kind of loyalty is unprecedented in the restaurant industry. When asked about the “secret sauce” that keeps people loyal, Erick and I had a lengthy back and forth about employee retention, but the conversation was perfectly summed up when he simply said, “It’s just fun place to work, I love working here.” His eyes sparkled with truth when he said that. It made me want to work there.



Kilkenny’s hasn’t only been around for a long time, but they are open until 2am seven-days-a-week (kitchen closes at 1pm) so that amounts to over 100,000 hours over the past years that Kilkenny’s Irish Pub has been doing it right on Cherry Street. In some schools of thought, that’s 10 times the amount of hours one needs to become a master at one’s craft. Brett and his team have done that.

“The work praises the man.” - Irish Proverb Mastery of the authentic Irish Pub experience. Right here in river city. My most recent visit to Kilkenny’s started with the Kell’s Peel and Eat Shrimp which was exquisite. Perfectly cooked fresh shrimp are a true delicacy. Main course was their Rock of Cashel Ribeye (bone-in) with steamed veggies and a side salad. My partner, Jeni’s go-to order is their stuffed trout, with the brown bread oyster stuffing. Our kiddo feasted on their fish and chips (and a few more of my shrimp than I was willing to part with, but no blood was shed). Our blended family is a new thing, but something about our visits to Kilkenny’s feel like an established if not ancient tradition. Dining at Kilkenny’s feels like being a part of the great story of American immigration, and hearkens back to “the old country”. I’ve got more Irish in me than anything, so it’s a huge thing to be connected to one’s roots. That’s what Kilkenny’s always means to me, it means family. It means “welcome” and what’s amazing about Kilkenny’s is how well it surfs the line between being a hard-drinking Irish bar and family friendly destination for kiddos and straight-edges like me. It’s in that sweet spot where you can wear sweats and flip-flops or a suit and tie, and feel just right. Our family loves Kilkenny’s, and so does Tulsa. Thank you, Brett for giving Tulsa not just one, but two amazing destination dining experiences right on Cherry Street. - Speaking of “right on Cherry Street” don’t forget to get your Irish on with a real St. Paddy's Day celebration on Tuesday March 17, 2020 at Kilkenny's Irish Pub.

Kilkenny’s Irish Pub 1413 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74120 Telephone: 918-582-8282 Full Menu – Available All Day Everyday Brunch of the Irish – Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM Kilkenny's Lunch – Served until 4 PM Daily Late Night Food Specials – After 10 PM Daily Kitchen Open – Daily until 1 AM Monthly Specialty Menus Gluten Free Menu – Available Upon Request Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 11 AM to 2 AM Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 2 AM

The annual block party features live music, a beer & liquor tent, a beer truck, a food tent featuring Kilkenny's Irish favorites, a merchandise tent featuring Mythic LIVE T-shirt screen printing, a photo booth and lots of fun activities for the kids! The Pub will be opening at 9 am and they will kickoff the Block Party at 11 am. See you there! CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


Ilana Vasquez and Eben Shillingford, co-owners of Sisserous



Leave the Plane Ticket Behind I

by: Lacy Richards

’m not sure you know what you have in your own neighborhood. If I told you that a paradise of flavors, smells, and sounds were just a short drive away would you believe me? That the Caribbean islands were actually part of Tulsa’s concrete jungle? It’s ok if you don’t because you can just see for yourself, it’s not all that far from here. I think you should meet the people that understood how exquisite island life could look in a land locked state, spilling island sand all over our red dirt. Eben Shillingford and Ilana Vasquez, business partners and siblings, set out to share an unforgettable experience that will make you long for a place you didn’t even know you belonged to.

2,563 miles from here lies the small island of Dominica, a small, lush oasis that not many call home... but luckily this is where Eben and Ilana’s parents grew up. Eventually the family moved from the small island to New York and after just a few years there, the family then transferred to Tulsa. While Eben and Ilana made their homes in various cities across America they eventually planted their adult roots in Tulsa’s soil. They came together to open Sisserou’s, a dining experience that not only highlighted the rich landscape their family beckoned from, but to serve the diverse flavors of many islands that make up the Caribbean. While each Caribbean island hosts its own powerful take on dishes of all kinds, Eben and Ilana wanted the experience at Sisserou’s to be transportive. There is not a detail within the restaurant that lacks intentionality. “The elevated dining area mimics the mountainous terrain of Dominica, just like the waterfalls around the bars represent the 365 rivers that run through; even the tan curtains remind us of the sand along the beach,” Ilana says. Detail after detail is represented and this is just where it begins. Eben’s restaurant experience is another aspect of what sets Sisserou’s apart. Working his way up from the bottom rung of the restaurant industry, Eben established himself within Tulsa’s top tier of dining experiences. Ilana hails from an accounting and interior design background that makes her the perfect fit for day to day operations. With this vast knowledge, drive for perfection, and creative passion, this powerhouse team strives for excellence on a plate, telling a story through flavors.

Sisserou’s has gained extensive traction since its opening six years ago and Ilana and Eben continue to bring the Caribbean to life in Tulsa’s Brady District. In addition to their unparalleled food menu, they’re also known for their drink selection, fresh fish and house made… everything. If you had a Caribbean grandma cooking for you, this is where you would find her. Their hot sauce is of such notoriety that they sell it by the bottle! You read that right. If you can handle this seductive and fiery blend of habanero, garlic and onion it can just go ahead and take the place of the ketchup in your fridge. You’ll also find local jazz musicians showcasing their talents every second Thursday night at Sisserou’s, in addition to their quarterly island music night. These are a great way to experience the full immersion of the islands through reggae and Latin tunes, setting the stage, so to say, for fearless flavors. And these are flavors unlike any other. You know when you go on vacation and you throw your cares (and maybe your cell phone) out the window and a perfect meal gets set in front of you? Maybe you can hear the water, your skin is still a little toasty from your swim earlier, and there’s still sand in some questionable places- but there’s something about the meal that brings it all together just for a few hours. It’s an unforgettable experience because paired with new flavors and the utmost feeling of peace you look over and over for it- the perpetual search. Maybe it was Mahi Mahi in Barbados, or authentic jerk chicken in Jamaica, or the perfect Cuban with your toes in the sand. The feeling and the hope to reignite these sentiments is what propels Ilana and Eben every day. They know that the best moments are the ones where our cares are washed away and our meal takes us back to that picture perfect moment. Now is your chance, let the Sisserou’s team be your tour guide on a trip where you can experience the sights and flavors of the Caribbean islands before a concert or night exploring Tulsa’s downtown- no plane ticket required.





Victor See, Bar Manager of Sisserous

Let yourself rum wild K

nowledge is power and while most wouldn’t apply that adage to alcohol, cocktails or spirits, there are some that do. Some people who want to dig to the bottom. They want to know where the sugar cane was grown, what the soil’s PH was. They alter and manipulate and work through trial after trial. They search out the romantic back stories and shake hands with the weathered and wise purveyors. They do all this research and look high and low for answers so that they can serve the best and supply their patrons with top shelf options with passable costs- because it’s not just a drink to them, it’s an experience. A sip becomes a feeling, and a feeling becomes a memory, and a memory becomes a story, and the stories take shape at the bar at Sisserou’s Caribbean restaurant downtown. With this great power comes great responsibility, and Sisserou’s Bar Manager, Victor See, is the man for the job. Having experience in every role in the restaurant industry, Victor has settled into a position where his passion for creativity and expertise can run wild. From bussing tables to corporate bar trainer, Victor has experienced the big wide world of spirits, making him, in my opinion, one of the most educated bartenders in Tulsa. His presence behind the bar at Sisserou’s meets the perfect impasse. Sisserou’s sets a highend pace with approachable pricing, which is the heartbeat of their bar as well. Victor sets out to make even a novice’s experience fun, informed, and delicious. While their beverage menu is vast, just Victor’s rum program boasts 90+ rums at this time. These are not your average rums, either. While they range in price point and varying degrees of public accessibility, Victor personally selects and researches each brand, verifying its place on the bar at Sisserou’s. Monthly, ten

by: Lacy Richards

rums are chosen for their tasting board which is two 1 oz pours. These are selected specifically for their value since they may not be a brand that many could sample in everyday settings. During happy hour these unique picks are only $12 making them perfect for your predinner fun. Happy hour also features their family recipe Rum Punch, in house Bloody Mary, and discounted wine pours. Beginning in March they’ll also be featuring three new bowl cocktails which are definitely the best addition to Spring 2020. If rum or Caribbean cocktails are not your chosen style, you’re still in luck. With Victor’s leading, Sisserou’s launched an expansive wine program in October of 2019. To ensure the freshest wine possible the team decided to carefully choose two prominent wines that would be served draft style. Currently, these are the Sonoma Coast Martin Ray Cabernet and the Martin Ray Chardonnay. This is favorable considering that when wine is kegged, air never touches the liquid so each pour tastes as good as the first. If you are still eyeing their lovely and well-rounded bottled wine selection, well good news. Confidently, their wine by the glass and by the bottle is the lowest in town and the selections are updated and hand-picked constantly. Bellying up to the bar is not just to blow off steam anymore. Tulsans are growing their palette and now want something off the beaten path. With Victor’s wide-angle approach to such a creative and nuanced niche, stopping in for a drink is a must. Whether it’s a Caribbean cruise into a cocktail or a wine you’ve never tried, once you have a drink in your hand you’ll see that you not only get the drink of your dreams, but you’ll walk away with so much more than you did before. CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


Winner winner..


by: Nick Parsons

mericans love chicken wings. We’re obsessed. I don’t know if it’s our fascination with quick, easy-to-cook meals, our love of all things tailgate, or just the fact that they’re cheap and plentiful, but anyway you cut it, we can’t get enough. The only thing that rivals our love of wings is our love of beer. Tulsa is fortunate enough to be experiencing a beer-awakening, with countless breweries and new concoctions popping up all over the place. There’s something for everyone, and what better to pair with your favorite brew than some smoked chicken wings? We’re firing up the ol’ Hasty Bake charcoal grill and going to cook these babies at 300 degrees over some lump charcoal and pecan wood chunks. Utilizing Broken Arrow Brewing Co’s “HaderWeizen,” we’ll marinate our wings in a Ziplock bag overnight to drive some of that citrusy goodness down into the meat and make sure it stays nice and juicy. After marinating, drain the liquid out, add a few tablespoons of olive oil, and add your favorite BBQ seasoning into the bag. We used Pitmaster Harry Soo’s Jailbird Chicken, which has amazing lemon and orange notes along with some herbs. We also added a dash of Meat Church Voodoo seasoning, a new Cajun-inspired favorite around our test kitchen. Shake the bag up until all the wings are covered in seasoning. Once your fire is rolling, place all the wings on the indirect side of the grill (rather than directly above the fire) and let them begin to gather smoke. We threw some corn on the grill too, directly over the fire, and hit that with Voodoo seasoning as well. I hate to waste good grill real estate when I have a hot fire going. After 20 minutes, flip all the wings so they brown evenly, and rotate your corn as well. Let them smoke for another 20 minutes and then remove the corn – it should be done. One of the advantages of the Hasty Bake is that it’s the easiest charcoal grill on the market to control your temperature on. We’re keeping the fire at the very bottom of the grill, far away from the grill grate. This will allow whatever is on top to gently bake rather than sear. Move the wings directly over the fire and let them gather some more color and a bit of char. After 5 minutes, flip them again. We’re shooting for an internal temperature of 170-180 degrees. Chicken is safe at 165 24


degrees, but if you take bone-in chicken a bit higher it becomes fall-off-the-bone tender. Once all sides have a beautiful char and the internal temp is reached, remove them from the grill and place them in a bowl. Melt ½ a cube of butter and drizzle it over the wings, tossing them to evenly coat each piece. Plate the wings with your corn, and add some celery and bleu cheese to the platter, just so you feel like you’re getting your veggies. And don’t forget a tall pint of one of Tulsa’s awesome beers. Tailgate season will be here before you know it, but while the temperatures are still nippy, these quick grilling options are a great way to feed yourself or an army without freezing to death. Happy grilling, Tulsa! Nick Parsons is a live-fire pitmaster, the founder of Tulsa Barbecue School, and heads up the Marketing and Operations for Tulsa’s iconic grill company, Hasty Bake Charcoal Grills.

The Hasty Bake Executive Team. (Left to Right) Nick Parsons, Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Richard Alexander, Owner & President of Hasty Bake and HBI Services, Rick Nacke, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing.

Hasty Bake: A Tulsa Tradition By: Peter Brennan


ay back in 1948, Grant Hastings had a dream. He loved cooking - the color, the smell, the mouthwatering flavor of fresh food grilling or smoking on an outdoor barbecue. But way back in ‘48 people like Grant had only one choice - go out to a restaurant and buy it. Backyard grills as we know them today didn’t exist. There was no Weber or Char-Broil. You couldn’t walk into a Lowe’s or Home Depot and select a model, and there were certainly no gas grills out there to buy! There’s an old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention.” There was only one way for Grant Hastings to be able to do at home what he experienced in the big barbecue restaurants - he was going to have to invent it himself. And that is exactly what he did. Grant started designing, then manufacturing, what is now a Tulsa mainstay - the Hasty Bake Charcoal Grill. The first backyard barbecue with a hood to catch smoke. And just few miles away from where Grant created them back in ‘48, those fantastic pieces of culinary wonder are still made in Tulsa, down on Lewis, just south of Route 66. The 100% American steel is cut, machined, welded, fitted, assembled and accessorized right here. No outsourcing, no cheap parts, all American made. Not many products can say that these days, which leads to perhaps the most wonderful aspect of a Hasty-Bake Charcoal Grill - QUALITY. 28


If there is one thing that the grill company has built itself on, it is the unsurpassed quality of it’s finished product. Mr. Hastings never intended to mass produce his new grills. He could have sent them off to China like most other companies have done. Instead, his goal was to find enthusiasts like himself, folks who absolutely loved an exquisitely grilled ribeye steak or piping hot potatoes, fresh off the fire, and introduce them to a uniquely American product. There is nothing better than sitting down to that kind of meal with friends and family- and how much better can it get than doing it in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard? But he also wanted to build something that was going to last - a product that people could use year after year. Something that would make the neighbors say, “Wow, Grant- where’d you get that thing?” And that’s exactly what Hasty Bake owners have been hearing from their guests for over 70 years now. I recently sat down with Nick Parsons, VP of Marketing and Operations at Hasty Bake. Nick’s been a Hasty Bake owner and evangelist for years, and has recently taken a senior leadership role in the company. He’s rightfully proud of Hasty Bake’s continued legacy in Tulsa, and when asked what makes them so special, he quickly answers, “Versatility. They are so well designed, so

easy to operate, and so versatile, they grill like nothing else out there. But they also send traditional smokers and charcoal ovens running for cover. And they’re as easy to operate as a gas grill.” While acknowledging that the casual backyard cook may love their convenient propane cooker, he points out that Hasty Bakes typically appeal those individuals that want to “kick it up a notch”people who are looking to elevate their grilling to another level. The aromatic and impossible-to-duplicate real smoke flavor that you get from cooking on lump charcoal is perhaps undeniably what really sells someone on this grill. Nick says, “A Hasty Bake just makes people feel like a better cook. You impress your family and friends, and even yourself.” The loyalty that breeds is maybe the next best thing about Hasty Bake. Nick talks about the tremendous camaraderie of owners, who are constantly engaging with each other on social media and in person, sharing secrets and tips. Every year the company has their annual “Hasty Bake Owners Competition”

at the Tulsa Grill Store, their retail and factory location on Lewis. This year it’s May 9th at 11am. Folks come from all over Tulsa, and around the country, to compete and attend. They have tents set up, music and smoke fill the air, and owners get to show-off their barbecue prowess. There’s freshly cooked samples from dozens of teams, and beer vendors, too. It’s open to the general public - I know I’m going! As our chat winds down, Richard Alexander, Hasty Bake’s owner for the last 25 years shares how proud he is of the company’s quality manufacturing standards. Set by Grant Hastings, those standards are the same today. But then he says something that really stands out. “For me, it’s about the relationships. I've met so many great people over the years!” The food may be what draws people to purchase a Hasty Bake Charcoal Grill, but the community they discover is what makes them a customer for life. CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020






Unconventional Confections by: Lacy Richards

Sheila Hulsman owner, Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes


personally love Willy Wonka. I love the candy-coated experience of being transformed where the rules are defied and candy hangs from the ceiling. I think the interior design world could be transformed if wallpaper was flavored, and I am very interested in the idea of a chocolate river… so when I stepped into Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes and my eyes landed on all things hot pink, coated in frosting and sprinkles- I knew I was home. Sheila Hulsman opened Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes on the south end of Broken Arrow Main Street about 8 years ago. While she’s always had a streak for the creative, baking fulltime wasn’t really her life long goal; she kind of stumbled onto it honestly. “I had made a batch of cupcakes for my coworkers,” Sheila says, “and after the first batch I started getting flavor requests, then actual 34


orders.” The word started to spread about these homemade delights and soon she was making more and more. Unfortunately Sheila lost her job but it pushed her to do more with this new-found venture. As you can imagine her ideas were a hit which turned into unforeseen growth into a progression from her brick and mortar store, to her food truck, then her party space… and now? A second location. Sheila wanted more eyes on her store front doubling the love was her go-to. She landed at the perfect spot in Owasso where she anticipates her doors will open this May. Her new Owasso location is set among the prominent Smith Farm Shopping center so stopping for a cupcake will be part of the Saturday errands, you lucky dogs. In addition to the wonderful world of creative cupcakes, the Owasso location will also be getting the addition of scooped ice cream, just like her flagship store in Broken Arrow will be. You’ll still find her signature cupcake flavors and all the decadent offerings that her Broken Arrow location has. Lemon the Dream, Turtle Cheesecake, SIN IS IN?? She’ll keep in stock her fan favorites like the cookie sandwiches, entire gluten free section, and pupcakes for the fur babies! Soon, you’ll be able to get your hands these fanatical and sweet treats if you’re in the south or north part of our metroplex. The Lord has answered all my prayers, guys. I can’t ask for more than cake and ice cream. This also makes access to her creative and unconventional confections even easier. No one wants the normal birthday cake anymore. A quick glance at Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes’ Facebook and website will show you the incredible themed cakes Sheila and her gang has pulled off. With an eye for the imaginative

Above: Party and Event Space

whipping up whatever you have in mind- naughty OR nice is on the menu. Bachelorette parties, 21st birthday cakes, maybe celebrating Oklahoma’s legalization of a certain plant? Sheila isn’t going to shy away from helping you celebrate. And if your celebration needs a location, Team Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes also offers a party room at the Broken Arrow location that’s a great fit for lots of events. For small kid parties you can bring in 15 kids to decorate 2 cupcakes, play pin the tail on the unicorn, not worry about set up or tear down, and have a host for help! Older kids get the same great time but 5 cupcakes to work their magic on! At the end, the party decides which cupcakes wins best in show. You can’t see me, but I’m swiping pink frosting on my game face. However you handle like your sugar rush, be it cake, cookies or ice cream, there is something to be said about dropping into Not Your Grandma’s Cupcakes. It never fails to put the icing on the (cup) cake!



Brad Doss Testing A Prototype Pant Legger

Dry Cleaning Expert: Brad Doss


very day at Yale Cleaners, we promise our customers same day dry cleaning and shirt laundry service; drop off by 12, ready by 5. With 12 full service dry cleaning plants, utilizing hundreds of dry cleaning machines, washers and presses, a lot can go wrong. To help us deliver on our promise, Yale Cleaners’ maintenance engineer Brad Doss is charged with keeping all our equipment running.

by: John Rothrock, CGCP

industry. In the late 1990’s several of our team members attended a PLC (Programable Logic Controller) seminar that changed the course of our company’s history.

Soon after that conference, Brad began tinkering on a dry cleaning pant press because he was tired of consistently fixing the same mechanical issues. With the help of our computer engineer, he installed a PLC, valves and switches. When they were finished, the press worked While you will probably never meet this Yale Clean- better than it did from the factory. From daily operaers expert, he is always behind the scenes ensuring your tion, to every day maintenance, they have solved a lot of clothes are consistently cleaned and pressed to perfec- problems. Ultimately, Brad’s little experiment expanded tion. After leaving the Marine Corp, Big Brad as we to almost every piece of equipment in our buildings. like to call him, joined our team in January of 1989. Back then, Brad was a full time student at Spartan Col- Today, Yale Cleaners proudly engineers and rebuilds all our dry cleaning machines, washers and presses to meet lege of Aeronautics and Technology. “Originally, I only intended to work at Yale while going our specific needs. This has enabled us to consistently to school, but I quickly saw a future here” said Brad. deliver the same quality at every location, reduce operaHe went on to say, “I was really surprised by all the dif- tor fatigue and injury and dramatically reduce machine ferent disciplines I got to work in, pneumatics, electric, down time. plumbing, electrical circuitry, just to name a few.” When asked what Brad likes about his job most, he Over the years, a lot has changed in the dry cleaning said “After 30 years, I love to solve new and challenging



problems. I like it when I fix a new problem that I have never encountered before.” We also asked him to share one of his favorite memories at Yale. He said “Building chainsaw go karts! After we built them, we decided to have a race around the corporate office parking lot. We got caught by Grandpa Jim, he was furious. But he quickly got over it when he found out the race before was between his daughter Judy and husband Bill. That was a lot of fun.” Each day at Yale, we are committed to providing fast, reliable and affordable same day dry cleaning service. Thanks to Yale Cleaners’ expert Brad Doss, no matter what issues arise, we always honor our same day promise. Brad ended our conversation with a great quote, “Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean you quit. I’m never going to quit when something gets hard, I’m just going to out work the problem.” Yale Cleaners has been proudly serving the Tulsa area for 74 years. For three generations, the Rothrock and Stevenson family has been committed to serving our customers and providing them with the best dry cleaning experience. Yale Cleaners’ award winning services, combined with our low prices and great moneys saving coupons sets us apart from the competition. Trust the “guys in the white hat” for the best value on professional garment care.

John Rothrock, CGCP John Rothrock is the President and CEO of Yale

Cleaners, a local family business focused on pro-

viding high quality, same day dry cleaning with exceptional customer service. He earned a degree in

Business Administration in 2005 from The University of Oklahoma. John is a graduate of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute and is a Certified

Professional Drycleaner (CPD), Certified Professional Wetcleaner (CPW), and a Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED). Having all three of

these certifications makes him a Certified Garment

Care Professional (CGCP), a distinction held by few people in the dry cleaning industry.








Broken Arrow City Councilor, Founder of ShamROCK on the Rose District Debra Wimpee

MISSION: Serving those that serve

by: Lacy Richards

Above: Debra Wimpee, photo by Lacy Richards 40



Above: Debra Wimpee presenting a check to Solider’s Wish.


ike pillars to a home, there are pillars in the community. They show up to the city meetings you hear about the day after they happen. They have the headlamps on cleaning up Main Street when everyone else is getting in the car. They work with a smile on their face at city hall, in our schools, and our local community organizations. Thinking of someone like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation? Good- you’ve just met our very own Debra Wimpee. Debra wears many hats. She’s worked with NAIOP for 12 years, she’s a Broken Arrow city councilor, she owns and operates a very popular news and social media company called BA Buzz that lets the public in on the changes happening in their town. One of Debra’s biggest passions is serving veterans and military personnel in our community. This is fitting as her father served as a Marine during the Vietnam war and her sister is a Chief in NAVY and has served for over 20 years. Her proximity to their needs has created an unparalleled drive to give back. Yearly, her company, BA Buzz, facilitates a massive St. Patrick’s day party called Shamrock the Rose in Broken Arrow’s Rose District, that features a live concert, kids entertainment, and rockin’ beer garden all to raise funds for

Soldier’s Wish, a generous organization that assists on and off duty military service people with any size of need. Over the past 5 years, this event has raised over $70,000- a feat that would not be possible without Debra’s dedication and vision. Recently, Debra has been working with Mission 22, an organization that highlights the devastating reality of veterans taking their own lives every 22 minutes. To commemorate those that lose their life to suicide, Mission 22 is set to install 20 one thousand-pound statues in Broken Arrow’s Veteran Park. This installation will sit next to the newly proposed Veteran Armed Forces Center set to be built on the southern end of Broken Arrow Main Street. Altogether, many of the local military organizations will house out of this new location which will tie together the organizations who serve those who serve. Overall, Debra has helped improve the quality of life for many people who have served for our country but live right in our neighborhoods. Her focus and passion to reach out and give has given back has made a ripple effect. By facilitating and directing services to those that serve, the entire mission is completed. CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020



By: Mike Hall, Owner Gracieland Pet Resort


ome people get pretty heated about the whole dog person vs. cat person debate. If you disagree with a dog/cat person on the subject, they will proceed to tell you all the reasons you are wrong. Anyone who says that they love both is a flat-out LIAR. What?? How could I say such a thing?? haha You can like both, but only one can be the best. I used to think I loved both equally but after some deep inner reflecting it’s been brought to my attention (by my inner self, who knew that was even a thing lol) that I am in fact a dog person! How can that be? I have two beautiful cats that I love dearly, Bebe a tuxedo house cat with attitude that rivals a Real Housewife, and Kohl a big beautiful all black Bombay that looks like a mini version of Bagheera from the Jungle Book. I’m here to settle this debate right MEOW: Sorry, cat lovers, but you are wrong. Here are the reasons why I’m a dog person and why you should be one too. (Don’t fret cat lovers, next month I reveal why you should totally be a cat person!! Hahaha) Cats are adorable, but nothing, I repeat, nothing, is cuter than a puppy. Puppies are even cuter than human babies (Yeah, I said it haha) and that’s coming from someone who really loves babies. They’re just so small and fluffy and loving. Dogs are super silly and will stay entertained by their own shadow. They’ll chase their tail for hours, they look like the happiest creatures on the planet when they run, and they’re always doing something odd that makes you turn YOUR head sideways like licking another dog’s face, laying on their back with their paws in the air, or barking when they see themselves in the mirror.

just ask my dog Spot about that one Haha. They’re so happy and active which in turn keeps you happy and active and just all around brightens your day. You’ve probably heard the old adage “They’re a part of your life, but you are their whole life” a thousand times, but if you have a dog you totally get it. Dogs have a special way of loving their owners unconditionally; even dogs that have been abused will still build a bond or trust with a human because after all, we all want to feel love. No matter where you go or what you do, you can rest assured that your dog is waiting on you at home by the door, ready to greet you when you walk inside. A cat on the other hand…

Cats are disrespectful and impolite (Seriously tho, I do love cats lol). They make you beg for their attention. They disregard you when you call them, I mean come on cat, how long have you had your name and you won’t even answer to it? They hide for hours and are totally fine with no human interaction. Ooooooh but dogs on the other hand… Dogs lose their minds when you come home!! They bark and jump and wag their tails and run around and bark some more, and they maul you with kisses and tail wags. They come running if you so much as pat your leg, whistle or just whisper their name. They offer endless companionship, cuddles, and love. There’s nothing, I mean nothing like walking thru the door and your dog showing you with every part and feeling of their body how much they love you! Dog’s love to play. The simple squeak of a toy or the rolling of a ball will set a dog off. They’ll play with you for hours if you let them. And anything can become a toy, including a 3lb piece of firewood, 42


Mike Hall is the owner and operator of Gracieland Pet Resort for over 12 years.   His experience with pets give him a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to share. Follow Gracieland Pet Resort on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for his question of the day.



From Green Country Spice Shop to

Cheesemakers: OkieSpice and Trade Expands Operations on Main St.


hen I walked into OkieSpice and Trade Company for the first time, Steve Zieg was dusting and “facing” the products (retail speak for bringing all the items forward to the edge of the shelf ) and his wife Kim was in the back preparing a gorgeous charcuterie tray. Waylon Jennings and Sturgill Simpson were playing on the sound system. My first thought was “Man. I want to work here.” It felt like it was out of a movie, and it was nice to lose myself in the moment and just get lost in the rustic, okie-saturated vibe of their true “mom and pop” oasis. First thing that’s clear is that spices are front and center, but as you take a meandering stroll around the shop, it’s clear that “okie” is as important of an ingredient in their culinary mix of items as the “spice”. I sense of Statehood Pride washed over me, as I moved closer to the charcuterie tray… hoping for a nibble. It was an amazing spread of meats, olives, crackers, nuts and local cheese. More about the local cheese later. I asked Kim about the origins of OkieSpice. “When I first met Steve, and had seen his home, the first thing I did was call my mom and say, ‘you should see his refrigerator, it’s full of condiments’ -a good indicator that someone loves to cook…. then I noticed his double oven.” Kim and Steve traveled extensively over their early years together. “Food always was our souvenir.” Zieg said. They visited a spice shop on the East Coast that became the inspiration for what would eventually become “OkieSpice”. They opened their first location in November of 2017 on W. Second Street with the thought that they might just “dabble” in the business, (after all, this was Steve’s “retirement plan”) but the demands of a business are great and the Zieg’s have too great of a vision and imagination to stay stagnant. Kim was born and raised in Sand Springs, and Steve went to High School in Sand Springs and both of them believe that Sand Springs is right on the verge of a growth explosion similar to Broken Arrow’s recent Main Street resurgence. Kim and Steve even considered Broken Arrow for a possible location for OkieSpice, but the commute would have not been



by: Jeff Thompson Kim and Steve Zieg, owners of OkieSpice and Trade Co. practical. Lucky for Sandites, they settled on Sand Springs for their first location and recently decided to purchase a building on Main Street which would have allowed expansion into cheese making and hosting events. There are several local cheeses with perfect Oklahoma-inspired flavors including Roasted Green Chili, Rancher’s Cheddar, Jalapeño Extreme, Little Diablo, Southwest Chipotle, Roasted Garlic, Spinach N Artichoke, Smoked Bacon Ranch, Sun-dried Tomato, Black Peppercorn. Every flavor I sampled was amazing. OkieSpice’s Cheese is made right on premises in their basement factory directly under the shop, and just next to the factory is their beautiful event space. They have an event permit for wine and beer tastings and have big plans to highlight their expanded offerings. Look for info next month for their event in April in conjunction with the Sand Springs Herbal Affair which they’ve done for the past several years. Live music, beer and wine tastings, and the best locally made cheese in Green Country. Steve and Kim are passionate and easy-going folks, and they are the kind of people that you instantly root for and want to succeed. I found myself continually offering ideas and suggestions to support their growing business. Embodying the hardworking spirit of Okies going back to 1907, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Ziegs.

 Sand Springs, OK 74063 918-514-0045 Tuesday-Friday 10:00-6:00 Saturday 10:00-4:00 Closed Sunday/Monday



In all photos: Delaney Maberry, Yoga Instructor BYB in Broken Arrow

Beer and Yoga Event in Broken Arrow


eer and Yoga is a fun new craze everywhere and the chance to try it for yourself has finally arrived! Balance. Yoga.Barre and Broken Arrow Brewery are combining their expertise in an All People are Welcome event on March 24 at 11am. Broken Arrow Brewery will host the event on site with Balance.Yoga.Barre sending their own Delaney Maberry to run the hour long class for those thirsting for a great experience and great beer. The event is free to Balance.Yoga.Barre members and only $10 for non-members. Everyone who attends will receive their first 8 ounce beer for free with an additional 30% off any purchases after.Â



by Lee Brennan

The beer and yoga event is near and dear to Maberry’s heart. In addition to being a Yogi, Maberry has gone to school to study brewing beer and has been an ardent home brewer for the last year or so. She is into stouts and darker beers and excited to be combining two of her passions on the 24th. She insists that the event is friendly to all skill levels, even complete beginners. The event itself is a nice step into something new from Balance.Yoga. Barre as they are already well known for doing unique monthly events throughout the year. Broken Arrow Brewery has its own draw (pun intended) so this

Balance Yoga Barre will be partnering with Broken Arrow Brewing Company to bring you our first annual

Bottoms up! Yoga & Beer Event + All DAY Happy Hour! Event Date : Saturday March 21st at 11:00 am

is a nice chance for fans of theirs to try something new and spend an afternoon enjoying the brewery’s incredible selection. For those who haven’t sampled the brewery’s excellent inventory yet, who have been curious about checking out a pressure free yoga class, or both, this is the perfect event! BYB hosts fun community events like this every month for its members and with the weather getting warmer we hope to continue this tradition. Broken Arrow Brewery is located at 333 West Dallas Street in Broken Arrow. Their website is and you can get a peek ahead there at their inventory of beer. To learn more about Balance.Yoga.Barre, and to stay up to date on their events, visit

Event includes – 60 Minute Yoga class Taught by BYB’s own Yoga & Beer connoisseur Delaney Maberry, 8 oz Premium locally brewed Draft beer of your choice , Plus Stay for the day and receive 30% discount of you entire tab! Enter your name into a drawing for a Custom merchandise Giveaway ! Sponsored by: Broken Arrow Brewing Company, Balance. Yoga. Barre & GreenHouse Productions. BYB Members – No charge Non- Members -$10



Above from left to right: Blue Cookies: If you’re looking for something more sedative or relaxing. Yellow Brick Road: When you’re trying to feel energized.

Choosing the Right Cannabis for You Craft Talks About the Science of Selection with Okie Brothers Pharm


by Lee Brennan

“We base all that sedation or energy on the terpenoids,” says owner Steele Sensinstaffar. “For instance, the Cultivar named ‘Yellow Brick Road’ is dominant in Terpinolene, which they say is a stimulant when paired with THC. The Cultivar we have named ‘Blue Cookies’ is dominant in Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Linalool. Terpenes all known to be sedative or relaxing.” Terpenes are a fascinating world, they are organic compounds made by a variety of plants and even some insects. A large and diverse class, terpenes are what determines the effects and benefits each strainencounter can have. Caryophyllene for example, has a molecular structure that allows it to bind easily to CB2 receptors. Meanwhile, Myrcene, which is the most abundant Terpene found in cannabis, is known to help with chronic pain and to reduce inflammation. Cultivar, by the way, describes a plant variety created through the selective breeding of a variety of plants to get the specific desired characteristics upon cultivation.

ur body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and, while researchers are still trying to learn everything there is to know about it, we know that this system has cannabinoid receptors classed as CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body. CB1 receptors mainly have to do with the brain and nervous while CB2 receptors deal mainly with peripheral organs. Peripheral organs include, but aren’t limited to organs such as the eyes, ears, muscles, blood vessels and stomach to name a few. While we’re unpacking Terpenes a bit it may be worth noting that Linalool, found in “Blue Cookies” at OBP is what gives cannabis The most famous of all cannabinoids (chemicals found in cannabis) that recognizable floral smell. It is also found in items such as mint, we’ve all heard of is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. lavender, cinnamon and coriander. Knowing this, it may be no THC mainly binds to CB1 receptors and produces the euphoric surprise that Linalool helps with relaxation and sedation.  feel that is associated with cannabis. Historically, cannabis users have equated different strains to be categorized by giving mellow to energetic experiences known as indica and sativa respectively. The thinking here is that you choose one of these strains and the intensity level is determined by the amount of THC. The science behind the strain goes much deeper, however, and Okie Brothers Pharm (OBP) in Sapulpa is innovating knowledge in the products they offer. 

Expert help and education is so vital to choosing what is right for you. Okie Brothers Pharm is playing such a vital role to the community right now through their scientific approach and the provision of resources, such as the Cannabiscope, to guide their clients through all of the information and options available. Go there and experience an approach that identifies with what you are looking for as an individual. You will be glad you did. CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020







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Œˆˆ­ ƒ




Erryday I’m Bubblin’ Hard Seltzer Sales Continue to Surge by: Jason Hower


merican drinkers bought over 83 million cases of Hard Seltzer last year and that number is expected to nearly triple this year, which is even more amazing when you consider that less than 9% of households have ever purchased one. Consumers are initially compelled to give Hard Seltzers a try because of their stat line: Gluten Free, 2 grams or less of sugar, around 100 calories per serving and approximately 5% alcohol by volume. However, it’s the beverage’s light, crisp and refreshing taste that keeps it’s fans coming back for more and more, even when they aren’t trying to shed a few pounds for swimsuit season. Here is a look at some of the brands available in our state including Will and Wiley, the first made in Oklahoma Hard Seltzer.

great tasting beverages, so its no surprise that Truly is one of the heavyweights in the Hard Seltzer category. Flavors include Lime, Lemonade, Watermelon & Kiwi, Wild Berry, Rose and Black Cherry. Available in 6 packs, Variety 12 packs and 24oz cans (limited varieties).

White Claw – Mark Anthony Brands. Chicago, IL

Will & Wiley – Coop Ale Works. Oklahoma City, OK This brewery is best known for their palette smacking F-5 IPA, but they are now looking to blow your barn doors off with something much more light and subtle. Flavors include Cherry Lime, Grapefruit, Pineapple and Mango Guava. Available in 6 packs and a Variety 12 pack.

From the people who bring you Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Cayman Jack Margaritas we get the other Hard Seltzer heavyweight. While White Claw may battle Truly for the top spot in sales, they are the undisputed champion of memes! If you haven’t come across one yet, a quick search will yield you hundreds of examples. Flavors include Black Cherry, Mango, Lime, Raspberry, Ruby Grapefruit and Pure. Available in 6 packs, Variety 12 packs and 19.2oz cans (limited varieties)

Press – XYZ Beverage. Memphis, TN

Truly – Boston Beer Company. Boston, MA Boston Beer Company knows a thing or two about producing

Wouldn’t you know that just as soon as Oklahoma got rid of 3.2 beer, low alcohol beverages are becoming popular. At 4% alcohol, Press is the lowest in the category. In addition to that, they also feature some of the most unique flavor options out there. Flavors include Blackberry Hibiscus, Grapefruit Cardamom, Lime Lemongrass and Pomegranate Ginger. Available in 6 packs. CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


Delivering Local Pride By: Peter Brennan


DF Sales and Distributing has been around since 1983, and has been serving the Oklahoma community for the last 20 years.The LDF stands for Larry David Fleming, the founder and chairman of the company. Their list of products they represent is literally huge, including long standing beer pillars like Coors, Miller and Pabst, as well as newer beers and beverages like Angry Orchard, New Belgium and White Claw. In addition, LDF partners with many well known local brews like Marshall, Renaissance and Cabin Boys.



Also locally, LDF emphasizes involvement in local events and organizations. They encourage employees to get involved in charity and special events, as well as local outreach efforts. Some examples are: the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Night Light Tulsa to Feed the Homeless, and Toys for Tots. They also work with most of Tulsa’s iconic events year round, like the Linde Oktoberfest, Tulsa State Fair, Hop Jam, Cinco de Mayo and Harvestfest, among many others.

Team members at LDF are extremely excited about 2020, as well as future years ahead. The recent changes in Oklahoma’s alcohol laws have brought lots of new opportunities and growth potential to the company (btw- they are hiring- go to to search current job opportunities, if interested!). They have recently completed the application process to distribute Wine and Spirits, which they will be doing in the very near future.

They are especially excited about the growth of what they call “Hyper Local Breweries”. Working with local brewers and businesses is what really makes the business fun. Having a hand on the pulse on what is brewing fresh and new right here in Tulsa is a bright star for the company’s future. In addition to the other locals mentioned, LDF also enjoys working with Nine Band, Broken Arrow Brewing and Bricktown Brewing- with even more locals to come! CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


«Trial by Trolley. One of several games to choose from when you come play at Kiss My Ale Pub.

Kiss My

What? By Jeremy Strunk

Wanna Play a Game?


omething else that sets Kiss My Ale apart from other bars in Tulsa is the wide selection of board games available to play in the bar. To that end, every Tuesday is “Games with Carissa” and every Thursday is “Games with Bryan”. The festivities kick off at 6:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesdays with Carissa tend to be party games, while Thursdays with Bryan are the more complex, detailed games. Of course, you don’t need to wait for games with Carissa or games with Bryan to stop in, have some tasty cocktails or local beers, and enjoy a board game. Kiss My Ale has classic games to newer ones. One newer entry is the board game version of the Trolley Problem called “Trial by Trolley”. Swing by, grab a pint or other libation and give it a try!



Owners Carissa Hull and Bryan Kiss of Kiss My Ale Pub This bar is one that truly needs to be experienced to understand what makes it special. Come in for the drinks, the beers, and the games. Stay for the conversation, the environment, and the warm fuzzy feeling that is from more than the alcohol. Stay tuned to Kiss My Ale’s social media for up-to-date news on upcoming events, new drinks and beers, and other news. Visit them in person at 5336 E Admiral Pl in Tulsa. Here is a pro-tip, there is always plenty of parking in the back!

Upcoming Events at Kiss My Ale March 11th – Sci-Fi Trivia Night – March’s trivia night is science fiction themed. Come test your knowledge and compete for Kiss My Ale gift cards! March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day Party – The St. Patty’s Day festivities at Kiss My Ale are sure to have some of the best green beer in town, with Dead Armadillo’s Tulsa Flag Blonde Ale (dyed green, of course). A pint night for Danny Boi – an Irish Red Ale from Oklahoma City’s Stonecloud Brewing will also be taking place. Kiss My Ale opens at 2PM on St. Patrick’s Day with the festivities officially kicking off at 6PM.

Enter the Nerd Den, If You Dare… A phrase sometimes used to describe an establishment that has a quality you just can’t put your finger on is “it has character”. If your favorite dive bar “has character”, this one has characters. A lot of them. Batman watches over you from the far side of the bar. Star Wars, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and all kinds of other characters from different fandoms decorate the walls at Kiss My Ale. Owners Carissa Hull and Bryan Kiss affectionately refer to their bar as a “nerd den”. It’s easy to see why. All types of “nerd culture” are embraced at Kiss My Ale. This is more than a bar, it’s a haven, a safe place for people who are tired of the typical sports bar vibe. It’s an oasis located just to the North of I-244, on Admiral between Yale and Sheridan. Kiss My Ale opened during the summer of 2018 and is the result of Bryan and Carissa’s combined lifetime of experiences in the bar/ restaurant scene in Tulsa. They wanted a bar that was in their part of town, for their kind of people. That meant there would be no large macro produced beer on the taps at Kiss My Ale. All of their tap handles carry Oklahoma made beer. Their canned beer selection is also all beer made in the Sooner state. At the time of this writing, they had 37 Oklahoma beers in cans (as well as 4 ciders not made in Oklahoma, but with new cideries opening that should also be all local eventually). The beer selection will expand to as many as 50 different choices during the warmer months. Kiss My Ale also has a wide variety of unique cocktails and a selection of wine to choose from.

Other recurring events that you need to know about (keep an eye on Kiss My Ale’s Facebook page for exact dates and times on these): 3 Shot Paint Challenge (Monthly) – Finish three shots before painting a miniature. Pint Nights Monthly Trivia Games with Carissa (weekly on Tuesdays) Games with Bryan (weekly on Thursdays)






From left to right: Owners, Andrew and Scott Jones-Brothers

Tap on the Tracks F rom the moment you walk in the front door of Tap on the Tracks, you can tell this place is special. The building is 100+ years old and the history in the building is immediately evident. High, golden ceilings (the building’s original ceiling) and large chandeliers hang above Claremore’s newest, and currently only, craft beer bar. I had a chance to chat with owners Scott and Andrew Jones-Brothers recently about what made them choose Claremore to open this business venture, how they are slowly but surely introducing the people of Claremore to craft beer, and much more. One thing was evident, they did their homework and put the work in before opening. Tap on the Tracks couldn’t come to be until some laws in Claremore were changed to allow a bar to exist in the historic downtown district. That process started all the way back in August of 2018 and eventually the changes were passed unanimously in May of 2019. Once Andrew and Scott showed the city the numbers behind the people who were leaving Claremore to seek out nightlife in Tulsa and other surrounding cities, it was essentially a no-brainer. From there, Tap on the Tracks opened their doors to thirsty Claremore residents (and their out of town guests) on November 15, 2019. They feature 20 tap handles, with 70% being Oklahoma made Craft Beer. Including bottles and cans, Tap on the Tracks boasts over 60 selections for beer, as well as wine options. If you don’t want to commit to a full pour of a single beer, they do offer two flight options. A pick your own flight, or the Route 66 Flight which features five different beers from five different stops along Route 66.

Story & Photo: Jeremy Strunk

While Tap on the Tracks do have a couple of non-craft options such as Michelob Ultra, and will serve it if asked, they try to turn their patrons on to craft options by giving them a taster of a similar craft beer to try whenever something non-craft is ordered. This has worked well for introducing people who had never explored craft beer previously to the fact that beer can be more than the yellow water many of the non-craft brands tend to represent.

Tap on the Tracks has a large glass garage door at the front of the building that opens when the weather is nice and is a great spot for events. One such event is their upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Party, which will take place March 14th. Find the details of their upcoming events, beer specials, and more information about the bar itself by following them on social media. You can also see their current list of beers on the Untappd app for your smart phone. Better yet, take a trip to Claremore and visit Tap on the Tracks in person at 512 W Will Rogers Blvd.

Jeremy is one half of the Pub Talk Podcast duo. Check them out on social media @pubtalkpodcast or online at CRAFT MAGAZINE OK | MARCH 2020


Astringency – A drying sensation caused by tannins. Tannins can be extracted from the grain husk in the brewing process using water that’s too hot or too hard, and from hops in the boil. Attenuation – The degree to which yeast has metabolized fermentable sugars during fermentation, converting them to alcohol and CO2. Barrel – A unit of volume (31 gallons), or a wooden vessel used to age beer in. Bomber – An affectionate name for a 22 oz. bottle. Bottle Conditioned - Beer that is naturally carbonated in the bottle as a result of refermentation of additional sugar intentionally added at bottling time. Brettanomyces (or “Brett” colloquially) – A type of yeast that can cause acidity and other sensory notes often perceived as leather, barnyard, horse blanket, or just plain funk. It is common and desirable in styles such as Lambic, Oud Bruin, several similarly acidic American-derived styles, and many barrelaged styles. Cellaring - Storing or aging beer at a controlled temperature to allow maturing. Chill Haze - Hazy or cloudy appearance caused when the proteins and tannins in finished beer combine upon chilling into particles large enough to reflect light or become visible. Conditioning - An aspect of secondary fermentation in which the yeast refines the flavors of the final beer. Conditioning continues in the bottle. Diacetyl - A volatile compound produced by some yeasts which imparts a buttery or butterscotch flavor to beer. This compound is acceptable at low levels in some beer styles. However, it is often an unwanted or accidental off-flavor. Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) – Present in malt, mostly driven off in the brewing process. Imparts a characteristic aroma and taste of cooked vegetables, such as cooked corn or celery. Low levels are acceptable in and characteristic of some Lager beer styles. Dry Hopping - The addition of hops in the fermentation stage. Increases the hop aroma of a finished beer without significantly affecting its bitterness. Esters - Flavor and aroma compounds that form through the interaction of organic acids with alcohols during fermentation. Esters are very common in ales and contribute fruitiness.

Beer and Brewing Terminology from A to Z

Flocculation - The behavior of suspended particles in wort or beer that tend to clump together in large masses and settle out.

By: Dave Knott

Head Retention - The foam stability of a beer as measured, in seconds, by time required for a 1-inch foam collar to collapse.


hose of us who are immersed in the world of beer and brewing often speak in terms that may be unfamiliar to people who are not. In order to talk about craft beer with other craft beer lovers it is necessary to speak some of the lingo. The following is a short list of some of the most popular and important terms and acronyms to know. ABV - Alcohol by Volume. A measure of the alcohol content of beer expressed in a percentage of the total volume. Adjunct - Any unmalted grain or other fermentable ingredient used in the brewing process. Adjuncts used are typically either rice or corn, and can also include honey, syrups, and numerous other sources of fermentable carbohydrates. Ale - One of the two families of beer styles, the other being lager. Ales are fermented with yeast that is described as top cropping, in a temperature range of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Alpha Acid – One of the resins in hops that contributes the majority of bitterness in beer. Alpha (and Beta) Amylase – These enzymes are present in malt and are very important in the brewing process. They break chemical bonds of starch molecules to produce simple sugars.



Grist – Milled grains, ready to begin the brewing process of mashing. Growler – A glass jug (usually ½ gallon) used to carry beer-to-go from a brewery.

Hops - A perennial climbing vine, also known by the Latin botanical name Humulus lupulus. The female flower is used in the brewing process to contribute bitterness, flavor and aroma compounds, and inhibit bacteria. Hot Break - The flocculation of proteins and tannins during wort boiling. Hydrometer - A glass instrument used to measure the specific gravity of liquids as compared to water, consisting of a graduated stem resting on a weighted float. In brewing, we are measuring the concentration of sugars in the solution. International Bitterness Units (IBU) - The measure of the bittering substances in beer (analytically assessed as milligrams of isomerized alpha acid per liter of beer, in ppm). This is a function of the amount of bittering compounds in hops used and the length of the boil. Keg - A cylindrical container, usually constructed of stainless steel, commonly used to store, transport and serve beer under pressure. In the U.S., kegs are referred to by the portion of a barrel they represent, for example, a ½ barrel keg = 15.5 gal, a ¼ barrel keg = 7.75 gal, a 1/6 barrel keg = 5.23 gal. Lactobacillus - Lactobacillus is a bacteria, most often considered to be a beer spoiler, in that it can convert unfermented sugars found in beer into lactic acid. Some brewers introduce Lactobacillus intentionally into finished beer in order to add desirable acidic sourness to the flavor profile of certain brands.

Lager – A family of beer styles fermented with bottom-fermenting yeast at colder temperatures (45 - 55 degrees F). Lagers are most often associated with crisp, clean flavors and are traditionally fermented and served at colder temperatures than ales. Lagering - Storing beer at temperatures near-freezing for periods of time ranging from a few weeks to many months, during which time the yeast cells and proteins settle out. Malt - Barley (or other grains) that have been steeped in water, germinated to unlock the food energy, and dried in kilns to stop the germination. This makes the food energy available in the form of soluble starches and sugars. Mashing - The process of combining crushed malt (and possibly other grains or adjuncts) with hot water and maintaining temperatures that favor certain enzymes to convert starches to fermentable sugars and non-fermentable carbohydrates that will add body and head retention to the beer. Mouthfeel - The textures one perceives in a beer. Includes carbonation, fullness, astringency, and aftertaste. Oxidation – The chemical reaction of beer reacting with oxygen, Oxidized beer exhibits the flavors of paper, cardboard, or Sherry. Phenols - A class of chemical compounds perceptible in both aroma and taste. Some phenolic flavors and aromas are desirable in certain beer styles, for example German-style wheat beers in which the phenolic components derived from the yeast used, or Smoke beers in which the phenolic components derived from smoked malt. Higher concentrations in beer are often due to the brewing water, infection of the wort by bacteria or wild yeasts and cleaning agents. Perceived as clovey, herbal, medicinal or pharmaceutical (band-aid). Priming - The addition of a small amount of fermentable sugar at bottling time to induce a refermentation in the bottle or keg to carbonate the beer. Reinheitsgebot - The German beer purity law passed in 1516, stating that beer may only contain water, barley and hops. Yeast was later added after its role was discovered by Louis Pasteur. Saccharomyces - The genus of single-celled yeasts that ferment sugar and are used in the making of alcoholic beverages and bread. Yeasts of the species

Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces pastorianus are commonly used in brewing. Session Beer - A beer of lighter body and alcohol of which one might expect to drink more than one serving in a sitting. Sparging - Spraying the grains with hot water to extract the sugars that were produced by mashing. Specific Gravity - The ratio of the density of a substance to the density of water. Used to determine how much dissolved sugars are present in the wort or beer. Specific gravity has no units because it is expressed as a ratio. Original Gravity is the starting point before fermentation, Final Gravity is the endpoint. The difference between these two points is used to describe the results of the fermentation. Trub - Particles resulting from the precipitation of proteins, hop oils and tannins during the boiling and cooling stages of brewing. Turbidity - Sediment in suspension; hazy, murky. Whirlpool - A method of collecting hot break material in the center of the kettle by stirring the wort until a vortex is formed. The slower moving liquid at the center causes the material to deposit there. Wort - This is what we call beer before it is fermented. Yeast – A single-celled fungus that converts sugars into alcohol and CO2 during the fermentation process. Zymurgy - The branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation processes.

High Gravity offers free beer workshops on the last Saturday of every month. These demonstrations start at 10:30 and finish up by noon.  In a casual cooking show type atmosphere, we go through the steps that are most typical of a homebrewed batch of beer and try to answer all your questions so that you are ready to begin your first batch.   High Gravity is located at 6808 S. Memorial Dr, Suite 146 (just north of Sun and Ski at 68th and Memorial).



1. How did you go from home brewing to being head brewer of NEFF Brewing? I was home brewing out of necessity due to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012. I was at a FOAM (Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers) event and got great feedback on one of our beers, Astronaut Cookies. That’s when I really started thinking about opening a brewery. From there, I dropped out of an ivy league graduate school (Cornell) because I thought if I was going to be in debt, why not have it be from starting the brewery. 2. What’s your favorite beer to brew so far and do you have any style that you haven’t made that you want to try? My favorite beer of ours to brew is probably the Mexican Lager just because I really enjoy drinking it. What I’m really enjoying right now as far as styles we’re trying out is doing the imperial stouts, sours, and other things that are not normally found gluten free. 3.What’s a beer that you like to drink that’s not NEFF? Because my choices are so limited as to what I can drink, most of what I drink regularly is our beer. A brewery I wish were distributed here is Ghostfish. They have a dry hopped sour and a grapefruit IPA that are really good. 4. What’s some advice you would give to home brewers just starting out? Story and photo by: Jeremy Strunk


f you are looking for a great local spot to grab a bite to eat and a fresh, hand-crafted beer, look no further than NEFF Brewing. Located between 3rd and 4th Street on Frankfort Avenue in Downtown Tulsa, NEFF is making great food and beer that just so happens to be gluten free. Their owner, founder, and head brewer Jonathan Neff has Celiac Disease, meaning beer with reduced gluten was not enough. NEFF makes beer (and food) that is proudly “Brewed for Everyone”.

Have fun with it! Also don’t forget to take gravity readings. 5. What do you see for NEFF Brewing in 2020? We’re going to try to do a lot more with fun events on our dock out front. It’s a covered space just asking for events. We’re also planning to get our beer in cans all over the state. We hope to be statewide by the end of the year, if not sooner. We’re also looking to get to 5 beers in distribution.





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