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MICA 243/01/2008




Faizah Don


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Craft has always been my greatest passion

and Glass artists especially have

come to be one of my favourites. Glass, to me, has

Faizah is a cheery, sunshine loving person. She enjoys making little things with her hands and sometimes gives them as presents to loved ones. Faizah is also an aspiring writer and hopes to share her stories with the world someday. She will be busy visiting many parts of the world and hopes to gain inspirations from her travels to create beautiful and warm stories.

Michelle Ow (Hobby Enthusiast)

held together with an Arts & Crafts Exhibition.

With accreditations in music, fine arts painting, photography and critical writing, Michelle’s passionate commitment to arts has seen her teaching jazz and pop piano, and illustrating for animation productions and children books. Having recently completed a course in art therapy, she finds meaning working with children and people with disabilities and feels duper good when their artworks are recognized and auctioned off. Michelle develops and manages art activities to schools, business, institutions and events. She runs an art studio CANVASS (, where she hopes to see more mission-driven businesses sprout up.

The party was filled with talented crafters and it was

Karishma (Marketing Intern)

unlimited warm expression with a mysterious appeal. Check out the Hamilton beads from Canada. This well controlled handmade glass beads are irresistibly cute! In Japan, there is also a famous lamp work bead called “Tonbo-dama” which literally means “Dragonfly – ball”. The name was derived from the patterns of Tonbodama, which look like the compound eyes of dragonfly. In CRAFTHOLIC issue 2, we’ve featured stained glass crafter, Luke Goh. Craft enthusiasts can also take part in an interesting class of unlimited boundaries where fusion of jewelry takes place at Creative Escape. Do check out our first page featuring CRAFTHOLIC’s launch party

indeed an exciting and successful one.

Nanao Craftholic

A self professed chocoholic and shopaholic, Karishma is currently doing a fashion management course at Raffles Design Institute. She is juggling between studies and work at the moment, and loves every single moment of it. Her dream is to work at a fashion magazine eventually, and this is the ideal start to the journey!

Enqi (Handmade Scoop)

Enqi wishes she has more time to do everything she loves writing, singing, wakeboarding, surfing and just chilling with her friends over a good cup of hot chocolate. She misses the carefree days of sun and sea out on a boat, wakeboarding over eeky jellyfishes. Maki Squarepatch, a handmade eco label, is her #1 passion. She runs the business with her sister, Xin, in Singapore where she hopes to see more mission-driven businesses sprout up. Her new shop will open doors at Bali lane in April 2008.

Momo (My Everyday Inspiration)

Momo enjoys putting bits and pieces together, be they stuff meant for a cupboard, materials for a piece of craft, words or ideas. He loves it most when he can seriously play while doing so, and finds delight in novel combinations. Currently learning to assemble a portfolio of jobs and occupation, he is getting a good dose of experimentation and exploration along the way. Pauseability and possibilities occupy most of his time these days. Do pause by to say hello.



(Yours sincerely, Betsy) Holding a 1st Class Honours Degree in Art, and winner of both Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal & Art Gold Medal Awards, Betsy used to be a full-time Secondary (Junior High) School Art teacher. She picked up knitting & crochet from her mother as a therapeutic hobby. Being a very hands-on, dynamic individual, Betsy gave up her stable job in pursue of her passion – Art. She now teaches Art to ‘O’ Level students as a freelancer and runs Knotty Bicsie, promoting her very own hand-knitted and hand-crochet pieces. Besides selling her own lovely creations, Betsy also conducts knitting & crochet classes to promote this timelessly addictive hobby. For more information and to view her hand-knitted/crochet work, please Visit: Email:

Naoko (Recipe Designer) She is Craftholic’s recipe designer. Prepare your pens and paper as she will share with you a wide range of crafts. Naoko is the only certified senior instructor for Precious Metal Clay (PMC) silver clay in Southeast Asia and owner of a beads and silver clay shop, N craft room. This crafter has always been passionate about the saying ‘creating something special with your own hands’.






Launch Party & Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Creative Escape Being the first craft magazine to be launched in Singapore, Craftholic could not possibly have just an ordinary launch. Instead, the magazine’s team decided that what better way to kick start the first issue than at a creative exhibition cum workshop at Creative Escape. The launch took place on the 6th of March, 2008. Indeed, the exhibition was brimming with talents from all fields of arts and craft. It was an experience to meet these women of all ages who are so passionate about their craft and excel tremendously in their field. They each have their distinct style. There were artists, painters, photographers, graphic designers, jewelry designers,

A party of course can’t go without some champagne- snacks and drinks were free flowing, making the event a very enjoyable, fun, and light hearted one. Shrieks of laughter and happy conversations were heard throughout the launch. After all, Craftholic is all for mixing business with fun! It was a great place to make new acquaintances and expand one’s knowledge about arts and crafts. Everyone mingled here and there, and the craft lovers were so smitten with the hand work, that many signed up for the classes available. The best part was that the artists and crafters were extremely encouraging and made us feel like anyone can craft and be creative. Yep, a certified non crafter/ artist like me left the place feeling confident, thinking that I can really craft if I put my hand in it! The winners of the lucky draw were lucky enough to bag discount vouchers from Creative Escape and N’craftroom.

silver clay instructor, mosaic workshops, knitting and quilting, cake bakery, stained glass amongst other crafts available. Craftholic kept true to its name, since the day was all about craft, craft and more craft! There is so much talent here in Singapore to discover; the exhibition is proof. What caught my eye personally was the painted glassware made by Arden, the owner of Creative Escape. Many customers went up to her to ask her if they could buy some of it, but as Arden says, the fun lies in making it! In fact, some of us were lucky enough to drink from painted wine glasses, which, believe it or not, made the drink so much more enjoyable!

Craftholic hopes to hold many more craft parties in the near future where fun and great networking comes together. Look out for Craftholic’s upcoming events at!















As I stepped into the shop, I was immediately intrigued by the masterpieces on display. Loretta Hui-shan Yang, the modern Chinese glass artist behind those masterpieces, is a renowned Taiwanese performing artist. She has implicated the grace and beauty of her performances and has incorporated it into her two decades of glass making.


Merchandise i GLass

Paint works in background Decorated by Angelina Christian at Paintworks using Pebeo Vitrea 160

She has implicated the grace and beauty of her performances and has incorporated it into her two decades of glass making.

Shop of the Month

TEXT Sufian / PHOTO courtesy of LiuLiGongFang

Liu Li Gong Fang first opened in Paragon in 2000. It was then followed by another outlet in Takashimaya, operating both as a gallery and a shop for audience who want decorations, jewellery and ornaments.

Glass browing Crafted by Luke from Genius Stain glass

The contemporary glass studio is acclaimed for its distinguished artistic masterpieces. The artworks, which are of high standards of craftsmanship, are strongly influenced by Chinese culture and mythology. The main customers are Chinese locals and tourists who want a piece of oriental craft. The outcome of the masterpieces is shown in the racks and shelves of Liu Li Gong Fang. Loretta Yang is truly a master of this art form. Although it looks tedious, she makes it seem as though it was child’s play. Her works are sold to collectors all over the world including United Kingdom and Japan.

LIULIGONGFANG Takashimaya Department Store Branded Tableware B1

Tel : 65-6734 2566 Paragon #01-26 Tel: 65 6735 9271

Liu Li Gong Fang was founded in 1987 in Taiwan. It now has galleries in Taiwan, China and Singapore. For more information you can visit their galleries at Paragon and Takashimaya. You can approach their friendly staff for a more in-depth look on glass making.

Paint works Decorated by Angelina Christian at Paintworks using Pebeo Vitrea 160

Red mosaic lamp From Rustic living at Tanglim Mall #03-04/05

Dichroic glass ring Crafted by Katrine from N’craftroom combined with PMC silver clay

N’craftroom is a PMC Silver clay and Beads workshop. From a wide range of tasteful beads and natural stones, You will be able to design and create your own accessory by using simple techniques. (Trial course for Beading from $45) N’craftroom is the sole distributor and senior instructor of PMC (Precious Metal Clay) from Mitsubishi Material Japan. PMC is a clay form silver combined with water and binders. It is very flexible and you can make your own desired shape and design with clay. Once it is fired, it turns into a pure silver accessory. If you have ever dreamt of making your original silver accessories or ornaments, You should try this easy and extremely fun PMC Silver clay course. (Trial course from $60 excluding materials CALL US FOR APPOINTMENTS OR ENQUIRIES AT 67379045

N’craftroom PTE LTD 131 Tanglin Road Tudor Court Gallery #02-08/09, S(247924) Tel: 6737 9045 Email:


& 06


Crafters, Writers, Craft Lovers, Craftholics

Kids Workshop

Decoupage made easy with Chloe and Sasha Mccormack Project designed by Michelle from CANVASS (

Chloe 6 years: “ I’m going to make a few jars to put different things I collect.”


Make these jars Make jars usefulthese again! useful again! Decorate them Decorateyours. them uniquely uniquely yours.

Cu pape t your fav r o the c napkin. P rite icon ut-ou f e layer t. (th el the oth rom the s of p e e aper. napkin h r layers f ) ro as us ually m 3 B) W i dab g th the ico n lue fo o r nap facing do nto j Sasha 4 years: “Can I show mum? a k w r i b She’ll love this for mother’s day!” care tha ottom. P n over gen n, tl lease thoro t the su take y rf ughly . Lea ace is glu C ed ) Pain ve to dry. oC f c) oPai t over wi MATERIALS over th PLA of colounrts… wit KA r Th lo a Jars, ribbons, patterned tissue paper, craft tissue. be vi urs… The hpaPttLeA rnKsAh range sible e p Glue for napkin technique, Krakelee Antique ounldge atter from insid n should varnish, paints all from PELIKAN (Plaka series) A COVER e of j TO CREATE ar. . D LI R JA R FO PELIKAN (Plaka series) paints and varnish can be e bought at CREATIVE HANDS Tel: 67381690 from th A) Cut a circle t 2 times craft tissue abou lid. Keep ur yo an th bigger halves. to TO CREATE AN in ANTIQUEfolding circle LOOKING EFFE s. Open. CT. B) Cut pattern for ed us A) For the base, pa This will be int the lid with a da ur jar. yo of rk colour r ve (e.g. red, blue, black co e th , strong colours) wi layers th PLAKA’s range of colours… I recommend 2 . Leave to dry. urs for lo of different co B) Paint a thin coat . jar each of Krakelee antique varnish…. Leave to dry. or bands C) Use ribbons C) Paint the final co . re cu se to at with a light colou r. (e.g white, pastel ton es, gold) The crack le YAY it is ready! Use jars of various sizes and fill them effect will appear wh en paint is dried. YAY it ispretty ready!finds, Use jars of change, various sizes and yummy fill them up with loose cookies, D) Cut another ico up withjams, pretty loosetochange, yummy treats, or finds, use them organizecookies, your sewing kit. n out from the pape r napkin, peel the oth treats, jams, or use them to organize your sewing kit. er layers off. With the icon facing up, apply the glue for napkin gently onto jar lid. Join in the fun at CANVASS (!

Let’s begin

Contact us at or call us at 67343210

the fun!



Meeting Arden and spending time at her workshop Creative Escape, was an experience in its own. While walking up the stairs to the main area, one can get a glimpse of an arts crafts heaven- the menus and course details are painted on the wall in order to look like a blackboard while the shelves are packed with art and craft books and completed works. Set up in January 2007 by Arden Williams and Ryan Marsden, Creative Escape

was envisioned as a space where people could come together, share their passions and try their hand at a variety of crafts without having to go to the expense of buying all the individual materials. In fact, the studio has been designed in such a way that it feels as if you are crafting from the comfort of your own home! It is a relaxed atmosphere, with various knick knacks all over done to jumpstart and stimulate one’s creativity and imagination.

Workshop Report


Creative Escape is equipped to high standards with all the necessary paraphernalia to spend a couple of relaxing hours scrapbooking, card making, painting with water colors or acrylics, painting your own pottery and glassware, sewing, and their newest craft glass fusing. The whole concept came about due to Arden’s love for craft, decorating and DIY.

Arden was introduced to the world of glass fusing in the UK and since then it has become a passion. She has gained a vast experience worldwide, namely the UK, North America and Singapore. She has a passion for all crafts, creating and sharing knowledge which thus incited her inspiration to teach others. Her enthusiasm for teaching others the craft has come through her own learning and experience with glass. In fact, what she loves the most about this form of art is the fact that one can keep experimenting with bits and pieces opening the kiln and checking out

what has become of one’s creation is always a pleasant surprise! Various glass workshops are offered at Creative Escape. After the first two introduction lessons, students can then use the glass studio as a walk-in craft studio. They are then capable of experimenting on their own, or can even take further workshops to learn more about different techniques of glass fusing. The 2 introduction workshops entail a glass jewelry introductory workshop and a contemporary glass ornament one; both are offered in two two-hour sessions.

09 Firstly, a crash course for those who do not really know what glass fusing is (I did not prior to this!): it involves the use of glass in a more liquid and soft form after being heated at a very high temperature. You can then fuse together two or more pieces of glass to create a solid object, in any form and shape that you wish to create.

The glass jewelry introduction class equips beginners with the ability to create their own magnificent glass jewelry by learning the basic steps of glass fusing, with particular focus on jewelry designing and glass cutting. You can even make a pair of unique earrings, cufflinks or even an amazing pendant with a range of brilliant metallic dichroic and colored glass. After an extensive but fun two hours session, your piece of glass fused jewelry is then ready to be put in the kiln! The other workshop available is the contemporary glass ornaments one, where techniques of glass fusing, cutting and designing are taught. Eventually, students can learn to combine a range of colored glass to one solid piece. Larger pieces can also be slumped in a mould to create a bowl or a plate.

Creative Escape

HO TO aP shm ari XT K


If not for the knowledge, Creative Escape is definitely worth a visit for its unique concept and friendly atmosphere. What’s most inspiring is the passion with which Arden crafts and creates magnificent pieces of glass accessories!


Creative Escape was envisioned as a space where people could come together, share their passions and try their hand at a variety of crafts without having to go to the expense of buying all the individual materials.

Na nao

306 River Valley Road 2F



BeaDS @ Work

If you have been wondering where Beads @ work has gone to, fret not. They are just a stone’s throw away from their previous location. Still at Holland Village, Beads @ Work is now located bang opposite their previous location, and has re opened at 25D Lorong Liput on the 2nd floor above Subway. They have only moved a month back, on the 1st of March. The new shop is spacious, and sells everything all beaders could dream of!

MercHanDISe aPPLeBay BeaDSHoP


Beads @ Work was founded by a group of industrial designers who were frustrated by the lack of quality parts back in 1999. The store is dedicated to those serious bead makers and designers who place quality above everything else. They have been linked to various manufacturers since 2002, and sell jewelry parts at the most competitive prices. Moreover, as compared to ‘regular wholesalers’, these parts can be re-ordered. Beads @ Work also allows customers to customize their own designs for semi precious stones (after they have purchased a minimum quantity depending on the stone) and they are also capable of producing 9 different colours of plating. The different products offered are:

Beads @ Work

• Beads of different materials such as glass, wood, acrylic, silver, ceramic, and porcelain • Tools • Bead pots

• Display items such as stands • Packaging • Specimens

If you are looking for anything which enhances your creativity and designs, Beads @ Work is the place to shop at! Do visit Beads @ Work at their new location, and check out their vast range of products!

Beads @ Work 25D Lorong Liput

applebay Beadshop Chinatown Point #02-05




Personal journals and scrapbooks have always fascinated me. It’s like gaining exclusive permission into someone’s secret world. Every stroke or imagery can communicate a complexity of emotions and principles. Being one who believes that the main bulk of authentic communication occurs in the exclusion of language, a peek into another’s world is fascinating and too thrilling to pass up on.

TEXT / EnqI PICS / CourTESy oF XIn And Jon

I had a chance to interact with Jon Chan, an artist pursuing his Masters in

Fine Arts Painting at Lasalle College of the Arts, who is working on his own graphic novel right now, to share his passion with me. The concept of graphic novels isn’t a new thing. In fact it is a term coined by Wills Eisner to get people to look at comics at a different angle, where in its most basic form, is simply about interconnected images formed into a sequence. Boy am I glad to hear that my love for comics is not a childish notion nor is it about me not wanting to grow up (that’s a separate issue altogether). In the same way there is no good reason why animation should be bounded by the connotation that it is only for kids, neither should comics because they fully represent life, whether with a comical twist or otherwise. That line of thinking certainly brought about a whole new perspective for me.

Enqi has an illustrator/ artist sister, Xin, who is also currently working on her graphic novel. They co-own www.makisquarepatch. com, which sells handmade eco goodies.

At this moment, Jon is currently working on his own graphic novel with a story about a Knight with impenetrable suit and the story is set in Prague. In his own words, Jon said “There was a point where I felt I wouldn’t pursue this comic, but a lecturer of mine encouraged me to flesh out a script for it, which I did. He liked it well enough to say it reminded him of a Kafka fable, something I didn’t consciously set out to do. That triggered something in me. Shortly later I won a travel award to visit Prague, the birth place of Kafka, and the connection was uncanny. There are greater powers

Handmade Scoop

Having grown up reading the Sunday weekly comic strips and having a sister who has bought every single Calvin & Hobbes and Foxtrot comic book, I’m still reading comics even in adulthood. And loving it. When Xin started drawing illustrated diaries, it opened a new world to me where I start knowing her on a whole new level altogether. It certainly stirred the curious fascination that I have with artists, their works and how they think.



at play.” With that, Jon decided that his work will be a tribute to Frank Kafka, one of the greatest writers in his own time. Personally, I think it’s really cool when Singaporean artists bring back inspirations from around the world and inject their creativity in the works. Prague through Singaporean eyes – that would be interesting. Indeed, I await the completion of his work with bated breath. Jon recommends buying comics from Absolute Comics because they’re friendly people whom he has put through a lot. Email him at wwjchan@hotmail. com to let him know if you’re interested in seeing his work when it’s completed.



“Basic recipe for PMC silver clay beginners!”

Designed and instructed by NAOKO from N’craftroom Basic to advanced PMC silver clay workshop available at N’craftroom. Visit our website or call us for appointment at 6737 9045


Put the piece on the pan using PMC starter kit using portable stove

Take it out with care


Brush surface with steel brush


Wrap it with old towel


Burnish surface


Let it cool down for 30 minutes

Materials : PMC3 Silver Clay 8g

1 Marble ball shape object (2cm)

2 piece of paper (7.5cm x 3cm)

11. Recommended to use: PMC mini pan starter kit (S$126) all in one for home use, Including PMC silver clay 7g. This kit allows you to do all steps provided in this recipe.


12. 1.

Roll and wrap by 2 piece of paper

Cover with metal mesh

Design Recipe



Leave it on Fire for 8mins

N’craftroom Put the glass on the eye of PMC silver clay rope


Wrap and make a pendant with a bail

Tudor Court Gallery 131 Tanglin Road

#02-08/09 Singapore 247924


Your original silver clay pendant is ready to wear!



Cut the paper as same height as glass


Wrap rope around ball


Dry it well with hair dryer for about 15mins

Craft workshop fair conduct 4 different workshop of silver clay, knitting, glass fusing, and Mosaic art in 2 days! All experienced craft instructor comes together to conduct 4 different workshops in 2 session in a day. Registration starts now, log onto for more detail!

Workshops Silver clay from N’craftroom - $60 - Make ring or pendant with pure silver clay from PMC Knitting from Knotty Bicsie - $10 - learn how to knit & cast off to make up into a mobile pouch. Glass fusing from Creative Escape - $65 - creating your own glass ornaments or jewellery


Make 20cm rope by PMC silver clay and make an eye on one side


Continue wrapping rope around ball


Mosaic Art from Mosaic Hip - $20 Touch up the surface to make it smooth

( Materials All Included )

Date: 5th (Sat) & 6th (Sun) July 2008 Venue: MAAD 28, Maxwell Road , red dot museum Time: 12-2pm and 4-6pm



TEXT Betsy / PHOTO courtesy of LingGlass and La Vida Loft

Dear Crafters,

Can Singapore, better known for our lack of creativity and imagination produce a top selling handcrafter in a competitive international market? Impossible? Well, 2 local talents have proven most wrong with their beautiful work of Art. My Eveyday Inspiration


mEI* #01: Through the Looking Glass


If a red house is made of red bricks, what is a green house made of? Green bricks? Wrong! It is glass. And

of course, people staying in glass houses should avoid throwing stones around. We do live among many things made of glass and if we take a minute to look for them, there can be many inspiring ideas. TEXT & PHOTOS by Momo

Look at the presence of glass all around us and enjoy some sparkling inspirations.

Like those empty jam bottles that come in many shapes and sizes. Just filling them with coloured water and setting them against the light can make an eye-catching display. I remembered seeing something similar at an office in Old School on Mount Sophia. A long-standing optical shop along Balestier Road has an intriguing display of vintage sunglasses. That got me imagining how putting stickers of spectacle frames could possibly make a photograph or a drawing of a face come alive, especially something vintage or dramatic. Think Lydia Sum or Elton John.

The looking glass is probably something that we use everyday though it might not actually be made of glass. Just catching our reflection anywhere often stops us in our tracks. Reflections and mirror images are rather fun to play with. Think the kaleidoscope for instance.

mEI * #01: A collection of random thoughts and muses to kick-start what you can and will call “my Everyday Inspiration” for crafting an artful life.

Momo – crazy owner of Pauseability, ( a concept space with free-flowing craft materials for folks to rest, relate and create; to explore possibilities. Momo has an unquenchable thirst for quirky things and a lame sense of humour.

LingGlass, founded by Lee Chu Ling, is a home-based business in Singapore. Chu Ling has over 10 years of experience in creating jewelleries with stained glass and experimenting with different materials like fused glass, pressed flowers, postage stamps, etc. Her main source of inspiration for her stained glass comes from Art Nouveau. She was featured as 1 of the top sellers among international jewellers in an American-based handicraft online shop <>.Her consistent intricate workmanship in producing exquisite, yet affordable pieces is definitely her winning formula. La Vida Loft is a new age lifestyle business run by a husband-&-wife team. Husband, Moobe, is a talented artist specializing in photography. Combining his talents with lens & shuttle as well as an interest in sewing, Moobe created La Vida Loft’s signature lamps. These customized lamps are the most personal & coolest gift for anyone. It is a gift designed with the receiver in mind. Photos & graphics are printed onto canvas, made into lampshades, & the whole look is completed with a recycled glass bottle base. These bottles are chosen for their colours & designs to match with different occasions & layouts. Wife Regina’s friendly & warm personality surely shines through these thoughtfully personalized lampshades. I sure hope Chu Ling, Moobe & Regina’s passion in Art has inspired you as much as ort e supp I felt excited telling you about them. Let’s keep our creative juices flowing and our ith th ake Art & w d e s m wriggly fingers busy. Let’s make crafting a modern way of life! n bles be able to thrilled & you porea Yours sincerely, Betsy ^_^ To all those bead makers out there wondering what happened to instructor Nancy Law from Precious Things, fear not: the very talented and reputed beads instructor has finally opened up her own store. Having being trained under the well- known North American instructor Sheilah Cleary, Nancy holds classes for beginners and professionals at the store, as well as selling a variety of different beads and all the material needed for beads making. Her new shop, Purple Beads, is located at #03-09, Mid Point Orchard

Purple beads Pte Ltd 220 Orchard Road #03-09 Midpoint Orchard Singapore 238852 Tel: 6735 7030 Fax: 6836 1278

a to tremely e with a Sing iends x ar “I am family & fr eer. I am elumn to sh o are living from ing my car en this co rafters wh line shops.” t c iv n f Cra d to be g talented h their o excite extremely ke me) wit some dreams (li their


Where Craftholic to get

e Lan ah er e s) b it M ris ps che ad clu uk terp ho ran ah Ro by B en t a ob 4-98 ing es) idge s t S 3 B as p oin laz H r P t 0 ho P af nd ( ras B nt # oi M nch th B oris tier Cr t Frie33 B x ead Stown repoi all K bra u Fl les o a 2 S ( nt Ar 03- ple ay B hin no a ps ping M 50 ma 11 B # om eb C e Ce e l 5 a ho p C g 2 , Y p h s o 0 t a 0 k # Ap 02- C T rk pu Sh r e o E # ads -24A Wo g Li ge e er ac W t Zon25 U ark nt Be 02 @ n illa re Pl Ce # ads oro d V ua Ar 02- 3 jai P ter y lin Be 8 L an TC aw Sq # T in ot ng n i a 17 oll s E , Sh AC B B ’s P Ta in h p H ad 02 ar tc u 5 on -02 g a p Be 04- yhi 3 M rep min Bo B1 a o # r 0 a 3 u # c ay Be 03- i Sq op y # ak sh e! lie ath cit M ew i lan ol he C ds Ann N al y M T an ee za B ll 7 g a H 0 l o M 04- tive B N eP # ea 20 t hin Cr 03- er B ub uns t poin # w H S ee g to ad 17 Sw on tre Be 1- le ur en r y t J 0 # adt -09 g c alle tree er Be 03 ppin rt g da S nt A o # o Ce sh rth Pag Tae aw Fo A r y Sh 69 alle -33 G 04 #

Advertising opportunities with us. Please drop us an email at

Canvass Cafes and Retails 5A Binjai Park Contemporary Clay Studio American club 8 Bali Lane 10 Claymore Hill Creative Escape Asylum 306 river vally road 2nd floor 22 Ann Siang street Clay Doodle Shop, Birdbrain #01-09 Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre 20 Haji Lane D’artist Galery Blu Jazz Cafe #03-24 Holland Rd Shopping Centre 11 Bali Lane Isadora’s workshop BagAge 5 hay market #03-98A Far East Plaza Jee inspire Bottles & Bottles Blk18 Jalan Sultan #01-156 131 Tudor Court Gallery Kid’s art room Belle Reve Block C holland clove #22-51 #02-19 Tudor Court Gallery Heart Room Gallery Collage Blk44 Owen Rd #01-311 #04-138 Fareast plaza N’craftroom Design Tshirts store Graniph (3 branches) Tudor Court gallery #02-08/09 #02-20 Bugis Junction #B1-26 Plaza Singapula Mosaics-hip #01-03 Bukit Bukit Timah Plaza Em Gallery trade&design No.5 Blair Road Pauseability Blk 125 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-541 Food for thought #01-06 North Bridge center Purple beads Mid point orchard #03-09 Ma Maison (2 Branches) #02-51 PARCO Bugis Junction Quilts n’ Calicoes #03-96 the Central #03-13 Tanglin Mall Gloria Jeans Coffee Quilts N Sew forth #02-281 Marina Square 64 Aliwal Street NAW SP Chew Creative Space #02-12 Stamford House 220 Syed Alwi Road MAAD X-Ordinary Craftz & Giftz Red Dot Design Museum 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2 #03-03 PLUCK! Zeclay 31 Haji Lane 23 Woking Road Quebec Court #01-01 Glass fusing 50 A Circular road at Boat quay Artists: Karen’s Creative Centre Noriko Suzuki-Bosco Block 158, #02-216-218, B. Jane Cowie Bukit Batok street 11 Dominic Fonde Lollipop Andrée Weschler #02-16 ten mile junction 29 May - 8 June 2008 Rus Art Studio 120 lorong 2 toa payoh #01-82 Forth Gallery 69A Pagoda Street One Art Studio #02-02 Crown centre (2nd Level) Chinatown, Art workshop 71 Unit B Sultan Gate sg 198496 Singapore 059228 Harobee +65 6222 7809 #02-20 Esplanade Mall Opening Night: Thursday 29 May 2008 @ 7:00 – 9:00pm

Rose Citron 23 Keong Saik Road Salad 25/27 Haji Lane *scape 113 Somerset Road Sup 34 Haji Lane Chocz (6outlets) Pacific café (7outlets) Tiga Saja Enterprise 30 Victoria St #01-05 Fie Japan Bugis #01-16 bugis junction


NAFA College (2 Campus) 80 Bencoolen Street Raffles Design Institute 99 Beach Road La Salle College of the Arts 1 McNally Street Singapore Management University 70, Stamford road Nanyang Polytechnic Ang Mwo Kio Ave 8 National University of Singapore 50 Kent Ridge Crescent

FRAGMENTS an exhibition of artworks made of glass curated by B. Jane Cowie



craftholic Dear

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Our publication is free for all to pick up. If you’re afraid that you might miss one, subscribe us at only $1(postage fee) for each issue. Subscribe 1 year 6 issues Just send us your details and $6 cross payable cheque to N’Craftroom Pte Ltd To N’publication, 131 Tanglin Road, #02-08/09,Tudor Court Gallery, S(247924)





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CRAFTHOLIC issue 2  

Craft has always been my greatest passion and Glass artists especially have come to be one of my favourites. Glass, to me, has unlimited war...

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