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Mob of the Dead GRIEF Mode Strategy and Tips to WIN Games ( MOTD BO2 ) Okay thus my strategy can be simple. in the start involving the general game you are likely to construct up money. Purchase the MP5 off the particular wall in the earliest point, then concentrate on headshots. Obviously try to locate a spot around the map exactly where there aren't any some other players where you can easily camp, and wait until the zombies occur at you. build your money until you'll be in a new position to hit the particular box. Do certainly not open doors. You can easily find going to be 7 some other people within the game. Make certain it can save you your money as well as attempt to force another team to always be able to waste their money about checking the actual doors. This is actually better to waste yet another 500 bucks as well as purchase more MP5 ammo, as compared to needing to commit 2000 to start a door, then compete for 950 with just about all the mystery box with early rounds. Thus wait until your enemy opens the door. Once the doorway is actually open, then you can easily start making use of the box, along with attempt to obtain one of the actual weapons I mentioned above. After round 7 ish you could start getting weapons that is likely to be efficient for a person personally with higher rounds. Do not waste cash on the box once you've excellent weapons. the merely exception in order to this could be in case a fire sale arrives up, as well as you need for you to purposely open the box for you to avoid some other through using the particular box, yet in virtually any other case do not use the box as quickly as you've successful weapons.

Now you have two boom beach hack tool options.. one possibilities are 2 thousand and head up to the location where the electric cherry is, or hold back until somebody opens the actual door. Possibly way, once another team, as well as your team starts dying, you will want to head upstairs. As Quickly As upstairs go powering electric cherry as should you are usually heading towards the roof, and then flip around. Go as way bas as anyone potentially can powering electric cherry until you get stopped with a wall.. Then change and also aim in direction of your electric cherry. This goes being your camping spot. This particular will always be the MOST effective camping just right grief mode in Mob with the Dead. This specific enables you for you to definitely invest the game at this location, and additionally the zombies can easily ONLY occur from from straight ahead. While time continues a few will result from with regards to 5 feet in front of anyone from the rails below, and some will come in the long hallway. If you could probably get your current complete team into this location, that could be key, but when not, acquire your self there anyway.

If the actual enemy tries to come to this location, knife the actual until these people fall off the particular ledge. you essentially merely want your own team at this area just since you may camp here, and never die, as well as no much less than survive until the actual enemy can be dead. As I mentioned higher than probably the actual most successful weapon is the death device upgraded. This specific is really because with a 550 round clip, a person not have in order to reload, of course, if done right, and also preserving ammo properly will survive round 15 using one clip. A Person will be capable of survive eternally up here if completed right. Overall this truly is your greatest strategy to utilize this spot, as well as you will see much more and significantly more people going to el born area because regarding its effectiveness, just be careful with the ray gun, because you can kill oneself with this particular weapon if not done carefully.

Mob of the Dead GRIEF Mode Strategy and Tips to WIN Games ( MOTD BO2 )  
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