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Other concepts and materials Day 8, May 2018

Antara Spa, Dehradun Mata Ni Pachedi, Gujarat Creating a view through a window Idea of depth

CIIE, Indian Institute of Management Gond on ceramic

3 month long process 3 artisans, 1 ceramist and 2 designers

Everest Industries Gond on Fibre Cement Board Printing, painting, staining and vinyl stickers

Narmada Parikrama

Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi Inspired from Kalamkari, tree of life ACP and fibre cement board

Niraj & Minali Shah, Ahmedabad Mix of Gond and Lippan kaam Birds base done on MDF

H’ble Prime Minister’s office Gond and inlay on veneer Patination for leaves Hand-painted and inlaid

Course Assignment

Manga comics     

Broad range of genres ‘Man’ means whimsical and ‘ga’ means pictures Black and white Rapid zooms to distance to close-up shots No text (or very limited text), supposed to be viewed not read

Some sample Manga layouts

Assignment details  

Groups of 3 Genre: super-hero/heroine, craft provided 

Create a character, A3 depiction with all details, both visual and a write-up of the superpower Create a story board, size will be decided upon discussion

Day 8  
Day 8