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Rhythm and movement Day 7, May 2018

Importance of rhythm and movement   

Visual movement Guiding the eye Creation of life within a flat surface

Pattachitra, West Bengal •

Vertical scrolls, used as a backdrop for singing local folk songs

The whole composition is seen in parts throughout the performance

The Patuas are made after the death of a landlord or an influential person, so his life is potrayed in a sequence

Kaavad, Rajasthan Used as a backdrop for the oral story-telling tradition of Rajasthan Regular rhythm Similar to Scroll Pattachitra/Jadu Patua, but the panels are opened and closed horizontally

CraftCanvas’ projects

Everest Industries Craft used: Gond

Narmada Parikrama River that passes through the break-out space before entering the sea Juxtaposed with tangrammised elements and illustrations Hand-painted on FCB

Troikaa farms, Ahmedabad Craft used: Kalamkari

Mural to use luminescent shells collected by family on vacation Progressive rhythm prevalent in nature

Pramukh Greens, Surat Craft used: Gond from Madhya Pradesh Idea was to juxtapose movements in two different planes, the line would vary in thickness vertically and the birds will be dynamic The lines were meant to be in progressive rhythm, but an on-site call was taken to go random, to create an element of interest

Exercises- Day seven ď ˝

Sketch your version of dance

Size: A4 Use any craft studied

Day 7  
Day 7