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Scale and Proportion Day 6, May 2018

Importance of Scale and Proportion    

Scale is the size of something in proportion to the world in general Proportion is relative size between different parts of the composition Distortion can be used to create drama Creates a guide to the eye in comprehending design

Thangka painting •

Buddha’s beautiful and proportioned body reflect an inner spiritual character •

Concept of Mahapurush, cosmic being

32 lakshanas, body features

Students copy gridpatterns and the teachers slowly reduce the number of grid lines

Kerala Murals Painter required to be a Sanskrit scholar Trained in Dhyana Sholkas, a collection fo 2000 versus that describe the mythology base, the form, the mood, the expressions, the ornaments and embellishments, the proportions and even the colour scheme for every piece Example- Neck should be 1/4th of the face

CraftCanvas’ projects

Prasanna Nair’s residence, Bangalore Craft used: Gond from Madhya Pradesh Mural visible from multiple levels in the house

H’ble Chief Minister’s office, Gandhinagar Craft used: Mata Ni Pachedi from Gujarat Height of 25 ft

Tree of life, Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra, New Delhi Inspired by Kalamkari

Height of mural, 40 ft Birds from different countries

Translating into Kalamkari patterns that are workable at that scale and height

Exercises- Day six  

Group project- MNP, Madhubani, Gond, Scroll Pattachitra, Pattachitra 1 Fish 

 

Size: A5 Scale the composition to A2 Use any craft studied

* The scaled-up outcome should be visible from a height of 20 feet and should be highly detailed with intricate craft work (Only detail an A3 part of the sheet)

Day 6  
Day 6