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Balance and Harmony Day 5, May 2018

Importance of Balance and Harmony  

Visual stability, coherence and rhythm Equilibrium of various elements 

 

Achieved through reconciliation of opposing forces

Distribution of weight is visual, not physical Symmetrical-Assymetrical and Radial

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Madhubani painting, Bihar •

Highly balanced

Kohabar, a marriage ritual is carefully balanced, in order to bring harmony to a marriage

Concepts used: •

Symmetrical Balance

Radial Balance

Pattachitra, Orissa •

Concepts used: •

Symmetrical Balance

Radial Balance

Pattachitra Similar to sculptures

Shows dynamism Almost tipping over, but not really, creating a feeling of movement

Miniature painting Mughal miniature painting, Hamzanama series Minaret creates an element of interest, visually balance the composition by drawing the eye towards it Archer in motion, further balances composition

CraftCanvas’ projects

Development 2020, Ahmedabad •

Craft used: Gond

Project management firm, hence the use of a design principle

Siddhi Syed Jaali (heavy line weight) added to balance out the wheel

Apna Adda, Ahmedabad •

Craft used: Mata Ni Pachedi

Right side, heavier in terms of sizes and content

Right side, heavier in terms of surface area covered

Left-side, use of one small red block to balance the composition

Troikaa farms, Ahmedabad Craft used: Kalamkari

Mural to use luminescent shells collected by family on vacation

Exercises- Day five 

Using any principle of balance, sketch an elevation of any part of your campus  

You can use any craft studied References to scale required (nature, humans, etc) Size: A4

Day 5  
Day 5