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Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management (NRM) Committee Nomination Package The following information is for persons wishing to nominate for one of up to three full term vacancies on the Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management Committee. Further information may be obtained by phoning Luke Sayer on (03) 6431 6285. Background The Cradle Coast NRM Committee began operating in 2003 under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. In consultation with stakeholders, the Committee is responsible for developing a five-year regional natural resource management strategy. The first strategy was produced in 2005 and updated in 2010. The Committee functions and powers are defined under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. Formally, the Cradle Coast NRM Committee is constituted as a committee of the Cradle Coast Authority, a Joint Authority under the Local Government Act and established by the nine Councils of north west Tasmania: •

Burnie City Council

Central Coast Council

Circular Head Council

Devonport City Council

Kentish Council

King Island Council

Latrobe Council

Waratah-Wynyard Council

West Coast Council

The Cradle Coast NRM Committee meets in Devonport and Burnie alternately on the third Thursday of each month, generally from 12.30 – 3.30pm. Sub-committees are established on an as-needs basis with occasional workshops between monthly meetings. Under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002, Committee members, other than those representing Government agencies, are entitled to a sitting fee and travel expenses. Currently the sitting fee is $150 for full Committee meetings, $75 for Sub-committees and travel is reimbursed at $0.55 per kilometre. Further information about Cradle Coast NRM including the existing Committee members, project news and newsletters is available from the Cradle Coast NRM website:

Membership Requirements Under the Rules of the Committee, the Committee shall be composed of between 6 and 15 members with representation of interests as defined under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. The selection of new members ordinarily occurs such that approximately half of the positions on the Committee become vacant at each selection process. We are currently seeking to fill three full term vacancies on the Committee, with terms commencing in March 2011 and expiring in March 2014. An independent selection panel will make appointments to the NRM Committee after due consideration of the requirements under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002. Representative Interests The Natural Resource Management Act 2002 provides that the membership of the Committee includes representation from the following: •

Aboriginal community interests

State government

Local government

Public land managers (e.g. Forestry Tasmania and Hydro)

Community interests

Conservation interests

Industries in the region and o

Provides a balance of geographical areas and of natural resource management interests


Comprises equal numbers of males and females, as far as practical

Interpretation The selection panel interprets the above criteria to include the following key stakeholders: •

Industries in the region – eg agriculture, energy, fisheries, forestry, processing/ manufacturing, tourism and mining

Community – resident of the Cradle Coast region

Conservation interests – members of groups with an active interest and engagement in environmental conservation issues

Public land managers – Forestry Tasmania, Hydro (as per NRM Act) and other relevant public land managers including Parks and Wildlife Service

Cradle Coast NRM Committee Nomination Package – 2011

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Skills and Experience Additional to the requirements stipulated by the Natural Resource Management Act 2002, the Selection Panel will also consider the following criteria as part of the Selection Criteria: •

NRM knowledge, skills and experience

Business management skills

Interpersonal, communication and team skills

Networking ability

Strategic focus – ability to operate at a strategic level

Regional focus – knowledge and experience relevant to the Cradle Coast region.

Application Process 1. Review the Nomination Package information contained in this information sheet. Any enquiries can be directed to Luke Sayer, Executive Officer, Cradle Coast Authority on (03) 6431 6285. 2. Complete an Application Form and submit with required supporting documents by 5.00pm on Thursday 3 February 2011. Application Forms can be downloaded from 3. Applications will be assessed by an independent selection panel and candidates notified as soon as possible thereafter.

Cradle Coast NRM Committee Nomination Package – 2011

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