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March 2008

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Introduction This Fire Protection Plan has been prepared by the Roland Fire Management Area Committee in order to meet its statutory function to prepare a Fire Protection Plan for the Roland Fire Management Area as specified in Section 20(a) of the Fire Service Act 1979. The Fire Protection Plan was approved by the State Fire Commission in accordance with Section 8(2)(a) of the Fire Service Act 1979 on the Xth of ABCDEF 2008.

Scope This Fire Protection Plan applies to all land in the Roland Fire Management Area which incorporates the localities of; ƒ Beulah, Cethana, Claude Road, Gowrie Park, Kimberly, Lorinna, Lower Beulah, Merseylea, Moina, Mount Roland, Nowhere Else, Promised Land, Railton, Roland, Sheffield, Staverton, Stoodley, Sunnyside, West Kentish, Weegena and parts of the localities of; ƒ Barrington, Elizabeth Town, Middlesex, Cradle Mountain, Liena, Mersey Forest, Mole Creek, Moltema, Nook and Paradise. Kimberly Springs State Reserve, Dasher River Conservation Area, Dove River Conservation Area, Mount Roland Conservation Area, Swift Creek Conservation Area, three unnamed Conservation Areas, Gog Range Regional Reserve, Mount Roland Regional Reserve, Lake Barrington Nature Recreation Area, Caroline Creek Forest Reserve, Dove River Forest Reserve, Lizard Hill Forest Reserve, Long Hill Forest Reserve, Promised Land Forest Reserve, Staverton Forest Reserve are all located within the Area and parts of Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park , Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area, Black Bluff Nature Recreation Area Reynolds Falls Nature Recreation Area are located within the Area. Areas of State Forest are also located within the Area. The general extent of the Roland Fire Management Area is indicated in Map 1.

Objectives The objectives of this Plan are to; 1. Protect life and property from fire within the plan area, 2. Protect cultural and natural values within the plan area from any adverse effects of fire and 3. Prevent the spread of fire from within the plan area on to adjoining land and from adjoining land into the plan area.

Strategies The objectives of the Plan are to be achieved by; 1. assessing and treating the risks posed by bushfire hazards; a.

within the Area to values within and external to the Roland Fire Management Area and

b. External to the Area that pose a risk to values within the Area 2. updating treatment plans as required, monitoring the assessment and treatment processes at least every six months, reviewing the process at least every two years and

Page 3 3. communicating and consulting with stakeholders at all stages of the risk management process in accordance with the nationally recognised risk management system as specified in Australian Standard AS/NZS 4360:2004 Risk Management. Given the diverse nature of the hazards, risks and stakeholders within the Area several individual Risk Assessments may be undertaken Where risks requiring treatment are owned by an agency represented on the Committee the agency will develop a treatment plan and report on the progress of implementing the plan to the Committee at least twice a year. Where risks requiring treatment are owned by individuals or agencies not represented on the Committee the Committee will advise them of the risks and support them to manage their risks. Where risks are shared between agencies they will work collaboratively to manage them.

Plan Contents The Plan consists of several parts. ƒ Part 1 (this part) specifies the Scope of the Plan, the Plan’s Objectives and the Strategies for achieving the Plan’s Objectives. ƒ Part 2: Mount Roland Bushfire Risk Assessment ƒ Part 3.1: Cradle Valley Emergency Management Plan ƒ Part 3.2: Cradle Valley Fire Management Plan ƒ Part 4: Gog Range, Badger Range Bushfire Risk Assessment ƒ Part 5: Middlesex and Moina Bushfire Risk Assessment Treatment Plans developed by risk owners do not form part of this plan.