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Monday, September 7, 2009

MEDIA RELEASE Landcare is Groovy, baby! The children at Groovy Kidz Childcare Centre in Somerset will take baby steps towards their longer term environmental goals this Thursday during Landcare Week. As part of their ongoing commitment to the environment and the local community, the children at Groovy Kidz will celebrate Landcare Week Thursday afternoon when they propagate local tree species that will later be planted out by a local Landcare group. Cradle Coast Natural Resource Management (NRM) Land Co-ordinator, Anna Renkin, said Groovy Kids staff and parents “wanted to give something back to the community and help local farmers”. “They came up with the idea of growing some native trees so that once established, they can donate them to local farmers involved in Landcare” Ms Renkin said. “We’ve chosen local species with large seeds to make it easy for the kids, and I’m sure they will love getting outside in the dirt,” she said. The propagation exercise is part of a bigger and more long term vision for the centre, being lead by Groovy Kidz staff member and resident environmentalist Michelle Williamson. “Our children will have many more opportunities to get their hands dirty if a Junior Landcare grant application is successful and we can establish a new vegetable patch and worm farm for the children,” Ms Williamson said. “We’re very lucky to have the space to keep chickens and the children already help feed and care for them. A new vegie patch and worm farm will add to the experience and give the kids a chance to learn more about growing fresh, healthy food.” Landcare Week occurs from September 7 to 13. Cradle Coast Authority

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