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ANNUAL PLAN, 2009-2010


1. Tourism

ROLES/FUNCTIONS Represent and advocate the region’s interests

Provide regional leadership and coordination

Conduct strategic planning and research

Develop/manage externally funded projects

Facilitate regional projects, funding and services

Build regional skills and capabilities

Develop service agreements and partnerships

Tourism Tasmania

Local Tourism Associations


Source to Sensation Food Strategy

TQUAL Funding Program

Regional Visitor Information Centre Network

Arts Tasmania MoU

Living in a Wild World – Mining Heritage

Regional Events Assistance Program

Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania Regional Tourism Associations Tasmanian Visitor Information Centre Network

2. Natural Resources

State NRM Council National NRM CEOs Group

Air/sea access Regional Visitor Information Centre Network Tourism Steering Group

Marketing Product Development


Rail tourism Tarkine Discussion Group

Cradle Coast NRM Committee Regional Weed Management Advisory Group

Regional Visitor Information Centre Network Tier 2 Funding Program Zone Marketing Group (2)

5-year review of current Regional NRM Strategy Development of new Regional NRM Strategy

Implement 09/10 Caring for our Country Program Investment Plan

Assist community groups to secure additional funding for NRM activities

Implement Caring for our Country Coastcare projects

4. Education & workforce

North West Health Services Network Advisory Group

Regional liaison for Dept Immigration settlement planning

DHHS Consumer Engagement Reference Group

Regional liaison for COPP NW group

Tasmania Tomorrow reform process

Youth Transitions Taskforce

6. Transport

7. Local Government

Tasmanian Manufacturing Centre Regional Reference Group

Statewide Infrastructure Strategy

Regional policies, submissions and lobbying on behalf of member Councils

ARC linkage project

Migrant workforce options for labourintensive industries

Regional Food and Beverage Producer Network

Integrated public and alternative transport systems, (linked to State Govt ‘intelligent transport’ theme) Briefings and Councils on regional issues

Regional health information exchange project

Migrant workforce options for labourintensive industries Review opportunities to diversify regional manufacturing, including renewable energy sector options Regional Transport Plan 5 year review

Regional responses to Council climate risk assessment and adaptation plans

Tourism Tasmania Service Agreement Zone Marketing Group (2) contracts

Regional Tourism Forum

Build capacity, skills, and support for community groups in priority areas

Fit Club initiative

State and Federal regional NRM core funding agreements PWS on-ground works partnership DPIW data sharing agreement Hydro Tasmania MoU

Fairbrother, PPAC, The Advocate (Fit Club) partnership Rural Clinical School, GP North West consortium

Regional open space planning project

ARACY pilot project (flexible education)

Tasmanian Skills Strategy implementation

5. Industry development

Coastal Pathway Master Plan (shared pathway linking coastal centres)

External Training Providers

Support the development and delivery of regional NRM training programs

Develop Regional Water Use and Management Plan

3. Health and Wellbeing

Local Tourism Associations

Events Tasmania MoU

Local Year 10 innovative transition projects Flexible delivery projects in schools Targeting Skill Needs in Regions (DEEWR)

Manufacturing skills retention project

Local HomeStay accommodation for remote area students (pilot)

Value chain skills for agrifood businesses (content development)

Public transport access to education and work

Source to Sensation food tourism project - skills component

Assist and facilitate Jobs Fund proposals

Energy audit and sustainability skills

Jobs Fund

Value chain skills for agribusiness

Enterprise Connect TQUAL tourism project funding

Skills Tasmania service agreement Jobs Fund service agreement

Regional Partnership Agreement

Manufacturing skills retention project Premier’s top flight agribusiness course

Coastal Pathway Master Plan (shared pathway linking coastal centres)

Jobs Fund

Regional household energy saving project

Regional Waste Management Group

UTas short courses for local govt

Regional Planning Initiative MoU

Regional Planning Initiative

Energy audit and sustainability skills

Regional Shared Services MoU

Regional Shared Services project


Regional Partnership Agreement

Federal infrastructure funding

Regional shared services initiatives

Regional Waste Levy Agreement

Grants and rebates for energy savings

Regional Partnership Agreement  

Tasmanian Visitor Information Centre Network Tasmanian Skills Strategy implementation Public transport access to education and work Build ca...