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ears. Ray took Rachael’s whiskey with him as he departed her house. He begged the taxi driver to hurry to JD’s. The cabbie told him to stop drinking and to shut-the-hell-up or he’d kick him out. “Don’t make me pull over,” Ray said, giggling. But he quit drinking after he realized the cabbie didn’t care that he had been fired or that Ray’s former best friend was raping everybody. “Where are you?” Rachael asked when she again called him. It was around one in the morning. “Pete really raped you,” Ray replied. “You said it yourself,” Butter paused for a minute. “Pete rapes everyone.” “This is unreal,” Ray said. After another pause, Rachael asked, “Where are you?” “Outside. Watching.” “What’re you going to do?” she asked. “An eye for an –” Ray hung up the phone. He watched Pete and the newbie exit JD’s.

“You need help getting somewhere?” the newbie asked Pete. Pete stumbled about. “I got it,” Ray said. He tried to hide his face the best he could. “I’ll take him home.” Pete glanced – glassy-eyed – at Ray. Pete tried to say something but was unable to formulate a coherent sentence. Ray laughed, slapped Pete’s back. “Man, Pete, you’re messed up,” Ray said. “You sure you got this?” the newbie asked. “Yeah man. Pete’s saved me many times before. I owe him.” Ray wrapped his arms around Pete. He told the newbie goodnight and he promised to take good care of Pete. “Welcome aboard,” Ray said to the newbie. Then he guided Pete back to Pete’s trailer.

Crack the Spine - Issue 133  

Literary Magazine

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