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Mitchell Waldman End of the World Sale Lifetime


what the sign says: END OF THE WORLD SALE. Right on the front door of this little variety shop called "Nick's and Knacks," squeezed between a laundromat and a pharmacy on the strip at the edge of the continent, in Cocoa Beach. Jack and Dana walk in, thinking it’s a joke. But in here at least it’s cool, a reprieve from the sweltering Florida heat. The man behind the counter (Nick?) doesn't acknowledge them as the little bell rings when they open the door, but continues staring down

at the National Enquirer atop the glass display case counter in front of him. He has a buzz cut. His short sleeve shirt has a large profile of Elvis on it. The fingers of his right hand holding the newspaper have the letters M, I, M, I just below the knuckles. There’s a little black and white portable radio behind the man on a shelf, playing oldies – right now an old Yes song – and a big green parrot in a cage, hopping from fake branch to branch, clucking, and saying "Owner of the

lonely heart...krok." Around the shop are hung all kinds of items -porcelain angels are the most abundant, hanging down from the ceiling on wires, some of which you can barely see. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.. And there are the usual beachy things lying around, too -- shell collages, clocks, wall hangings, photos of the beach, the water, the waves, surfers, bikiniclad women, ocean sunrises, all on the walls or laid out on long white tables. Jack picks up a large

Crack the Spine - Issue 112  

Literary Magazine

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