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Project Summary  

Pharmaceutical Facility  –  Demolition  Support GlaxoSmithKline  Facility,  Cairo,  Egypt

Key Project  Elements   • Technical  Review  of  Site   Manual  Demolition     • Health  and  Safety   Assessment  of  Demolition   Methods   • Evaluation  of  Demolition   Options  

• Recommendation of  Safe  

Demolition Methods,   Equipment  and  Contractors

CRA provided  consultancy  services  to  review  the  current  conditions   of   two   multi-­‐story   concrete   administrative   buildings   that   required   demolition  due  to  deficiencies  of  the  structural  design  to  withstand   local   seismic   loading.   CRA   also   completed   a   technical   and   health   and   safety   review   of   current   Egyptian   demolition   practices   (entirely   manual  labour)  and  evaluated  alternatives  that  might  be  available  in   Egypt   or   could   be   easily   imported   into   the   country   to   facilitate   the   demolition.   Through  the  assessment  of  the  design,  size,  type  of  construction,  and   structural   deficiencies,   CRA   recommended   that   the   structures   be   demolished   using   mechanical   means   to   minimise   direct   and   potentially   fatal   risks   to   human   health,   the   surrounding   property   (including   a   cemetery)   and   GSK   and   third-­‐party   owned   adjacent   structures.     Following   an   assessment   of   options,   and   through   a   detailed   consultation   with   the   Egyptian   contractor,   CRA   recommended   a   safe   demolition   methodology   to   enable   the   Egyptian   contractor   to   safely   demolish   two   multi-­‐story,   reinforced-­‐ concrete  buildings.         CRA   further   provided   liaison   between   the   Egyptian   contractor,   the   local  Site  personnel,  and  GSK  corporate  staff  to  facilitate  the  hiring  of   a   European   demolition   expert   company   to   import   equipment   and   labour   to   mechanically   demolish   the   building   using   modern   high   reach  demolition  equipment.  CRA  also  provided  support  to  GSK  with   regards   to   demolition   and   health   and   safety   regulatory   matters   in   context   of   the   Site   location   and   international   best   practice   methodologies.  

Ref: PS0059  

0059 Pharmaceutical Facility – Demolition Support  

  Egypt Demolition
  Contractors • Recommenda...

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