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Project Summary  

Decommissioning, Demolition  and  Remediation   Carbon  Black  Plant,  UK

Key Project  Elements   • Site  Condition  Report  for   Environmental  Permit   Surrender   • Decontamination  of  Plant  in   Preparation  for  Demolition   • Compliance  with   Environmental  Permit   Conditions  and  other  EHS   Regulatory  Requirements   • Represent  Client  in   Negotiations  with   Remediation  and  Demolition   Contractors  

CRA was   commissioned   to   provide   support   with   the   decommissioning,   demolition   and   remediation   of   a   redundant   carbon   black   plant   in   Bristol.   The   plant  commenced  operations  in  the  early  1950s  and  ceased  production  in  late   2008   and   there   was   a   legacy   of   historic   contamination   on   the   site   requiring   remediation.   The   plant   was   classified   as   a   top   tier   COMAH   site   until   inventories   of   the   relevant   dangerous   substances   were   reduced   below   the   threshold   levels   specified   in   Schedule   1   of   the   COMAH   Regulations,   and   its   Environmental   Permit   (EP)   would   remain   extant   until   demolition   of   the   plant   and   remediation   of  the  site  had  been  completed.  CRA’s  contribution  to  this  project  included:     • Devising   strategies   for   the   removal   and   disposal   of   all   residual   dangerous  substances  (including  asbestos)  prior  to  demolition;   • Support   to   ensure   compliance   with   site’s   EP   during   plant   decommissioning   (including   submissions   of   all   notifications   and   reports,   as   required)   and   liaison   with   regulatory   authorities   (EA,   HSE   and  local  authority);   • Production  of  Site  Condition  Report  and  other  documentation  required   for   the   surrender   of   the   site’s   EP   (on   completion   of   demolition   and   remediation  activities);   • Review   of   all   contractor’s   risk   assessments   and   method   statements   to   ensure   works   did   not   cause   pollution   and   were   carried   out   in   full   compliance  with  the  requirements  of  the  EP  and  all  other  health,  safety   and  environmental  legal  and  procedural  requirements;   • Providing   advice   on   contractor’s   site   induction   and   permit   to   work   procedures;   • Ensuring   compliance   with   all   relevant   waste   legislation   including   Duty   of  Care  audits  of  waste  disposal  facilities;   • Liaison   with   the   site   landlord   on   behalf   of   the   client   regarding   the   condition  of  the  site  on  completion  of  demolition  and  remediation;   • On   commencement   of   the   demolition   and   remediation   projects,   performing   the   role   of   ‘Employer’s   Representative’   (ER)   as   defined   by   the   remediation   and   demolition   contracts   on   behalf   of   the   client.   This   included   ensuring   the   works   proceeded   in   accordance   with   the   agreed   project   plan   and   method   statements,   and   representing   the   client   in   negotiations  with  contractors  in  the  event  of  unforeseen  circumstances   arising   during   the   works   that   could   result   in   additional   costs   or   delay.   On   completion,   the   ER   signed   off   the   works   to   confirm   they   were   fully   compliant  with  contractual  requirements.  

Ref: PS0050  

0050 Decommissioning, Demolition and Remediation