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Project Summary  

Pharmaceutical Facility  –  Decommissioning

GlaxoSmithKline Penicillin  Facility,  Heppignies,  Belgium

Key Project  Elements   • Site  Closure  and  Handover     • Decontamination  Sampling  

and Data  Management  

• Risk Classification   • Asset  and  Equipment  

Transfers and  Disposal    

• Hazardous Waste  


• Oversight of  

Decommissioning and   Demolition  

• Review and  Oversight  of  

Contaminated Land   Management

CRA provided  a  wide  range  of  consultancy  services  associated  with   the  closure  and  decommissioning  of  a  former  GSK  penicillin  factory   located  in  Heppignies,  Belgium.  This  included  an  assessment  of  site   operational  procedures  and  migration  of  the  site  from  operations  to   safe   shutdown   and   decontamination   in   preparation   for   sale   of   the   facility.   The  facility  closure  and  decommissioning  activities  included  design   of   a   site-­‐specific   sampling   program   for   collection   of   samples   from   the   building   fabric   and   structure,   and   an   assessment   of   human   health   risks   associated   with   penicillin,   volatile   organic   compounds   and   fuel   oil   within   the   buildings.     CRA   developed   site-­‐specific   decontamination  and  cleaning  protocols  to  facilitate  divestment  and   disposal   of   site   assets.   CRA   provided   direct   management   and   oversight  of:     • Site  closure  and  engineering  handover;   • Asset  and  equipment  transfers,  sale  and  disposal;   • Removal  of  site  hazardous  materials  and  storage  tank   cleaning;   • Service  isolations  and  security  upgrades;   • Preparation  of  decontamination  and  internal  demolition   methods;   • Contracting,  oversight  and  management  of  internal   decontamination,  decommissioning  and  demolition  of  all  high   risk  areas.       In  addition,  CRA  provided  review  of  all  previous  contaminated  land   assessments,  oversight  of  intrusive  investigations,  and  installation  of   a  remediation  pilot  plant  (soil  vapour  extraction).  

Ref: PS0058  

00058 Pharmaceutical Facility - Decommissioning  

• Review
   Management GlaxoSmithKline

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