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Dokter Digital is a leading medical support portal in Indonesia. Click on at dokterdigital.com. SHERIL BUSTAMAN, FUNGRYTV What’s the wisest investment you’ve made thus far in your life? This is really hard to answer for a person who is rarely wise. Materialistically, it would be my phone. It’s a Sony Xperia, and it is amazing. It’s been with me for three years now. It has survived all three Spartan Races, an obstacles course race with three different levels. It’s also survived a fourhike in Tana Toraja in Indonesia, in the rain. I cracked the screen once, but I managed to change it three days before the warranty expired, so good on me! What’s the best advice you’ve received from someone? This is from a really prolific and wise person named Joanna Nithiya, a sage person who sits at home all day and watches TV and stalks celebrities on Facebook. The best advice this person has given me is, “You shouldn’t care about what other people have to say about you, because you should just keep doing you.” If there is one book you’d recommend, which book would it be and why? Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith is a really good book for me, specifically because it talks about the different faiths and religions in a very simplistic manner. Religion is something that’s very deeply rooted within us, especially if you come from a very conventional and God-fearing family. It’s good to fear something, but this book condenses religion down to its basic fundamental, which is faith: if you can put your faith into something you don’t know, then why not put your faith into each other? What talent do you wish you have more of? One of the reasons I say I’m not a filmmaker is because I’m bad at visualising scenes. I can’t really create a fictional short film because while I can write the script, I can’t envision it. That’s why I wish I have a more visual talent. I wish I can draw, but I can’t draw, and therefore I can’t storyboard, and I can’t make the films I really want to. What do you most often lie about? Probably about why I don’t show up for weddings. If I had to be really honest, that’s what I most often lie about, and I would groan because I hate weddings. I think it’s such an unnecessary show, and I don’t like going to them. I have to dress up, and put on makeup, and Malaysia is really 36 | CQ MAGAZINE | #7

hot. Baju kurung can be incredibly uncomfortable. What’s the one item you should probably throw out but never will? An array of my handbags. I have a cupboard full of them. I really only use two of them, and some I use on occasion. The rest, I’ve never even used them. I wouldn’t throw them out because you never know when you need a particular shade of colour to match something you’re wearing. Especially if you decide to go to a wedding! If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? The power of manipulation, because it would make my job easier. If I could write a suggestive email, you immediately agree to anything I want. Give me shooting permissions, give me funding. I would also never get wedding invites ever again! Watch episodes of Fungrytv at fb.com/fungrytv. KIMBERLY WAN, NATIONAL ATHLETE AND ENTREPRENEUR What’s the wisest investment you’ve made thus far in your life? That would be taking the time to take care of my mental health, so as to always bring myself back to the right mindset when push comes to shove. What’s the best advice you’ve received from someone? My mother told me, “Don’t allow your opponents the satisfaction of seeing you frustrated, always keep it together and keep striving.” If there is one book you’d implore others to read, which book would it be and why? Yes, there is, actually. I’d implore everyone to read The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. It teaches you to view life and its challenges through different perspectives, and forces you to review your own character. To me, that’s the best form of education and reflection. What talent do you always wish you have more of? I wish I have more of the talent to coordinate both my physical and mental selves more effortlessly. What do you most often lie about? Sometimes, how I really feel, so as to take the necessary time to understand why I felt that emotion. What is the one item you should probably throw out but never will? I don’t hold any possession dearly that I could not part with eternally. If you could have one superpower, what


Usually, I have a hard time trying to sleep, which leaves me with less energy during the day.

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