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HELLO, I’M CQ! I am the creative force behind MADE BY CQ, a Downtown Los Angeles design studio providing innovative visual solutions for a wide spectrum of client needs. I specialize in a range of projects, from branding strategies and product design to immersive visual display. My informed design decisions and skill in rendering, color, and composition are rooted in a lifelong passion for art and extensive training in my field. This expertise assures clients that MADE BY CQ will consistently deliver original, effective designs and high caliber projects that exceed industry standards of quality and efficiency. Before starting MADE BY CQ, I was the Senior Designer for the creative consulting firm Karen Kimmel, Inc. In this position, I lead successful design campaigns for high-end clients such as Nike, Ella Moss, and Splendid. I oversaw all steps of the design process including the development of concepts and inspiration, sourcing a variety of materials from local vendors and artisans, supervising production and fulfillment, and maintaining budgets through cost-effective design. MADE BY CQ is currently accepting new clients and project inquires. For information on pricing and services, please send an e-mail to

Made by CQ

PATTERNS Made by CQ, 2013 Recently, I have channeled my passion for drawing and illustration into a series of fun, colorful patterns. MADE BY CQ is currently developing a line of silk scarves and fabrics with these patterns. On the horizon are a range of product design possibilities featuring these and other patterns, including phone cases, wallpaper, and notebooks. My personal drawing style is clear in these patterns and they are therefore a useful backdrop on which to compare the stylistic range exhibited in the projects on the following pages.


CQ Designs

EARN YOUR STRIPES Splendid, 2012


Crafting Community hosts an annual weekend retreat at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs where families can unwind and spend quality time with one another, making crafts and enjoying recreational activities led by artists and designers. Crafting Community is supported by both the cost to attend and by select brand sponsorship. The main sponsor in 2012 was the clothing brand Splendid. Our challenge was to find a way to seed the Splendid brand throughout the event, without alienating families who spent money to have a relaxing weekend away from commercialism. The solution was Earn Your Stripes, a merit badge system open to all children at the event. Each activity and workshop was represented by an illustration and ribbon that encompassed key visual aspects of the Splendid brand: fun colors, simplicity, and the iconic Splendid stripe. I was the sole designer for this project and was responsible for all production and fabrication. I illustrated all 28 badges, redesigned a traditional scouting sash to include a fun neon pocket and silk-screened logo, and laid out the printed card (pictured above).

Made by CQ

I used raw canvas and added a clear neon pocket to update the traditional scouting sash. This pocket added both a fresh look and served to hold a card where kids (and staff) could keep track of what badges had already been earned. Both the card and the sash had a place where kids could write their name, proving useful when sashes were misplaced or event staff wanted to address kids by name.


Made by CQ

PACKAGING + PRINT Urban Palate, 2013

Urban Palate is a boutique catering firm in Los Angeles. With the understanding that an unforgettable meal relies just as much on presentation and attention to detail as it does on innovative and elegant menu selections, Urban Palate values an elevated, contemporary design aesthetic across its events. I took on Urban Palate as a client in the summer of 2013. In addition to creating tasting menus that are used in a more personal setting, I have spearheaded the design and production of packaging, menus, handouts, and signage for several highly designoriented events including Design Love Fest’s BlogshopLA and Bash Please’s Wed Prep.





PASSED APPETIZERS handmade gyoza, roast pork, wild mushroom, leek, ginger chili o

yellowtail, persian cucumber, pickled ginger, scallion, sriracha aioli o vegetable tempura, kabocha squash, baby broccoli, haricot vert, lime tamari sauce SALAD STATION daikon, red cabbage, scallion, chicken tonkatsu, sriracha dressing o soba noodle, nori, agadashi tofu, radish tsukemono, black gomasio o udon, edamame pesto, grilled shrimp, sugar snap pea, pickled carrot GRILL STATION chicken yakitori, wasabi maple, nippon taka aioli o beef yakiniku, red wine, buckwheat miso, rosemary umi sauce o salmon tataki, sake, clover honey, shiso kewpie mayo HOT PLATE STATION pork nikujaga stew, fingerling potato, garam masala, pickled scallion o chahan fried rice, kimchi, tempeh, candied garlic, coriander brown butter o ginger skirt steak yakisoba, shiitake, asparagus, kabocha squash, truffle oil o

1. Lunch Box Packaging for BlogshopLA 2. Lunch Box Contents for BlogshopLA 3. Bento Box Lunch Menu Insert 4. Tasting Menu

Made by CQ

LOGO, IDENTITY, PRESENTATION Circle of Support App, 2013

Circle of Support is a fund-raising app for families with children enrolled in college. This app is still in development, so its founder asked me to provide visuals that would help illustrate his concept and attract investors. I began by creating a bold logo that would work well on a small scale. I mocked this logo up to help realize the potential of this app. I also created a short pitch presentation, with the clean, friendly look my client wanted Circle of Support to convey. To explain key steps in how the app works, I created fun, easy to understand illustrations which, shown separately and together, emphasise the cyclical ethos of Circle of Support.


0 $2






$2 0


$2 0 0 $2


Made by CQ

KIMMEL COLORS Kimmel Kids, 2011 + 2012

Kimmel Colors is a seasonal array of stencils, pencils and cases rooted in a bold color palette and inspired by nature. Each kit contains three paper-coated chipboard stencils, five colored pencils and carrying cases made of colorful canvas and a heat-sealed design from the collection. I was the lead designer and project manager for the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 collections. I designed the stencils, insert, packaging and canvas bags. Working directly with vendors, I sourced all materials and oversaw the production of 1000 units while keeping this project on schedule, under budget and ensuring the utmost in quality.


Made by CQ


In the fall of 2012, Kimmel Kids participated in Wall Works at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, an interactive program where artists and children work together to create a site specific installation. Central to this project were the three existing Kimmel Colors sets. I transformed the nine stencils from these kits into a single, kaleidoscopic image that unified the project and was used throughout the final installation. The success of this image would later inspire a series of limited edition prints (pictured above) which were sold as part of a 2012 holiday sale on the online home goods store One King’s Lane.


The image of the Kaleidoscope Stencil, pictured to the left in the form of a limited edition silkscreen print, has been used by Kimmel Kids to produce a wide range of products, from bookmarks to shipping boxes. For Wall Works at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, it was transformed into hanging plexiglss stencils (bottom right). Throughout the duration of the exhibit, guests were invited to use these stencils to create onsite drawings, as seen below.

Made by CQ


Karen Kimmel for Rebcca Taylor, 2011 Clothing company Rebecca Taylor asked Karen Kimmel, Inc to create a mobile that would be included in the visual display of their new store opening in Los Angeles. I collaborated with Karen Kimmel to create a presentation of visual and material inspiration, as well as a color palette representative of the sophisticated, feminine look of the brand. I designed several mobiles mocked up in architectural drawings of the store, and eventually landed on the design pictured here. I worked with the fabricators to produce each of the abstract shapes that make up the mobile and provided installation plans to ensure proper placement.


Made by CQ

BAG CHARM + INSERT Ella Moss, 2011

Ella Moss wanted a custom bag charm for guests at their 10 Year Anniversary Party in 2011, and again for their flagship store opening event. I was the lead designer for this project, which included both graphic and product design. I created a dynamic graphic interpretation of the signature Ella Moss mosaic butterfly, which was used for both the bag charm and on the copper-stamped insert. I also designed the functional aspects of the bag charm, which had a delicate laser cut suede butterfly laced to a sturdy leather backing with a single strip of suede, giving a fluttering, ethereal illusion to a design sturdy enough to withstand daily use.


Ella Moss Bag Charm in six color ways (top) ////////// Bag charm and insert designed by CQ, denim bag provided by Ella Moss (bottom)


CQ Designs



Crafting Community for Splendid, 2011 To coincide with their store openings, Splendid hired Crafting Community to host daylong events that were free and open to the public. Every aspect of these events, from decor to food to activities, were designed to familiarize potential customers to key aspects of the brand: family, color, stripes, and ultra soft fabric. I was the lead designer for nearly all of the establishing graphics for this nationwide campaign. Using the 12-color palette I created for these events, I designed a wood sign and a set of wooden blocks with the Splendid star on one side and stripe patterns on the other. I set the scale for the display blocks and laid out the design for cutting the smaller, for-play blocks that, when put together, make up the designs used in the display blocks.

Made by CQ


Crafting Community for Splendid, 2011 + 2012 Central to each Crafting Community for Splendid event were the activities. These were specifically designed to highlight the brand’s colors and patterns and give guests direct contact with Splendid’s best selling point: their the super soft fabric. I was the lead designer and oversaw production of the visual aspects of these activities. Throughout the campaign I would modify my existing designs to best suit specific seasonal and regional needs. Pictured here are some of my favorite designs including the striped patterns I created for the button workshop (pictured above), the Fun with Fabrics DIY necklace kit, and the tear off swatch card where guests could design a custom scarf.


1. Fun With Fabrics DIY Kits ////////// 2. Staff Aprons ////////// 3. Button Workshop Buttons 4. Name Tags ////////// 5. Sew Splendid Swatch Card ////////// 6. Completed Swatch Cards







Made by CQ



Crafting Community for Splendid is typically held at the shopping centers where the new Splendid store is opening. However, in the summer of 2011, Crafting Community for Splendid had the unique opportunity to showcase their event at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. The event was redesigned to work in a museum setting and included the display blocks, custom scarf making at the Sew Splendid Cart, and a Fun with Fabrics station with hanging fabric strips and jars of colorful wood beads. I designed the layout for this event, the large painted stripes on the walls (pictured, top) and the wall text/star graphics that were printed on vinyl (pictured, top and bellow).

Made by CQ

HOLIDAY DECOR Splendid, 2011

In 2011, clothing company Splendid wanted to add a touch of holiday festiveness to their 8 nationwide store locations. For their in-store display, I designed 24 unique papermounted chipboard ornaments (pictured above at an in-store crafting event). In addition, I designed the packaging and oversaw the production of a cute DIY ornament garland, which customers received as a free gift with purchase over the holidays. Splendid was so delighted with my design that it was used as the cover of their annual holiday catalog. I also designed the luxurious gold-stamped, cotton paper gift tag used by Splendid at their store locations during the 2011 holiday season.


I was responsible for the production and budget for the garlands and the gift tags. I oversaw the production and assembly of all 54,000 pieces and 4,000 units of the holiday garland and the 3,500 ribbon-threaded gift tags, which were shipped to 8 stores across the US. Since these brand initiatives were free to customers, staying within a strict budget was essential.

Made by CQ

LOGO, GRAPHICS + WEB DESIGN Green Thumb Eco Gardeners, 2011 I designed the brand identity for Green Thumb Eco Gardeners, a Los Angeles company that uses eco-friendly methods for maintaining lawns and gardens. I created a logo that would work across various platforms, including the single-color business card, printed on recycled chipboard. I designed and programmed the Green Thumb website (homepage pictured above). One of my favorite graphics on this site was the service area map I illustrated, pictured on the opposite page. Note: Green Thumb has temporarily taken down their website due to their client base reaching full capacity.


eco gardeners

eco gardeners Alyssa Polk • Owner 626.888.1326 •

• • • •

Full Color Logo Service Area Map Business Card Website (opposite)

Made by CQ


Karen Kimmel is the Creative Director and Chief Curator of a brand-activation space for Nike’s high-profile celebrity clients. A non-disclosure agreement prevents me from sharing any of these projects, but I collaborated closely with Karen to craft premium brand experiences and consumer journeys based on seasonal directives. I compiled creative inspiration and presentation decks to aide in the concept and design process. I designed and rendered architectural drawings for custom installations, merchandising strategies and wall graphics. I also designed and illustrated graphics that VIPs could use to further customize select Nike merchandise.


PRESS PAPER MAGAZINE Stencil Print, 12.2012

LMNOP Earn Your Stripes, 09.2012

MSN GLO Father’s Day DIY, 06.2012

VOGUE DAILY Tipi Design, 10.2011

CA HOME + DESIGN Tipi Design, 03.2012

VOGUE BAMBINI Stencil Set, 11.2011

Additional Press: MOGUL BABY, 02.2012 //////// LMNOP, 02.2012 //////// APARTMENT THERAPY 01.2012 ////////



MADE BY CQ is a Downtown Los Angeles design studio providing innovative visual solutions for a wide spectrum of client needs

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