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University of Utah College of Pharmacy L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute

2016 In Review

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Alumni Newsletter 2015 2016 2015 In Review Review

President’s Message

I am excited to serve as president of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association. I have worked with this organization for several years and I am thrilled about the opportunities that they provide for alumni throughout the year. As a bit of an introduction, I am a graduate from the U with a BS in Pharmacy in 1990. I also completed a PharmD and residency at the University of Washington, and recently an MBA from Western Governors University. I have worked at several of the major health systems in Utah: an intern at University Hospital; a clinical pharmacist at the VA SLC Health Care System; and currently as an Education and Research Manager with Intermountain Healthcare. Pharmacy provides opportunities to work in a 2 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

variety of practice settings, and I even worked for the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer as a Clinical Educational Consultant for five years. This newsletter highlights events from 2016 and also outlines many upcoming events this year. These include things like an open house for the new Dean of the college, discount tickets for a gymnastics meet, a golf tournament fundraiser, football tailgate party, bowling with new students, an alumni dinner in the fall, and more. I would encourage you to pick at least one event to participate in this year to renew and gain new friends. As graduates of the College of Pharmacy, there are also opportunities to volunteer on the board. We have quarterly in person

meetings at the college, with about 4 additional conference calls during the year to plan and coordinate events. In addition to planning the events mentioned, the board helps awards several scholarships to current students, and reviews nominations for the Alumni of the Year and the Honorary Alumnus awards. There are also opportunities to help at the senior banquet, graduation, the white coat ceremony, and recruitment for future students. We appreciate all the support the alumni give the college of pharmacy and encourage you to continue this and look for opportunities to attend some of the upcoming events or join our board. We look forward to a great 2017!

Richard Ensign Month 20XX Business Magazine 5

Congratulations Class of 2016 6 3

Business Magazine 2016 Month Alumni Newsletter In20XX Review

Convocation The University of Utah College of Pharmacy graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2016 were held on May 6, 2016. These are the list of degrees awarded at Graduation: PharmD Graduation Students 2016 • R. Cade Adams • Kaylin Ameling • Christian Armstrong • Timothy Benvegnu • Paul Berriochoa • Meryl Biksacky • Jessica Carey • James Clark • Candice Colby • Jordan Ferguson • Heather Frey • Gregory Hadlock • Chelsey Hancock • Jilbear Hatch • Whitney Irvine • Cameron Johnson • Jill Johnson • Jamila Labo • Chu Lao • Louis Lim • Tracy Louie • David Malmrose • Ryan Marcum • Adriana Munoz • Kyle Murray • Blake Myers • Reema Naeem Khan • Aaron Nakken • Tien Ngo • Anton Nguyen • Eric Oborn • Irene Pan • Kathy Phan • Aubrey Pimsakul • Andrew Portier • Anthony Putich • Jonathan Redd • Taylor Rhien • Natalia Ruiz-Negron

4 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

• Katie Savage • Mark Sears • Nelson Sisson • Karisa Snow • S. Russell Spjut • Laura Steffens • Megan Stephens • David Sze • Keerstin Throm • Justin Tran • Anthony Trovato • Tony Valdez • Douglas Van Couwenberghe • Alaina Vrontikis • Shixian Wang • Karen White • Joshua Wilde • Susan Woods

Masters and PhD Graduates • Ashaimaa Moussa • Maritza Quintero • Aliyah Almomen • Tatjana Bevans • Eman Biltaji • William Black, MS • Yan Cheng • Dorina Diekjuergen • Trevor Fidler • Saurabh Gagangras • Hamed Hayatshahi • Lauren Holesh, MS • Tianze Jiao • Dipan Patel • James Robertson • Debosmita Sardar • Chandni Sheth • Mukul Singhal • Thomas Smith • Li Sun Month 20XX Business Magazine 7

Honorary Alumni Award

The College of Pharmacy Alumni Association is pleased announce Chris Ireland as our Honorary Alumnus for 2016. Dr. Ireland demonstrates loyalty to the College of Pharmacy through volunteering, personal involvement, philanthropy, and many other forms of support. He positively reflects the aims and the academic mission of the College of Pharmacy.

Congratulations Dr. Ireland! The College of Pharmacy Alumni Association is pleased to issue a call for nominations for our Honorary Alumnus Award. For more information please go to:


Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

The Wolf Prize The Wolf Prize, established in 2000 by Drs. Harold H. and Joan S. Wolf in memory of Dr. Harold Wolf’s parents, John and Bertha Wolf, is the highest award the University of College of Pharmacy can bestow upon a Doctor of Philosophy Student. The Wolf Prize recognizes excellence in teaching by PhD candidates from any department and is awarded to a student who has demonstrated an aptitude for and inclination toward an academic career.

Congratulations to Dr. James C. Robertson on being the 2016 recipient of the Wolf Prize.


Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

Honors & Awards Presented at the

64th Annual College of Pharmacy

Graduation Banquet Alumni Association Outstanding Senior Award Christian Armstrong

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Recognition Award Meryl Biksacky

APhA – ASP Senior Recognition Award Jessica Carey

Outstanding Senior Seminarian Awards Jonathan Redd, Laura Steffens, Irene Pan, Russel Spjut, David Sze

Dean’s Award Anthony Trovato Distinguished Leadership Award Laura Steffens Distinguished Professionalism Award Jonathan Redd Distinguished Service Award Anton Nguyen David Sze Facts & Comparisons Award for Excellence in Clinical Communication Keerstin Throm Lilly Achievement Award Meryl Biksacky Merck Academic Excellence Award Jonathan Redd

TEVA Pharmaceuticals Outstanding Student Award Karen White USHP Student Service Award Anthony Trovato Core Preceptor of the Year Leigh Fritz

Advanced Preceptor of the Year Jeff Zobell First Professional Year Teacher of the Year Shawn Owen

Second Professional Year Teacher of the Year Heather Nyman Third Professional Year Teacher of the Year Jim Ruble

Senior Class Distinguished Teacher Mylan Pharmaceuticals Excellence in Pharmacy Karen Gunning Award College of Pharmacy Teacher of the Year Natalia Ruiz-Negron Shawn Owenr 7 10

Alumni Newsletter In20XX Review Business Magazine 2016 Month

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After Graduation GRADUATE


R. Cade Adams Pharmacist at Harmons Kaylin Ameling MedQuest Staff Pharmacist Christian Armstrong Matched at PCMC Timothy Benvegnu Pharmacist at Smiths Meryl Biksacky Matched at the University of Utah Jessica Carey Matched at the University of Utah James Clark Pharmacist at Walgreens, Layton, UT Candice Colby Utah Poison Control Center Jordan Ferguson Pharmacist at Accupharm, Taylorsville, UT Heather Frey Pharmacist at Albertson’s, Springfield/Eugene, OR Gregory Hadlock Matched at University of New Mexico. Chelsey Hancock Pharmacist at Bartell Drugs, Seattle, WA Jilbear Hatch Licensed in UT Whitney Irvine Matched St. Josephs’s Denver Cameron Johnson Pharmacist at Bowman’s Independent Pharmacy Jill Johnson Pharmacy Manager at Fresh Market in Jeremy Ranch, UT Jamila Labo Employed at CVS in Virginia Chu Lao Pharmacist at CVS, California Louis Lim Pharmacist at Harmon’s, Kearns, UT Tracy Louie Pharmacist at Global Consulting International, Inc. (Hill Airforce Base) David Malmrose Pharmacist at CVS, SLC, UT Ryan Marcum Pharmacist at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah. AdrianaMunoz Pharmacist at CVS, Central Coast, CA Kyle Murray Pharmacist at CVS, SLC, UT Blake Myers Pharmacist at Lovell Pharmacy, Delta, UT Reema Naeem Matched at VA Medical Center San Francisco Aaron Nakken Pharmacist at Salmon’s Pharmacy, Orem, UT Thuy-Tien Ngo Pharmacist at U of U at new Farmington Clinic Anton Nguyen Memorial Hospital University of Colorado Health Eric Oborn Matched at Arizona Banner (Baywood) Irene Pan Matched at the University of Utah Kathy Phan Pharmacist at Huntsman- Outpatient Aubrey Pimsakul Matched at UVMC

9 12

Alumni Newsletter In20XX Review Business Magazine 2016 Month

Andrew Portier Pharmacist at Indian Health Services in Madras, Oregon. Anthony Putich Matched at McKay Dee Jonathan Redd Matched at the VA (Utah) Taylor Rhien Utah Poison Control Center Natalia Ruiz Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center Katie Savage Licensed in UT Mark Sears U of U Outpatient Pharmacy/Accepted to PA School at U of U. Nelson Sisson Pharmacist within U of U healthcare system Karisa Snow Matched at Madison Wisconsin VA. S. Russell Spjut Matched at VRx Laura Steffens Matched at the University of Utah Megan Stephens Pharmacist at IHC (Layton) David Sze Fellowship w/ Becton Dickinson & Co- Mass. College of Pharmacy Keerstin Throm Pharmacist at Intermountain (Clinical) South Jordan, UT Justin Tran Pharmacist at Walgreens, SLC Anthony Trovato Matched at the University of Utah Tony Valdez Pharmacist Isomeric Compounding Pharmacy Douglas Van Couwenberghe Radio Pharmacist at U of U Hospital Alaina Vrontikis Matched at University of Colorado. Shixian Wang Pharmacist at Red Rock Pharmacy Karen White Matched at Swedish Medical in Seattle,WA

PharmD Class of 2016 Bottom Row, Left to Right: Dr. James Herron, Eric Oborn, Andrew Portier, Blake Myers, Cade Adams, Jonathan Redd, Douglas Van Couwenberghe, Christian Armstrong, James Clark, Russell Spjut. Second Row from Bottom, Left to Right: Jordan Ferguson, Taylor Rhien, Karen White, Meryl Biksacky, Dean Kristen Keefe, Kyle Murray, Nelson Sisson, Ryan Marcum, Jilbear Hatch, Timothy Benvegnu, Heather Frey. Third Row from Bottom, Left to Right: Cameron Johnson, Anthony Trovato, Candice Colby, Aubrey Pimsakul, Jill Johnson, Justin Tran, Greg Hadlock, David Malmrose, Tony Valdez, Anton Nguyen, Shixian Wang, Whitney Irvine. Second Row from Top, Left to Right: Katie Savage, Reema Naeem, Keerstin Throm, Jessica Carey, Laura Steffens, Alaina Vrontikis, Jamila Labo, Chu Lao, Tracy Louie, Adriana Munoz, Anthony Putich, Louis Lim. Top Row, Left to Right: Irene Pan, Karisa Snow, Thuy-Tien Ngo, Natalia Ruiz, Mark Sears, Aaron Nakken, David Sze, Susan Woods, Kathy Phan, Megan Stephens, Kaylin Ameling. Not Pictured: Chelsea Hancock, Joshua Wilde

10 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review Month 20XX Business Magazine 13

Alumni Events


If you are not familiar with it, Pharmacy Day on Capitol Hill (formerly called “Legislative Day”) is a day-long event where

pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians gather at the Utah State Capitol to advocate for the profession of pharmacy. The day’s activities include:

• Various health screenings provided to legislators, staff, and the general public (blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and pulmonary function tests). • Vaccination education and administration. • A Declaration by the Governor regarding Pharmacy Day on Capitol Hill and an introduction of the pharmacy profession on the Senate Floor and House of Representatives Floor. • Individual meetings with your own personal legislators (look for future emails from UPhA and USHP in regards to coordinating those meetings). • Multiple opportunities to speak directly with legislators to voice your opinions about proposed and upcoming legislation impacting pharmacy. • Pharmacy student poster presentations about various ways that pharmacists provide care.

19 11

Alumni Newsletter 2015 2016 2015 In Review Review

8th ANNUAL PHARMACY GALA & CHARRITY AUCTION We would like to thank all of those who supported last year’s 8th Annual Pharmacy Gala and Charity Auction! With over 200 guests in attendance, over 100 silent auction donors and over 50 monetary donors, you all helped make this a huge success! Because of the generosity of all those who supported the event, the College of Pharmacy, along with Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Steiner and the Kevin Steiner Family Fund, raised $48,000 for the Maliheh Free Clinic. In addition to the $48,000, we raised another $5,000 to support student community outreach to rural areas in Utah. We are all so grateful and thank you for your support this year and hope you will join us at next year’s Gala on Saturday, February 25th at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center! Sincerely, The 9th Annual Pharmacy Gala and Charity Auction Committee

12 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review 2015 2015In InReivew Review Alumni Newsletter 20


Alumni Eventss

The 2016 Alumni Association Golf Tournament was held on Tuesday, June 7th at The Ridge Golf Course in West Valley. FourtyEight players enjoyed a beautiful day of breakfast, golfing, and an awards lunch where tournament awards and raffle prizes were presented. The day began at 7:30 am with a continental breakfast as players registered and purchased their mulligans. Tee off was at 8 am. A lunch of BBQ ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, salad, and dessert were waiting for the players after they shot their last holes. First place trophies were presented to Kevin Walkenhurst, Chaz Washington, Chris Torgerson, and Dave Torgerson with a score of 49. Second place went to Ty Faux, Bart Smith, Josh Hermansen, and Derek Penman with a score for 50. The Long Drive competition was won by Chris Torgerson and the Closest to the Pin was claimed by Ben Bruno. About 15 raffle prizes were given out ranging from a Top Flight Golf Bag, a pitching wedge, restaurant gift cards, free rounds of golf, and pro shop gift certificates. All had a great time, but we are always looking for ways to improve for next year. As this is a fundraiser for the Alumni Association, sponsors are also needed to make this event possible. We would like to thank Harmons, McKesson, The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University Pharmacy, Karen Wilcox, John Phillips and the Dean’s Office for their generous contributions! Thank you to all who came out and played. We appreciate your support and hope to get even more next year!

19 13

Alumni AlumniNewsletter Newsletter 2015 2016 2015 In InReview Review Review 14 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

2015 2015In InReivew Review Alumni Newsletter 20


19 15

Alumni Newsletter 2015 2016 2015 In InReview Review Review

WHITE COAT CEREMONY The annual White Coat Ceremony for the College of Pharmacy is the symbolic beginning of the journey our pharmacy students take here at the University of Utah Alumni/ae are invited to be a part of the White Coat Ceremony by sponsoring a student’s white coat for a gift of $50. Each student and donor receives a card with the name of the student and alumnus/a match who provided their coat in hopes that you will act as a professional mentor throughout their pharmacy career. This year’s White Coat Ceremony was held September 2, 2016 at Rice Eccles Stadium for the incoming class of pharmacy students, Class of 2020. Once again, the whitecoat campaign run by the Alumni Association was very successful. We had 61 different sponsors, with some donating multiple coats. The excess money was put towards student scholarships this year. This is a great way for our alumni to connect with the students and the students to our alumni. This year the main speaker was Jim Ruble, one of our admired faculty members. The Alumni Association also had the opportunity to honor Carolyn G. Kowalchik from the class of 1983 as our College of Pharmacy Alumni of the Year! We feel honored to count Carolyn among our Alumni. Thank you to all of the donors who sponsored a whitecoat! We appreciate your support!

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ALUMNI TAILGATE The Alumni Association hosted our 2nd Annual College of Pharmacy Football Tailgate. We were thrilled by the turnout and loved seeing Alumni, Faculty, and Students interact in such a fun setting. The tailgate was held on Saturday, October 8th before the Utah vs. Arizona football game in conjunction with the University’s Homecoming celebrations. We had over 75 in attendance and look forward to carrying on this tradition next year! Go Utes!

19 17

Alumni Newsletter 2016 2015 2015 In Review Review

ALUMNI BANQUET The 6th Annual Alumni Association Banquet was held on October 27, 2016 in the L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute Atrium. We appreciate all those who attended and look forward to this event every year. The Alumni Banquet is a free event for all of our alumni. This year, The Alumni Association had the pleasure of awarding Carolyn Kowalchik, Class of 1983, with the Distinguished Alumni of the Year award. Board President, Richard Ensign had the honor of introducing Carolyn. We have included his words for you to read. Kowalchik then had the opportunity to speak to those in attendance about her experiences throughout her pharmacy career.

18 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review Month 20XX Business Magazine 21

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EVENT Every year we look forward to meeting with our Alumni Group down in Southern California. This year we met at the newly remodeled Watson’s Soda Fountain and Cafe on Chapman Avenue in the City of Orange. This event always coincides with the University of Utah football game USC or UCLA. Thank you to all who came out to our event. We loved catching up with everyone and can’t wait to see you all again next year!

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Upcoming Events FEBRUARY 18, 2017

Alumni Gymnastics Night UTAH vs UCLA 8pm

FEBRUARY 22, 2017

Meet the Dean Night Pharmacy Atrium 5-7pm


Annual Golf Tournament June 6, 2017 For more information on the Alumni Association events, please email: 20 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review Month 20XX Business Magazine 23

21 24

Alumni Newsletter In20XX Review Business Magazine 2016 Month 22 Alumni Newsletter 2016 In Review

2015 2015In InReivew Review Alumni Newsletter 20

Legacy Scholarships The Pharmacy Legacy Scholarship began with the entering class of 2012. It is awarded to an incoming student whose parent or grandparent graduated from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. This year we have three students who received this award:


2 19 23


PATRISHA GANOWSKY Patrisha’s grandfather, S. DENNIS HOLLAND, graduated from the College in 1960


KUANG-YEI VO Kuang-Yei’s father, PHUONG VO SHEFFER, graduated from the College in 1990


SAMUEL WILDE Samuel’s father, MICHAEL WILDE, graduated from the College in 1995


Alumni Newsletter 2015 2016 2015 In Review Review



Dale Broadbent Loveridge passed away peacefully surrounded by his family Tuesday June 21, 2016. He was born December 8, 1931 in Lehi, Utah. Dale married the love of his Nada Smith Loveridge on September 14, 1951. He was a generous and loving Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. He graduated from the University of Utah, College of Pharmacy in 1954. Dale bought Orchard Drug in North Salt Lake June 15, 1959. He built a successful business oriented toward the personal service of his customers. He knew and greeted everyone by name. As a pharmacist he worked hard, put customers first and was a good listener. He worked 12 hours each day, 6 days a week for 57 years in that store. He lived his life victoriously. He worked all day Friday and Saturday. His wish was to work until he died. He did just that. He literally wore his body out doing what he loved. We wish to express sincere gratitude to his loyal customers, current and former dedicated employees for helping make his dream become a reality. His work ethic, dependability and generosity were hallmarks of his life. Survived by four children: Sherry Trimble, Terry Dodds (Dave), Lynette Berven (John) & Eric Dale Loveridge (Miki). Eric also was a graduate of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, Class of 1988.

RICHARD HORACE ENSIGN Richard Horace Ensign, formerly of Huntsville, passed away on July 14, 2016.

October 2, 1930 July 14, 2016

Richard was born on October 2, 1930 in Ogden, Utah, a son of Horace Samuel Ensign and Olive Mae Jones. He was raised in Ogden and spent summers at the family cabin along the South Fork River near Causey Dam. He attended Ogden High School and the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, Class of 1952. He served in the Army Reserve 328th General Hospital Unit at Fort Douglas for eight years. He was a loving father and great example to their four children: Carol (Randy) Coleman of Riverdale, Darla (Robert) Taylor of Layton, Richard (Stephanie) Ensign of Kaysville and Douglas (Valerie) Ensign of West Haven. Richard is also a graduate of the College of Pharmacy, Class of 1990 Richard worked as a pharmacist at his father’s drugstore, Ensign Drug, and became the owner when his father retired. He was the Director of Pharmacy at McKay-Dee Hospital and later worked at the IHC Central Office. While in his 50’s he earned a Master’s Degree from BYU. He was on the Huntsville City Council and volunteered as a pharmacist at the Ogden Rescue Mission.

RHODA ZYLSTRA Rhoda Zylstra, age 68, passed away on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. She was a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, and friend to many. In 2013, Rhoda retired from a career in nuclear pharmacy that spanned over 30 years. She received her pharmacy licensure through the University of Utah, Class of 1986. As part of her estate, she left a planned gift to the College of Pharmacy.

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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean Dear Alumni,

2. The College is at the forefront of changes in pharmacy education. Given the The start of a new year is often filled with rapid changes in the pharmaceutical sciences excited anticipation of new opportunities and pharmacy practice, innovation in pharmacy in the year to come. For me, this has never education is more important than ever. As you been truer than it is this month as I join the may have heard, the College is in the midst of a University of Utah College of Pharmacy. major curriculum overhaul that will modernize Being part of a college with such an our content, emphasize experiential learning exceptional national reputation is one of the and problem solving, and integrate learning great honors of my life. Although I have only across each therapeutic area. Although the been in Utah for a few weeks, I’ve already transition hasn’t been without a few bumps, learned several important things about the faculty and students alike recognize the College: tremendous value of the new curriculum. 1. The College boasts an amazing 3. Innovation and excellence are group of alumni. In the past month, I’ve universal priorities in the College. Whether in had the chance to meet dozens of alumni a research lab or at a preceptor site, everyone working in a surprising number of capacities— seems to be on the lookout for opportunities to community practice, hospital administration, innovate and improve. And with all P3 and P4 business, government, teaching, etc. Virtually students needing to identify a capstone project all exude tremendous enthusiasm for the as part of the new curriculum, the instinct to profession and pride in their association identify opportunities for innovation is likely with the College. With alumni making a to intensify. We could really use help from our difference in so many ways, it’s no wonder the alumni in identifying exciting, high-impact College has developed such a reputation for capstone projects, excellence. 25 28

Alumni Newsletter In20XX Review Business Magazine 2016 Month

so if you see an opportunity for a student to investigate or innovate in your realm, please let us know! 4. The College’s research enterprise is strong and growing. The College is currently ranked 5th in the nation in NIH research funding, with substantial additional support from industrial partnerships. And we are aggressively recruiting world-class researchers to join us. In the coming year, watch for the launch of a new research initiative that will place the College at the center of therapeutic development for the University. With so much happening at the College, 2017 promises to be an exciting year. I hope 2017 brings success and satisfaction to you as well, and I look forward to meeting many more of you during the coming year.

Randall Peterson

Alumni Newsletter | 2016 In Review  
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