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10 to 23 June 2012



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“Music is divine, can satisfy oneself!”


Music Director Kannan chats with Doorstep.

eeting him a day after the release of his new film “Mayanginen Thayanginen”, when we quizzed him, how does he feel after this release, he explained each of the songs, its singers and the inspiration behind the songs. Two minutes, it was like “He didn’t allow me to ask next question”, but behind that it was the vibe, the enthusiasm he shows when you speak about music to him, which is revealing. A new comer in the Music Scene, he rose to Fame with “Tamil Padam”. Remember “Oh maha Zeeya” track, and with three more movies, for which he is working, he explains the amount of work and innovation he puts in for composing music for his films. When asked to go back to his journey, Kannan says, “I was associated with light music, and credit goes to my friend Mr.Guhan, who is no more. He used to say “You have the capacity, so why don’t you try composing” and Mr. T.S.Ranganathan of Giri trading agency for pushing me into composing music and supporting me. Then he got into composing jingles for radio and TV advertisements, where he met Amudhan, who eventually gave him Tamil Padam.


is E What is Music for him? He says, “Music is divine, Period” and dit ion smiles, when asked to explain. “Music is a sort of divinity, which I : Art P4 rate more than other mediums or art forms, to satisfy one Graffiti self, something closest”. So when it comes to the question of type Sports P3 and genre of music, “While composing for films, it should be alWhen Disc started flying! ways based on the merit of the film, be it a hot boil commercial, or a reality film, or be it even a periodical, I always make sure that the essence of the music is not lost for the commercial Food P6 aspect.” If put in to a situation, where a director brings a successful track, and asks him to compose music similar to “Feast @ 5 senses” that, Kannan laughs and explains, “I feel no wrong in it, it’s the imagination of that person, he may have imagined his Travel P8 Heritage Photography Trip version based on that track, yeah but on my part, I make sure, that the track has some creativity and soul in it, any track Kanchipuram can be inspired from some imaginations, but it should have its own soul, otherwise you can’t justify your work ”. He has three new movies in his kitty, one ‘Azhagan Azhagi’ seems to be more of a complete commercial package, and ‘Yaruku Theriyum’ with two songs, one “Nandu Chicken” written by Lyricist Valli, seems to be a leg shaker. Cont... on page 2

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10 to 23 June 2012

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“Rendavadu Padam” directed by C.S.Amudhan, the person behind “Tamil Padam”, “it’s one movie where I have kept my fingers crossed. The songs have been mostly completed, and it’s a pleasure to be associated with Mr. Amudhan again”. Since lot of factors have changed the current music scene, Technology, Trend, etc Kannan says older times you had legends like S.P.B sir, who can sing all the genres in one film. But now the trend is, you can choose from a huge pool of talented singers according to the merits and factors. I feel this has a main factor, that I always work out, for example, singer Mukesh who is hit in folk numbers gave a successful melody in OK OK. Even in one of my upcoming film, singer Suchitra has sung stunningly for an upbeat Melody. So its always a Music Director who bridges the voice according to the theme of the track. Before he signs off, he shares some knowledge, “From light music, to radio jingles, both were different platforms of learning and the way I tried to create the sound in some seconds or minutes for advertisement, I became more aware in the running”. As they say, “Patience is the key for success”. It’s nice to see Kannan patiently working towards the success of his Music.

Each edition, selected articles writtern by readers, will be published.

from Tamil Nadu who donned many caps of credits.

He is called as a Trimuvarate along with EVR Periyar and Thiru Vi Ka, the Tamil Scholar. Naidu, as he was affectionately called, was instrumental for the freedom movement in a significant and contributory manner. Be it political or social issues, Naidu was always in the forefront to take the call of Mahthma Gandhi and religiously followed the same.

K.V. Kannan Managing Editor C. Prasanna Venkatesh Editor V. Shrie Mohan Creative Head Nishanth Radhakrishnan Food Editor Sruthi Sai Fashion Designer

Article from the Readers:

Varadarajulu Naidu is one of the greatest nationalists

Team Doorstep

One of the most important facets of Naidu was his flair for writing and as a journalist he wrote many books on the history of freedom for India and Naidu also has to his credit translation of many books into Tamil. With all this, Naidu is still one of the UNSUNG sons of our Mother land India and in his own soil of Tamil Nadu. It is the curse of our land that the greats are forgotten! Varadarajulu Naidu was one of the architects of our FREE INDIA and today he is unknown SON. S.Venugopalan Besant Nagar

Aprajithan Adhimoolam S. Suresh Art Consultant Tiasa Das Design Consultant Soju Francis Graphic Designer Writers / Contributors

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Dr. Wasim Mohideen

Kumar Ganesan

Tamilselvi Shahul

Durga Rajasekar

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10 to 23 June 2012

When the Disc started flying!

players from the Agni Nakshatra Summer Camp; which was held over 5 weekends at Elliot’s beach in April-May 2012. Team Fringe Flickers in a nail biting Final beat Team Disc-Creed (from Coimbatore) 8-6 to win Agni

Nakshatra 2012. Team Lay Out Loud beat Team Touch Down 7-1 to finish 3rd. One of the highlights & finds of the tourney were the school kid’s team called Agni Hero’s. The team was discovered during Chennai Ultimate Frisbee’s school outreach

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matches against much older and taller participants. Karthik of Fringe Flickers won Most Valuable Player Male, while Keerthana Panneer of Lay Out Loud won Most Valuable Player Female. Touch Down won the Most Spirited Team in the tournament while Agni Hero’s got special mention.

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initiative. The team consists of middle school students from Olcott Memorial School. They were placed 11th, winning

Ultimate Frisbee mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football and Netball into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game. Yet the simplicity of the rules means it’s easy and fun for newcomers to pick up. Besant Nagar recently played host to the fast paced action of this game, when Chennai Ultimate Frisbee conducted Agni Nakshatra 2012 over 3 days on May 25, 26 & 27th 2012 . In it’s 4th edition & biggest participation ever, 16 teams took part with over 200 beginner


10 to 23 June 2012


4 Doorstep

Door Step focus on Art of the city, is themed under title “Impact of Art, towards Development of the Society”. As a part of this, we kick start with a focus on the impact created by “Graffiti” in this city. Graffiti refers to the writings, scribbling, scratched drawings, or the sprays on walls and public spaces varying from simple to complex forms. Upon various levels of communication, Graffiti has evolved from its unique cultural notions, to a highly impactful form to spread message to the people. Chennai redefines the term graffiti which has evolved from its unique cultural notions. This city took this art of public wall decoration to another level by giving a unique style and structure. After witnessing the major cities across the south, I find that Chennai stands apart in this ancient art giving it a modern perspective with a ting of local taste. The amounts of political writings outgrow any other content. The coloured figures of political leaders fight for spaces on walls across the city, while the private drawings stand next in line. The political graffiti is what fills Chennai without which we don’t have a big deal to talk about. Its not just the drawings which elevate the city’s stand in this art form, the innumerable layers of posters, banners, larger than life size cutouts and film caricatures which redefine the

10 to 23 June 2012

city’s definition for graffiti. I can dare to call this as a modern graffiti, with not just the traditional methods of painting on public spaces; but the modern materials used in public display of communication, these can be wall painting, gate paintings, Bus / Vehicle pictorials etc. Coming to the uniqueness of the city’s role in the development of graffiti culture; the vastness of the drawings spread across the city, the number of posters, banners, display boards showcased fight for the smallest of place. The collage of various drawing one over the other, wall posters in numerous layers shielding the structures, banners of contrasting contents and colors placed all side by side such that the comprehension of each issue is a high art in itself which comes naturally to a chennaite. I doubt if any outsider can easily browse through the content and find the content intended for him. For the visitor it may seem like a chaotic pouring of various contents in different medium put in a compact manner. That is what puts Chennai in a different league from the other cities.




6 Doorstep

10 to 23 June 2012

“Feast @ 5 senses”


M.R.Nishanth directs Chennai Food Guide : your one stop guide to restaurants in Chennai feedbacks @foodieinchennai

5 Senses, a fantastic restaurant on KNK road, with easily one of the best ambiances in the city has recently undergone a menu make over and that was enough reason for a bloggers meet hosted by the restaurant. The bloggers meet at ‘5 Senses’ happened last week and the outcome was fantastic. I don’t remember the last time all of us came out drooling repeatedly over the food. It was a very warm day in Chennai that day (ok, every day is), and so we decided to sit in the cool seating area on the inside. Fantastic decor, well set out tables with enough space and with the likes of Marlyn Monroe on the walls, it is a

Food 9/10

feast for the eye. But as we found out later, it is a feast for the tongue as well. Since we were eight people, there was a lot of food and for starters we had a chef sampler and a tapas platter. Priced at about 650 each, this is

certainly a platter for two to share and not eight, but the quality and the taste made us forget the portion. The salmon on the asparagus stick was the clear winner, while the grilled lamb, crumb fried chicken and the likes were not far behind. A tinge of warning though, the chick-

Ambiance 9/10

Price 8/10

en wings here is marinated with blue cheese, so if you are not a fan of blue cheese, do not order it. You will return it saying it ‘smells bad’. Since the platters were not enough for all of us, we ordered a stuffed mushroom, which was heavenly, a spanakopita which is puff pasty rolled with cheese and equally heavenly and a super unique dish called the panka crumbed jalapeño which tasted fantastic. After a round of simply superb food, we waited for the main course. Again, the smoked salmon pasta was a hero, so almost anything with smoked salmon seems to be great here, but this time it was not a clear winner. It had severe competition from the lamb chops, which with the chutney and the polenta I think, was a great dish. The chicken skewer pasta was another great dish, while the lamb tagine, cooked in a clay pot was tender, juicy and tasty too. Compared to the small portions of the starter platters, the main course had comfortable portions. But the disappointment for me was the drinks and the dessert. My cookie drink was too watery and I would stick to the teas which turned out to be great here. We had an alphonso creme brûlée, which most of them loved, but I somehow did not like it so much. For me the creme brûlée should have that crisp layer and unadulterated, but the mango did not go well for me. Four others loved it so, it’s a matter of personal taste, but the chocolate cake called the corstata, with the bailey ice cream was a kicker. If you are looking to eat out this weekend, look no further. by Dr. Wasim Mohideen Chennai Foodie (

10 to 23 June 2012



Summer: High Degrees in the Job Market Summer, not only raises the degrees on the mercury level but also adds more and more degrees with various graduates in the job market. While some of us choose to select a career, unfortunately, most of us choose just jobs with temporary benefits.

Nowadays, it is well known that many graduates who are artists, scientists, engineers and doctors try to find shelter under the roof of Information Technology which serves as an attractive bait. I believe it could be related to the cause and effect. Unfortunately, we have to choose this career path during the ignorant teenage period when we are entering the High School and the decision taken by the parents, relatives and friends play a major role in this than our decision. Either the admission criteria or the current job market influences the selection of the subjects rather than the interest in the subject. After graduation, finding a good job that you love is equally challenging. It starts with the preparation of resume, writing a cover letter, attending a personal interview and negotiating the salary and other benefits. I still remember my first interview with one of the nationalized banks. As soon as I entered the interview room, the person sitting in the middle of the three men committee said, “Please come middle Ganesan”. I was little confused and surprised to hear this. He did not even ask me to have a seat but continued, “Why did I call you middle Ganesan?” I have heard such funny questions only in Tamil movies. However, I also knew that I was at the receiving end and therefore should answer in the most positive manner. I said, “Sir, a gentleman with the name Ganesa Moorthy just attended the interview and another one with the name Ganesh is waiting outside for his turn. I think I am in between them with the name Ganesan and so I am the middle Ganesan. Am I right sir?” When I answered like this, all three of them were so surprised and the Chairman got up, shook my hands and said, “Yes, yes, yes. Please have a seat.” We had a chat about how the banking industry works and the importance of communication especially with the customers. The rest of the interview went on so well and it is not a wonder that they confirmed my selection in the interview itself which is very rare. When attending interviews, it is always good to make friends and good networking opens more doors. Choosing a career is very important and importance has to be given to the company we select to work with, the type of work, location, and future prospects. The 40 hours of quality time that we spend at work should be enjoyable for us to really feel the mirth of our career. As Confucius said, ‘if we choose a job that we love, we need not work for the rest of our life’. Even if we have studied something totally different, we can always change our career if we really love what we do instead of working for benefits. For everything there is always something called ‘The First’ and it applies to job as well. It might be hard to find the best in the first but we can always learn a lot. Once the knowledge and experience is gained, we become better equipped to find the right job for us. There are two kinds of working people. One believes in hard work and the other in smart work. Smart people work smart and produce the same amount or more work, while the hard working people, after accepting a job, work hard to just to stay in job. With more and more MNCs coming into our country, our corporate world has also mastered the art of hiring and firing. In that process, sometimes, the family also gets broken apart. We start living for the job instead of working for the life. When I was in USA, I learned a very important lesson that the job security is our ability to find another job. If we can equip ourselves with the right education, experience, networking, dedication and create a demand for us, we will be in a position to demand them. Kumar Ganesan

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Angels on Earth I was thinking of Love and none other than my grandmother came to my mind. I have many memories that I would like to rewind. The days when I used to lie down on her lap. The way she doodled my ears, while I take a short nap. Grandmas are the most lovable individuals on earth. Every grandson and granddaughter will agree that being in Grandma’s company is the most beautiful feeling. If you are hurt, she cries. If you are sick, she makes a list of offerings to be made in different temples. Her daughter will be her best enemy if she ever lays hands on you. She is the one who accepts defeat voluntarily to your silly puzzles only to see you win. She is always your best brand ambassador. She cooks the best dish and whatever she cooks carries the magical flavor called love. She is the one who sees GOD in you. I still can’t forget the nights that we spent together. Her wonderful bedtime stories which taught nothing but moral values. The way she patted on my back ever so tender to make me fall asleep. A Grand mother is always special. Her love knows no bounds. Every day that I spent with my grandmother is God’s gift to me. It’s only been a few years that I have spent with her, but it seems like an eternity

to me. Whenever I think of her, a smile tickles my face. I still remember sitting on her lap while she read out stories loud for me and her proud face when I sing to her. The calming presence of grannies is magical. They seldom get angry. Even when they do there’s something amusing about them. I’m thankful to her for the goodness that she has instilled in me. She has played a very special part in my life. She taught me what is love and I wish I could always hold her hands and say, “grandma I love you” My childhood was filled with her love, her warmth and her tender kiss. The Memories of the wonderful days spent with grand parents cannot be bought with all the gold in the world. Even though we are all grown up we would still like to be Grandma’s little pet. I wish to thank my grandmother from the bottom of my heart, for loving me no matter what. Of all the grandparents in the world I’m thankful that she is mine. The only thing I have wondered about my grandma was where she kept her wings. Yes she has wings and it is true, for God always gives them to angels like her. Tamilselvi Shahul

8 Doorstep

10 to 23 June 2012

This workshop completely teaches you how to cook Biryani (Veggie, Mutton and Chicken),Chicken 65, Raitha, Brinjal Thokku and Bread Halwa. The idea is that all participants get engaged right from cutting the vegetables, washing the rice to loading the Biryani in the Dum.

CFG Biryani CookOut Later you all can eat what you have cooked ! Those who are interested to take part in this CFG Biryani Workshop on Saturday June 16th 11am-3pm need to contact Nishanth Radhakrishnan via mobile +919840340490 or message or email him on

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Heritage Photography Trip - Kanchipuram

21 of us started at 4.30 AM from Chennai to explore and admire the sculptural and architectural sites of Kanchipuram.Kanchipuram is a land of 1000 temples and was the capital of Pallavas during the 8th century period. It is 65 km from Chennai. We reached by 8 AM. Our first architectural site was Varadaraja Perumal Temple, which was built by the Cholas and is an abode of Lord Vishnu. It is 23 acres in size and has a huge wall built around the temple. It is constructed on the basis of Vijayanagara architecture. There is a 100 pillar hall inside the temple, which has mind boggling architectural carving of the various happenings of Ramayana and Mahabarath. Every pillar has been sculpted in a single stone. There are no joints in the carving. Every pillar has a significant story. By 9.30 AM our tummies were calling us to feed them. So we headed straight to the hotels near the bus stand to energize ourselves for the next 3 hours. By 10.15 AM we started to Kanchi Kailasanathar temple, which was constructed by the Pallavas in the 8th century and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. It is an abode of Lord Shiva. King Raja Raja Cholan had built the Brihadeeswarar temple in Tanjore, based on architecture and inspiration of Kailasanathar temple. This temple has been constructed based on Dravidian architecture. It was a beautiful site to wonder about the many people who had sculpted the temple with such perfection and dedication. Some sculptures were eroded in time and weather but well preserved by the Architectural Survey group. There was a good shady spot and hence we halted to get out of the heat which was piercing our skin. It was 11.30 AM and we were running short of time, since the temples would close to visitors by 12 Noon. We moved to Vaikuntha Perumal Temple which was also maintained by the architectural survey of India. It had a similar architecture of the Kailasanathar temple. It was 12.30 PM when our heritage photography journey was coming to an end. Our tummies were filled with soda and water as no one could bear the heat. We started to Chennai and reached by 4 PM. Courtesy: Peter Van Geit Project Manager CISCO Chennai Founder : Chennai Trekking Club Profile - Owned & Published by K.V.Kannan from No. 162 – N Block, MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam, Chennai – 106. Printed by Raj Kumar at Rasi Graphics Pvt. Ltd. 40,Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 600014, Editor : C. Prasanna Venkatesh

Doorstep 4th Edition  

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