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27th ENGINEER BATTALION (C)(A), Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Commander’s Corner 4 August 2011

Tigers! I‟m proud to join the team that you and your families have built and I‟m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead the best battalion in the United States Army. The past 60 days have flown by, and every day I‟m more impressed by your accomplishments. The opportunity to spend time with Soldiers and NCOs is an honor that so few Americans get to share in and I appreciate every day and the chance it brings. Thank you to all who have helped Richele, our kids and I get back to Ft Bragg and welcomed us into the battalion. I truly appreciate the help from COL Dodd and his wife Chris and can‟t thank them enough for the reception.

I look forward to working with you all as we make this great battalion even better. The time spent at Ft Irwin with 34 of the battalion‟s leaders confirmed that the battalion is a well led and lethally capable organization of professional Warriors that accomplishes the mission under the most difficult conditions AND takes care of our families and each other. While there, I was moved by the time taken to talk to those families of Hero‟s on the 1 year mark, often done when folks hadn‟t talked to their own families. Following that trip, I had the privilege to spend some time with CPL Adam Keyes and saw the gifts and tokens of care that were hung and stacked around his room. I heard from him how

July-Sep 10

July 16, 2010

many of you continued to keep in contact and could see the results of your thoughts and prayers as he continued his recovery. That, more than anything else, speaks volumes about the character of the battalion and the pride you all have in your team. Since the last newsletter, we‟ve had a bunch of folks join the Tiger Battalion. Welcome to 1SG Paradis, his wife Melony and son William to the 57th Sapper Company. Also welcome to 1SG Welty Lohr, 2LT Stephen Dyer and 2LT Matthew Nichols and his wife Allyson to 161 ESC. 2LT William Dyer joined the Forward Support Company, so welcome him when you see him. Finally welcome goes out to CPT Jarrell CONTINUES ON PAGE 3….


Greetings to our Tiger Families, First I want to say what an honor it is to serve as this Great Battalion's Command Sergeant Major. I am humbled to lead the Best Soldiers in the Army that give so much everyday while the other 99 percent of Americans enjoy the freedom they provide, However I am even more humbled by the families that support our great American Heroes. Without your Love, Compassion and understanding of your loved ones duty to his country we would not be able to do the great job we do. Your job as an Army Family which I always have said to my family and spouse Sande for 15 years is harder than what I do and it will never go unnoticed, for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a busy summer with some of us completing the National Training Center mission to get our Sister Unit ready to deploy to Afghanistan and the numerous training events, ranges and Airborne Operations your loved ones have completed to get ourselves reset to be able to answer our nations call when needed our Tiger's have done an exceptional job. I hope you all were able to enjoy the Block Leave period with your Soldier and got some great family time in. Lieutenant Colonel Ellicott and myself just returned from a trip to see Vietnam Veterans and their families from the 20th Engineer Brigade during their reunion in Missouri and I can tell you that the one thing that caught my eye is not only the pride those great Veterans that paved the way for us to serve our country but the memorable sight was the spouse and children wrapped around their arms laughing and joking with them. Those families, like ours endured a hard time in our nation's history but still stood tall and held their chins high and stood proudly next to their Soldier. Words could not explain how great that made me feel. As we continue to write new chapters in the Best Engineer Battalion in the Army; I can only continue to say thank you for the support that our families give our Soldiers of the Tiger Battalion, because without you we could not accomplish our mission. Sincerely, Randolph Delapena Page 2

This quarter, Hardcore worked to improve the welfare of soldiers throughout the brigade. Soldiers enjoyed two weeks of block leave in July, and those who stayed were afforded more time off of work. Our Vertical Construction Platoon, aka BACKBONE, completed renovation of the Brigade Aid Station allowing soldiers to have greatly improved and more comfortable medical services. Additionally, we worked to reset the battalion and reestablish our shops for superior support to the Tiger Battalion.

havior as HHC has earned the most 3-day weekends for good behavior than any company in the battalion. We welcomed SFC Christopher Roseberry to the Hardcore family as the Company First Sergeant and 1LT Maxine Gourley in May as the Company Executive Officer. We look forward to getting after it in the 4th Quarter. Hardcore Soldiers continue to amaze me every day with their ability to adapt to change and serve their country. Hardcore lead the way!!! CPT Michael Dames

Soldiers of HHC have been working hard during PT, including their =exhausting "Crossfit Fridays" as well as training for company and battalion level training exercises in the month of August. Soldiers continue to lead the way in attitude and be-

July has been an exciting and busy month for the Workhorse family. The Soldiers of Workhorse had the opportunity to take some well deserved block leave during the first two weeks of July. As soon as we returned from spending time with our friends and families it was right back to work preparing for FSC‟s first Field Training Exercise. The final week of July gave us the opportunity to practice setting up a Battalion Support Area, conduct field feeding (prime rib with fresh cupcakes on our final night was a nice treat), drive using night vision goggles, as well as performing weapons and recovery training. While it was a lot of hard work in hot weather with little sleep it proved to be great training that will help ensure we are prepared to perform any mission required of us. As we look forward, August 4th FSC will have the opportunity to finally participate in a Warrior Adventure Quest. We will be white water rafting and have the chance to also try out other activities such as rock climbing, zip lining, and kayaking.

We hope this will be a fun day and give Workhorse Soldiers the opportunity to work as a team and further build our esprit de corps. One last note: we will be having a Family Readiness Group meeting on August 23. We are still looking for volunteers that can help our FRG to become an outstanding organization that will serve as a resource for our Soldiers and family members. We still need a treasurer, key callers, and general volunteers who would like to help out whenever they are available. Anyone who is interested in learning more can contact our FRG Leader Natalie Dean and come out on August 23 at 6 p.m. Thank you to the Soldiers and families for all you do serving our country and making FSC the outstanding organization it is. TIGER!! CPT Kevin Dean

Commander‟s Corner (continues from page 1….)

Horsley and his daughter Amari, MAJ Zach Miller and his wife Beth and kids Nathaniel and Evelyn, MAJ Dom Ciaramitaro and his wife Renee and WO1 Anani Quezada, her husband Jean Claude and son Jean Claude Jr all of whom joined HHC. One last quick note for the Tiger Families - please log onto the link at the end and take the online survey. The country is struggling with fiscal priorities, and has designated a portion of the spending Page 3

cuts to come from the Department of Defense. This survey is our way to tell the Department of Defense what programs we value. www.myarmyonesource. com/ FamilyProgramsSurvey2 TIGERS! LTC E

The month of July was a good month for the sappers of 2nd platoon. We started our month with 2 weeks of some much needed off time during block leave. Upon returning from block leave, 2nd platoons leadership was reorganized to better meet our combat mission. We also sent 10 Soldiers to combative training and had 4 Soldiers go to Fort Leonard wood, MO for R2C2. We will be ending the month with some refresher training on IED/mine awareness. We are looking forward to the month of August where we will be continuously training throughout the entire month with a couple of overnight field exercises and multiple training events during the duty day. This month 3rd Platoon came back from Block leave and hit the training hard. We have been be focusing on dismounted IED training and preparing for sapper stakes. LT Scott welcomed a baby boy. The platoon got a new Platoon Sergeant SFC Hill . Three specialists passed the board and are now promotable, SPC Beshers, SPC Wessell, SPC Rocca. SPC Rocca welcomed his wife and 3 kids to Fort Bragg. SGT Blevins and SGT Rangel are now both promotable to Staff Sergeant.

On 29 July 2011, 264th Clearance Company FRG sponsored the company‟s organization day at Waldo‟s beach. 290 Soldiers and family members attended the event. There were many enjoyable and interesting activities at Waldo‟s, Soldiers and Family members canned balled from swinging ropes into lake Waldo‟s and boy did SPC Riker send the Soldiers Airborne on the Blob. There were also many attractions for the kids, from building sand castles to sliding down the 50ft slide into the pool. Bottom-Line, if you didn‟t attend, you missed a awesome time!! SPARTANS! CPT Clinton Acklin

After a much deserved 2 weeks of block leave, 1st Platoon gets back into training at the MRAP Virtual Drivers Course. This training allows the Soldiers to get MRAP driving experience in a Virtual setting along a challenging course. The course tests their driving skills in adverse weather conditions, along a dangerous route. Shown in the picture are the trainers, SGT Nuttle and SGT Yates, as they guide and evaluate Soldiers along the course" Forth Platoon came block leave refreshed and energized ready to train. They welcome a new platoon Sergeant SFC Sigler. They are starting to focus on area clearance using the D7 dozer. LT Smith just graduated airborne school. They are excited about winning Sapper Stakes, and doing mine clearance.

57th Sapper Company continues to excel in training! The new command team is eagerly looking forward to meeting the Rough Terrain Families on the 11th and 12th of AUG for our first FRG function. Our first function will be an informal family meet and greet with your Soldier‟s signing up for a block of time for their family to come and see where they work and meet the Commander and First Sergeant‟s families. We are also looking to fill several of our volunteer positions. The Rough Terrain Soldiers are starting to focus training on our Rough Terrain Mission! Some say you have to be crazy to jump out of an airplane…, but to jump out of an airplane Page 4

into trees takes a ROUGH TERRAIN SAPPER! The company will be conducting a week long train up in September with follow on jumps in October. Rough Terrain! CPT Benjamin Shean

The month of July has been a busy month and the Rock has been steady “getting after it!” With the first two weeks of the month allocated to block leave, Soldiers seem to have refreshed and refitted with activities, trips, and personal rest and relaxation. Needless to say, this will be a benefit to what appears to be a busy finish of the end of summer days. While 1st platoon took block leave at the end of June, they have assumed the mission of Global Response Force (GRF). This mission will require that Soldiers be mission deployable within a 96 hour timeline. During the month, they have worked vigorously to prepare themselves and their equipment for the tenure of their obligation. We are excited at the fact that many of our families have enjoyed the opportunity to continue their resiliency by participating in marriage retreats to Myrtle Beach and Beech Mountain trips with the chaplains program. This has allowed many of our young families to enjoy time together, as well as, learning the values of building strong families. As we move into the hottest days of summer, continue to hydrate and take shelter from the unforgiving heat. It is always hard to say good-bye, but it has been a tradition

Nasty Families, It has truly been a Nasty month, or NAS-TASTIC. The Nasty troopers have been stepping up to every challenge and accomplishing every mission they could get their hands on and I for one and proud of them. The Nasty has conducted small arms ranges, the obstacle course, spent the night in the field (a couple times) and laid blade to dirt, exercising the equipment and building marvels out of mud. Most recently my Nasty troopers Jumped into Luzon Drop Zone and worked into the late hours of the night recovering parachutes after a heavy drop and then went on to build a field artillery firing position. It is that Get After It attitude that makes the Nasty what it is today.

for many years now, that Army families move on from time to time. The Rock bid farewell to the following families: the Abright‟s, the Marsh‟s, the Bunch Family, Todd Hennis, and the Tumbaco‟s. With the departures it is a pleasure to welcome the Lathan family, the Richley family, the Caballero family, and the McDonough family. We are excited to have them on board! With the summer days being busy, the Rock would like to recognize Janet Laugand as our “family member of the month”. She has worked tirelessly with coordinating events and activities for the FRG program am we are so fortunate to have her on board. Many of our Soldiers have worked hard to complete all the missions that are ask of them. For that we would like to thanks 2nd and 3rd platoon for an outstanding job on their mission to upgrade the Nijmegen Drop Zone. There were many days and nights that seemed to have no end, but they pushed through and did a great job ensuring that the mission was completed timely. Rock Hard! CPT Andrew Glenn

STAY NASTY!!! CPT Justin Roy

Sicily jump

Now, that I have said all of that awesome... The Nasty said farewell to SFC Davis who served as the Nasty 1SG for the past six months. It was an absolute pleasure to work aside such a great Nasty 1SG. We welcomed 1SG Welty Lohr into the 1SG position 1 JUL „11 and I believe he is a great addition to the Nasty team. Another great even that took place was the Nasty Family Fun Day. The event was held at Bower Park in Hope Mills and we had a blast. Thanks to all of the families that were able to attend and look forward to having more events in the near future. Page 5

“Nasty” Officers

“Nasty” Cake by Kim Roy Artillery Firing Position

Change Of Command

Page 8

1 June 2011 1SG Christopher C Rafferty Field

Page 7



9 August - Battalion Classroom


57th: Company Drop-in 8/11 & 8/12

13 September - Battalion Classroom

FSC: 6 pm 8/23


11 October - Battalion Classroom



August 13

Pope AAF

ACTIVITY: Back to School Bash

*If any changes are made, they will go out through e-mail via your FRG Leaders.

Congratulations to Jennifer Mitchell! Jennifer is the battalion’s Care Team Leader. In the past few months, she has been working with the FRSA and her husband, CH Mitchell, to update the Care Team Manual, scripts and how the Care Team is trained. Her forward way of thinking led to a change in the Standard Operating Procedures for the Care Team, which now includes the care of Soldiers and Family Members whether it is deployment time or not. With these changes, the battalion will now have the ability to activate the care team to assist a Family Member if he/she has a medical emergency or someone in their family does. The Soldiers’ Family Members are still cared for when an injury or death happens. There is a change to this, as well. Prior to and during the deployment, care was only offered to Family Members of injured Soldiers and Fallen Heroes for the first 72 hours after the incident. A new Partnership Program Page 8

now gives the Care Team the Ability to support the spouse/family member for a longer period of time determined by the need of the family. All of these positive changes became part of the Standard Operating Procedures because Jenn not only lead the Care Team during the deployment, but because she took the initiative to step forward and say that changes had to be made for the best interest of the Soldiers and Family Members within the battalion. For this, Jennifer Mitchell has earned the Battalion Volunteer of the Quarter.

The Family Advocacy Program is here to help strengthen relationships of parents and families through a wide variety of prevention, outreach, and treatment programs. A key role of the program is to respond to situations involving the abuse of neglect of military spouses and children by providing effective assessment, treatment and ensuring all personnel on the installation are trained on how to find help for victims. All personnel on the installation are required to report suspected instances of spouse and child abuse or neglect to law enforcement and Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) Department of Social Work (DSW) to ensure victims receive prompt assistance. Other information about the program is outlined in AR 608-18. Family Advocacy Program provides many services to the installation. Workshops:

Parenting Strategies Couples Communication Co-parenting children of divorce Anger Management Stress Management Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families Self-defense for women And many more Workshops are FREE and often child care is offered. New Parent Support Program (NPSP): offered to Army families to enhance parent and infant attachment, increase knowledge of child development. NPSP will provide connections to support services that allow parents to become nurturing and capable caregivers. NPSP staff consists of registered nurses and licensed social workers who provide in-home parenting education, support and resource linkage. Army families that are pregnant or with children up to age three are eligible. 24 hour Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victim’s Hotline (322-3418): provides information, referral and direct support to persons involved in a sexual assault or an abusive relationship. Often persons in these situations do not know where to turn for help and are uncertain what they should do. Trained advocates are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and help victims come up with solutions and direct help to become safe. This help can include staying with the victim in the Emergency Room, helping them obtain a protective order, housing, transportation, food or accompany them to court. Services are FREE. Active duty victims of sexual assault have the choice to either report the abuse to law enforcement or to seek medical, advocate or other help without making a law enforcement report. Help for victims of partner abuse or sexual assault: MP Desk 396-0391/0392 Ft Bragg’s 24 Hr. Victim Hotline 322-3418 WAMC Social Work 907-7869 WAMC Emergency Room 907-6559 Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting 677-2450 Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) Family Advocacy is located on the 3rd Floor of the Soldier Support Center. Phone: 396-5521 Page 9


Dads 201

Parenting 1-4 Year Olds

Parenting 5-12 Year Olds

Sep 7 1400-1630

Oct 5 1400-1630

Oct 6, 11, 18 0900-1100

0900-1130 Sep 12, 19, 26

Sep 1, 7, 15



Oct 3, 10, 24

Parenting Teenagers

Co-Parenting Children

Active Parenting

Life Choices for Teens

Sep 6, 13 1300-1530

Sep 13

Oct 4, 10, 24

Oct 11 0900-1200


Aug 27 Sep 24 Oct 22

Couple’s Communication

Steward of Children Oct 11 1300-1500

Aug 24 Sep 28 Oct 26 0900-1600


Anger Management Aug 23

Aug 10

Sep 6, 14

Oct 5

0830-1230 Sep 14 Oct 12, 26 1230-1630

Stress Management Sep 7 Oct 13 0900-1200 Aug 17 Sep 21 Oct 28 1300-1600

Registration is required for all classes. Childcare is available for most classes. Please register at least two weeks in advance. Soldier Support Center, 3rd Floor, Normandy Drive, Fort Bragg. To register, please call (910) 396-5521 or online



LEVEL I: (One Day) Sept 10 (Spanish) Sept 1 LEVEL I: (Two Day) Aug 3 & 4 Oct 5 & 6 LEVEL II: (Three Day) Oct 25, 26, 27 LEVEL III: (Three Day) Aug 16, 17, & 18 INSTRUCTORS TRAINING COURSE: (Three Day)

Aug 24, 25, 26 Registration is required Limited FREE childcare is available. Please call in advance; 910-396-2382.

In the past few weeks, I have come to know many new volunteers. I have seen their enthusiasm with volunteering for the FRG. They truly wish to make it a family. One that will not only ready families for military life, but one that will support families in the good and bad times. I would like to recognize these new volunteers. Battalion FRG Senior Advisors/Leaders: Richele Ellicott, Sandra Delapena Battalion Treasurers: Lisa Chatterjee, Ginny Korth Battalion Secretary: Erin Brooks Page 10


Aug 4 6:00 - 9:00 pm Sept 8 9:00 -12:00 pm

Aug 20 8:00 -11:00 am Sept 24 8:00 -11:00 am


Aug 9 6:00 -7:00 pm Sept 13 9:00 -10:00 am

Aug 20 11:30 -12:30 pm Sept 24 11:30 -12:30 pm


Aug 9 9:00 -11:00 am. Sept 13 6:00 -8:00 pm

Aug 20 1:00 -3:00 pm Sept 24 1:00 -3:00 pm

Registration is required Limited FREE childcare is available.

Call 432-3742 for details or go to to register. Company FRG Senior Advisors and/or Leaders: Julia Dames, April Mika, Katie Colby, Natalie Dean, Jennifer Shean, Lenay Acklin, Kimberly Roy and Carleton Riser Company Treasurers: Heather Harris, Anisha Bradley, Vanessa Blevines, Yolanda Latiff, Jessica Oliva Company Key Callers: Heather Harris, Yolanda Latiff, Melissa Brewer, Cherie Hernandez, Melina Escatell Company Secretary: Melina Escatell Welcome to the Tiger Family and to the Army Volunteer Corps! Building the FRG ONE FAMILY at a time! Kimberly Hughes, FRSA

27th Engineer Battalion Newsletter  
27th Engineer Battalion Newsletter  

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