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March 2011

camden people’s theatre


Naïve Dance Masterclass Thur 3rd & Fri 4th Mar

SPRINT - 2011 It was the best of times; It was the worst of times.

Roadworks Thur 3rd & Thur 10th Mar

Like many arts organisations we’ve spent the last few months I Confess Fri 4th Mar The Uncle Hans-Peter Party Fri 4th & Fri 25th Mar

planning our (uncertain) future and applying for funding. Throughout this process it’s been clear that Sprint is at the core of CPT.

Kitchen Sink Drama Thur 3rd - Sun 27th Mar

For the past 14 years Sprint has brought you the best Lecture Notes On A Death Scene Sat 5th & Sun 6th Mar

emerging artists from the UK and beyond, nibbling at the edge of what is possible in theatre. This year is no different

Doris Day Can Fuck Off Mon 7th & Tue 8th Mar External Wed 9th & Thur 10th Mar Suspended Fri 11th & Sat 12th Mar

featuring audio walks, BMX’s, a man wearing a projector on his head, a sound library, a fake Bavarian, a performance posted to your home and a large quantity of balloons! We’ve also added a peer-led artist development programme, Starting Blocks, more on which can be found inside and

Starting Blocks Sun 13th Mar

online at www.CPTstartingblock.wordpress.com.

The Vanishing Horizon Mon 14th & Tue 15th Mar

In this rapidly changing world, by the time this is printed

Bohola Men Wed 16th & Thur 17th Mar

extra events will have been added and things will have moved on. What can you do? Follow us on Twitter @CamdenPT,

Anemone Fri 18th Mar

to get the latest news and for behind the scenes info.

The Balloon Gardener Sat 19th Mar

Come on in, try something new; you might just be

Patchwork Mon 21st & Tue 22nd Mar

blown away.

When Night Falls Wed 23rd & Thur 24th Mar Projector/Conjector Wed 23rd & Thur 24th Mar

Director, CPT

The End Sat 26th & Sun 27th Mar Vagabonds’ Voyage: The Audio Tour Thur 3rd - Sun 27th Mar Travelling Sounds Library Thur 3rd - Sun 27th Mar

BOX OFFICE: 08444 77 1000


Naïve Dance Masterclass Inconvenient Spoof Thur 3rd & Fri 4th Mar, 7.30pm (50mins) £10/£8 Naïve Dance Masterclass is a stand-up and dance-about comedy combining deadpan wordplay and expert physical tomfoolery in a sweet blast of erudite mayhem. Drenched in ecstasy and anguish, ex-contemporary dance star, Matt Rudkin, shares his tale of artistic salvation through the exertions of riot duty training and the love of an immigrant hula-hoopist. Aiming a poke at cultural bumf, this second show from Inconvenient Spoof pays heartfelt homage to those heroic geeks who dance without fear, in asexual abandon, subverting the norms of cool. WARNING: may contain nudity. www.inconvenientspoof.co.uk

Photo: Etta Ermini

Roadworks Etta Ermini Dance Theatre Thur 3rd & Thur 10th Mar, Lunchtime Free, The Plaza, Regent’s Place, NW1 Roadworks is a 30 minutes dance theatre work intertwining urban dance and BMX flatland riding. It is set in a typical London street scene where two dancers and two BMX riders engage in a humorous battle. The piece contains high energy exchanges between dancers and BMX riders, Hip Hop and contemporary dance sequences, spectacular BMX flatland tricks, theatrical and strong acrobatic elements and quirky sense of humour.

I Confess Firehouse Creative Productions and Tangled Feet Fri 4th Mar, 11.30am - 7pm Free, St Pancras International Step through the velvet curtains and get ready to hear the real life confessions of a stranger. You might find yourself revealing your innermost secrets in return. I Confess is a unique theatrical experience. One audience member at a time enters a confessional. An actor, situated on the other side of the divide, is the confessor. Over the course of ten minutes the audience member is bestowed with two confessions, which range from tender to hilarious. One of them will be true to the teller, the other fiction. An opportunity is open at the end to share a confession of your own. Directed by Rachel Parish and Nathan Curry. www.firehousecreativeproductions.com www.tangledfeet.com

“This is a smart, provocative and moving gem of a show, directed with a lightness of touch and delivered with a calm assurance which isn’t just rare, it’s almost unheard of. *****” allthefestivals.com


The Uncle Hans-Peter Party A Let Me Feel Your Finger First Experience Fri 4th Mar, 9pm & Fri 25th Mar, 8pm (80mins) £10/£8 The Uncle Hans-Peter Party incorporates animation, masquerade and performance in a ‘live’ comic strip where the audience don plastic masks and collectively assume the persona of the protagonist Uncle Hans-Peter. Hans-Peter is the patriarch of the Let Me Feel Your Finger First family. He’s a hunter. An operator. He enjoys tying up his nephews on hot summer afternoons. As Bavarian stereotypes in their own comic narrative, participants act out a series of performative exchanges with an animated Uncle Hans-Peter. Dress code: smart casual, lederhosen optional. Not suitable for under 16s www.letmefeelyourfingerfirst.com

Once - Arts & Ceremonies Thur 3rd - Sun 27th Mar, At your convenience £10 (Can be purchased online inc P&P, or from our box office) Kitchen Sink Drama - Whose turn is it to do the washing up tonight then? A mystery parcel in the post contains all you need for you and a friend to be transported at your kitchen sink out of the humdrum and onto enchanting journeys, turning your washing up into a meditation on your ambitions and place in the world. A voyage from the plughole to the rolling seas. Create a unique miniature performance in your own kitchen. Who: You & a friend Where: Kitchen with a sink When: Your choice, you need about an hour of peace and quiet www.once.uk.com

Photo: Jo Halladey

Kitchen Sink Drama

“Deliciously perverse” Time Out Critics Choice

Analogue Sat 5th & Sun 6th Mar, 12 - 9.30pm (1/2 hour slots) £10/£8 (Advance booking essential) In an intimate encounter between yourself and your reflection, the mirror in front of you becomes a window to an out of body experience, placing you behind the steering wheel of someone else’s life. You are a lecturer driving a passenger home on a rainy night. You are the passenger in the back seat. You are both simultaneously; the performer and the audience. You are in the headlights of a past that is catching up with you... Lecture Notes on a Death Scene is an unusual and atmospheric encounter for one audience member at a time. Developed at Farnham Maltings, Pulse Festival Ipswich and The Lowry www.analogueproductions.co.uk

“Analogue is a young company certain to make its mark on British theatre.” The Guardian

Photo: Liam Jarvis

Lecture Notes On A Death Scene

Doris Day Can Fuck off Greg McLaren Mon 7th & Tue 8th Mar, 8pm (1hr) £10/£8


Photo: Sara Lehn

Greg has been singing, to everyone, everywhere. Where he would speak he must sing. He’s recorded his encounters and mashed them up to create a slippery world between what is meant and what is expressed, what is created and what is found. It’s a fantastically odd and moving journey from place to place, voice to voice that slips between reality and imagination, and light social self-harm. It’s a peculiarly playful and dangerous one man opera performed with utterly offhand conviction.

Photo: GetInTheBackOfTheVan

External GetInTheBackOfTheVan Wed 9th & Thur 10th Mar, 8pm (50mins) £10/£8 Jen wants to talk to you. Lucy wants more. They’ve got some stuff they found in a garage, a strict no-touch policy, and conflicting ideas about how to keep you happy. Maverick makers GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN went to see a show where the performers wrote them letters. They didn’t write back instead this unravelling game of truth and lies is their response. External hurls a conversation about authenticity and originality right out into the open and forces it to fight for its life, giggling, gnashing and doing its own head in. Let’s get the party started. www.getinthebackofthevan.com

“a one-of-a-kind experience for the theatregoer” Whatsonstage “fresh, intense and immensely liberating” The Evening Standard

Natasha Davis Fri 11th & Sat 12th Mar, 8pm (1hr) £10/£8 Suspended in the space between two worlds, can one of them ever become home? How do memories preserve identity? Does dust ever settle on the past? Does grass grow over it? Natasha Davis’ third solo show completes her trilogy on body, identity and migration. Her poetic journey evokes migratory bodies burdened with past memories, present fears and future anxieties. Created in collaboration with Marty Langthorne and Bob Karper and with generous mentorship from Ju Row Farr and Dominic Johnson. Developed through a residency with Blast Theory and a residency at Clarence Mews. Supported by the Arts Council England, Chelsea Theatre and Camden People's Theatre. www.natashaproductions.com

Photo: Bob Karper


Sun 13th Mar, 3pm Free Developing work with companies has always been at the heart of what we do at CPT, so we're delighted to have launched our new artist development scheme: Starting Blocks. Designed to feed into our Sprint festival, Starting Blocks will see a peer-supported group of 5 Solo artists or companies developing work over a ten week period, culminating in these work-in-progress sharings, which will be accompanied by discussions on artist development: The Participants are: Anoushka Athique - Samuel Armstrong Barometric - Escape Velocity (bye bye bye) Ben Buratta & Barry Fitzgerald - Temperance Francesca Millican-Slater - I Promise To Swim The Channel (or the story of how I might) Ira Brand - Keine Angst For more info and to follow their progress go to: http://cptstartingblocks.wordpress.com/ Starting Blocks has been supported by Fenton Arts Trust.

Photo: Toby Winterbottom

Starting Blocks

Idle Motion Mon 14th & Tue 15th Mar, 8pm (55mins) £10/£8 Total Theatre Award nominated Idle Motion trace aviation of past and present in this Fringe sell-out show. Using luggage, maps and paper airplanes, the roaring twenties and the pioneers of aviation are remembered, when flight was exciting and we began to carve our way through silent skies. From this, the modern story of a woman emerges who is on a journey to discover her past through the crowded airports of our world to another, resting above the clouds. www.idlemotion.co.uk

Photo: Kay Gatehouse

The Vanishing Horizon

“A little jewel of a show” The Guardian “beautiful, accomplished, innovative” The Stage “A masterclass in staging, narrative and theatrical imagination” Whatsonstage

Denis Buckley Wed 16th & Thur 17th Mar, 8pm (45mins) £10/£8 “In 1985 a British tabloid called for Irish repatriation. I read the editorial with other Irishmen in a London railway siding. We weren’t worried, we didn’t exist anyway”. BOHOLA MEN is a Performance Ballad on the Irish immigrant’s financial contribution to a fledgling Free State. Kerry born Live Artist Denis Buckley relates experience of arriving in England from the bar of The Bohola House Bethnal Green mixing live narration, personal testimonies, song and film archive in a timely reminder of collective responsibility. www.denisbuckley.com

Photo: James Emmett

Bohola Men

ThisNowThis Fri 18th Mar, 6pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 8pm & 8.30pm (20 mins) £6/£4 You enter a pitch-black space, lit only by the torch in your hand. You hear whispers, breath, the shimmer of movement all around you. Hands, heads, bodies play on the edges of your vision. But each time you catch something in your torch beam, it flinches from your gaze. It recoils as if touched, disappearing from view.

Photo: Oliver Lamford


Anemone explores the need to speak, but also lets us feel the vulnerability of exposure, of being watched. The vulnerability that makes the speaker stutter, the celebrity duck the flashbulbs, the new lover shy away from being understood too well. thisnowthis creates immersive, visually engaging experiences. www.thisnowthis.org

The Balloon Gardener Circo Ridiculoso Sat 19th Mar, 2.30pm & 7.30pm (45mins) £10/£6 Danny the Wild Balloon tamer has run out of balloons and must grow his own. The tamer turns gardener. Seeds of hilarity are sown as Danny attempts to cultivate bold, colourful, latex shapes in pots. The plot thickens with problem pests, wacky weather and weeds you have never even dreamed of. Contemporary clowning puts the rubber into shrubbery; this fool for flowers creates an organic garden of delights. Blooming marvelous!


Photo: Sarah Ainslie

Suitable for children and adults aged 4+

Photo: Caroline Ward

Patchwork The Honourable Society Of Faster Craftswomen Mon 21st & Tue 22nd Mar, 8pm (1hr) £10/£8 Accompanying exhibition in the foyer during the festival A fast and funny mega-monologue about ambition, workaholism and wasps, set to a throbbing soundtrack and animated by an epic slide show of riotous drawings. Part live spoken word gig, part daring confession, this adrenaline-fuelled multimedia performance is the autobiography of a woman holed up in the attic, so industriously drawing that she is oblivious to the world downstairs. Her words will draw you in, shake you up, and spit you out feeling a lot happier about the fact you may never be a rock star. www.fastercraftswomen.com

Instant Dissidence Wed 23rd & Thur 24th Mar, 6pm - 9pm Pay what you thought it was worth When Night Falls (2010) takes place in a dark space. Before you enter the space you are given a gas lighter and warned that you will not be able to leave the space until it goes dark. If you decide to proceed you agree to this performative contract. This is a work where you take an active role in choosing how to experience it, its length, and its monetary value. But remember the contract you agreed to: you won’t be able to leave until it goes dark. www.instantdissidence.co.uk

“A deft piece of work” The Telegraph

Photo: Lucy Barker

When Night Falls

“Great imagination” The Scotsman

Projector/Conjector Mamoru Iriguchi Wed 23rd & Thur 24th Mar, 8pm (40mins) £10/£8 Boy’s called Projector. Because a video projector’s attached to his head. Girl’s called Conjector. A TV’s attached to her head. Boy meets girl on screen. They dance through the screens. Projector/Conjector is a duo dance piece about two characters called Projector and Conjector. Projector projects bigger-than-life images all around him and lives in the world he produces. Conjector, on the other hand, captures what really lingers in the air (for example dust particles or human emotions) and displays them on television screen. The two characters meet, fall in love and part through the electronically-produced imagery. This performance contains explicit images. www.iriguchi.co.uk

Photo: Mamoru Iriguchi

The End Michael Pinchbeck Sat 26th & Sun 27th Mar, 8pm (1hr) £10/£8 It’s time to call it a day. This will be the last time I perform. This will be the last stage I stand on. You will be the last audience I face. This will be the last spotlight I stand in. This will be the last soundtrack I speak over. Inspired by the stage direction from The Winter’s Tale, ‘Exit pursued by a bear’, The End explores endings and exits and reenacts real life events to investigate absence and loss. Michael Pinchbeck asks why we perform and how we will know when to stop in his last piece for theatre. www.makingtheend.wordpress.com www.michaelpinchbeck.co.uk

Photo: Kevin Edwards

Vagabonds’ Voyage: The Audio Tour little wonder Thur 3rd - Sun 27th Mar, (45mins) Free

To find out more and download the tour go to: http://bit.ly/CPTvvaudio

Forest Fringe Thur 3rd - Sun 27th March Free (Ask at the box office) The Forest Fringe Travelling Sounds Library is a touring library of audio artworks, bringing together pieces by some of the most exciting artists in the UK - sound collages, sonic art, instruction-based encounters, and whispered stories. This satisfyingly rich and exciting collection features work by Blast Theory, Duncan Speakman, Unlimited Theatre, and a host of other fantastic artists. Pick up a book and find yourself immersed in a world of beguiling audio encounters. www.forestfringe.co.uk

Photo: Ludovic Des Cognets

Travelling Sounds Library

Photo: Michael Lilley

Innovative storytellers, little wonder, take you on an audio journey along the Regent’s Canal in King’s Cross. Following the success of their sell out, site-specific, promenade performance Vagabonds’ Voyage (‘a delightful 90 minutes, with plenty to charm ‘Lyn Gardener’), the company has created an audio tour based on the piece. Inspired by the rich history of the canal and drawing the participant into the hidden heritage at the heart of London, emerging theatre makers little wonder offer a unique opportunity to capture the subterranean world of London’s most historic backwater at a time when the landscape is being changed forever due to regeneration.

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“Great unpretentious venue. All about the work.” Recent audience feedback TM

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