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Spring 2007

Welcome to Spring at CPT

The ordeal of the dreamer

This Spring CPT continues to support new and imaginative companies who are creeping up on the public’s consciousness. This season sees the return of Song Theatre who enchanted CPT audiences with I Am A Cloud, Irreversible and last year’s Nessun Dorma; and a new work from ChoppedLogic, whose previous productions have received critical acclaim both at CPT and in Edinburgh.

Presented by Song Theatre

We also welcome productions from companies new to CPT – Badac bring their Theatre of Violence philosophy to the death of Christ in Lunatics, whilst I May Fly arrives on our doorstep after successful runs in Sydney & New York. I hope there’s something in there to wet your fancy and look forward to seeing you at CPT over the coming months. Matt Ball, Director

Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st March, 8pm £10.00/£8.00 Following the success of I Am a Cloud (Sprint 2005) and Irreversible (December 2005 – made through CPT’s TONIC programme) Song Theatre returns with its latest adventure The Ordeal of the Dreamer.

“..some of the most interesting and innovative theatre work at present being pursued in the UK”

The sleepless night, a spinning mind sheds Professor Noel Witts, Leeds off from the body, leaping over the pillow, Metropolitan University wandering between twilight zone, going untold places, meeting or becoming something else, losing the self in the darkness. Eyes open. “ There was lots of promise Seeing the sound. Sensing the light and shadow. You face the other self…the sinister in Song’s work” versus the benign, the comedic versus the tragic. A voyage of enlightenment commences. Joseph Seelig, Mime Festival London Founded in 1999 by Song Chang, the company creates image-based performances, incorporating the essence of the visual and physical theatre into a dreamlike, comic, erotic and agitated portrait of the inhabitants of our subconscious.

a thousand words by Amber Massie Blomfield, presented by Tessellate Theatre Monday 19th March, 7.30pm £8.00/£6.00 George is a journalist looking for his big break. Erika is stuck in a dead end job. Lisa, Noah and Clara are on the run. Their paths cross for one brief, shattering night in a devastated country descending into turmoil. In the darkness, words and truth are two separate things. But how they choose to use them could change their lives forever.

Photo: Natasha Sturny

Concerned with how theatre tells a story of War, Tessellate Theatre wish to delve into the unconscious mind and awaken and question the decisions we make. Producer: Maddy Jones Artistic Director: Goo Birks Designer: Lise Marker Puppetry Director: Zoilo Lobera Lighting Designer: Sunghee Yu Sound Designer: Carly Hook

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

double negative


Presented by ChoppedLogic

Presented by Badac

Thursday 12th September – Saturday 14th April, 8.00pm

Tuesday 17th – Sunday 29th April (not Mondays), 8.00pm



Sometimes in the broadest of daylights they would come, scrunching their tyres into the gravel and darting in like mice into a mouse hole. And I didn’t want to harbour suspicion, like a scorpion in a boot, twitching the lace curtains and suspecting, but I wondered, you see. I started to keep a little list.

“Loads of promise” The Guardian on Paramour

“Delightful” Metro on Paramour

Laughter fills the living room, as John constructs a story about the house next door. The trees have died from Honey Fungus. Perhaps the corruption has spread to the house itself, and walls and window blinds might not be enough to keep it out. As what is going on begins to be revealed, we plunge into a murky world where chefs sleep in their ovens and visitors leap from the flowerbeds. Double Negative is a story of suspicion, secrets, and the possibility of escape, told through the bold and beautiful interlinking of text and movement that make ChoppedLogic “a company that really knows how to tap into the imagination” (The Stage)

Centred around the first meeting of his main disciples and the two women present at his execution, Mary Magdelene and Salome, we experience the initial explosion of grief and the subsequent insanity that then envelopes the followers as they realise their Messiah has been murdered. We watch as blame and retribution overtakes the group, as the Crucifixion is replayed and as the women drive the men to the point of destruction through their assertion that Jesus’ death was due to their betrayal and cowardice. Overcome by guilt, grief and mental illness the men are then beaten and manipulated by the women into becoming the foundation of the Christian church and we understand that the core of the Christian religion, its philosophies and ideas, were born from grief, violence and insanity.

Following an initial exploratory lab, and further research and development, ChoppedLogic are presenting Double Negative as a continuing work-in-progress. Please come and give your feedback, which is invaluable in the development of this piece, and the company’s ongoing work. For more information visit

Badac’s new piece Lunatics is an intense and physical exploration of the betrayal of Jesus, his crucifixion, the grief of his supporters following his death and the beginnings of the Christian Church.

As with all of Badac’s previous work Lunatics has been created using both historical research and Badac’s unique Theatre of Violence philosophy.

“ Playful…inventive… hard to resist” The Scotsman on Paramour

The Scotsman on Paramour

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

Photo: Luciano Paselli

“ Theatre doesn’t get much more intimate than this”

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

i may fly


Presented by Felicity Jurd

4th June – 1st July

Friday 4th – Saturday 26th May (not Sundays), 8.00pm

May Pusey (1917 -2005) made it all the way across a continent from the world’s most isolated city, Perth, to Australia’s urban jewel, Sydney, pursuing a theatrical life. Now her life story, in theatrical form, makes it all the way to London after its Sydney and New York Seasons. I May Fly travels through May’s life from 8 – 80yrs old, flowing in and out of key events with an original composition by Guy McEwan (Fellow, Trinity College London). More redemptive than tragic, more humorous than sad, the play was written based on a series of taped interviews recorded 12 years ago accompanied by May’s written account of her life.

Now in its 10th year, SPRINT has established itself as one of the most important festivals of contemporary performance in the UK.

Image: Types Photo: Chris Keenan (


Last years festival featured 12 companies including Song Theatre, ChoppedLogic (both of whom can be seen at CPT this season) and Unpacked. This year we’ve moved to June and the festival will be longer, and feature the work of more companies then ever before. Check the website for further details, and join our mailing list to ensure you’re one of the first to see the line-up over breakfast as the SPRINT brochure lands on your doorstep.

We commence on the night before May’s 8th Birthday. She sets out to celebrate with her imaginary friend Phyllis, inviting everyone in the street to a wonderful party, full of poetry, dancing, singing and cake! Even though Mum doesn’t have a penny to spare to feed a family of 8, I am sure God will make it happen! Right? Writer/Performer: Felicity Jurd Original Composition: Guy McEwan Photography: Giselle Haber London Graphic Design: Sean Kinread London Staging: Annette Rowlison

CPT gallery Zoe Turner – My best friend: Pictures, poems and silly scribblings Until May 20th

Felicity Jurd is an independent Sydney based producer who has produced over 15 dance and theatre productions in 12 years. She is committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists and technicians whilst developing stories that entertain move and inspire audiences worldwide.

In this groundbreaking exhibition, Cornish based artist Zoe Turner combines well observed paintings and drawings (of her dog and figurative subjects) with her poetry. She enjoys using emotion in her work and injects a sense of fun and humour, which will guarantee to cheer you up on a dreary day. Classical references play a role in her work and she greatly admires the works of Sir Peter Blake, Jenny Saville, David Hockney and Durer (to name but a few).

I May Fly is proudly supported by the estate of May Pusey For further information, please visit

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100

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The information in this brochure is available in large print on request.

All information correct at time of going to print. Camden People’s Theatre is a registered charity: 1058723 Registered Company number: 3256616

BOX OFFICE: 08700 600 100


Spring 2007 “There was lots of promise in Song’s work” Presented by Song Theatre Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st March, 8pm £10.00/£8.00 I ho...

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