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News for CPSU/CSA Members of the Disability Services Commission

MY WAY raises more questions than answers MENTAL HEALTH MINISTER HELEN MORTON HAS FORMALLY ANNOUNCED THE MY WAY PROJECT, WHICH APPEARS TO FURTHER THE STATE GOVERNMENT’S PRIVATISATION AGENDA. Framed as an “NDIS-type service” there is no new funding for the My Way project, meaning DSC will likely be taking funding from other areas to pay for it. An alarming part of the project will see Local Area Coordinators moved into non-government agencies as My Way Coordinators. The CPSU/CSA asked Robyn Massey, the Executive Director of the My Way project, several questions regarding the project and its potential impacts. The answers we received only served to raise further questions regarding DSC’s planning, preparedness and intentions. We have include Ms Massey’s responses for your consideration. These responses have not been edited. OVERLEAF: THE MINISTER SAYS ‘NO’

How will the My Way project/My Way coordinators, be funded? The project and My Way Coordinators will be funded by the Disability Services Commission. How will My Way coordinators be selected/recruited? Processes to be undertaken to appoint My Way Coordinators are currently being developed. Will additional FTE be created to fill the My Way Coordinator positions? Possibly, this will depend upon demand i.e. the number of people with disability who choose to participate in the project. Can the Commission provide a copy of the My Way Coordinator position JDF? The Job Description is currently being developed. OVERLEAF: WHY NDIS = MORE PRIVATISATION

Will My Way Coordinator positions be permanent positions? My Way is a three year project. My Way Coordinators will be appointed to the positions for the three year period of the project. What will be the classification of the My Way Coordinator position? When the Job Description has been finalised it will be classified. How many My Way Coordinator positions will there be? Unknown at present – see Will additional FTE be created... What happens to existing LACs at the identified My Way project sites? LACs wishing to remain in their current role will be able to do so. Depending on demand, those who wish to transition ...continues overleaf


who will the NDIS really benefit?

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NDIS - More privatisation

to a My Way Coordinator role will be given the option of doing so.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme was high on the agenda at the recent Council of Australian Governments meeting in July.

Will My Way coordinators that are placed with non-government agencies be employed by DSC? No.

The first trial stages of the NDIS are now in place with trials set in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the ACT. Western Australia and Queensland have refused to take part.

The Minister says ‘no’ Mental Health Minister Helen Morton has denied Members a meeting to address their concerns regarding the decision to abolish the Community Social Trainer services. In a formal letter to the CPSU/CSA, the Minister stated she supported the “reform” that has resulted in the loss of these DSC services and the positions that provided them. On July 19, Executive Director of Statewide Specialist Services, Sue Pedan, provided a “Transition Plan” that will include employing temporary social trainers to replace some of those made redundant, with the transition to the non-government sector to take upward of 12 months.

The initial plan is to establish a launch agency to administer the scheme. The agency will be responsible for managing both Commonwealth and State funds in a single national pool, and undertake planning, assessment and approval of individual support packages. Premier Colin Barnett is against any proposal that sees WA lose control over disability services after admitting that WA makes more use of non-government organisations to provide services. A trend that will continue if the government gets their way on NDIS implementation.

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News for CPSU/CSA Members of the Disability Services Commission of WA (DisabilityWA).


News for CPSU/CSA Members of the Disability Services Commission of WA (DisabilityWA).