October Trojan Tribune

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October 26, 2017

Volume 3, Issue 2

CHS Homecoming 2017 is a Success By: Erin Witte Homecoming 2017 was one to remember. The students had lots of fun and danced the night away. It was a successful week in many aspects. In the athletics aspect, the week was successful. The girls golf team had their district meet and were two strokes away from qualifying for state as a team. Both Lexie Sines and Ryann Lewis qualified for state individually. The girls volleyball team won both games against Southern Valley on Tuesday and Southwest on Thursday. The cross country team had a meet on Thursday where Cali Gunderson placed 5th, Siobhan Donahue placed 15th, Zack Miller placed 4th, Jessie Evans placed 28th, Bobby Evans placed 31st, Tracy Evans got 39th, Chance Westadt got 40th, and Taylor Do-

nahue ran a personal record. The football team played Southwest on Friday and won 62-6. The Homecoming Dress Up days were a big hit this year. Tuesday was “Meme day”, Wednesday was “Frat vs. Sorority”, Thursday was “Outdated Trends”, and Friday was “Spirit day”. The students had a lot of fun dressing up and showing their originality. The Homecoming Court this year included; Cole Burke, Baylee Miller, Drew Holtze, Ashley Burke, Wyatt Fiene, Kati Moore, Matt Pearson and Bria Tomlin. The King and Queen were Seth Andrews and Aubri Ross and the junior attendants were Preston Carbaugh and Erin Witte. The dance was decorated by FCCLA, FFA, and the cheerleaders.

The girls golf team on a firetruck ride during the homecoming parade. Pictured from left to right: Lyle Calvert, Lizzy Taylor, Megan Mowry, Lexie Sines, Ryann Lewis, Mariah Jauken, Taylor Sayer, Chloe Besler, Kayla Mues, and Amerlia Sayer.

The 2017 homecoming court posing for a picture at the dance. Pictured from left to right: Ashley Burke, Baylee Miller, Cole Burke, Drew Holtze, King Seth Andrews, Queen Aubri Ross, Wyatt Fiene, Kati Moore, Bria Tomlin, Junior Attendents Preston Carbaugh and Erin Witte.

CHS Juniors dress up for Frat vs. Sorority Day. Pictured left to right: Erin Witte, Sarah Cope, Sophie Brandt, Olivia Taylor, Karinne Jurey.

The student section wearing the volleyball girls’ jersey’s for the Homecoming game. Pictured: Seth Andrews, Wyatt Fiene, Brady Lewis, Tyler Borland.

Elementary Choir Sings Star Spangled Banner, School Song at Homecoming Game By: Sarah Cope On Friday, October 6th, students in grades kindergarten through sixth sang at the homecoming football game. They started out by singing the Star Spangled Banner while holding American Flags and then went into the Cambridge School Song. In a recent conversation with Choir Director, Sarah Witt, she gave some insight on the process of getting ready for this day. She explained that the students practiced the songs a lot in music class. They have also been doing this for the past three years, so many of the children already know the songs well. They would listen to a recording of the band playing the

Star Spangled Banner and Cambridge School Song as they sang along. For the performance, the students were arranged by grade. Before the performance, they had one big practice on the football field all together so they could run through it and get a feel for what they would sound like outdoors. The weather was not the best on the day of the football game, experiencing cold temperatures and rain, but the students did a great job. As for next year, Mrs. Witt plans on continuing the tradition. She says she will do what she did this year and have the kids stand on the track because their feet stayed dry, they were out of the football

players way, and the crowd could hear them better. She also said “I heard a few people tell me this year, they themselves don’t know the words to the school song, and that it was great that the kids know them!” She is also hoping to have one of the elementary classes sing the Star Spangled Banner at a few basketball games this year, and is looking forward to that. Left: Elementary Choir performing the Star Spangled Banner and School Song