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NEWSLETTER Vol.4, May 31st, 2012 Champions Park Stars Swim Team, 6430 FM 1960W Box 135 Houston, Texas 77069

Calendar of Events

JUNE 1stSocial and Pool Set-Up nd 2 Huntwick (Home) t h 7 FINS Clinic t h 8 PACK Clinic 9 t hCypresswood Away th&11th10 Summer Thunder Invitational t h 15 Social and Pool Set-UP

16 t h – Forest Oaks (Home) t h 17 Pentathlon 23rd- Divisionals (Klein Collins) 24 t hEnd of Season Party w/Awards and Dessert Contest

JULY June 30 th-July 1st-End of Season Invitationals

Stars Rule! Was taking down Gleannloch fun or what?? Next in line-Huntwick!! Thanks to everyone who came out to help with the meet and the senior swimmers that came to help us score points! The final score was CP Stars 337.5 and Gators 313.5. Woo Hoo! Individual results are now on the website If you took any photos at this meet please submit to Karen Eckhart at so she can load them to the website. We need more pictures! So you professional photographers please take some at the next meet and submit to Karen. Also, individual qualifiers for the Invitational meets will be posted on the website soon.

Look out Huntwick the Stars are Shining Brightly

Social and Set-Up Our second social and set-up for the season will be this Friday, June 1st 6:30-8:30 pm. Sign-up sheets for the Social will be available at the pool. Please sign up by WEDNESDAY so we know how much food to order. We will eat, “Social”ize, swim, and have contests and prizes for the kids. We are catering from Potbelly’s and the cost is $6.00 per family member. Bring a chair and adult beverage of your choice. You can pay cash or write a check to Champions Park Stars. Please give your money to either Richelle or Kelly. Come help the CP Stars get ready for the Huntwick Patriots. Contact Kelly Peterson or Richelle Birdsall for questions. SPECIAL THANKS to Kelly Peterson, Marisa Bowman (who doesn’t even have any swimmers this season), Courtney Cook, Dee Dee Wilkins, Cara Canovas, and JeanneMarie Lesseraux for all of the help with the super fun social!

*Please join us for an after meet social with Huntwick on Saturday. RSVP for this party to Richelle Birdsall as well.

Huntwick Patriots at Home This Saturday! Our check-in time for Saturday is 7:00 am with warm-up for the Stars from 7:15 to 7:45 am. The meet begins at 8:30. As soon as you get to the pool, find the designated check-in place and highlight your swimmer’s name on his/her specific clipboard so he/she won’t be scratched from the meet. It doesn’t help if you are at the pool if the clerk-of-course (Anne Davis) doesn’t know it! The team scratch meeting takes place sharply at 7:45, so if your swimmer is not checked in by then, they will be scratched. Please remind your child not to be discouraged by the overall outcome of the first meet. Every swimmer should understand individual improvement and having FUN is the main goal of swim team! Also, remember to send your absence notification to Anne Davis at if you know you are unable to attend. If your swimmer is on a relay please do not leave the meet early and not tell the coaches. It is very disappointing to the others on the relay team to find out at the last minute that their team has been scratched. Encourage your swimmer to go over to the Coaches after their race for positive feedback and also to learn about things they can work on to improve performance and minimize DQ’s.

Note for Swim Finders: When you bring your age group of swimmers to the ready bench please stay with them until they are seated on the benches. This is a great crowd control help to the ready bench volunteers.

*Friendly Reminders: No one is allowed inside the clubhouse

during meets except volunteers working concessions. No dogs allowed in the pool area during meets. Please don’t park too close to the stop signs by the pool parking lot. Thank you!!

Coaches Words for this Week Coach Cameron:

“Great job these past couple of weekends! One step closer to being undefeated! Go Stars!”

Coach Stephanie:

“Great job against Gleannloch! I am so proud that we finally beat them, especially at home! I am looking forward to many more amazing swims. Go Stars!”

Coach Christy:

“I AM SO EXCITED!!! We just beat the hardest teams in our division! My goal for the team as a whole is this weekend we will have 0 DQ’s and that (of course) we would win. Keep up the good work!”

PERSONAL GOALS It’s important for your swimmer to have a goal which is attainable and provides motivation for them to perform their best each week. Download a form from the website and help your swimmer to set some goals for this swim season. Turn in your forms to Stephanie Wigginton and your child will be rewarded for their efforts in more ways than one.

RIBBONS! Ribbons will be in a CPSTARS ribbon box and they will be

available for swimmers to pick up at the practices. The box will usually be placed on the bench outside of the pool area. Ribbons are filed by family last name. It is suggested that parents pick up the ribbons for the younger swimmers so they aren’t accidentally misplaced. Ribbons are given for 1 st-6th place for every individual event. Relay ribbons are given for 1st-3rd place to each relay swimmer. No ribbons are given for disqualifications. Any ribbon questions can be emailed to Liz Coxon at

** Invitationals-New Info. The deadline for entries into the upcoming Summer Thunder meet is June 2ndd*. Registration is paid for by the team and entries are due to the host team Sunday morning, June 3rd. The deadline for the Pentathlon is June 13 th and will be $20 entry paid by parents. Please let Robin Shouse at know asap if you plan to attend either meet. You will have the meet this weekend to qualify for Summer Thunder and then let Robin know so she can enter you. Please notate which events your swimmer(s) want to participate in. Swimmers that qualify for at least 3 events will be allowed to swim all additional events provided they have a legal time swum at a time trial or a sanctioned NWAL meet. We will *not* enter your swimmer(s) in additional events unless you specifically notate that in your email. See Robin at the pool or send an email if you have questions about the event eligibilities. Here is a link to Invitationals from the NWAL site. The meets listed below are the meets that our team has supported and attended in the past years. You can check out the time requirements to qualify to compete in these meets and then help your child to set personal goals to qualify for attendance ď Š The Pentathlon is the only meet scored on combined times from all four strokes.

Summer Thunder - Mid Season- Will be at Klein Oak with A/C indoor set-up Jun 10 ~ 11, 2012 Pentathlon- Mid Season – Will be at Klein Collins with A/C indoor set-up $20 Jun 17, 2012 Red White & Blue - End of Season Jun 29 ~ Jul 1, 2012 All-Stars - End of Season Jun 30 ~ Jul 1, 2012 Ponderosa End of Season... Jun 30 ~ Jul 1, 2012

Spirit Items Please see Jayne Iverson or Dee Dee Wilkins if you still have not received your spirit items.

Pictures are Here* Please find your pictures in the Ribbon Box if you don’t have them already.

*Absence Notification Early in the week you will receive an e-mail from Anne Davis-Clerk of Course. When you get that e-mail please respond to her immediately if you know that you will not be at the meet. She will forward your note on to the coaches and others that need to be aware of your absence. This is VERY IMPORTANT and does save everyone time and also helps the meet get started on time. Thank you everyone for following this procedure.

PLEASE NOTE; Even if you send Anne an absence notification your child will still show as entered in the meet. This is only so your child would be able to swim if for any reason the meet was rescheduled due to weather etc.

FINS Free Swim Clinic Coming! Please join us at the pool for a free swim clinic hosted by FINS on Thursday, June 7th from 9-11 am. The clinic will offer instruction for 6 and under aged swimmers for the first 20 minutes and all swimmers 10 and under from 9-10 am and 11 and up from 10-11 am. FINS is an area year round swim team and swim instruction facility. This is a great opportunity to perfect those strokes.

PACK Free Swim Clinic Coming! Please join us for another free swim clinic hosted by PACK on Friday, June 8 th from 8:1510:00 am. The 6 and under age group will come for the first 20 minutes as they will for the FINS clinic. The 7-10 year olds will swim 8:15-9:00 and the 11 and up age group will swim from 9:00-10:00. PACK/Premier Aquatics is also a year round swim team and offers swim instruction as well.

*Morning Practices only are now in effect! Please see the practice schedule on the website.

Go Stars Bring Down the Patriots!

2012 CP Stars Newsletter #4  

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