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Strategic Plan 2020 Building a brighter future

Our Vision All children and young people thrive in resilient, strong and safe families and communities.

Our Purpose We support the wellbeing and development of children and families by providing prevention, early years education and care, therapeutic healing to recover from abuse and neglect and family strengthening services.

Our Commitment

Our services are underpinned by a robust practice framework and evidence based service models which are supported by a contemporary governance and organisational structure.

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Our Values Children and families are central to the work that we do and our values HEART embody this and drive our passion to create brighter futures for them.


We believe that change is possible and achievable.


We build on people’s strengths and support their ability to make positive changes to their lives.


We are open and transparent in everything we do.


We value all people.


We act in an ethical, inclusive, professional and open manner.

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Maximise positive outcomes for children and families

By 2020 our successful evidence based services will be measured through reporting our client outcomes within our service model.

We will ensure that the services we provide are evidence based to make children and families lives better. Our services will be: • Outcomes focused by developing an outcomes focused framework and measuring and evaluating this through our new data system. • Underpinned by an agency wide service model and practice framework. • Evidence based and will be measured and evaluated. • Responsive to emerging needs through building a strong data culture and client feedback mechanisms. • Engage with and further develop our partnerships with Aboriginal services through our Reconciliation Action Plan.


Increase our footprint

By 2020 we will have extended our reach by establishing new services, extending current services, raising our profile and increasing our partnerships.

Children and families will have greater access to our programs through extending our services by: • Actively seeking out opportunities to provide services across Victoria. • Organically growing our current services and scaling up our evidence based programs in areas of high client need. • Seeking out other organisations that want to join forces in providing services to children and families. • Increasing our profile as a sector leader through our research findings, professional development programs and innovative service responses.

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Secure our future

By 2020 we will have further enhanced our financial sustainability and organisational infrastructure to deliver positive outcomes for children and families.

We will build sustainability, productivity and efficiency by: • Ensuring that the true costs, margin and price of all services are identified and applied. • Developing a strategic financial plan that identifies future operating and capital costs to support our future directions. • Building our infrastructure, maximise new technologies to provide timely, accurate and relevant data, information and knowledge. • Developing and trialling new service delivery modes utilising emerging workplace technologies and models. • Investing in marketing and fundraising to develop independent income sources, increase our supporter base and extend our digital footprint throughout Victoria and Australia.


Develop our people and strengthen our culture

By 2020 we will have a highly capable and skilled workforce, inclusive of volunteers, and a values led and supportive culture that protects and supports children and families to achieve.

We will nurture and invest in the skills and capabilities of our people by: • Building a culture that lives our values, celebrates our strengths, works as an integrated supportive team and is focused on outcomes for clients. • Developing a HR strategy that attracts, retains and rewards talent. • Embedding child safe and family inclusive practices as the foundation in everything we do. • Growing and strengthening our volunteers to enable us to meet our strategy to increase our footprint. • Supporting staff through providing opportunities for professional development, innovation and practice reflection. CPS Strategic Plan 2020 | Page 5

about US CPS is proud of its long and rich history of over 120 years and its mission and journey of preventing child abuse and neglect in Victoria. Today we are still carrying out the mission that our forbearers forged 120 years ago. Across the range of services we provide to children, young people and families, we deal everyday with complex issues of sexual abuse and neglect of children, family violence, homelessness, poverty, mental health, drug and alcohol issues and the trauma that these have on the lives of children and families . We are continually seeking to improve what we do. Today we are focused and passionate about being an organisation that is child focused, innovative and agile in responding to the needs and issues children and families face and trialling and embedding new evidence based programs. Our Board, staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring that children get the best start in life and families are provided with support and learning to enable this to occur.

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This strategy represents a wide range of views from our staff, stakeholders, the CPS Board and management team. We appreciate and thank everyone for their valued contribution.

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CPS Strategic Plan 2020  

We are proud to launch our new Strategic Plan: Building a brighter future,which will drive our agenda for the next three years.

CPS Strategic Plan 2020  

We are proud to launch our new Strategic Plan: Building a brighter future,which will drive our agenda for the next three years.