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International Curriculum School – Factors influencing their choice

When moving from one country to another, the first question in the minds of parents is which school to choose for my child. Traditionally international schools are set up for expat children whose parents move around the world on work. The international baccalaureate program was created as a framework for international schools to follow. The child from an international curriculum school will roughly learn the same irrespective of whichever part of the globe they are in. The IB Diploma is offered in most International Schools and it is accepted across universities worldwide. Some of the schools include Cambridge ICSE and Advanced Placement (AP). The choice of international school depends on the following factors: Accreditation: The international school has to be accredited to the New England Association of Schools & Colleges or the Council of International Schools. These two accreditations will have curriculum matched with specific standards. The international school has a positive learning environment with a planned future for every child. The school is driven by a mission and high safety standards. The accreditations allows the students to transfer credits from one school to another. For instance if the school is accredited to the American Organisation, it allows diplomas valid for entry into American University.

Reputation: The international school should be affiliated to the European Council of International Schools. There are councils for international schools in each and every

country. To become part of the council, the school has to comply with standards prescribed by the council. For instance a German school has to be a member of the Association of German international schools (AGIS). If they are not a member, as parents you have every right to ask the school for accreditation. Teachers: The teachers at the international school choose the setting to work in a global environment. They are on the lookout for change in a new location. This is one of the reasons for high turnover. The school treats employees well. If the school promises excellent pay and other benefits, the teachers may sacrifice their passion to wanderlust. The bottom line is the teachers have to be contended to make the students happy.

Website: The school calendar should be loaded with both academic and nonacademic events to showcase their activities in full strength. The website should have protected areas where they provide password to the parents to access specific information. The curriculum maps, strategic plans should be available on the website for quick and easy access.

Culture: International schools support diverse cultures. The value systems have to be intact and the school should keep an eye on the children. The schools vary in their

approach. Some are highly academic while other practice local culture and home culture of their students. This ensures all students are happy and equal. Language: International schools have English as their medium of education. The students require to learn language of the community. The international school should provide native language instruction for those who live away from their homeland. This gives them an opportunity to keep in touch with their local tongue.

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International Curriculum School  

CPS International Curriculum School is designed to stimulate young minds quenching their curious minds by equipping them with knowledge, ski...

International Curriculum School  

CPS International Curriculum School is designed to stimulate young minds quenching their curious minds by equipping them with knowledge, ski...