C.P. Seibt

Parikia / Paros, GR

Painting is my earliest memory of my second year. Now I am eighty-five and I continue working daily and intensively. After having lived in many places of different countries, in various cultures am I a Swiss resident of the Greek island of Paros where I have worked for many years. By biographic coincidences, the combination of different talents, interests and chances I worked in various projects, in different areas of life. The center is always my creative work as an artist. I develop my awareness, understanding and doing. I do not arrive, I continue. I do not create a rigid brand label. I am responsible for my work, but neither their constructor nor controller, but part of these developing processes. And I work incessantly. My work does not fit into the raster of the usual classifications. It is transreal: on the way, not at the end of a frozen style, connecting different realities and inviting to others, abundance. - Selling gallery: http://www.saatchionline.com/seibt