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CIub Newsletter 1 2 , IS SU E12 V o L U ME

DecrMeen 2004

Coekenzie& Port Seton Amateur RadioClub 20th AnniversaryYear

Editonial Special points of interest: . BanabaTa/k c GM4W'Z tu DRB 4 c IOTA arlfatliutiott c RoJalObserualory Talk:

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(;1\{4UYZ appoint- 4 lncnt |,,\'cntst,.)lumn


l()'l'r\ adiudicatton 6 (,ontcst()alcntlar


(jlub Attcndccs


Royal Observa- 9 tory Talks

Vell folks another year has nearly gone, oh where do they vanish too? From a personal r.'iewpoint it has been another busy year on both the club and petsonal front to the extent I have not plaved as much radio a-qI would have liked to, may'be next yeal. As ahvays in the December editorial I try to glve z rccap in what we have done in the past year. I will start with the unfortunate sad oews where John N{I{OJXI,Innes GA,{4VJ\r, Alex Glv{4TAL all lost tireir mothers, Jack NIN{3JTA who lost his sistet and sadl,vas well one of out club members David \dN{3JSA who suddenly passed away. As always our thoughts will go out to them and theit famil-ies particularly at this time of year. The good news then is that ofJohn lv{lvIOJXI and Lisa and also Brian N{0RNR and Sarah gettrng married. Once again rve wish them all the best in their future happiress together. On the club's attendances since December last year, (Figutes run from December to Nol'ember) we have averaged 20 people at club nights the exact same as lastyear.53 people have come through the door a decrease of 7 <-rn last yeat. I hope that this trend will not continue and that it uall start to rise again,

as it makes me wonder what needs to tre done to efl.courage new faces as weil as to encourage evelTone who has been before to come more often. The Foundation Courses have certainly created some of the new attendees and long may that continue. I always live in hope that some of the old regulars will return to the fold but we will have to wait and see. I still feel though that we have a very stroflg and healthy club but as I have said before it rs down to you all making it that way. rrX&athave we done this year the. We once again entered the P\7 Club Spotlight Trophy competition for a club newsletter. We took the decision to move into the National section, a few years back, again due to the distance that some people drive to attend so we have once again entered that section. As I write this the results have not been announced so we a wait vrith anticipation. From the training aspect once again we have run Foundation Courses and at the ptesent the first Intermediate Course is well on its way. The 10 candidates are sitting their exam on the evening of N{onday 6tlt Decembet so I am sure you will go along with me and wish them ali the very best. With regard to how many have passed the

Foundation Exam this year, well we managed to get26 through, this including making a trip to Tiree in April where we had 8 successful candidates. With regard to the facilities to deliver the ftaining I certainly must thank the Port Seton Community Centre. The centre staffhas certainly been very helpfui in ensuring that everything nrns smoothlJ' for us. I also must really offer a huge thanks to Cambell MIvI0DXC for invigilating the exams plus all the extra effort and suppolt that he offers as I deli'i'er the courses, to Ron GM4IKU who helps Cambell invip5ilate, Tom GA.{4LRU for the practical on the air sessions and to ail the others who have done their part in heiping the candidates get their licence The club members visited the radio rallies at Blackpool, Leicester and Galashiels. Nfoving on and from the officral events caiendar we had our annual tadio check night b.r'John N{I\{0JXI, a very useful night indeed, keep it upJohn. We had talks by Tom \7,vlie GM4FDNf on "The Banaba Trip", Alan Thomson from the British Geological Society "Space Weather and how it affects Radios". We had a fun time at the 10 Pin Bowling, a good family night out, plus thanks to Brian NfORNR our trip to





Editorial cont, (Oontinacl/nn lage 1)

the Edinburgh Sorting Office at SightHll and lastly a r,-ideonight enjoyed by all who atrended. This year we have been running a serious of Construcfion nights where everl"one in+olved liai ihosijn theii own proiect i.e. dummy load, voice keyer, etc. Special events this year were Port Seton Gala !7eek, two visits to the N{useum of Flight inJune and July using GB2I\IOF plus our annual lighthouses event at Barns Ness with

GB2LBN. We had two DF nights, one in l\{ay and the other in Septembet. Once agaln fhey were thoroughly cnloyed bj' those taking part. Being at two different times of the year where one was done in daylight and the other in darkness certainly added to the events. DF hunting I can tell you is not easy and ifyou have never done it before whl' 1161go out in the 2005 eveflts, I am sure you will enjol' them. On the contesting front we managed a few \rHF coritests, mainly operated

byJohn i\'1 ,{OCCC. The contests were RSGB 6M Trophy, VHF Field Day, RSGB 70N,IHz Trophy and the RSGB 144MHz Trophy. The biggest participation by club member was in the \rHF Field Day which although hard work is still very enjoyable. Certainly- tlese hav.e dtopped in volume compared to what we used to do. On the HF front we took part in the following contests AFS SSB & CW RSGB IOTA, and lastly CQW!7 SSB. The big one being the IOTA contest where again we did it from the Island of Tiree. We dlso did our own 20N{ contest, which was not so well supported this year, but thanks to those who did take part. Lasdy on the competitive front I ran a competition to celebrate the club's 20 year existence tnllth a f,20 winning stake, sadly it was poody supported. I tried to encourage some operating as at the end of the day, yes we are radio amateurs.

raise this sort of monel'. Lastly as a reminder we have a Club Logo and garments can be obtained from Patricia Bewsey at Fenton Barns. Right that is about it again fot anotlrer. y,eafas you can see-it-has..been*--.-..^.-.....-. very busy with one thing and another and no doubt I have missed something. AI that is left to say to you all is to WISH YOU,tLL AND YOUR FAMiLIES A \G,RY A,{ERRY CHRISTN{,{S AND A HAPPY, HEAITF{Y AND PROSPOROUS NEW\EAR. I should add I hooe you get what you want as well from Santa, assuming vou posted your letter!

Bob GN{4UYZ PS: RememberJanuary club night is the second Friday inJanuary, the 14th Tanuarv.

Junk night was once agaita resounding success and with the money raised drere it brought our total up to f,955.49 for the year and f10392 since we started in 1993. !7ell done to everyone in helping

Construction Night 2nd Winter Nights The night took place on the 11thNovember 2004 ]n Resources Room 2 in the Community Centre and glad to say tbat 9 people nrrned up, Colin NfIv{3ENN{ building his audio amplifie4Jack A,fN{3JTA continuing with his Intermediate Course Audio Amplifier Project, Stuart GNITDRY with his Dummy Load a*d ravself with my NA cable adapter. Bob Gl!{4FIB brought along his radio and Cambell N{I,I0DXC did the necessary work to allow the tadio to transmit on the newallocated section of40N{. Suppotting the night were \rrc GM4GGF, Ron GN{4IKU and Petet

GA,IIRCP. It was certainiy nice to see a hive of activity and I felt it was a very successful night all round. One thing that did come out of it for me is that although we label it as a "Constri-rction Ntght" maybe the real heading should be a "Practical Night" where all sorts of ptactical things could be done i.e. projects, repairs, technical advice, etc. What do you think of that? $7ould it encoufage more to come along, a good question which I don't know the answer? Ok the last of this session will be the 9d'December and if the responseis the same as this one then I will ar-

range some after the year as I have decided to give myseif a well earned break untii February apart from club nights I must add. See you all on the 9tl, December then.


Banaba fsland DXPedition The above talk took Place at our usual venue in the Port Seton Community Centre on Friday 19d'November. It certainly was a superb talk by Tom giving us all the information on what was required to Put such a DX-Pedition on. This particular trip was otig'inal organised by-the same group of amateurs who rvent to the Faroe lslands, last years talk by Teg1, but when the logistics were being set up it was discovered that there were others doing exactly the same thing. In the end they all joined forces to become a totally multi-national team' All the logistics and packing and testing of equipment was done bY the Dutch and German Arnateurs, when you see the slides it certainly was a mammoth task. Every single nut and bolt, food and water, genelators, equipment, etc, etc all had to be accounted for. This was ail packed and shipped in a container to be delivered at an island close to Banaba. What a task is ail I can sa1'as I know what it is like to organise thhgs. Eventually they made there way to the island via Seou1,Fiii and then to one ofthe nearby islands to Banaba finalising in a 32 hour boat trip. On reaching Banaba everything had to be transported to the island on a couple of small boats as the shiP that theY used could not dock at the Pier due to lack of water. On the island they

used three separate areas, one for CW, one for Data and one for SSB. lfithin each area they had up to three separate stations nroning, each had a K2 plus Lirear. Aerials were Beams and wire antennas. The best arcaby far was the SSB ate?as they had the adr.rantageof an old sports field to set-up ofr. Tom is what I term a "natrtal" speaker and certainly kept us all entertained as he narrated the story along with plenty of little amusing antidotes. This was all baLked up with a PowerPoirit preseotation and pictures of the trip. This time as part of the presentation Torn delved into the histoq' of the island and its people, Banaba was found to be rich in Phosphates which were mined by the Australian and British Govetnments. once they had extracted everything they just up and left the island but befote they went they literally smashed er.'erything that was of worth to pieces so that it could not be used by any other person. They then just left it to rot what an absolute waste and single mindedness. Their trip to the island was extremely successful as it achieved the aim if giving Europe the chance to work a rare DX island in the Pacific. A phenomenal cost to do it but thanks to many donations and sponsorship it helped keep the costs down for each

of the individuals having said that Tom reckoned it cost him f3000 petsonally. After there trip they stopped on Fiji for a few dal'5 1o fecovef and have a bit off a holiday, oh and play radio!! Aftet that the group split up with the

,tinericans headingeas[biCli io i6e USA and the Europeans heading west.They stopped againat Seoul where they were met by some of the local amateurs who literally took them under their wing. Took them to their club roorrs. laid on a meal and party ar'd even paid their hotel accommodation. A real true spirit of alnateur radio and what it means, don't you think. The trip 1s2lly looked fantastic and everyone invoived seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. To someone like myself it is all a dream, maybe one day who knows. Overall it was a fantastic talk and certainiy one of the best I have heard yet. It was enjoyed b)' all those who attended so for those that missed iq well what can I say. !7e are certainly very grateful and thankful for Tom coming across from the other side of Glasgow to give us the talk. When is the next one Tomll


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, .


.: :


, i:



GM4UYZ-DRRM Appointment 2"dNovember 2004 This is to let you all know that I have accepted the role of Depury RSGB Regional N{anager (DRRi\D for District 15, Lothian's. I was approached a few weeks back by Gordon Hunter GN{3ULP who is dre.RSGB Regional Nlanager for Scotland South & \X/estern Isles - Region 1 (covers districts 11 to 16) to whether I would be interested in taking on the role and after some deliberation I decided I would give it a go. The role is for a term period of3 years unless I decide tlrat I no longer wish to catry out the role and resign, after this period you may stand down or could be asked to continue longer. See below iust for yor:r information "what the book says" is the role and responsibilities of the iob.

The Deputy RSGB Regional Managers prime responsibility is to marlage the relationships between the clubs in his area eithet via the RSGB Affiliated Club Contact or Secretary and the RSGB Regional Nlanager in a competent and professional rnanner to maximise the benefits the members receive at local level from the RSGB. Q)istrict 15 Affiliated C1ubs: Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC, Uvingston ARC and Lothian ARS) ProFrie: The DRRI\{ will probably have served as a Committee member, Secretary or Chairman of a radio club or repeatef group. Be a good communicator and be reasonably well known within the area they live. Will have a flexible attitude to workirg practices and have time avaiiable outside of the working day to support fellow radio amateurs and grouPs. Reporting


RSGB Regional N{anager ARX,D Responsible

For those who maybe interestedthe Districts are:


o A link between the membetship and the Nationai Council - Advice and Support to RSGB Affiliated Societies.

District 11 Central,City of Glasgow to Members withrn his

District 12 Lanarkshire,Renfrewshire


District 13 Ayrshire,Dumfrjes & Galloway

o Submitting imponant area issues rcquiring clarification to the RR-L,{fot discussion.

District 14 Dunbartonshire,Argyll & Bute, vr'esternIsles District 15 Lothian

. ,\ttending Regional meetings as required.

District 16 Bordets

o Submitting a monthly activity report to the RRN{.

Role and Resoonsibilities(DRRI\f)

o Gaining authority for expenditure and club visits ftom the RRivI.


o Submitting expense claims in a timely maonet.

o Attending ORI\,I'sand other meetingswithin his specific area. .

SupportingAffiliated Society or club secretarieswithin his

;n:"r j Qir"ingRSGB presentarionsro clubs and groups as appropriate and as agreedwith your RRN,I.This wili be approximately8 visits a year. N{aintaining directory of all ^r ^re RSGB and amateur radio resources within his area.



voluNr 12, Issur 12

Events Column Events for the coming year ate shown below, so get your diaries out!. Please make an effort to attend as many as you can. Tlrese events are provided for your enjoyment and do take a lot of organtzing on your behalf. It,s a great shame that more callsigns are not in evidence on these nights which are ideal for learning mote about out hobby as well as eniof ing the companl' of like minded friends' As usuai any further everts for inclusion in this page can be sent to me at Ron GNI4II{U



03 Dec 04 04 Dec 04


07 Dec 04


09 Dec 04


14-Ian 05 04 Feb 05 11 Feb 05

19:00; 19:00 19:30

04 Nlar 05 18 Mar 05

19:00 19:30

1 9 :3 0

01 Apr 05 {n r

Radio TransTalk bv David Dodds GM4\VI-I-Nahrtal mittcrs, Port Seton Commurrity Centre


Bob GM4UYZ Bob GM4UYZ R oyal,, r,. OUsArvatorv Bob GN{4UYZ

Tel./E-Mail 01875 811723 07875 811723 01316688100 01875811723

Bob;Gir{4UYZ,',97875811,723 Bob GN{4UYZ Bob GM4tfYZ



Bob GIr{4UYZ 41.875811723 Bob GI\{4UYZ 01875,811723 I





Talk by Pie-rre-LouisrF5NED"A French Eveningii

TBC ??

Event Club Nisht in the Thorotee Inn Port Seton CLUB CHRISTX4,TSNIGHT Raveistonhotel Musselburgh , {agnet-ic,I-iglrlsj-- 'Guide'to,the,Autoiaer,: , bv Ian SheffieldrGM:vnI'at the Royal,Observatory CPSARCConstruction Night Port SetonCommuaity Centre Club Nisht in the trhomttee lnn port Setori Club Nisht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton R,{DIO CHECK NIGHT By lohn MM0IXI Room 2 Port SetonCommunity Centre,'Resourse Club Nisht in the Thomtree Inn Port Seton


06 N{av05 13 l\iay 05

19:00 18:30 19:00 18:30

19:00 03Jun05 TBA 05 12 Tun 05 18/19Jun


0t875 811723 01875811723



Club NiEht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton Practical Wireless 744Nf,l,z QRP Contest



MuseumsOn Air lTeekend N{useumof Flieht East Forhrne GB2I{OF CPSARC 20 Metre Contest

Bob GN{4UYZ 018758n123

Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton

10 Pin BowlingNight AlesabowlKinnaird Park Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Poft Seton 744Nillz DF Hunt Nleetin Old Ship Inr.Cat Park @ast)


19:00to 22;,CI0,l

02/03lur05 08 lur 05

TBA 19:00

30/31 iul 05 05 Aue 05 12 Aug 05

\THF FIELD DAY Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton RSGB IOTA Contest from the Isiand Of Tiree

1 9 :0 0

Club Night in the Thomtree Inn Port Seton


ANNUALJUNKNIGHT Communitv Centre Port Seton LiehthousesWeekendBARNS NESS GB2LBN

30 Sep05

19:00 18:30

Normal Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton )n<t!Q/,IVIhz DF Hunt lr'{eetin Old Ship Inn Car Park (East)

07 Oct 05 21 Oct 05

19:00 19:30

Club NiEht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton

04 Nov 05 02 Dec 05 03 Dec 05

19:00 19:00

20/21Aus05 n, q .- o (

VIDE,O NIGHT Port SetonCommunity Centre Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton Club Nieht in the Thorntree Inn Port Seton Prooosed date for Cluistmas NiEht Out





01,875811723 018758\1723 0187581.1.723


01875811.723 01875811723 018 75811000


01.87581L723 01875811723

Bob GX{4UYZ Bob GN,{4UYZ

01875811723 01875811723




IOTA Contest 2OO4-GM2TLog Adjudication For those who took Patt in the IOTA contest you might like to see where we lost points from what we submitted. I got Don Field G3XTT to send me the UBN frle for out entry. Some of the BAD COPY's look like hitting the wrong key next to the keY You want or just plainly misheard the -call. sign. The C$7 ones sorne are mistaking one chatactet for another i,e. "I" for "S", etc. Not haPPY about the LZ1NG and BAD IOTA as we worked him at different times and on both occasions we never entered an IOTA, save for 9A2V, guestion did they actualll' pass an IOTA Reference. NOT IN LOG's well how do we make sure we actualll' worked them, if we were the RUN we must have but if we were the N'IULT then I wonder. Time






MD (i\\'

Scoreafter adjudication from 1631 valld QSO's is: ((953+4) x 3 + 674 x 15)x 269 = 3491889points (4.62%)

Yoarlogconlains/ I (.07%) nniquel (YoahaueI'JOT lostan1credit,forthue

QsoJ). Yoa hauehst 8 nahiplier mdit(s) and 29 Q! O nedit (s) at fo llows:

Summary of score using the following formula


Yprl Seriat


TotalpS O I rubnitted(incladingdupes) was/ 682.

( ) z{ lAti

((non4aTA QSO's+ QSO's wtfh same IOTA) x3 + QSO's wifh ofher lOTAsxlS) x mults) = fiial score createdon l'lovember16,2004,7:50pm by the IOTA contestRobot.

There you go then and you canread what you want into the information but it shows that just a few mistakes means a fair percentage loss in overall scoring.

Scorebefore adjudicationfrom 1660 valid QSO's r's: Bob GM4UYZ ((972+4)x 3 + 684x 15)x 277 = 3653076 points Serialr ,,Ri.i i':


IL' IA' .:R6f




Enor Scdalglcn br ()Zttr\!, u as 2{}

l\{ul.f 15(:W

Not in l21lil(j s log

MLlt-'t 15Pi.l

lBAl)sriRrAr.l PII


It2 ltiT C




lNo'l'rNl,ocl 1 3 {)3









I]AD C]oP}





tr:LI{.r1 lJ

N(.xls() lN(IflNt.()(,;l

3" t4

l l Al ) IOfA l R An JO.-IAI





l)t,r)t I(;\\,



I) I I




I ttl






ti u{)17




( ,l l

t,zl N( .i



Should be ()21 A(lll Not in ()Y1O'I s krg 0l'A of l)l.tll I(]Wrvas l:)U057


Shoufdbc ll19/IQ?(-.J

ML]I,1' 15c!ir

0 l A of 1,21N(i rvas

MU I,T 20t'Il




Shoulcibc RZ3AZ


l{x3AZ l)t.3BltK



C\\. (l\\'





Shouldbc I)l.3BRA







BAD tO-r)\lrJ^l) to'f^l

I()l A of 9A2V u'as IiU17(t






Shouldbc UA9(il)V

8{ }


724 '751

u Aa ct) v

2044 214'l










Ii( )


2225 2256









Shouldbc PA9ZZ



Shorrldbc UY5Z


1( ) 4

N(.X2SL) tN o'fl N t.o( ;l

Not in l)YtiM()l) s lo13




Should bc I:-if2M'l



389 tl 2

1{ { 17

sP4Sll) i)r.lj(;(l

IIAD COPY !At) (-()l

ShoulJ be ()1,(,1'




Shouldbc Dl,1l(;()

1) li


],Z1N( ;



OTA of 1-Z1N(i v'as





t\{u1;l' I 5C\i',

Shouldbc l)KOMM

ltnD coPY li^i) coP) UAI) ro'f^ IOl'Al

Multikst r,rr'l :t: 1,:::.]';:








i,{ }

I) I I




BAt) t()T'AlBAn IO'I'AI llnD cot,Y ll^t) coPY








MU l . , l\tl

Should bc SI)4S| ll)

ir,fUL'f lJ{)l)lI

Shouldbc PA62 Shoutdbc I ir\41)U'l Not in UU2JA s krg

lN(}frNr.ocl 0633

20 20







ihouid bc S57

Not in IN3XU() s bg









lrl I


I) t2 Kti,


N ()Qs() lN()'frNr-ocl uA l ) ,OPY llnl) (;oPY








1 {)5 {)




l)K0K\VI I


iN3XU( ;

I) I I

51( )



Should bc 3Z6V Shouldbe I)1,21:K Should bc lr4liKV MU 1 , ' f 20Ptl

i2, Issur 12 Vor-umr

Contest Calendar Start Date

05 Dec 04 26Dec 04

27Dec 0{ 28 Dec 04 29 Dec 04 09 lan04 12Feb 04 26 Feb 05 12 Jun 05 2/ 3l, lJ 05

30/31Jul 05 1 Oct 05 29/30 Oct05

Dutation (hts)

ruTC) 09:00 00:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 l4:00

09:00 27:00 06:00 00:00 TBA TBA l2:00




RSG.b 144l\'\hz ,\t') Lontest ARRL 10m Ccntest


2 2 2 z A


Notes & Info

CW/SSB 50/701144/432Nil:.2 50/70/1.44/432,\il:,z

50/70/144/+32Nrhz RSG-ts Chflstmas Lumuuuves


DARC 10m Contest RSGB1st1.8lv{hzContest REF Contest




Practical Wreless 14+ I\'lfiz qr(r- Lorire




RSGB 21/28 lv{hz Contest



Club will be taking Part from firee GN{27

General Notes : in those eventsshown asbold above' The club or its membersplan'lhope to be active


: http: / /www'blacksheep.o tg/ hfcc /


: http: / /www.blacksheep.o rg / vhfcc /




: http: / / home.woh. wPx/


: http://www'cq-amateur-radio'com'/cqwwhome'html

cottests /

Page under calendar fheir rules, can be found on the SNI3CER contest web Links to most of the other eveots, or require' you info the find to lirks appfoPfiate and use the 2003. Starr at http:/Z.xr'ror'.stlfrg.r"/."",est/

will probably it before. it'll imptove your cw speed for next yeaf and Take a look at this, if trou've not alreadl, seen keep RIZ and CCC occupied for Hoursl http: / / Brian M0RNR


Club Attendees since L992 For many of you the jest I get on a club night "here is again giving us a tick in the register", to the newcomers )iou may wonder wh;'I do it, ok I am sad but I know that. Basically though it all started as I was iust interested on who had come to a club night Plus I do keep a record of all what goes on within the club in files at the local Iibrary as patt of the town's Local History. Like all statistics lots of "things" can be read into them so I suppose in reality you take out of them what vou want. With regard to club members well 1'611became one the minute you walked in the door on an official club night, easy is it not. \Xhen I look back over my whole list of people who have actuaill, 6211s through the doot, 179 in total since I started keeping the "tick "sheet, it is interesting to note them all. Some people only came oflce some come a few times and some have come more or less each club night. Some of the old regulars have moved away and can't attend, some are totally constrained by a change in their wotking lives and sadly some are no longer with us. Yes maybe I am sad but I can just about temember each and everyone. N{y drezm {ot a club night is for everyone who has been to actually rurn up, now that would be a night. Another dream is much on the same line but to hold a huge "convention" for tlre lack of a better word, with guest speakers, stalls, etc, etc, now this is iust not a dream but a nigh on impossibility., an)/ way there vou go.

The table 1 below is ali about the number of times that someone has attended a club night since November 1992. Since then up until the November 2004 club night it is a total of 145 club nights. You have to remember drat people have started com-ing to the club as receflt as November past ot as long as since I started making notes so io essence the table can look misconstrued. Still makes interesting reading though.

The other Table 2 is to show how many different people visited the club that year. Basicalllt eveq/one stafts a fresh each yeat so it just show for example in 2003 62 different amateurs/ SWL's came through the doors on a club night.

Table 1

No; of CIub ,Nights.' r

No.,of People who ,,.,ha;i: attend-ed, i


110 21 9


20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 7A -79 80-89 90-99



6 tr



4 4

100- 109


t10 - 179 t20 - 129

1 I

130- 1.39 t40 -149

Table 2


't :t :, I ,i i ,,1,i : ,.:,,,




1994 1995


1996 1997 1998 1.999

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

62 61

74 ()-) 6t 46 oz


No matter what I just hope that the club will keep on going from year to yea4that the old regulars will continue to support it, sorne of the people who came in the past vaill return and more so that we cal keep on encouraging new blood to come along. $Tithout any ofle there is no club and it will die, hopefully it will never happen, so folks if you are reading this after downloading the newsletter of the web and you are close enough to attend a radio club night why not come along and coliect your personai copy on the actual night. Club nights are the 1*t Friday of each month exceptJanuary where it is the 2",1Friday. Look forward to seeing you all.

3 1 1

No.,of Feople. Via C:dadi


Royal ObservatorY-Public Talks Club members may be interested in the programme of Public talks at the Royal Obsewatory in Edinburgh, held at 7.30-8.30Pmmost Tuesday evenings during the Winter. They take Place in the Royal Observatory Lectute Theatfe.

Adults [2 ([10 Season Ticket) Child/Conc [1 (# Season Ticket) DECEMBER 7th December Ian Sheffreld Magnetic Lights - A Guide to the Aurorae In Scotland we have good chances of seeing the "Northern Llghts" if fhe conditions are right. Learn how best to see the autotz zr'd how to construct a simple instrument to show its effects on the Earth's magnetic field. 14st December Russell Eberst The Night Sky inJanuarY This month see beautiful ringed planet Satum at its closest and brightest this yeat. L{eteors and a comet will also command our attention! 21st December Alan Fleavens Bending Ligh* Gravitational Lensing in AsffonomY Gravitational lensing was a curiositl' in Einstein's time, but has evolved rapidly over recent years into a Powerfirl weapon in the armoury of the Astronomer. Find out how it is used to tell us about our own galaxY, distant galaxies and clusters ofgalaxies, and how it ma1,hold the keY to firrding out what the Universe is rea\ made of.

JANUARY2o0s 1lth J znrary SuzieRamsaY The Life Cycle of Stars 'lhe life of a stat is rarely boring and hasbeen observedin all its beauty. Every step from their birth in dustY dark clouds, to 'going out with a bang'as a supemovais beingexplored. This talk will discussthe Iifecycleof stars,illustratedwith the most recent observationalresults.

l8thJanuary David Bacon Probing the Datk Enetgy Recenfly, evidence has been found for the idea that the Universe is not just expanding; the expansion is getting faster and faster. It seems that space is Frlledwith a m)'stedous energy that causes this acceleration..lWe call this 'Dark Energy', and really want to uncover its secrets. How can we discover more about it? 25th January Russell Eberst The Night Sky itr Febtuary Satum is the centre of orir attention, both in our skies and under scrutiny from space probes. FEBRUARY 1st February Colin Cunningham Giant Telescopes The next genetation of ground-based telescopes will be huge - up to 100 metres in diameter. Why do we need such enormous telescopes? \X{hat challenges will we face building these Extremely Large Telescopes which will need more precision optics than have been made in the whole history of astronomy? 8th February N{arek Kukula Comet and Asteroid ImPacts Pl'anets and moons throughout the Solar System are litteted with craters caused by the impact of comets and astetoids. But can such objects ever strike the Earth, and what haPPens when they do? This talk summarises the evidence for past imPacts on Earth and looks at how we might try to preveflt them in the future. 15th February Mark Wyatt Exfta Solat Planets We now know of over one hundred planets orbitrng stars other than our own Sun. Surprisingly, none of these planetary systems looks much like the Solar System. This talk will describe the methods used to detect these planets and discuss what these systems look like and how they compare with our own Solar System. 22nd F ebraaty Russell Eberst The Night Slqy in March Satum andJupitet can be found in the evening sky. Find out what else is

on show around the tirne of the equinox. MARCH 1st lvlarch Rob Ivison A Submillimetre view of the Univefse. Maior advances have been rnade in. our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies since the discovery of a number of dusty, statburst galaxies in the early Universe. I will describe recent advances, including the measurement of a representative specroscopic redshift distribution, the resolution of the eatire submillimetre background by exploiting gravitational lensing, the detection of X-ray and mid-infrared emission ftom z significant fraction of the population, the detection of collosal quantities of molecular gas, and the first tangible indications of the clustering of these massive galaxies, which places them in the context of modern-day galaxy populations. 8th lvlarch Olivia Johnson From the Celestial Sphete to the Big Bang: An Overview of out Grcwing Understanding of our Place in the UniverseThis talk wili take )'eg e112 iourney through many centuries, to explore how our understanding of the Universe and our place within it has changed. Through the ages our model of the way the Universe works and how it began has been furned on its head many times as new discoveries have been made and more measurements of the heavens have been taken. Find out how this process continues to this dayl 15th March Alan Pickup Satum and Cassini After a journey of almost seveo years,NASA's Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn lastJuly. It caried the Huygens probe which was buiJt by Eurooean researchers to land on Titan, the largest of the planet's many moons. This talk reports on the latest discoveries from the mission and tells you where to see Saturn for yourself in tonight's sky.

Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club 2oth AnniversarY Year

7 (lastlc 'l'crracc l)()rt Sctorr I iast l,<:,thian



conl I t mxl: t{n4uy z,@cpsarc.

The Cockenzie

& Pott Seton Arnateut

Radio CIub was in 1984, to help the local amateurs get to know each other. formed by Bob Glasgow



have increased steadily over the years and

now average about 20. Far frorn being iust a local club we have members coming from the Bordets, Dumfries, Stathclyde and Fife. Thg

Club rneets on the first Friday of every month (Second Ftiday of January) in the lounge of the Thornttee Inn on the old Cockenzie High Street ftom 7pm till late. The Club is run in a very informal

way, there are no fees, no teal committee structure, iust a group of like rninded people doing something they enjoy!

This does not mean that we don't do anything, ter (and win!) contests, train newcomers, video nights and hold a populat newsletter

we en-

hold talks and

annual Junk Sale. Out competition on

has won the PW Spotlight

sevetal occasions. suppotts the British Ffeatt Foundation in of a member who died from heart disease by donating the ptofits ftom events we hold, we have







raised ovet f,70r392 since 1994. The Club is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain and holds the callsigns MM0CPS

and GM2T which

are used for our contest and special event entfies. We have out

own internet



club membets c^tr get theit and own tcallsign@cpsarc.comt email addresses. The club also has a Yahoo! Gtoup which is used to manage a mailing list. (see http: / /groups,

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Nfoving on and from the officral events caiendar we had our annual tadio check night b.r'John N{I\{0JXI, a very useful night indeed, keep it...


Nfoving on and from the officral events caiendar we had our annual tadio check night b.r'John N{I\{0JXI, a very useful night indeed, keep it...