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r e t t e l s w e Club n Volume 10 Issue 9 September 2002



ell folks here we go again with another month’s editorial, which has certainly been a busy month for myself with regard to with radio club activities. From the club point of view we have once again had another successful Junk Night and I must thank everyone whom helped, donated refreshments and any raffle prizes. . A fuller report can be found later in the newsletter. Lighthouse Weekend has just passed and another great successful one it was. The weather was very kind to us with no rain, which by this year’s standard was an absolute miracle. Like Junk Night a fuller report can be found further in the newsletter. On a personal point of view I have been doing some Foundation Morse Assessments and I will be well into doing my first Foundation Course. Anyone who wishes to do the Foundation Morse Assessment please get in touch and we can arrange a date. On the Foundation Course front I still have places available for the next three courses that I have planned so if you know of anyone who is interested tell them to get in touch with me. This month the planned activities are SSB Field Day (see Colin GM0CLN with regard to this), another DF Hunt night at the end of the month and the annual trip to the Leicester show. There are a few club members attending the Leicester rally on Friday 20th September at Castle Donnington and if you haven’t been before it is definitely a rally worth attending. To the future, and I have started to think about the Christmas Night out so do you wish to do the same as the last two years and have a Christmas Party or do you want something different. Please let me know what you want to do ASAP so I can get the wheels in motion.

I am also starting to think about next year’s activities, any ideas. I would like to make more use of the Yacht Club so any ideas on what we can do? Does anyone want to take a project onboard and get something going for the yacht club? Don’t all rush! Serious I feel I need help here and I would like someone to take it on and run with it fully. Who ever does it will find it is hard work to sustain a level of interest and drive it forward. No I am not being negative but realistic. So a volunteer then! My hobbyhorse over the years is lack of Reponses from members to requests that are put out. It is difficult enough trying to keep the club running at full tilt but is made harder by the lack of responses. What I mean is that I look for ideas, require feedback on issues, etc and what do I get. The answer virtually nothing. All that I ask is if I put out a query no matter what you at least respond, even if it a simple Yes or No then at least I know that you have looked at whatever it is. My requests above will be another interesting example to see how people respond so please have a thought for the poor organisers.

Inside this issue: 10m Contest Results


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Special points of interest:  GM4IKU wins 10m Contest

Enjoy this month’s newsletter.

 Lighthouses Report


 GM4WLL wins the Tennamast Trophy  Club Accounts



Club 10m contest


ur club 10M contest was held on Wednesday night the 19th June 2002 between 19:00 and 22:00 local time. Once again we were blessed with a beautiful night which gladly made up for the state of the 10M band. This year there were 7 entrants, 6 were as ―S‖ stations (Single Operators) and Caroline 2M1HVR and myself being the only ―MB‖ station (―A‖ Class Licence holder plus Novice Licence holder). Band conditions were very quiet indeed yet the following countries were worked between all of the stations which proved really that the band was actually open although I suspect that most amateurs would have switched on, heard nothing then switched off again. Countries contacted were: Scotland, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sardinia and the Ukraine. Position


Points 133

Total QSO’s 15

Number DXCC 9

Number CQSO’s 6









3 4






























GM0NTL M0BEX (Stockport)


Results Congratulations to Ron GM4IKU for winning our contest. Great news as Ron was working from the Yacht Club site in Prestonpans so it has shown its potential. Unlucky to the rest of us, but a huge thanks for turning out and providing once again a real fun night. For those who didn’t take part you do miss a fun night. It really isn’t a ―Contest‖ as such as we piggy back of each other for some of the rarer DX QSO’s and to people like Caroline 2M1HVR who get a chance to work some HF to see the excitement that it gives her makes it what it is all about. So next year come on get on the air, make some QSO’s and have some fun. On a serious note I think it is now time to think about moving the contest from 10M to maybe 20M. The sunspot cycle is now on the wane so the chance of 10M QSO’s are getting less plus this is now 2 years of contesting where conditions have been very poor to say the least. I also need to look at the rules as well with the new ―M3‖ callsigns now available. How do you all feel about a move to 20M and what do you think the rules should now read to include the ―M3‖ callsigns?


Wasn’t going to go out but glad I did as I had a great night. Doing the museums weekend just before gave me the buzz to go. Think we should leave the contest on 10M. Only managed about 15 minutes as was very late in getting back from Granton after helping Gabriel all day at the Yacht Club. Good fun as usual but it didn’t take long until boredom set in due to the very poor band conditions! Most interesting happening was talking to DL7KH on 29.560MHz FM only to find that I was working him on the Input of the HB9HD Repeater (Output on 29.660MHz) which he told me was 1900M ASL near Lausanne in the alps. Only heard 2 stations on CW all night…. A German who was QSYing to 15M (just my luck) and a 3A2MW from Monaco who called CQ but couldn’t hear my reply. That would have been a nice one! On SSB the got aways were DL1DRO, DL1XAQ AND LU5HD. LU5HD had been heard working Ron (IKU) a few moments before but when I replied to his CQ he didn’t hear me! Eventually boredom won and I switched off at 2017UTC with 43 minutes of the contest still to go! Perhaps it is now time to try a 15M contest instead!!!! Definitely need a new band for next year! No log to send Bob as the Band was dead apart from this brief capture of activity in Scotland. 20:45 BST GM4IKU/M (Ron) de DL8WG (Jay) in Pirmasens on 28.485 SSB Jay was using an FT817 with amp. He said weather in Germany today was very hot at 35C He commented on not very good propagation with Ron. That's all I got, nothing heard from GM land. Hope there were some other QSO’s made. Caroline and myself really enjoyed the night but it was a pity that the band was very quiet. Caroline certainly was getting frustrated with no responses to her CQ calls. Having said that she was thrilled to bits working what DX we did especially the station in Argentina. She worked hard with that QSO. Had to pack up at 21:30, as Caroline needed to get her bottle of wine from the Co-op before it closed! Stations heard but never managed to work. SP5BB, LW3DRH, OK2DA, DH6ZA/6. Think it is time to look at another band for our contest



Junk night


his year after having had eight glorious nights for our annual junk night, the weather decided to give us a test to see how our ninth event would go by producing a very damp and horrible day. Fortunately the rain had eased off in time for the opening but all this had generated a worry of would people turn out. Thankfully it wasn’t the case. The numbers that came through the door this year were down on 2001 numbers from 168 to 152. For those of you interested in statistics then numbers that have come through the door on each junk night are as follows:



















Average Number


them. The Thorntree Inn also kindly donated a raffle prize for the support that we give them over the year, so thanks to them and to every one else for their donations to our Raffle. This year just before the raffle was drawn Sally McCallum of the British Heart Foundation did the honours of presenting the PW Tennamast Trophy (awarded to the winner of the Scottish Section in the PW QRP 144MHz Contest) to David Dodds GM4WLL. The draw for the Lucky Door Ticket was made, won by Harry Waugh GM7PPN. Sally then spoke a few words explaining what the British Heart Foundation is all about plus thanking us for our continuing support for them. Then finally the raffle was drawn. The actual figure that we raised on the night was £640.06. This added to what we had raised before Junk Night gives us a grand total of £1351.07, which has now been donated to the British Heart Foundation. Thanks goes to everyone for all the effort put in to raise the money as it really is going to a tremendous cause. For your information since we started we have now raised a grand total of £8271.17, not bad for a ―wee‖ radio club.

For a Friday night event we certainly cannot complain, so long may it continue. I must admit looking around the hall this year it certainly seemed to give a funny impression from being very, very busy one minute to being very quiet the next, any way tremendous to see everyone. This year again I received a few compliments about our Junk Night and a sample are ―Great Venue‖, ―Tremendous Friendly Atmosphere‖, ―This is what Rallies used to be like, great‖ and ―Well run night congratulations to you all, keep it up‖. Personally on hearing these it

Lastly I would like to say a personal thanks to everyone who helped put the Junk Night together. To Ron GM4IKU and his XYL Aileen for doing the door and also selling the raffle tickets. To Yvonne, Liz and Rose who worked hard behind the refreshments counter and lastly to everyone who handed Food or raffle prizes in. Without this sort of help this type of event would never happen. So again thanks. WELL DONE EVERYONE FOR A VERY SUCCESSFUL JUNK NIGHT AND FUND RAISING YEAR. makes all the hard work really worthwhile. Once again Bill & Betty of Jaycee continued to give us their support on the evening. Rose & Norrie of Tennamast this year at the very last moment due to family commitments were unable to attend but they still send along a donation as their support for the event of which I am most grateful to






hope you all enjoyed the CPSARC Junk Sale and Lighthouses Weekend at Barns Ness! There are many new additions to the calendar this month. As usual they are marked with » in the left hand margin so that you can find them easily. The full list is…

Date 06-Sep-02 » 11-Sep-02



7pm till late Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton 7.30pm Lothians RS – Presidents Address, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh




01875 811723 07957 216 952

Geoff G4AFJ

01455 823 344

20-Sep-02 and 21-Sep-02


LEICESTER Amateur Radio Show, Castle Donington International Exhibition Center, near Junc 23A M1 motorway. Ends 5.30pm Friday and 5.00pm on Saturday.

» 25-Sep-02


Lothians RS – Talk "Low Noise Crystal Oscillators" by David Toby MM0TSS Bolton, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh

07957 216 952

144MHz DF Hunt, meet in ―The Old Ship Inn‖ Car Park (East), Port Seton. £1 per person

01875 811723


6.30pm for 7pm start


» 28-Sep-02

12.30pm to GMDX Group Convention, King Robert Hotel, Stirling. 6.00pm(ish) Cost £7 per person. Includes 4 DX talks and much more. See separate info elsewhere in the newsletter.

See elsewhere in this newsletter

04-Oct-02 » 09-Oct-02

7pm till late Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton 7.30pm Lothians RS – Talk "TETRA" by Ken GM4EZJ, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh (TETRA is a Digital Radio Network similar in operation to the GSM phone network GM0CLN).


01875 811723 07957 216 952

RSGB International HF & IOTA Convention HFC 2002, Beaumont Conference Centre, Old Windsor See for info


0870 904 7373

Video Night, Resources Room 2, Port Seton Community Centre. Videos are "CQ Field Day" and "Secret Listeners" Entry £1


01875 811723

11-Oct-02 to 13-Oct-02



7.30pm to 9.00pm

» 18-Oct-02

7.30pm onwards

GMDX Group AGM (followed by DX Talk), King Robert Hotel, Stirling



» 23-Oct-02


Surplus Equipment Auction and Junk Sale, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh.


07957 216 952


11am to 4pm

GALASHIELS AND DISTRICT A.R.S. RADIO AND COMPUTER RALLY, The Volunteer Hall, St Johns Street, Galashiels. All the usual attractions.


01896 850 245


01875 811723

01-Nov-02 » 13-Nov-02

7pm till late Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton 7.30pm

Lothians RS – Talk "Getting Started On 6m and 4m" by Peter GM4BYF, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh


07957 216 952


7.30pm to 9.30pm

―HF Car Aerial Systems‖ by Dave Stockton GM4ZNX, Port Seton Community Centre, Resources Room 2. Entry £1


01875 811723




Mark, G0GFG

01388 745 353

7pm till late Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton


01875 811723

Proposed Date For Club Christmas Meal


01875 811723

Lothians RS – Expedition And Contests Report by Norman GM1CNH, Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh


07957 216 952

06-Dec-02 07-Dec-02

» 11-Dec-02





Lighthouses weekend 17 & 18th AUGUST 2002

morning apart from Robert MM0ANT who continued to work a huge pileup into the states until about 02:30. The same hapnother great weekend at this event with even the pened as on the previous evening in that someone turned a gods shined down on us in the respect that no rain huge big switch and the band closed. fell, yet on the Sunday back at Port Seton the rain was falling heavily. The Sunday morning we were up and running by 08:00. Cambell MM0DXC had looked at 15M and it was dead, breakfast This year some of the troops decided to head for Barns Ness was then delivered and consumed, thanks Landles, Another on the Friday evening and set up most of the station. This year look at the band then worked an enormous pileup into JA, we had the following set-up: VK, ZL and the many countries in the Far East. Station 1 – FT1000MP & ALPHA Linear fed into a Cushcraft A3S Yagi up at 60 feet. Sunday kept the stations once again very busy before we Station 2 – FT757GXmkII into a W3DZZ. (This station was set pulled the plug at 15:00. Oh my was there some pileup on up on the Saturday morning) 20M at the end. Even though I had said I was finished they Station 3 – TS570 into a 40M Vertical. were still calling. It is a shame to stop but we had to go. EveryStation 4 – Alinco 70DX into a car vertical (Bob GM4FIB & Vic thing was dismantled and we left the site about 16:00. GM4GGF in Bob’s car, Saturday only) It was once again a great social event, certainly enjoyed by everyone who attended. 972 QSO’s were made with the breakdown as follows: Note: the count doesn’t show any Dupe’s that were made.


Band 80 40 20 17 15 10 ALL

CW 0 10 0 0 0 0 10

SSB 29 92 668 23 121 4 937

PSK31 0 0 0 0 1 0 1

Many thanks to everyone who came and took part and contributed without this the event could never take place. Next year then Saturday & Sunday 16th and 17th August 2003. B o b We again had the luxury of operating from caravans, thanks GM4UYZ goes to Ian MM3IDM, Landles GM4XZZ and Cambell MM0DXC for providing. Power was provided a generator kindly donated by Blue Circle for the event. As I was not available on the Friday night the event started of with a great flurry working into the USA before the band closed suddenly about 02:00 in the morning. In amongst the USA contacts appeared a couple of QSO’s into India. In the morning when I arrived about 08:30 the final set-ups were done, including setting up station 2. It was decided before the event that all QSO’s would be computer logged this from my point of view being the QSL Manager certainly helps me tremendously. The only log not done on computer was the one by Bob GM4FIB and Vic GM4GGF as they were operating from Bob’s car. Throughout Saturday the stations were kept very busy indeed and many pile-ups were worked, phew! Plenty of social breaks were taken as well as this is what the event was all about. Saturday night saw the normal barbeque plus the opportunity to have a couple of beers, well enjoyed. Most of us all departed to bed about 00:30 on the Sunday



Club accounts 2002 Expenditure 07/12/2001 Christmas Raffle 23/12/2001 Donation Nicky GM3NEX/EI9CK 08/01/2002 Money Raised - Ex-equipment GM4DMA&GM8BZX 08/01/2002 Hire of Room - OPEN MEETING 16/11/2001 Money Raised - OPEN MEETING 15/02/2002 Hire of Room - RADIO CHECK NIGHT 15/02/2002 Money Raised - RADIO CHECK NIGHT 15/02/2002 Donation Vic GM4GGF 15/03/2002 Hire of Room - Talk by Tom GM4FDM 15/03/2002 Money Raised - Talk by Tom GM4FDM 13/04/2002 Money Raised Yvonne & Rob 50th Birthday Party 14/04/2002 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION 27/04/2002 Money left from 10 pin bowling 10/05/2002 Money Raised DF Night 09/08/2002 Hire of Hall - Junk Night 09/08/2002 Money Raised -- Junk Night 10/08/2002 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION

TOTAL MONEY DONATED TO BRITISH Account Year Year 1993/1994 Year 1993/1994 Year 1994/1995 Year 1995/1996 Year 1996/1997 Year 1997/1998 Year 1998/1999 Year 1998/1999 Year 1999/2000 Year 1999/2000 Year 2000/2001 Year 2000/2001 Year 2001/2002 Year 2001/2002

Description Value Money left from Bunny's Wreath Collection £50.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £220.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £473.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £727.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £1,190.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £873.00 Donation Cheque Malcolm McLennan F5VBU £25.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £961.00 Donation Cheque Malcolm McLennan F5VBU £25.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £766.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £70.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £1,540.10 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £40.00 Donation to BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION £1,311.07

£39.00 £20.00 £100.00 £7.50 £17.11 £7.50 £17.00 £10.00 £7.50 £13.00 £493.30 £40.00 £25.85 £12.00 £35.55 £640.06 £1,311.07

£8,271.17 Year Total £270.00 £473.00 £727.00 £1,190.00 £873.00 £986.00 £791.00 £1,610.10 £1,351.07



Income 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (GM0WHM for Year) 08/01/2002 Donation Kenny GM0WHM - Club Insurance 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (GM0CLN part Year) 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (John McRae SWL part Year) 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (Jim C SWL Jan Club Night) 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (GM0WZO for Year) 08/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (MM0BPV for Year) 08/01/2002 Donation Ian GM0WZO & Ann MM0BPV - Club Insurance 08/01/2002 Donation Cambell MM0DXC - Club Insurance 11/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 12/01/2002 RSGB Affiliation Subscription 15/01/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (GM4IKU for Year) 29/01/2002 Club Insurance -- All Risks 01/02/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance (GM4IKU Extra) 01/02/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 01/03/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 05/04/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 03/05/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 07/06/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 05/07/2002 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 25/07/2002 Club Callsign Renewal - MM0CPS 02/08/2001 Money Donated Club Night - Club Insurance 10/08/2002 Transfer to Year 2002-2003

£12.00 £2.00 £9.00 £10.00 £1.00 £12.00 £12.00 £6.00 £10.00 £52.00 £40.50 £12.00 £177.87 £1.00 £17.00 £11.00 £25.57 £12.10 £16.00 £19.00 £15.00 £10.00 £109.60


ntatio e s e r P eque

the que for b e h c a with r Clu esented t the Octobe sked r p e b l n wil are a .00 a undatio ,351.07 at 20 lub members que preo F t r a r—£1 ish He e che e, all c The Brit aised this yea the Thorntre ting to see th r e in money on 4 October ttend this me a meeting every effort to e to mak sented.




Deepest sympathy I certainly hate doing this type of message but I would like to inform you all that Cambell MM0DXC's mother passed away about 12:00 today (23 August 2002). She passed away peacefully after struggling with illness for a long period of time. I am sure that you all will join with me and wish Cambell and all his family our deepest sympathy at this time. Words are always difficult to find at these times but death unfortunately affects us all. It really drives home a point that life is short and there is no place in it for all the badness that exists. We all should just live in peace, oh how perfect that would be. Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ (The funeral took place 12:00 on Thursday 29 August at Seafield Crematorium)

AMATEUR RADIO CLUBS NEAR TO COCKENZIE & PORT SETON ARC I thought that it was about time I put together a list of details for other clubs in our surrounding area so that, if you fancy it, you can pay them a visit some time! See the table below for details‌.



MEETING PLACE Lounge Bar, "Thorntree Inn", High St, Cockenzie Focus Centre, Livingston Pl, Galashiels Community Centre, Central Avenue, Grangemouth


King Robert Hotel, Whins of Milton, Stirling


Crofthead Farm Community Centre, Dedridge, Livingston Royal Ettrick Hotel, Ettrick Rd, Edinburgh


REGULAR MEETINGS 1st Friday of the month (2nd Friday in January) 7.00pm till late Wednesdays 7.45pm.


TEL. NO. E-MAIL 01875 811723

Jim Keddie (GM7LUN)


Wednesdays 7.30pm

Mr R Miles (GM4CAQ)

None (Meeting info found at Tuesdays 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Rob Ferguson (GM3YTS)

01786 824199

Billy Jenkins (MM0WKJ)

2nd & 4th Wednesdays 7:30pm

Toby Sigouin (MM0TSS)

0131 475 7242 b.jenkins@indigovision .com 07957 216 952


Community Centre, High St, Newarthill

Fridays 7.30pm

Tom Costford (MM0BHX)


Bandeath Ind. Est., Throsk, 3 miles E of Stirling on the A905 Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 21 Rose St, Glasgow.

Thursdays 7.30pm

Brendan Coan (GM0BWR)

Fridays 8.00pm

Ross Feilen (GM7WED)


01236 613802 tom-mm0bhx@ 07866 481511

I know there are other Scottish clubs further afield but I decided to concentrate on the more local ones. Apologies if I have missed any clubs in our area. If you know of a club I've missed (in our area) please let me know and I can pass on the info to everyone else next month.



GMDX GROUP SCOTLAND CONVENTION 2002 This years GMDX Group Convention takes place on Saturday 28 September 2002 at the King Robert Hotel, Glasgow Road, Bannockburn, Stirling, FK7 0LJ ( Once more an interesting lineup of talks has been arranged. The program is as follows:12.30 Convention Registration and Welcome by Rob GM3YTS 13.00 Summits on the Air (SOTA) by John G3WGV 13.25 Microlite Dxpedition to South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands by Declan EI6FR and Dermot EI5IQ 15.00 Coffee/Tea and biscuits 15.30 Islands of Scotland Expedition Tips and Stories by Peter GM3OFT 16.15 TI9M Cocos Island DXpedition by Rob PA5ET and Ronald PA3EWP 17.45 Convention Roundup and Raffle Draw by Gav GM0GAV 19.30 21.30

DX Dinner The Hotel Bar

If you fancy going along the prices are £7.00 per person for the Convention and £17.00 per person for the DX Dinner. For those who may wish to stay overnight accommodation is available in the hotel at the following prices :£22.50 per person Double/twin Room B&B (sharing) £35.00 per person for a single room B&B Rooms should be booked direct with the Hotel on Tel. 01786 811666 and mention GMDX Convention when booking. Early booking is recommended (especially for the DX Dinner) to avoid disappointment. If you would like DX Dinner Tickets they can be booked by contacting (and paying)… Sheree Ferguson, 19 Leighton Avenue, Dunblane, FK15 0EB. Tel. 01786 824199



Christmas meal From those that have responded to my email regarding the That's it then so if you want to go then please get back in Christmas Meal, the request is to have another year at the touch ASAP and I will add you to the list. Woodside. To this end I have done a provisional booking which I need to confirm by the end of September. It is amaz- Bob GM4UYZ ing that for the date chosen there are already 2 parties booked in, so here is me thinking I was early too!!!

WOODSIDE PARTY NIGHT Date: Saturday 7th December Time: 19:00 for 19:30 till 01:00 Cost: £26 per head (£1 dearer than last year) (A £10 non-refundable deposit per person required with the Balance being paid by in our case the 10th November) Party Night consists of: DINNER, DANCE (Disco) For those that have intimated that they want to go can I have: (a)£10 of each of you for the deposit and (b) Full £26 per person by the 10th November.




NIGHT (1) Praw MENU n Platte r (2) Dee p Fried Marie Rose M (3) Che f's Lenti ushroom Garlic l Soup Mayonn aise ******* (1) Roas * ******* t Rib of ******* Beef Ch (2) Roas asseu t No with ba rfolk Turkey wit r con a h Chip (3) Filo Basket fi nd Sage & Onio olata Sausag e lled wit n Stuffin with R hv g (4) Hon ice and Honey egetable Stir F ey Roas ry serve t Ham a and Ginger d n d S eason *** (1) Cho colate R ************* al Salad ****** um Log (2) Chri stm (3) Sherr as Pudding w y ith Bran (4) Che Trifle dy Sauc ese & B e iscuits *** Coffee o ************* * r Tea an d After ***** Dinner Mints

Contest Commentary


o far as I know there were no contest entries from club members in the month of August. This was probably due to there being lots of other club activities such as the club Junk Sale and Lighthouses Weekend. However, there WILL be some activity this month as entries are planned for HF and VHF in the HF SSB Field Day Contest (MM0CPS/P) and the 144MHz Trophy Contest (GM2T) respectively. These events, which run almost concurrently, take place THIS WEEKEND and at the time of writing this edition of Contest Commentary it looks as if we will be /P at Mainslaughter Law for both. You should hopefully have had e-mail confirmation of the final site location and any further plans by the time you read this. As usual, all helpers/operators are welcome so feel free to come along for as long or as short a period as you like.

amused. Some of the best on HF are the Worked All Europe DX SSB and Scandinavian Activity (CW & SSB) events while on VHF there is a 144MHz Backpackers event this weekend and a selection of Activity Contests throughout he month. As a bit of prior warning, if we look ahead to early October it is time for the RSGB 21/28MHz Contests again. The first of these, on SSB, is a club regular and takes place on 6th October. There is every chance of another trip to Barns Ness for this one. Watch this space! I hope you all have a great month. See you all soon. 73 Colin GM0CLN

There are plenty of other events this month to keep you

General Notes : (1) Activity is planned by the club or its members for those events listed in bold. Full Event Rules Are Available On The Internet As Follows : RSGB HF 2001 : RSGB VHF 2001 : ARRL : WAB : Links to most of the other events can be found on the SM3CER Contest Web Page under Contest Calendar. SM3CER PAGE :



Contest calendar Date 07-Sep-02 07-Sep-02 07-Sep-02 08-Sep-02 10-Sep-02

Start (UTC) 00:00 13:00 14:00 11:00 19:00

Duration (hrs) 48 24 24 4 1.5

10-Sep-02 14-Sep-02 15-Sep-02 17-Sep-02 18-Sep-02

19:00 00:00 09:00 19:00 19:00

2.5 48 8 2.5 1.5

RSGB 432MHz Activity Contest Worked All Europe DX Contest (SSB) WAB 144MHz Phone RSGB 1.3GHz/2.3GHz Activity Contest RSGB Slow Speed Cumulative CW

21-Sep-02 22-Sep-02 24-Sep-02 26-Sep-02

12:00 09:00 19:00 19:00

24 4 2.5 1.5

Scandinavian Activity Contest (CW) RSGB 2nd 70MHz RSGB 50MHz Activity Contest RSGB Slow Speed Cumulative CW

28-Sep-02 28-Sep-02 29-Sep-02 01-Oct-02 04-Oct-02

00:00 12:00 09:00 19:00 19:00

48 24 6 2.5 1.5

CQ/RJ World-Wide RTTY DX Contest Scandinavian Activity Contest (SSB) WAB 432MHz Phone RSGB 144MHz Activity Contest RSGB Slow Speed Cumulative CW

05-Oct-02 05-Oct-02 05-Oct-02 05-Oct-02 06-Oct-02 08-Oct-02 12-Oct-02 12-Oct-02 12-Oct-02 15-Oct-02 20-Oct-02 20-Oct-02 22-Oct-02 26-Oct-02 02-Nov-02

08:00 14:00 14:00 15:00 07:00 19:00 08:00 12:00 15:00 19:00 07:00 09:00 19:00 00:00 14:00

24 24 8 4 12 2.5 24 24 4 2.5 12 4 2.5 48 24

Oceania DX Contest (SSB) IARU 432MHz – 248GHz RSGB 1.3GHz/2.3GHz Trophies EU Sprint Autumn (SSB) RSGB 21/28MHz SSB Contest RSGB 432MHz Activity Contest Oceania DX Contest (CW) WAB HF Phone EU Sprint Autumn (CW) RSGB 1.3GHz/2.3GHz Activity Contest RSGB 21/28MHz CW Contest RSGB 50MHz RSGB 50MHz Activity Contest CQWW SSB Contest 144MHz CW Marconi

Contest All Asian DX Contest (SSB) RSGB/IARU HF SSB Field Day RSGB 144MHz Trophy RSGB 144MHz Backpackers #5 RSGB Slow Speed Cumulative CW

03-Nov-02 08:00


05-Nov-02 20:00


RSGB 144MHz Activity Contest

08-Nov-02 23:00


Japan International DX Contest (SSB)

09-Nov-02 00:00


Worked All Europe DX Contest (RTTY)

09-Nov-02 20:00


RSGB Club Calls SSB Contest

12-Nov-02 20:00


RSGB 432MHz Activity Contest

16-Nov-02 21:00


RSGB 2nd 1.8MHz Contest (CW)

19-Nov-02 20:00


RSGB 1.3GHz/2.3GHz Activity Contest

23-Nov-02 00:00


CQWW CW Contest

Notes & Info 10m-80m

3.540MHz – 3.580MHz, Max Speed 12wpm

3.540MHz – 3.580MHz, Max Speed 12wpm

3.540MHz – 3.580MHz, Max Speed 12wpm

3.540MHz – 3.580MHz, Max Speed 12wpm


RSGB 6 Hour 144MHz CW






Bob Glasgow 7 Castle Terrace Port Seton East Lothian EH32 0EE Phone: 01875 811723 Email:

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he Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1984 by Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ, to help the local amateurs get to know each

other. Numbers have increased steadily over the years and now average about 33. Far from being just a local club we have members coming from the Borders, Dumfries, Strathclyde and Fife. The Club meets on the first Friday of every month (Second Friday of January) in the lounge of the Thorntree Inn on the old Cockenzie High Street from 7pm till late. The Club is run in a very informal way, there are no fees, no real committee structure, just a group of like minded people doing something they enjoy! This does not mean that we don’t do anything, we enter (and win!) contests, train novices, run talks and video nights and hold an annual Junk Sale. The Club supports the British Heart Foundation in memory of a member who died from heart disease by donating the profits from events we hold, we have raised over £8,271 since 1994 (£1.351 this year) The Club is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain and holds the callsigns MM0CPS and GM2T which are used for our contest entries. We also have our own internet domain name and club members can get their own email addresses.

Second CPSARC df Hunt It was decided this year that we would hold two DF Hunts as it is a very enjoyable evening. The second DF hunt will take place on Friday 27 September meeting at the The Old Ship Inn car park at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start. The rules are fairly straightforward, an entrance fee of £1 per person will be donated to the British Heart Foundation. The Fox will be located on OS Landranger map 66 (a copy will be provided) Transmissions will be on 145.275MHz FM Vertical polarisation for 30 seconds every 5 minutes starting at 7.00pm. The callsign of the fox will be GM4IKU/P. The final transmission will reveal the location of the fox if needed.

The fox will be in a location which is accessible by ordinary car. No transmissions will be made on the fox frequency at any time during the event. Once a team has located the fox, they should leave the immediate area and not transmit on any frequency while in the vicinity of the fox. Teams may only use one set of DF equipment at any one time. During the hunt, be considerate to other road users, any team found breaking the speed limits will be disqualified. Any team found breaking any of the above rules will be disqualified.


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