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This editionaswell asbeingthe last of this presentyearis the lastissuethatwill be producedby Ron GM4IKU. Ron has now beingdoingthe newslettersinceSeptember 1993when he took overfrom Bob GM0KDC andhasnow decidedthat it is time for a freshmindto takeoverso asfrom nextmonth JohnGMTOLQwill be at the helm.Ron hasdefinitelytaken the newsletterfrom strengthto strengthto the extenr^that the clubhaswon the PW SpotlightTrophyCompetitionfor.a LocallyClubproducednewsletter.As well aswinningthe tro-


On the VHF front the club has submittedentriesfor the followingcontests.701\/*IzCumulative, 144/432RSGBContest, l't 7ONdHz Fixed,?0MFIzCW, 50MHz Trophy,2d :tr.4lrtfrtz Backpackers, Pw QRp, \fHF FieldDay andthe 7OMFIzTrophy On theHF front the club hassubmittedentriesfor the follow_ ing contests.RSGB Affiliated Club, RSGB LF Cumulative, fOlfC RSGB ZyZENtrIzSSB& CW CeWW SSB anr1our own tbnn contest.


theabove it can beseen rhat wehave been very active

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John's wing I expect to see

--_-_-;==::---:]=:=..-.==.-...=..-._^'....=-=._--:--_-:-_:--=::.:=--=--.-.---_=_.._-..::..-..=..=....---..= 1 ! L ! i | . l h J ! u i t . i u r ea G\- Ii1 a i!:e ffi^ /.= :- :' - .= - = - ..= .._ - *- ..,..-

na 5 m a n .l oeaS S otamlooK -ffiFJF\f f i' . --. . : * : . . . l. . -lJ * -; ; -. , . ; i ng fbn r e r d :cseei;retheminsLr4.lw c o n tte . , ' in * s p o . in t . o f r. . ie rr' b u t -ffi , u"tion.Johnhopetulrv u" F I ll])/ ",iri addinghis own notein thisfl !r{. %bl ^Y*. monthsnewsletter on how-he&

yoLrRI\-fu wants ro recer\-e


PUT,so ail rhatis leti to sayffifrom me on this subjectit ffi-




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from,the hospitaliq'given to us the them^iilTi.people

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ber'seditorial is tookuu"kffiffiE$frffiffivgm"l{***,cr#rmmlorA

tiiciotherisland ffi Ciubmembei's ffi trips;JtunIV[\{0BQ]visitedthe

contest' In september

^ .,=-.":t==.-'=:- Ci. : - ! - . - J i* r et ur ned' . ' . - ir h- Cc iin

GM0CLN and David run downon ciubattendance GM4WLL for a DXthisyear,(note:my {iguresrun from Decemberto November). __--.,-, again to the summer Isles' colin and Bob Attendancethis yearhasaveragedour at 25 :{p"lgtt:n alsodid someIslandhoppingaroundthe Hebrides ";;;;;;; gYi:y" leee, also53 petple havecomethroughth" d";;;;;;o;; rest the of the IOTA teamto catchthe ferry on 1999.It would appear thar thereis-agraduJ d;fi";'b* i ::*,:""ing to Tiree. canpersonatly accountro why thereis a diop. il";;;;;;;; fl:t:c rh: yâ‚Źar two DemonstrationStationswere established, individualscircumstances one i,e. startingof runninga business of at the Port SetonGala and the other at the HaddingtonGala. their own, leavingthe area,work patternschanging,thus not other major outing wasthe now annualtrip to Barns allowingthemto attendthe club nights.Overall** riifl havea 1{V -O_ur Ness Lighthouse for Lighthousesweekend.It turnedout to be very strong and healthy club but as I have said before It i* great a fun weekend andenjoyedby all thosethat attended. down to you all for makingit that way. So what activitieshasthe club done over the year?Lets urun Other activitiesover the year were Radio CheckNight, done


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ThisNewsletteris Publishedby The CockenzieandPort SetonAmateurRadioClub Secretary:BobGlasgow, 7 CastleTerrace,Port Seton,EastLothiarqScotlandEH32 OEE Tel :- 01g75 gl17z3 E Mail:- gm4uyz@btinternetcom ClubWebAddress:-HTTP//www.btinternelcom/-john innes/cpsarc/ Articlesfor inclusionin thenewlettershouldbe sentto GM4IKU E Mail ron@gm4iku.i"u"r"*..*o.ok ClubCallsign:- lvtM0CPS Afiliated to TheRadioSocietyOf GreatBritain

A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton


Home Securityby CambellMM0DXC and a talk by Landles New callsignsthis year, well first of all 3 out of my 4 Novice GM4XZZ on Explosivesin the Workplaceall really interest- pupil's passedthe NRAE and obtainedtheir respectivecalling indeed.We also had a First Aid Class,which I must admit signs,Johnwith 2MiHTT, Stevenwith 2MIHSV and Carowas a very worthwhileeventindeedasit is somethingyou will line with 2M1HVR. Cambellwho hasnow alsoobtainedhis never know when it will be needed.We also had our DF Full ClassA licenceMM0DXC so consratulationsto all conNight, a real cracker of a one this year with only one team cerned. finding the *fox', great night though and lastly we had a visit That is then all our activities in a somewhatbrief listing of to the Quarryat Blue Circle, Dunbar,a very informativenight what we as a club have done this year, no doubt I will have indeed. missedsomething"hopefullynot. What it doesshow is that as Our main indoor eventthis year was our annualJunk Night, a club we arevery activeand at the end of the day it is what it which once again was a resoundingsuccess.This year we is all about. managedto raise{166 far the British Heart Foundationgiving Ok then all that is left too sayto you all is to WISH YOU us a grandtotal of 15310sincewe started.Well doneto eve- ALL A VERY, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY, IIEALTHY AND PROSPEROUSNEW YEAR. ryonefor you're effortsin raisingthe money. On the club personalfront sympathieshavegoneout to Gavin Seeyou all on the first club dght of the year which is on FriGMOALW and Bab's z]li.{IDZW who both have "lost" their day12* January2001. respectivemothers on a brighter note congratulationswere extendedto KennyGM0TQK andJuliewho got maried. ffoQdlfrjff g&g$



was useableduring the contest. His FT1000MP completed the MM0CPSstation. ilffi Ngw&dagse When the contestgot underwaythe activity wasn't quite so had expected' signallevelswere a bit lower than Looking through the RSGB contest calendar,one day t*- !,ql,ut.I an-ticiPated too' However' after unsuccessfullycalling a few cently, I cameacrossthe abovecontest*tti"n *ur at-i"raiI heardMM0cPs callingon l'900Mrlz exactly' stations' tivelyfriendlytime(S-llpm)onasaturday*""i"c. K";mv first QSo' He hadalreadvworked 3 stationsbey:: ing that, at rhe very leasr,Ron GMoNTL *o *yrir itua rn" *:l The contestexchange(Rs + ser'No + club abitityto be eRV on l60m I sentan e-mailout;;;;gri"*3T I :*"0' provedto be lessof a problemthan I had esr in generaringsomeclub entries. e* .*p"riJ,'6;;11111tut"-uer) I onlv had to phoneticallyspell the club namea sponseto my e-mailwas poor. However,non ,uio tr. *orld :11911.:-d' It's surprisinghow many stationshad actually give it a try. After an e-maildiscussion we o""ia"lirtat, ue- le-' the club or had a list of RSGB Affiliated Societiesto of causeof his superior top band equipment,R;; riliJ P:|o Ron and me receivedcomplimentson the club hand. Both "* MMgcps andI would usemy own call. and our 144\frrz Pw QRP Contestefforts over The scoringfor this contestis such that bonus points are ::lt1"t*t years'duringthe event' Thesehadbeenmainlyasa result ' the awardedon top of the standard3 pointsper QSo. sor;"r of thepublicity we receivedin PracticalwirelessMagazine' are 5 points per club memberand 25 points pe, cruu caflsigo generalI found the contest pretty hard going from our It was therefore clear that the club worked. -In Northern location with a total of 19 stations worked in 3 ""ri*ii" MMOCPSwould be in demand(greater uon rj uoa ;;fg noljs stationsI could hearjust didn't respondto my l] checkedlast year'sresultsI sawthat no scottist st"ii"m .M*y positive side' there was aciually anotherscotthe "r had entered! The gauntlethad beenfirnrty thrown i"*", ir :.ultt ^,on Moray Firth ARC' ti]-^:|Yb station QRV this vear' for no other reasonthan to -- get -' GM - cail - -' (or two) in the rea -- a took part. Thelasttime I heardthemtheywere GM3TKVIP, sults. on 44 QSos andthat was with about20 minutesof the conon the saturdayafternoonI got a largereel of wire out and, test still to go! The majority of the others were English in accordancewith a brief article I had found o" irrr inr.-"i' with a couplefrom wales and one EITKRCIP cut lengthsto createa 3/8 wavelengrh(te6ftt;;;;d |]yliliemuersClub)from Eire' two 132ft long radials. As a numberof you will know, *y fs:Jlt.ludio him' his bigger/higherantenna gardenis mostdefinitelynot 196ftlongl The *;;; tft.*- Wlh the club callsignbehind power muchbetter progress' He md a more Ron made bit fore laid out, startingui th* ,rpp", rearcornerof the house,in 38 the event' Like me' Ron had during QSos a 'u' shapearoundthe gardenperimeteruno *t"*t.J i" St4eted found it keeping with the writing when you had a difficult up "pproximately15-20ft agl. The two l32ft radials*"r* rpt""o nameto write down in the exchange' Forfunately tn the grouno suchthat they coveredas much ortt. r"*uin- 9t* :1"b thouqh leastfor us' the QSo ratewas suchthat this didn't at ing area(includingdownthe sideof thehouse) o"*tbt.. muchof a problan' others I heard,who were over "- shouldu" The articleI found doesn'tindicatethat the *r"r,,in f?1t119 l30,Qsos with 15 minutesstill to go, wouldn't havehad so resonantbut pointsout that an ATU will be n"".rrury- ihis time to spare! was foundto be the casebut, as expected,the antennatuned fuch In it slnlarv was a fun contestwith a relatively relaxedatup well. Brief comparisontests with my W3DZZ (mounted mosphere' Sadly' to do well from this far north' you will 6ft agl on the gardenfence)at the start of the contestrrr"**J need very large a and effectiveantennasystem! theyg wavelengthwire to be approximately4-5 s-pointsbetter on receive. It had beenwell worth the effort, so that's ColinGMOCLN what I usedwith my TS850SATin the contest. Ron had beenbusytoo and had adjustedhis trusty Windomso that it ei$68

Cockenzie & PortSetonA.R.C.


Contesting- from Scotland ChrisTranGM3WOJ

Antennas- the key to success- Part I 'Spendasmuchonyour antennaasyou havespentin the shack!' Well - maybea bit overstated,but the underlyingpoint is very important - if you havethe spaceavailableat your QTH, and can overcomeany planningrestrictions,you shouldinstall the best antennasystemyou can afford. You might spendthou+ amplifiersetc.,but trying to savemoneyon your antennasystemis a fatal mistake.Let's think about sandson transceivers two differentwaysto spend3500quidin 1998:+ G5RV Station1 =New TS950sdx Station2 = S/H TS850s+ S/IITL922 + S/HP60Versatower+ newA4S + 80/40mdipoles Station2 will work lots more DX than Station l, more easily,muchfaster,and will have 1000poundsextra left-ov'erto feeders,cormectors,antennatuning units, power mespendI This article on antennasis in two parts - this first part discusses ters, baluns,antennamatchingand books on afitefftas- Part 2 discussesthe antennasand antennasupports/rotatorsusedfor contestworking. Feeders- as important as the antennaitself. Look aroundyour shack- is there any antenna,no matter what frequencyor how short the feederlength, that is fed with RG58/tlR76(0.25") coax? If the answeris yes,thenthat antennawill be performingbadly- on transmityou arewasting most of your power in feederloss. Get rid of all RG58/UR76if you can ! Conteststationspay a lot of attentionto minimising feederloss- lessfeederlossbenefitsreceiveperformance aswell astransmitperformance. It's easyto test your feeder loss - do this oncea yearfor eachfeeder,keep a note ofthe results,andyou'll quickly find out if, for example,water hasgot into the coaxandits losshasincreased. You'll needa powermeter,50 dummyload, and a lOW transmitter- 28MHz is a good compromise test frequency.Connectthe 50 dummyload to the far end of your feeder"measure10W into the feeder, then movethe power meterto the far end besidethe dummyload and measurethe power arriving at that end. I did this test with a localamateur"testingfeederswhicharein goodcondition:RF 'Input' powerto coaxcable: iOW at 28.500MH2 RF 'Output' powerfrom coaxcable:100feetofLDF4-50 Heliax= 8W 100feetof RG213(uR67) :6W 100feetofRG58(UR76) :3W (You cancalculatethe lossin dB for eachfeederby usingthe log. of the power ratios) The conclusion- evenfor 160mand80m,thin coaxis a disaster. If you can,useHeliax (called'hardline'in theU.S.A.)- changingto Heliaxmakesan incredibledifference,especially on 144MHzandabove. You'll think you'veaddedan extraantenna! Oneproblem- Heliaxcableis heavy,andyou haveto havesomemethodof supporting thisweightif usingit to feedan 80mdipole,for example. A final point aboutcoax cables,madeby Jim FisherGM0NAI, concernsthe efficiencyof the outer braid for 'screening'. RG213Uis only rated90-95%for this, thereforeon transmitRF power is leakingfrom the coaxinto the shack,and on receive,noiseor localRF canbe pickedup. Heliaxcables(andsomeothers)havea solidouter,thereforeshouldprovide100% screening. Open-wirefeeders- very low loss (theoreticallyzero) , but rarelyusedat conteststations- why not? Well, open-wirefeeders needan antennatuning unit to match the 50 unbalancedoutput of the transmitterto the 600 (usually)balancedopen-wire feeders. [t is difficult to constructan antematuning unit which canhandlethe power levelsusedat conteststations. Openwire feedersare alsomechanicallytricky, andneedto be kept awayfrom otherfeedersandmetalobjectsto performproperly. Connectors Unfortunately,most manufacturersfit SO239('Lfmp'; socketsto their equipmentfor the amateurmarket. I don't know aboutyou, but I detestfitting standardPL2sgplugsto RG2l3UruR67 (l0.3mm) coax - I'm neverconvincedthat the braid hasbeenproperlysoldered.Luckily, you cannow buy 'pressure-seal' PL259plugsfor RG213U- thesearemorelike an Ntypeplug to fit, andaremuchbetter. Alwaysbuy PTFEPL259plugsandSO239sockets- someof the cheaperbrowninsulationsjust melt. ffyou caq especially on M{FAIHF, useonly BNC connectors for 1owpower"andN connectors(for powerlevelsup to lkW) Both BNC andN connectorsare fiddly to fit to cables,but if properlyfitted shouldlast for years. Use the minimumnumber ofconnectorsbetweenyour radioandthe antenna- eachconnectorintroducesa little extralossandpossibleunreliability. Seaiingup connectorsto preventwater getting in is vital - I've experimentedover the yearswith a variety of methodse.g.

& PortSetonA.R.C. Cockenzie


'Denso' (grease-impregnated) tape, car underseal,etc. - all thesehave somedrawbackin the long-term. Use self2 or 3 layersof selftape,stretchedto 5Oo extralengthand overlapping50Yo. In commercialinstallations, amalgamating tapearecoveredwith layersof PVC tape.thena sealingvarnishlike 'Scotchcote'. amalgamating Antenna Tuning Units Avoid usingtheseif you can - try to usea resonantantennawhich presentsa 50 resistiveload to the transmittervia the feeder (the antennaitself mayhavea matchingsystemlike a gammaor hairpinmatch.) A.T.U.sintroduceloss,andareunreliablehavebuilt-inA.T.U.swhichmaybe conventhosewhichuse'roller-coaster'variableinductors.Many transceivers especially ient for temporarilymatchingan antenna,but it's betternot to usethem. Powermeters Nolhing specialhere- just makesureyou haveone connectedin line, and that you watch it all the time you are transmittinginvestigatequickly if the power changesor the SWRincreases. Onepoint to note - most power meterswill indicatea higher goeswrongwith the SWRof the antenna- don't be fooled I forwardpowerthannormalif something Baluns Dividedinto two commontypes- voltagebaluns(whichusuallyburn out straightaway!)and currentbaluns. A l:l current balunusuallyconsistsof about30cmof thin PTFE coaxwith about20-30 smallferrite rings stackedaroundit, all packaged nicelyin a weatherproofplasticcylinderwith an SO239socketon the bottom,and two olugs'or wire'tails' for connecting your wire antennaor the wires from the yagi matchingsystem. Balunslike the W2DU (larger and better than old W2ALI) cost about$30 andcanhandlea lot of power if the antennaSWRis low - thereis a 'yagi' versionavailablewhich hasthe drain from 1.8 holesin the side,for clampinghorizontallybelow the yagi boom. Currentbalunsare availablefor frequencies 30MHz, and50 - 144}./fr12, andare a worthwhileinvestment. What is the purposeof a currentbalun? To matcha 'balanced'load to an 'unbalanced'coax feeder,andto stop RF flowing back down the 'outer' of the coax, and back to the P.A. However, antennaexpertMark HughesGM4ISM pointed out 1o me that RF radiatedby the antennacanbe pickedup on the outer ofthe coar<,bypassingthe balun,and that feedersshouldbe properlyearthedat the tower base,or wherethey enterthe shack. This is a good idea,althoughif you're cutting back some of the outer plasticcoveringof the coaxto fit an earthingclamp,it obviouslyhasto be well sealedup to preventwater getting in. Antennamatching Specifically- matchingyagi antennas. The two most commontypâ&#x201A;Źsof matchingsystemarethe Gammamatch(e.g. Cushcraft antennas)andthe Hairpin match(e.g^Telex/HyGainantennas). Gammamatchesare usedwherethe driven elementof the yagi is not insulatedfrom the boom - a hairpin matchneedsa split driven element,with eachhalf insulated&om the boonq which is mechanicallymore complicated. However, galnmamatches'skew' the beampattern of the yagi slightly, and can haveproblemswith the insulationbreakingdown. Hairpin matchesare easierto use than they look, and canbe connectedto the 50 coax feedervia a l:1 currentbalunor a coaxbalun. Antenna books ON4LIN'Antennasandtechniques Somegood,someexcellent,somea wasteof money! ARRL Antennabook: good. = excellent- despitethe title, this book coversa lot of basicandadvanced ideas for Low-bandDXng' (ISBN 0-87259-466-1) for LF andIIF antennawork. It goesover the top at times - for exampledescribinga 3-elementfull-size 80m quad antenna which weighs2 tonnes(2000kg),but is a very usefulsourceof information. This ON4LTNbook is publishedby the ARRL. too much. Many otherantennabooksarevery out-of-dateor reflectthe author'spreferences operatingtechniques, Futurearticleswill coverpreparingfor contests,equipment, etc.- your commentsarewelcomed. Ifyou haveaccessto the Internet,check-outthesetwo sites:IIK Contestingon-line(Tom WylieGM4FD]4) : GMTV Contestteam(StewartCooperGM4AFF) :

73 ChrisTran GM3WOJ (e-mail:

A.R.C. & PortSeton Cockenzie

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PW G&s$ gPOfNSGgs {eCIP#y egss&f C&PSARCNewsletter'sthisyearsRUNNERSUP Well doneto all the contributorsandto Ron GM4IKU for producingonceagainmagnificentnewslettersto gainus the above statusin the competition.We were narrowlybeatenby the OldhamARC by only % a point so that showshow closewe were onceagainto actuallywinningthe trophy. Pleaseseebelow the commentsfrom eachof thejudgesextractedfrom a copy of the Club SpotlightCompetitionEntry Adjudicationsheetsentto mefrom Rob MannionG3)GD editor of the PracticalWirelessMagazine. * * t * * * * * * * rr {( r. * r,.* * * * * {. tr r. * t * * * * * X * * * 1(* * * * * * {. 'f '* * * {. rf * * * * * * X.* X.* * * * i. * ,t * * {. * * * * X * * d.* * * * * * * * r. * * * * * 't * '1.* * rr * * * * X<

COMMENTS FROM DAVE WILKINS GsHY Very niceindeed. Good typefaceandpagelayout. Goodmix of clubnewsandwider information.


COMMENTS FROM JIM BACON G3LYA Anotherexcellentresultfrom the C&PSARC. Good qualityprintrngandniceuseof graphicsandphotos. Especiallylikedthe bandreportssection.


COMMENTS FROM DAVID BARLOW G3PLE As oneissuecontainsmy life story I hadbetternot commenton content Anotherbrilliant setof newslettersfrom this group of radio amateurs. Beinghypercritical- therewasa blankpage!!! But look what canbe donewith photosC&PS


COMMENTSFROM TEX SWANNG1TEX Simple,yet effective"newsletter". Gooduseofcolour throughoutanda niceread. A slightchangeof layoutin the lastonemadeit an easierread.


COMMENTS FROM ROB MANMON G3FXD Theygo from strengthto strength. No critical cofirmentsto make. well doneC&PSARC'


t<*{.***rr***--J?t*-UJij9**********t(*'&i(:&{.{<i<**:1.r.*:k***'1.****: ****x<*t(t **ri.*{<t ****{.*******t<**x'tc***r.*****i.**{<'t It hasonceagainbeenfun taking part andif we hadcomelast, well that's the way it goes"it is the taking part that counts.If the competitionis onceagainrun in 2001,whichI amassuredit will, our entrywill be undera "new producef i.e. John GMTOLQ so it will be interestingto readthejudgescommentson the change.I know Johnwill be producingan equallyhigh standardnewsletterasRon hasdonein the past. Lastly, onceagainRon thanksfor all your effortsin producingour Newsletterover the pastyearsyou mustbe very proud on what you haveachieved,well onefrom us all. Bob GM4IJYZ

#&SSA6E Eff;.A$sfHg ge@gAfffi6 ai$68 H9WS sUMSseN below. As it affectsus all thenI feel it is Tommyphonedmyselfduringthe beginningofNovemberregardingthe message worth attending.

NEWSFOR SCOTLAND Tom Menzies,GMIGEQ, ZonalCouncilMemberfor Scotland,hasadvisedus that a meetinghasbeenarrangedon behalfof the 13thof December.It beginsat 8pmprompt theRSGBfor all membersof Scottishclubson Wednesday by Mr PeterShepPolworth Terrace" Edinburgh.Themeetingwill be addressed in theLargeHall, OrwellLodgeHotel,29 regional new RSGB England, who will explain the Member for the North of pard, G4EJP,Zonal Council the hopethattherewill be a andTom hasexpressed Themeetingis opento RSGBmembersandnon-members, organisation. 0l3l 229 1044. hotel, its number is you instructions on finding the night. If need on the largeturnout Bob GM4UYZ

A.R'C' & PortSeton Cockenzie ggps



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KalininAsiaticRussia(UA9), ;xS eJ5), Polaxd(SP),Iceland(TF),

* 3?ty#+;r";rfffrlH#Hffii:[ffi-ffiil':

thanks thistime month healthier Analtogether i:,11.:_gTy$:,i:f #;:-"::i,:""t1?i,lir"iff*i1ff"#:,tffiX*'?, Contest. That contestcertainlyseemsto Oltl? SSB :::y."i" N;;;;; Chssesand alt of the iay to day ctub adminwork, out of the woodworkl Many peoplehaveworked::,*,J:tf i'"U^;U+UVZ managedto get an update in this month. largenumbersof new ones,includingsomeof the riT:3,O" ;OmtV SSB to the rescueagainwith a few more new ones. countries,in the contest. Hereis the info I havereceiv.d-;-. ifu *"r". .. l*'"ffIz: Llkraine(UR) ; Zllllllz: Cyprus(S'), Jim MMOBQI was first offhis marksand sent.i,:T'Ijp,^11"" il;;""" HungaryftrA), Bulgaria rs@A6), Balearic Is(cr3), '(ra;;r"pean giving totals again togetherwith a sulnmarv Russia(uA1),Gbrattar(zB2); 28MHz : Mo"t,T: lt#*tj Someof the betterones,mainlyduringthe CQWW SSBCon- '"-" ;Anin& Merila(EAe)' ceuta

been. hehadover700esbs,have testwhen f;t ::ffsoe(ii?i?t;#"J;9ff'' -ltlq"Svalbard "'l*"" " Venezuela(YV}Malaysia(9M8), TMtIz: prus{584)" (JW),Kuwait(9K),FrenchGuiana(FY);loNC',' ;ffi; lrd-8), i#ffi; Galapagos (Jw); laMHz : Surinam(pZ),

monthat GM0CLN'largelvdueto theGQWWssB i y::t whichI managed amountof activityin' a reasonable :1"t",t1'

*" t:*";*g$i liir:T,#fl#' French creenluno(oxj, irnryc,enaaa(r3), ffi"";;iJl,t;,Tl ffif' H.ffi Antigua& Barbuda(V2)'^t:15_t' zllvftIz : Ecuador(HC), l4MHz :

Katiningrad(UA2); fr;: Liechtenstein(llB0), caicos(vP5);28MHz: chile(cE),Argentina(LU),:nff vro-rolco(cN), KaMadeiraIs(cr3), Eire(EI),Alaska(KLT), (584), Frenchst Martin(FS),United*'o Madeira Morocco(cl.{), israer(4X), 2r:r,.'&rz: ;;""il :Tiit:liil ep;,); Is(ZF),Taiwan@V) Anotherhighlight,this Cayman Moldova(nRj,ertoniups), LiechtenEritrea@3), i;(C?;i l1**:l VHF, was"hearingandalmostworkingVK6DIR on 6m!" -,:-; switzerland(IlB9)'Japan(JA)'Alaska(Kl7)' 6 u' on;ffi 8l o''rtr onrIF andu )urgor whopping Jimaddsanother ' -* ;;";;;;, :'T-(ryO)' Austria(oE),Finland(oH),slovakRepublic 'nru Lebanon(oD), month,

has who M'BEX rohn was tosubmit Nexr *r \ ^' 1 *:l::ll:1 [:H"Tffi?*,tr$:"ffi:dryt';?,r#tt?;*]t1, fiom contestsover the pastfew months. His lastupdatewas 28MHz: IsinJunesohehasafewtoadd. Thenew"r.r;;:-:-;i;;, Croatia(9A),Spain(EA),Betarus(EU),Itafvfrl,-ii*aniiOttl, slovak Republic(oM),Denmark(oZ),Sweden(;ffi'A#;

Ukraine(lIR); Kalininsrad(UA2)' Uganda(5X)'United Arab Emirates(A6)'Portugal ::*!oX), s^l"i"@A)' BalearicIs(EA6)' canaryIs(EA8)' ceuta & 19T]l *;i;-1tt4'

o,a*orr'o.;illiior'j :sovereignMilitary (se;r+NaHz H],'111f,:3);"ffi"ff+frru"1;#?{ffi'r1i,ll

ii,:{if*6i,::*,T,f'k.'fi'1?ii'#rh"fi::#ry, x*f:Fl,,",."1*,,}ffiHfs,,:* grad(UA2), Uzbekistan(UM;, Kazakhstan(UN)' yugoslavia(vuy, Mufj]ff f ii^1, \-':/':' l"ttningradeAl), CanaOage), Barbuda(V2); l8MHz : Liechtenstein(HB0),Anttgua & ceOoni,alZs);50MHz : Lithuania{KO24 KO25)' Denmark Barbuda(V2) ; 216rz: Malta(9H),Balearictrfi"6:"#[ IPez); r44Mrrz: England(Ioe4)' sweden(JP82'

French G"i*u(F9:?i#(d st Martin(FS), (F),French **i;i(;3Jla;; Liechtenstein(IrB0), Switzerland(IrB9),

999t1: me59moreonIIF and9 moreonvHF' :ii:fl.*s

e'rs#l?Izij1*ff+T#r*q**r:::llT'*::""ir',:ruf:::i:[: Norway(Lei, ldrp2), (rA), usvirgin

Netherlands Faroe Is(O!, Denmark(OZ), ;'' -.t-t Republic(OK), g:::T:the 2000tableswill beendingsoonso getvourfinal J;";;;i;i*l (pA),corsica(rK),Antisua& Barbuda(v2),

;;;;-t *ltru;;:ffirt'lTil,#*;, ;X"#:1,1T;ffili;: leuta & M"rn"(EAE, spain(b,Ay, )cr,;nr": Malta(glf),Zanrbia"'","Barbuda(V2),;29lvfrIz: Uganda(5X), countl 2000will until midnighton 31'tDecember ffi#;(a-;' (9J),Kuwait(9K).unitedArabEmirates(ne), H* lo and73untilnextmonth' DX cooa portugar(cr),Eritrea(E3), s"ru;"&l;]iloi' Estonia(ESi, colin GM0cLN land(GlvI),PuertoRico(KP4),Lithuania(LY),Sint Maartin (Tablesoverpage)

0Eg$5J trJffig$ G$gSSWOBS 2

CluesAcross 1.A Tool 6. A boxingblow 7. A magazine 8. A drink I. Judy'smate

CluesDown 1.Vegetable 2. Sheep 3. Chickens 4. Oceans 5. A longTime

for this one. Thanksto Stewart(GMTDRY)


l l




Cockenzie & Port$etonA,R.C.

Page 7

Cockeneig& Port $etoq ARGAnnuql VHFIUHFTableAs Of 15th HgvemErr 200O Callsirn 3MOCLN



Lasl UDdEte O&Nov-o€ t+Nov-O0 l3'Aro-






50MHz otru l Sar 13 0


0 0






70MHz Ctn Snr o 0

squani 30l

32 . r*S-:ir.lii,:'&.: Ii: I ll.rEE:i 12 3S





5 2





lz I




o o

S|rr 0 0

,: *,ii



4 1







Grend Total 172

50 28 21 12 5



89 62







103 o


VHF/UF{F Scores are the total number of DXGC countries end Maidenhead loeator squares worked on eac*t band.

Cocrenzie & Port Seton ARC Annual HF Tablg 4s Of 15th tlovember 20O0 La$t lallsicn





l lrrlnie


3t-Oct40 14 10-Mav-




17 0



6 :



7 .'8{}. rI 51 45 54

to :E

.} ''l 9F |

1A ?5


10, l r.,+ f,: 63 59 43


0 0





06-Mav-0( 1-Nov-00











tMH zl






537 E

to 1?



76 51







utang Total







102 86 55


109 56




Total DXCC

35 1

HF Scores are the total number of OXCC countrie$ worked on eac*r band e Band Leading gcore For €ach Band L


with two linearson the operatingtable. Being nieveI thought they mustbe tunedto differentbandswith differentantennas This yearsconventionwas attendedby about 60 DXers from to aid quick bandchangesbut NO ! all over the country. The talks were well balancedwith Different antennasyes,but drivenfrom the samerig, oneamp GM3WOJ looking at practieal contest techniques. Chris's andantennafireslots ofpower into Europeto "keepour frewealthofexperienceandsuccessshonethroughandprovided quencyclear"while the other ampandantennais usedto muchfood for thought.A theoreticallectureon the possible work the conteststations.Do theyreallyonlyhave200watts origins (within thunder storms)of sporadicE. With lots of at eachanterma? No , I dont think so either.They are dramatic slides and theories from six meter expert Bill, CHEATING andbreakingtheir licenseconditions.They are GM4DGT. Then camethe mouth wateringbits... operationscheatingthemselvesandyou andI if we put in a fair entry. Is it anybetter in the restrictedsectionwherepower is limited from far awayplacesandtropical islands! usedat lessthan 10meters Two different DXpeditions were coveredthe highly profes- to 100wattsandsingleantennas sional Myanmar XZ0A outing and the budget operationsto aboveground? I want to think so, asI strugglewith my diKanton/Tokelau by Steve,G4EDG. Both were very success-pole andmy vertical andwhateverI canget out of the rig to be heardandmakethe QSOs. ful andhighlightedthe differenttypesof DXpeditioning. of contestdes is almosta radio All in all a great day with the addedbonusof meetingmany Imaginativeinterpretation new and interestingpeoplswho shareour hobby. Maybe see sport in its own right anduntil contestorganisersclearup the 'greyareas'itwill quite rightly remainso. Howeverthereis no you therenext year? dubietyregarding"400 watts at the antennafeedpoint" and eCINfESd0N6Stfrag$"o " .... not exceedinglOm agl" or amIjust too nieve? A GgNgSlAgeGflON lH fEA!#S Pg JimMartin During the recentI# Conventionin WindsorI wasbrowsing MMOBQI throughsomeconteststationphotosandsawa greatsetup





Cockenzie & Port$etonA.R.C.

Page I

vw9wwwpwwwwwwv p wwP@pPpPw@v p www wwwvwwvwwvwwwww@ 9 p :susars --" ss&sffir w


W w w

meetingin Edinburghon -^,h 136 fi H"r" is the finallist for the year2000. Pleasenotethe mainadditionwhichis anRSGB $p December.... P @


p lst Clubnightin the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pmtill late ARRL 160Meter CW Contest,22-I6UTC. Full rulesareavailableon the internetat 9 l-3'o htto://www.arrl.o{g/contests/announcementVrules-l60m.html t r++l,nf, AffiliatedSocietiesCont*rt (5 stationsperteam!)09-17UTC nffi V s'o 9 Strc^ ARRL 10Meter Contest,00-24UTC. You canenterSSB,CW or BOTH. Full rulesareavailableon the int.*1t* htto://www.arrl.ore/contests/announcemenls/rules-l0m.htrnl Y H':*RSGBt'l""@el1LodgeHote1'29PoIwarthTerrace,Edinburghstartingat8pm.Thex G4EJP,ZonalCouncilMemberfor theNorth of England,who meetingis to be addressed by PeterSheppard K rruvrieru non-members Themeetingis opento RSGBmembers and*v'-r'v'ruvrD RSGB regional the new organisation. will explain 6 anl 1044 on Tel. zzg If necessary the hotel can be contacted alike. b 14-16UTCeachday 5al70ll44/432MFlz ChristmasCumulatives b 26-29- RSGB p JANUARY RSGB 1441t&lzUKActivity Contest(IKAC) 8pm-llpm localtime P 2* (7\/ft12)10-12UTC 6^ LF CW Cumulatives P RSGB 144MIlzCW ContestI0-16UTC ie 9 (3.5MHz) l6-l8UTC LF CW Cumulatives @ t* LFcwCumulatives(l.8Ml{z) 20-22UTC P se ClubnightintheThorntreelnn,PortSeton,Tpmtilllate 9 tln (3.5MlIz) I6-18UTC LF CW"Cumulatives P t:'n niCe lolr,ft{, Cumulatives Contestlo-l2uTc P t+emf*"ii""ieties3.5MtIzCWTeamContest,14-18UTC.Weplantoenterateamforthisoneandfive f i4t r"tl""t r"r.ount towardsthe final score. You canenterfrom homeor /P if you like andevenif you makea X tw

P P P P V @ X Y I P $ W P W P V V V V W W

p ffi il:il:ffi?ffiH'l"n'fl*1j;i#ru:n.iJ::'ffi*x:::3x#1"tT:,' w W 11: p 20^ 9 P I zt" 9 zs* 9^ ne P ZA* Y^-" Y za" W rr*

uorn \r1vruLL1\or Doo you right track. on the GM4u YZ newerthetime andthey will keep (1.8MlIz), 20-22UTC LF CW Cumulatives 3.5MHz SSBTeamContest,l4-l8UTC. We planto enteraleamfor this onetoo. Three Affliated Societies stationscancounttowardsthefinal scorein this eventso evena singleQSOcouldhelpthe clubteamagain. Pleasemakean effort to enter! ContactColin GM0CLN or Bob GM4UYZ nearerthe time for further info. (7MHz), 10-I2UTC LF CW Cumulatives LF CW Cumulatives(1 SMHz), 20-22UTC (7MHz), I0-12UTC LF CW Cumulatives L*.urtri* ndly at LancasterUniversity. Accessis fairly straightforwardfrom M6 Jn34,atalk-in will be moreinfo is availablefrom G0GVA on Tel.0l772 621954 ""Ji"Ufr'-O T}MrlzCumulativesContest lO-l2LJ-fC RSGB (3 sMHz), I6-18UTC LF Cw Cumulatives

W ff

P @ P @ P V V W n Y v

bryBRU{|y...'":""::'*"'""-"'':*'"^"'"_ 2: Club nightin the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pmtill late


P uancn


b 4321\frlzAffiliatedSocietiesContest,09-l5UTC b 4': 144\ftIzUKAaivitycontest(UKAc)Bpm-llpmlocaltime 6*. RSGB @ p 1l* RSGB70\&Iz Cumulatives Contestl0-l2lrfc I 24/25th TMHZDX CW Contest,15-09UTC RSGB 70};/[IzCumulatives ContestI0-12UTC 9 ZS* 9 z'o

W W P W p I

Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pmtill late


9 :t+*

l4-t4urc RscBi+4qlz\,ftt"conrest


P o* P iOlf f" -

Activity Contest(IIKAC) 8pm-i1pmlocaltime RSGB 1441\/frIzUK C".*"r*""fthContest, 10m-80mCW,I2-12IJTC.


to-tzurc nicn;;nfir, cumulatives contest

K ta*

InfofromPeterc6ccFonTel.0l5l 6305790. NORBRECKRa1Iy,Blackpool.

Y v

P i;;














I honeyou all havea wonderfulChristmasanda veryHappyNew Year. Seeyou in 2001!



& p @9ww9wvwp@p w@@@-w@qwwww @wwwww wwP p v @wwwI v@@vwww

& PortSetonA.R.C, Cockenzie

UtF fltO SOCC aESflCJS * te?

eFF tt3



The resultsof YHF NFD 2000 are now availableand we have done very well this year, with the exceptionof our 70cm score! We enteredthe restrictedsectionand our band placingswere 50MHz : 1st from 21, TAlvftIz: 2nd from 13, 144\&lz:lst from 22, 432MIlz: l9th from 20, Overall: 2nd from 15. As a resultwe arethe first Scottishstationin the RestrictedSectionandwin the CockenzieQuaich! More detailsof our scoringandthat of BordersRS (who were alsoin the RestrictedSection)is asfollows... 50MHz Restricted Pos Callsien/P 1 MMOCPS 2 G4BRA


70MHz Restricted Po$ Callsien/P 1 GI3PDN MMOCPS 2 13 GMOBPY


144MH?Rpstricted Pos Callsien4 1 MMOCPS 2 G4ERP 10 GMOBRS


432MHz Restricted Pos Callsienl? i G4BRK 2 G3FJE 13 GMSBDX 19 MMOCPS


ro81xw IO92XA IO85XT IO85RU

1296MHzRestricted Loc Pos Callsisn/P 1 G3UAX IO91GI IO85XT 4 GMsPNN

Norm OSO 1000 170 944 186

Pwr 100 100

Ant 6Y 8Y

oso 6l 38 6

Pwr 100 70 100

Ant 6 I dipole

Score Norm OSO 138645 1000 r94 656 323 97020 52723 380 113

Pwr 100 100 100


Score 229658 21678s

Score Norm 1000 t9757 13031 660 1057 54

Scgre 32481 20961 6338 1745

Norm 1000 645 195 54

Score 9734 1493

Norm OSO 1000 52 153 6

135 r07 26 l3

BestDX Z22tE IY4NE

km 8775 3763


km 558 t64l 582

Ant r7Y l2Y l4Y


km 2503 2289 2340

PWr 100 100 100 50

Ant 21Y 28Y 21Y 21Y


km 903 633 587 590

Pwr 100 80

Ant 2m dish t.6m dish


km 608 lJt

Overall RestrictedSection 50MHz Pts TO]s[Ha Pts 144MHz Pts 432}IHz Pts 1296MHz Pts Total PosClub G3WOI 530 G3WOI 518 G3UAX 1000 2891 I SplintersCG G3NVO 843 2713 2 Cockenzie& PS ARC MMOCPSIOOOMMOCPS660 MMOCPS1OOOMMOCPS 54 2477 GI3PDN 528 GI3PDN IOOOGI4GTY 352 GI4GTY 196 3 LaganValley 782 9 BorderARS GMOBPY54 GMOBRS380 GMsBDX I95 GMSPNNI53 LothiansRS (GM3HAMIP) were in the OpenSectionthis year andfinished6th out of 17. Theywere first Scottishstation in this sectionandwin the TartanTrophy. Also in the OpenSectionwere HighlandContestGroup(GMOFRG)andAllan Duncan(GM4ZUK). Theresultswereasbelow... 50MHz Onen Pos CallsienlP I GDOEMG 3 GM3HAM


Score Norm OSO 370564 1000 332 190568 514 2A5

Pwr 400 400

Ant 2x7Y+2xiY 9Y


km 4033 2436

& PortSetonA.R.C. Cockenzie 6



Page 10






Score Norm OSO 93 29008 1000 15232 525 48

Pwr 160 160

Ant 2x8,2x7 ll


km 575 571


Pwr 400 400 400 400

Ant 4x 15Y+4x9Y 4x 13Y 17Y 2xt7Y


km 2567 2553 2494 602

Ant 4x2AY +4x l7Y

km 889 6A2 656

km 677 656



70MHz Open Pos Callsisn/P 1 GDOEMG 3 GM3HAM


1"44MIIzOnen Pos Callsisn/P 1 GDOEMG 3 GM4ZUK I2 GM3HAM 20 GMOFRG


432MHz Onen Pos C4llsienlP 1 G3SDC 6 GM3HAM 8 GMOFRG


Score 73403 12813 8145

Norm OSO 1000 327 175 49 111 21

Pwr '400

1296MHzOnen Pos Callsign/P I M1CRO 4 GMOFRG


$core Norm OSO 1000 96 28073 10906 388 28

Overall 0pen Section 50MEz PosClub I TheNorthernlights GD0EMG 6 ThelothiansRS GM3HAM 8 HighlandCG GM0FRG 10 GM4ZUK

Score Norm 26A879 i000 887 231489 55811 214 24140 93

597 335 172 82

Pts 70l'IHz Pts 1000 GDoEMG 1000 514 GM3HAM 525 416




4 xLl Y


Pwr 100 400

Ant 8 x 23ele 4 x 49ele



Pts 432MHz 1000 GDOEMG 214 GM3HAM 93 GMOFRG 887

Pts 1296MHzPts 809 175 111 GMoFRG388

Total 3809 r428 1008 887

Finally,in the Low Power Section,David GM4WLL hadto travel Souththis yearandwasunableto renewhis alliancewith JimMM0BQI. As a resultDavidenteredasG4WLL from YorkshireandJimenteredusinghis own callsignfrom David's usualsite. Despitethe fact thatDavidhada higherscorehe didn't qualifyfor the ScottishTrophydueto his locationSouth of the border. Jimis thereforethe leadingScottishstationin theLow PowerSectionandwinsthe ScottishTrophyon his own this year(hewon it with David lastyear!). Thenumbersareshownbelow... 50MHz Low Power Pos Callsien/P 1 GSOHM l0 MMOBQT

Lgg IO82XJ rossNR

Score 205698 36547

Norm OSO 1000 220 r78 30

Pwr 25 25

Ant 6Y 3Y


km 3795 2052

144MHzLow Power Pos Callsisn/P I G4IVH 7 G \NI,L 12 MM0BQT


Score 47710 25794 10770

Norm OSO 1000 149 541 6l 36 226

Pwr 25 25 8

Ant 17Y

Best DX YO4ATW LZ1KWT Flc\affP

km 2198 2353 7ar

Score 8259 412

Norm OSO 37 1000 503

P:vr 25

Ant 2lY

432MHz Low Power Loc Pos Callsisn/P I G3NJA ro80DQ 10 G4WLL IO94KH

sZL 13Y

BestDX km GI4LKGIP 435 GDOEMG/P 234

Cockenzie & Port$etonA,R,C.

Page 11

0verall Low Power Section 50MHz Pts 70M.W Pts 144MHz Pts 432i0trHz Pts 1296MHzPts Total PosClub I SouthBirminghamRs G8OHM 1000 GSOHM 1000 G30HM 595 2595 G4WLL 541 G4WLL 50 591 9 David Dodds VnfOgqI fZ8 MM0BQI 226 12 JimMartin 403 Oneor two otherinterestingMMOCPS/Pfactsfor you from the resultstables... (l) We werethe only groupto work outsidethe UK (Slovenia55IDD on 70MHz. (2) We hadthe 2* BestDX overallon 50MHz(only l lkm lessthanbest!). (3) We hadthe 3'oBestDX overallon 144MHz. (a) Our 5OMFIZscorewould haveplacedus 3'doverallin the OpenSection. scoresshowsthat we only lost a smallpercentage of our scoresduringadjudication. Comparingour claimedandadjudicated (50MHz),3.94% UA}#Iz.), 2.91o/o (l44lvIIIz) atd 0o/o(432MIIZ)showshow well we werelogging. We Lossesof A.42olo andalsothe overallresult. shouldall be very pleasedwith this performance If you want to look at the fulI results they should be availablenow on the VHF Contest Committeeweb page at http://wuq/ or alternativelycontactme and I can e-mail you a copy in Microsoft (and more Excel Spreadsheet format. Well doneto all thoseinvolvedand here'shopingfor an evenbetterperformance please!) year. next sporadic-E 73 ColinGMOCLN

efrA,Hgs eF EaegQa As many of you will haveheard,Ron Brown GM4IKU is giving up editing the newsletterafter manyyearsof outstanding service.He has beeninstrumentalin guiding the newsletterto its cuffent format which has lvon severalawardsin the PW newslettercompetition.I am sureyou would like to join with me in extendingour thanksto Ron for his work over the years on the newsletterandwishhim a 'happyretirement'! I havebeen'persuaded'to stepinto Ron's shoesandtakeover editingthe newsletter,I havesomeexperience in desktoppublishingandI hopeto be ableto bringa freshlook andnewideasto the newsletter. As always- the newsletter lives and dieson its content- providedby you, without articles- howevershort,tlere is nothing to print. I am happyto includeall sortsof articles,rig reviews(boughtanythingnew?),contestreports (sat freezingin a field lately?), operatingreports(worked anythinginteresting?)aswell asall tlle usualbits (events,contests,ladders,anagrams,for saleetc.) I canhandlephotos(scans,jpg, printed),and documentsin just aboutanyformatyou careto mention(Word, Lotus, Excel" Publisher,text). Sendarticlesto me at gm? with the word 'newsletter'in the subject,if you don't haveinternetaccessyou can sendmaterialvia packetto Bob Glasgowat GM4UYZ@.GB7EDNandhe will forward it to me. Now is your opportunityto makea real contributionto the life of the club by gettingyourselfin print - so get writingl JohnInnesGMTOLQ &NO FANA&&V"a lsaalas as eo) saa WhenBob GMOKDCarrivedat the club one night aroundaboutMarch 1993he had what was to be the first of our club's newsletterin his possession. At that time havinga computerwasvery new to mostpeopleandBobsideawasthat we produce a monthlynewsletterto be distributedto membersat eachclub night. This ideawas well receivedby all membersandBob continuedto producethe newsletteruntil September of that yearwhenI took overthe publication. I don't think any of the membersat that time had an inkling that some9 yearslater the CockenzieandPort SetonAmateur RadioClub 's Newsletterwould still be goingstrongwith the good reputationit has.This hadbeendueto the contributions we have had from membersespecially&om Bob GM4UYZ and Colin GM0CLN who have submittedmonthly articlesfor everynewsletterwhich havebeenenjoyedby all. I haveenjoyedpreparingthe newslettereachmonthbut asI havesaidpreviously I find the task of new presentationssomewhatdifficult andthat the newsletterneedsa makeoverto continuewith its success.This is the reasonthat this copyis my last andthat I'm surethat handingover to JOHN GMOOLQwill enablethe clubnewsletterto go from strengthto strength.I wish him everysuccess andhopethat he will get good supportfrom you all for future editions. I appreciatevery muchthe thanksand good will I havereceivedin the last month or so and now handthe reinsover to you ..MerryChristmas To all... John... RonGM4IKU

3gl * f€


N Gt' N N louJ


< \oC

t rt

tYN=@-<3 { r .lN- \ON-{< O tr, O.



U JN- .oNt, OU JO.

NN- Os | ,

\o u )

N t!- @ - r , €t\}r ,l

NNr - !( ,

( 'N - \ON {/l c) trJ o.

lrN-€ l\ , o ur o.

@- - t r

(rN --(rJ _ $ \tO

NJ- - ( Jl OtoN


NN- 6


NN.\| 6- .tr



.,,.::: :::::..:

N O. \O -N

f;,::. ,:,'.,,,

N N-6 N ()

,.,:',, :i ;:,::

N &

w *

< - Od'


f o

-t -n

Lr, -A



N l !- {

?L -C

\o u )



'.El .N Si ,6\i $ .St,



o s

6-, ...*

-O It


\O N,l Ul


N, 6 * N< Q

NN- @- { \O N Lr!

r.J--uJ{ +\rO

tr N- \ONJ' n

N *--tr'n tI 6-

O ur o.

NN-6-9 \O N (Jt

IA: ritj








NN-{ C 0- $

N --$ u t@ -


N--U1 O \\O N

N- - tI' Tl O.\ON


: ;:.:: i:r:.


N N-S- - n €Nul


:,.1,1.'i::i: i,].,





N ('t6-

NN-6 \l C) trJ


,nx :rg

?L -D t

UJN- - tl,< - A:lO

NJ- - UJ6


k N --U r -+!o

N- - ${ ut@-

N N-! S -$

t:::.'. ,i:1,,


N4-(JUh S\l()

N d- U t( ^ 6.\ON

N - {a F , ( ^

N N - c n{/r


( .r lS-


c) c) \8;'


NN -\.1


@- A


<r_E .€ -

( r ,tN- - { ^, - S:lO N- - * ut@lv- - ( ' t O,\ON

UJN- €N{ Ol xO.

NN- 6 { c) uJ


U r N - €N i c ) uJ ( ^

N- - ( ,' n

NN- !


U J N - - qr T l - A\O

N,r *- + .( ^ uro-


N tv - O - l \O lv (Jl

S- . t r

N - d+6 r J tS-



H 6:o



N-- ( n O\ \O F.J




tr N- \ON<

l \| - - ttt S \a) lv

NrNJ- ! 6 -*


( ,N- - { ,r r { - 1 tr r lo N- - ATl 9ro-

NN-6 ! O

tv- - u I O.\ON

NN -6- ' n € N('

o( ^) o.

NN- O- { E


. oNr r l o(^)o

N ddl 'r n( , O '.ON


<3 o g

<D g

N--UJ sNo

t N--A Ln6-

NN-O .O N ul

(,N -- ( r ,,( ^

NN- 6 t, \to ( ,

( .r ,N - r O C) r,r, o'

fI], T





N- - Un6 o ,€ N

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o I6 Jr r o +' :(Dr,

N N _s l 0o- +

(r}N_\ON( , C) tx or

-A :l O


D + - '1O :f

NN-\ @-A

SN;@-<il + \o






A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton

Page 12

eapwwasss GMf The preparation Like manyIIF contests,CQ World Wide takesa bit of planning.The mentalpreparation,well instead andvariousplanningdiscussions, beforethe physical.I won't boreyou with the administration I'll just let you know whatwe did andhow we did it. 25eOciober2000whenIain startedon the eveningof Wednesday Thephysicalpreparations ffMlCbP) deliveredhis caravanto the holdingfacility. It wasdarkwhenhe arrivedsotherewasn't anymoredonethat night.Iainscaravanis a mostusefultool, asnot only is it idealfor a contestshack, but it's big enoughto takeall ofthe scaffoldingpoles,andFIFantennas. ThursdayafternooncameandI foundmyselfat a bit of a looseend."I knott/' I thought"I'll load Iainscaravanandswappositionswith mineat the siteI keepit at". This solvesthreeproblems:at my QTH. I don't haveto storetwo caravans l. They'll bothbe loadedin goodtime' 2. We don't haveto rushto loadthingson Friday. 3. Friday morningcameandthe teamwent to work. On Friday afternoo4 Robert(MM0ANT) andI went to the sitethat Johns(MM0CCC) tower is kept andtowed it to Tranent.After a bit of manoeuwing,thereweretwo caravansand a 60ft tower outsidemy QTH, loadedandreadyto go. John andI loadedourrespectivecarsandwe met with Robertat around2:45PM.A11trailerswere hitchedon andwe were off The physicalgraft We got to theBarnesNesssiteat about4PM andwerewarmly metby Landles(GM4XZZ).We immediatelysetabouterectingthe antennafarm.Johnhada planfor this in his mind sothe restof us prettymuchfollowedhis instruction.Iain (MMlCPP) anived andwaswearinga suit ( we thoughtperhapshe wasjoining theBBC contestgroup).Iain got changedandsetaboutthe graft. After a coupleof hours,we hadbuilt and erectedtwo IIF tri-bandyagiswith towersandrotatorsetc"1W3DZZ dipole for 40 and 80, 1 doubleextendedzeppfor 40m,Johnstri-band vertical antennaand a Butternutvertical. Sometime in amongstall of this goingo4 Brian M5BAP (who I met at morsecamp)arrivedandmadecommentthat we had donea that'strue,but we lot of work in only two hours.I suppose very well together work club we all as a him that explainedto

and just get on with what needsdoing! (a pat on the back for

all ofus thenl) Robertleft to go to a worksnight out. Shortly after 6PM we hearda rumbling,whenwe that whatthe increasingnoisewas,we discovered investigated kindly was (it's huge) This our generatorwasarriving. at Blue Circleandwasoursfor donatedby the management the durationofthe contest.After the sitewaslit up like the multi operatorstation Blackpool,it wastime to assemble in Iainscaravan.I saidbeforethat it's a big caravanbut there a just aint enoughroomfor 5 peopleto try andassemble stationso Landles,Iain, andbrian were sentto Dunbarfor the the conteststationscomprisingof :Pizzasetc.By the time theyreturned,JohnandI hadassembled l. 2 x FTIOOOMPs 2. 2 X NetworkedPC's for logging 3. 2XFL2|00Z linearamplifiersfor 400W(nominalat the antenna) cables 4. All associated We all hadour teaandwerepreftymuchreadyto go on air by 8:30PMandall sortsof testsand traininggoingon.

Cockenzie A.R.C. & PortSeton

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The bombshelldrops Without anyonebeingtoo closeto it, oneof the tablesgaveway andtherewasMany Poundslying in a heapon the floor. All wasok apartfrom a few scratches, dentsandbruises.Thetablewashurriedly rebuilt re-assembled all tests weregood.LandlesandIain retiredfor a and the station and strengthened, while to allow John,Brian andI get startedat 12:40. The contest.,.......finally ! Come12002 we wereawaylike a heardof turtles,QSOleadto QSOandastime went on there werelessandlesscallsof CQ Contest,thesewerereplacedby "QRZ GM2T" asthe pile upsgradually began.Brian startedto operateandaftera while andwasworkingthe pile upslike a pro. I haveto say at this point,It wasrefreshingto haveBrianjoin us for this contestashe fitted in well with the team andI'm surethat you'll all meethim soon.As the contest went on, more andmore exoticDX wasbeingworked with regularcontacts with VK, VU. PY, JA"CE.......needI go on? Morning came,andit wastime for the lesserspotted XZZIo treatus all with his culinaryexpertise.Bacon,black puddingandsausage weredaintilyclasheddownupongreat hunksofbread,dishedout, andaccompanied by copious amountsof teaandcoffee(for which we wereall thankful). Bob (GM4UYZ) wasthe first visitor to arrive andhe washurriedlvshovedin front of a radio andtold to "set on with it andshoutinto that!" which he duly did. We did havesomeinteractionbetweenthe bandsbut we just hadto geton with it. We didn't havetheusualrota systemin placethis yearaswe knewit wasjust goingto be the hardened few of us for the majorityof thetime. We did havea couplemorevisitors, oneof which wasfrom Robertswork QTH andis GM0???.He didn't staylongunfortunately,this is a realpity asRoberttells methat he's a prettyexperienced contester.Justbeforeour mysteryguestleft, Colin (GM0RLZ) arrived.He quietly announcedthat he hadsomekit with him andcouldwe find a usefor it?. "what kit do you havewith you ?" hewasasked."Oh, my Alpha anda coupleof bandpassfilters" he replied.To say his handoffis anunderstatement. Theband we snapped passfilters workedextremelywell, allowingus to operate on bandscloseto eachotherwith little or no interaction. We pluggedhis Linear in andtunedit into a dummy load,it wasdifficult to keepfrom grinningasthe power meterswungup past1.5KW.This washuniedly connected to our "really lossy"coaxandwe wereoffagain.I've got to saythat it was a pleasureto work with this linear and it really helpedto createandbustthroughthe pile ups.Early on Saturdayevening,Bob left for home,Colin left for homebut very kindly left his kit. This left orr meil:ybandof S.Moresuppliesweresoughtfrom Dunbar,we ateandsettleddownfor anothernightscontesting.JohnInnes(GMTOLQ)arrivedto operatefor a while. And they call it wireless? This is a view ofthe backofone ofthe stations.the otherone is prettymuchthe same. Q. Wouldwe haveit anyotherway ? A. Of coursewe would,BIGGER ll

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All that wind ! The weather had taken a real turn for the worse during the evening and shelter was sought in both

the operatingandrest caravans.I managedto get a few hourssleepbut was alwaysawareof the abysmalweather I canremember it wasreally rockingthe caravans. worrying aboutthe antennasystemthroughmy sleepand wokeup with a startasI sawthreebodiesrunningpastthe caravan.I thoughtthat the tower had camedown but the I think it wasabout2:45 rushwasonly to filI the generator. AM whenoneof the stationshadto be packedawaydueto equipmentfailureandwe soldieredon with one,andonly oneantennathat worked.We calledandcalledbut somethingseemedwrong.No materwherewe pointedthe beam,we weren'tgettinganything.The rotator appearedto be faulty andwe notedthat the beamwasturning of its own freewill. We all gave in andsettleddownfor a bit of kip. The aftermath Upon inspectionofthe externaldamageat daylight,it wasevidentthatthis hadbeenonehell of a wind. The W3DZZ was snapped, the feederwasrippedoffof the doubleextendedzepp,the polethatthe Moselywason wasin the air but bent,andthebeamon top ofthe 60ft towerwas spinninglike a helicopter.We too the beam down anddiscoveredthat the bolts holding the rotatorto the cagehadworked out andthat the rotator was actually OK . We hurriedly set aboutgettingour now single stationbackon the air andTheLesserSpotterXZZ stafiedto cookoncemore!Oncemorewe weregrateful andsetaboutcallingCQ contest. The wind down Colin arrivedto retrievehis linearetc andleft, Brian alsohadto go homeat aboutteatime to preparefor work the followingday.This left John,Iain, LandlesandI, at about8:30PM we decided that we'd workedeverybodythat we couldhearandthatit wastime to relaxwith a smallshandy.We hada few shandiesandfell asleep.Thecontestfinishedandwe all woke at about9:00AM andstarted to dismantlethe remainingequipmentandTheLesserSpottedXZZ startedtocookoncemore!Once morewe weregrateful!l The Park Rangerarrivedaswe were dismantlingthe antennasand saidthat he hadthoughtof us at this sitein all of the badweather,we thankedhim. We finally got homeat about2:30PM on the Mondayafternoon. In conclusion We had a superbweekend,we worked hard,we playedhard,we hada lot of fun and satisfaction andwe madea coupleof new friends (Colin andBrian). What more could you askfor? Will we be backnextyear? Damnright I Damnright ! Will we be biggerandbetter? The Team MM0DXC, MM0CCC,GM4XZZ, MMTCPP,M5BAP, GM4UYZ, GMTOLQ,GM0RLZ

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Whatwedid Hoursof Operation'.44.3"1 Band

160 80 40 20 l5 l0 TOTAL

QSOs 237 35 ({t

700 703 2234

POINTS 7 ,11

39 1004 t41l L265 4443


COUNTRIES 7 9 47 4 23 24 86 z4 80 ,





scoRE 1.641.458

I hopeyou all enjoyedmy tale asmuchasI enjoyedre-livingthe eventsin my mind asI wrote them. CambellStevenson MMODXC

-fraa#wG vNfr sxetesgvgs, rA,w or Hnams 6HC855 Landlesgavethe abovetalk on Friday 17ftNovemberin the local CommunityCentre.Sadlytherewasnot a largeturnoutto listento a very informativeandinterestingtalk. As Landlesis oneofthe principleShot Firer'sin theDunbarBlue Circle Quarryhe relatedon how he goesabouthis normaleverydaywork. He coveredthe areasofpreparinga sitereadyfor blastingi.e. drilling the holes,how deepthey are,the configurationthat they aredrilled, thenpreparingthe holeswith the relevantexplosivemixture and All this wasexplainedusinga working modelplus someactualvideofootagewhich he hadtaken detonators. whilst at work. He alsowent on to explainwhathappensif a "miss-fire'"occursandhow that wasdealtwith. Therewas a greatstressthroughoutthe talk of all the Health and Safetyactionsthat mustbe carriedout and moreso logged.This loggedinformationfor eachblastmustbe kept for a minimumof 3 yearsfor the purposeof checkingby the safetyoffrcialswho mayappearat anytime.Otherareascoveredwereon how blastingwould be carriedout in differentfieldsfor exampletunnellingandmaking differentexplosives, cuttingsfor roads.Many othertopicswerecoveredbut I just cannotrememberthemall. talk andI would like to thankLandleson behalfof us all who auendedfor Overallit wasa tremendous giving it. For thoseof you thatmissedit well what canI say? Bob GM4UYZ

A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton

GM4DMA Bob Glasgowreceivedandemail from Norrie at Tennamasttelling him that Rob Mannionfrom PracticalWireless hadbeenin touch with an interestingproposal. Basicallythe messagewas aboutLaurence Howell GM4DMA whosehomeQTH is in betweenFraserburghandPeterhead.He hasa loadof equipmentthat he needsto disposeof in a hurry andis going free, doesRob know ofany club or organisationthat would benefit from a coupleof 66ft masts,a 90ft mastanda versatower on a trailer ? Due to the good publicity andrespectthat our club enjoys,we werethe first thing on both Rob andNorries mindsand contactedBob. Bob, in turn" contactedFlo (that's Laurencesnik name) anda visit was arrangedto view the equipment with a view to hiring a lorry at a later dateto bringthe stuffhome. On a Saturdaymorning Ron (GM4IKU), Iain (MMICPP) andI (MMODXC)left at about7:00 AM andheadednorth. After stoppingat the McDonaldsat the bridge for re-fuelling we setoff proper.Justnorth ofAberdeenwe sawa Peugeot 405 with a Pro-amwhip on the roofl beinggood amateurs,we passedhim with a DAH DI DAH DIT on the horn andwe disappearedinto the distance.We arrivedat Laurencesat about10:45 AM andafter introductions,he put the kettle on. We hadn't beenthere5 minuteswhenthe white Peugeotpulled in andthe two amateurtravellers got out. The chapwas calledColin andI cant rememberthe ladiesnamebut they were both GMO'sorGM4's. After our cup oftea we were shownround threepiles of stuffthat wasgoing begging.When we sawthe calibreof the equipmentbeing donated,we huniedly stuffedasmuchof it in my car aswe could. This left iust enoughroom to get Iain in the back. Therewas marinebandHF

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Colin, Mystery Lady, Flo, Iain and I set about removingthe LDF550 co-ax.I askedhow muchthere

wasandFlo replied*there's2 runsof 250M goingthat way anda coupleofruns of 200 andodd goingthat way." After lunch andmuchdigging andpulling, the coaxwasall lifted andleft lying in the adjacentfield.

We madearrangements to comebackfor the co-ax next week andwe left. Thejourney hometook a bit longerasthe car waswell ladenandheavywhich made the power steeringlight andinteresting.

radios,militaryHF radios,2M radios,CB radio, We were told that we andloadsof accessories. eouldhaveall of his co-axaswell, if we helpedto dig it up.

The next week wasto provean interestingvisit too. After havingseenthis co-ax,I decidedthat we needed moremusclepower andan email was sentout. Co-ax teamwasformedandcomprisedof Landles(GM XZZ), Iain (MMICPP), Ron (GM0NTL), John(MM0CCC), andme (MM0DXC). We left the Tranentarcaat about 6:30 AM andheadednorth. We stoppedto eatat the McDonaldsnearForfarandwereoffagain. 10:45AM seenus trlming into Flo's drivewaybut therewasno sign

Cockenzie & Port$etonA,R,C. of him. We'd only beenthereminuteswhenhe from the fteld. Very quicklyLandles appeared andRon hadassembledan axle for the large drumsfor the co-axanda raisedpair of platforms to be to allowthe drumsto rotate.Flo appeared just getthe very impressed by this no nonsense, job doneapproachaswe startedto wind the LDF550ontothe drumsstraightfrom the field. I'm not sayingthatthis is heavycoaxbut the first drum managedto bendandthen snapthe light duty scaffoldingaxlewe'd made.We got a thicker bit and startedagain.Flo madelunch for us again,whichwe werereadyfor but we only stoppedfor abouthalfan hour. Thefirst drumwasnow fullwhich presented us with a problem,how do we getit into thevan ? It took four of usto lift this drum,still on the scaffoldingandpresentit to the backofthe van, oneof usthenpushedthe drumforwardswhile the axlewasbeingremovedandRon wasinside thevan,pullingwith all his might.It actually went in quiteeasilybut then again,itdid takesix ofus. The seconddrumwaseasierto wind dueto the fact thatwe'd madeall of our mistakeson the first drum.Thiswaswoundandloadedin exactlv the samemannerasthe first.

It wasnow time to attackthe pile of aluminiumthat lay to oneside.Clampsandtraps wereremovedfrom old bits of beamandput in the van. Two local amateursarrivedto sewhat wasleft (therewasn'tmuch)andkindly took a teamphotowith Flo. You mightwonderwhat happened to the towersetc,well I'11tell you. The 90ft mastwas a crackerbut we" no way of transportingit andnowhereto keepit, the versatowerwasbeyondeconomicalrepairandthe 66ft mastswere3 X22 fr"sieelscaffoldingpoles joinedtogethersowe left all of that.

Page 1 7 On the returnjourneyRon hadto go into Aberdeen for a shortmessage sothe guysin the van went into to the chip shop.Ron andI metthemthere Stonehaven south.At abouttheForthRoad andwe proceeded Bridge,Ron andI shotaheadto makeroom at his QTH for this co-ax.We got to Gladsmuirin goodtime and everythinglookedfine for meto be homein time for Heartbeat.We cleareda spaceandwaited,andwaited. from the roadend, Eventuallywe sawlights approaching "herethey come" we thought,we werewrong. It was Sylviacominghomefrom shopping.Sheaskedwhy we were standingat the gateandwe explainedthat we were waitingfor thevan."Oh, I've just passeda vanthat's brokendownon the Gladsmuirslip road" shesaid"and therewasa blokehavinga p**s !". I ranoverto thevan andcalledthemon 2M andright enough,it wasthem, "we've got a puncture"wasthe report.I askedthemif theywould be long changingit" "we're not" they replied 'the spare"sflat too". I took a drive towardsthem and sawthat they were all the way at he bottom of the off ramp sotherewas no way to reverseto them.Therewasnothingelsefor it, I hadto drive to Tranent,go overthe bridgeand back towardsthem.WhenI got there,I foundout it was Landleswho relievedhimselfat the sideof the A1. I put the sparein the boot ofmy carandJohnandI sped towardsa garagefor air. We put air into the tyre and foundit wascomingout asfast aswe couldpoutit in, thiswasobviouslyno good.At this point Johnhada brilliant idea."RobertsbrotherJameshasa Transit,We might be ableto borrowhis spare"he said.We askedand he very kindly obliged.This newwheelandtyre were rushedto GladsmuirwhereIain andLandleshadthe old Thewheelwas duly changedand wheeloffin readiness. we wereoffagain,about30 yardsalongthe offramp, we noticedLandleshangingout ofthe doorandlookingat thewheel,he shutthe doorandwe wereoffagain, or so we thought.We'd just got ontothe old A1 whenIains van haltedandthe hazardswere on again,It would appearthatFord (in theirultimatewisdom,changedthe designof the TransitwheelafterIainswasmadeandthis onewasrubbingoffthe shockabsorber.Therewasno v/aywe couldstop,soIain coaxedhis van alongvery gingerlysothat he didn't damagethe wheelandbrand newtyre. We offloadedat RonsandIainsvanwasabandoned until a suitablewheelandtyre couldbe repaired.Landles gaveIain a lift homewith his two bustedwheelsandI hada visitor waitingfor mewhenI got homewho wantedto buythe CB radiofrom the previousweeks haul. I amholdingthe equipmentwhich is to be usedfor the club andwhatwe don't use,we sellfor the Heart Foundation,so if anybodywantsa look at the stuff, pleasespeakto me andthe morebeerI get,the cheaper the stuffbecomes. For thoseof you wondering,I didn't seeHeartbeat! CambellStevenson MMODXC

Cockenzie & PortSetonA.R.C.

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Important Notice Pleaseread and comment This could effectYOU ! You will all know that we arepretty activeasa club andjointly we attendmanyeventsas we are invitedandalsotakepartin manyeventssuchascontests.We havetakenstepsto protectthe public We do not howeverhaveanyinsurancefor club form our exploitsandhavepublicliability insurance. ownedor borrowedequipment. Whilst (asa club)we don't orm a wholelot of equipment,it doesincreaseyearon yearandhas rocketedin the pasttwo. As a clubwe alsoborrowa loadof equipmenteverytime we're out and about.Oneexampleis the Alphalinearamplifiermentionedin the CQWW report"this item costs f2,500.00 At a recenteventwe receivedsomedamageto clubandborrowedequipmentandthe subjectof "all risks" insurance wasraised.Bob (GM4UYZ) hasmadeenquirieswith our publicliability insurers It wouldcostf,l50 per aboutsucha policy.Thequotationwas(in my opinion)extremelyreasonable. yearto insureclub ownedandborrowedequipmentup to a replacement valueof 115,000.00. Thereis no doubtthat we needthis cover,whatthis articleis aboutis "How do we payfor it ?". We are awarethat therearemanyof you who may think that this is aboutcontestingequipmentanc to a certainextent,you're right. It is alsoabout specialeventweekends(Lighthouses) andpublic displays(galadaysandscoutdays).Whenyou addup the valueof the equipmenttakento these eventspurelyfor the benefitofthe club andthe promotionof our hobby,the resultantreplacement Pleasebe awarethatthis costis astronomical. insurancewill coverYOARequipmentif it is beingusedfor the benefitofthe club. Thelastthing that we wantis for an incident suchasthe oppositescene(whichdid costa lot !) You're probablynot aware,but I actually know that for the past2 yearsBob haspersonallypaidfor the clubspublicliability insurance.I know thatBob hasdonethis ashis way of donatingmoneyto theBFIFbut it is unfairto expecthim to continuedoingthis on ourbehalf.I for onewill not allowhim to payanotherf 150. SoHow do we payfor it ? payfor it (I'm not interested) 1. Let the contesters 2. We all chip in a pounda month(I understand thatthis is for thebenefitof!{f club andwant to help) ( I know i1needsto be donebut don't 3. We takethe moneyfrom theHeartfoundationproceeds. want to pay directly) A ballot sheetwill be passedroundandyou arerequested to completeit. Entereitheryou nameor box. This shouldbe handedto Bob (GM4UYZ).Pleasebe aware callsignandtick the appropriate thatwe needyou to voiceyour opinionhonestlybecauseat the endof the dayIT'S YOURCLUB! Thanksfor your help CambellStevenson MMODXC


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