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Another busymonthhaspastfor myselfon a personalbasis,club is not a one-manoutfit, eventhough somepeoplemay think that, but groups of like mindedpeopledoing what they so my input for this month's newsletterwill unfortunatelybe enjoy most and working together to achieveit. Even though very small,howeverI havetried at leastto put someitemsin. personalbasisyou may not be interestedin "driving'" the We are alwayslooking for input as you all know, so comeon on a no matter what, your input to those who do is very club but folks put the fingersto the keyboardand grveus something,it important, so pleaserememberthat. The bottom line it takes really would be appreciated.On the subjectof the newsletter makea successful everyorie to club. I can assureyou we do you may or may not know that as from the l" Jaruary2001 have from a far. a successful club and are admired John GMTOLQ will be taking over the production.I am very took placeto the British Heart grateful for this and I know that our newsletterwill continue Last monthour presentation to be an excellentclub magazine.Ron GM4IKU has decided Foundationso seelater for a write up on that. Other activities to give it up ashe feelsthat it needsa "fresh'"mind asfrom his havebeenthe club'sactivitiesin variousFIF contestsplusour point ofview it hasgonestale.Ron as far as I am concernedVideoNght. and I am surethat I talk for the othersyou haveproducedan This month we have a tatk by Landles GM4XZZ on excellentclub newsletterin the past 8 years,yes I yearsyou "Explosives",shouldbe very interestingthat one! Also we havebeendoing it. It haswon us a National Award one-year haveour ChristmasNght out so pleasecomeandjoin those plus has continuedin the top numbersfor other yearsin the who are gorngandhavea good fun night,it only costsI19 a samecontest.This you shouldbe proud off. Thankyou from headwhich by today's standards is very cheapindeed.Ifyou us all for all your past efforts they have really been appreci want to go let me know, thanks.As alwayspleasecheckthe ated. eventscolumnfor full details. Last month I passedcongratulationsto Cambellfor passing Last thing, I am still looking for ideasfor next yearsEvents his 5-W?M CW exam,well he has done better this month by Calendarso pleaseforward any that you haveASAP so I can passing his 12WPM and obtaining his new callsign complete 2001one. the Cambellfrom us all for this magMMODXC.Congratulations nificent achievement.I would also like to thank Colin That's it then enjoythis month'snewsletterand I hopefully GMOCLNfor doing somesterling work in teachingCambell will seevou all at thismonth'scomingevents. his CW, well done. This in my opinion is what a club is all Bob GM4UYZ about, helpingeachother in no matterwhat is beingdone?A

&A,gffiSffitg&&tr FQgtSgAtrgQN p&ESgNtrAfJON to theBritishHeartFoundationtook placelastclub night,5n October.Thisyearwe donatedS766, Our officialpresentation by Iain Lowis theDirectorfor Scotlandfor theBritishHeartFoundation.Thelocalnewspapers, the East whichwasaccepted Lothian Courierandthe EastLothianNews alsotook photographsso hopefullythat they will haveappearedin the newspapersby the time you readthis. As alwaysIain is morethangratefulto acceptour donationandassuresthat all this money raiseddoesgo towardshelpingfight heartdisease, On a personalbasisI amvery proudthat "we" asa clubdo striveto helpin a smallwayto eliminatethe causeofHeart Disease.We shouldbe proud of what we haveachievedandI hopethat you will all help in the future in furtheringthis achieveof my wife's brother'in-lawdroppingdead ment.I saythis asour familyhasjust gonetkough a very suddenbereavement with a massiveheartattack.It is too late for him but if our smallsumcando somethingto stop heartdiseasethenlets keepon helping.I hopeyou agree. Bob GM4uyZ


A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton This monthseesthe startof a seriesof articleson the subjectof AmateurRadioContestingwriuen by Ckis Tran GM3WOJ. Chris hasnuny yearsexperienceofcontesting on both IIF and VHF and has a few interestingthings to point out along the way. He is a memberof the North Of ScotlandContestingGroup, GM7V, and has previouslybeenpart of a group which won VHF NFD outright from Scotland! The articles have all previouslybeen publishedin the GMDX Group periodical to put theminto print oncemore. Hereis thefirst of many.... 'GMDX Digest"but Chrishaskindlygivenus his permission

oegNf&SfSNG F&Q&AS99{&A/NO' &V GeJe,0$tr&M &tfliwQg Let meintroducemyself- I'm ChrisTran,age 49, andI live nearTainin EasterRoss(about25 milesN of Inverness)- I was licensedas GM3WOJin July 196?whenI was 16 yearsold. Later that yearI visiteda ScottishRally at CulzeanCastlein Ayrshire,wherethe Royal Signalshad set up an I{F SSB station sigrungGB3CC,and I was stuck in front of the microphone to makesomeQSOs ! We were beamingto the U.S.A. and running400W from a massivedark-greenmilitary amplifier - I called'CQ' thenwentbackto receive- whatwasthatbabbleof voices?My first everpile-up,of whichI couldmakevirtually nothing- talk about 'thrown in at the deependl' After a few QSOsI was quietly usheredasideto makeway for more experiencedoperators. That experienceshapedmy interestsin amateurradio - what was this babbleof voices,and how could they be controlledso that QSOscould be made? A life-longinterestin contestinghadbeenborn. In the mid-1970sthe 'Southof ScotlandVHFruHF ContestGroup' cameinto existence(ironicallyit foldedup immediately goal) andthe 'North of ScotlandContestGroup' afterwe won the VHF NationalFieldDay in 1989- we had achieved,.our rosefrom the ashes. This is the first of a seriesof articleswhich will cover all aspectsof contestingfrom Scotland(and someoverseasactivify by GM stations). Your commentsandfeedbackarewelcomed. F'irstly- why participate in a contestat all? Contestingrepresentseverythingthat is good andbadin AmateurRadio- the bad points arethe indisciplineof operators,who can also be rude, the QRM, the pressureto achieve(we are all naturally competitive,whetherwe admit it or not) and the tiredness- why bother? Thesebad points are outweighedby the good points - the thrill of doingwell, the technicalchallenge ofsetting up a conteststation,the generalall-roundexcitementofa contestweekend,the sunshineand freshair ofa portable of a goodconteststationmakeday-to-dayDXng easy. contest,eteetc. Theequipmentandantennas Wodd-wide,interestin contestinghasdevelopedso muchthat thereis a contestalmosteveryweekend. Don"t hold up your handsin horror and say'thesecontestsjust causeQRM to my regularskedwith Fred in Sydney'- generallyspeakingthe major contestswhich useup a wholeband,or all of the bandsexceptthe WARC bands,only occur on a few weekendseachyear. In otherwords, thereareplentyof contests,both on FIF andVHF to take part in, andthe des are sufficientlydifferentto presentyou with a good variety of challenges. Reoently,a new seriesof contesthavebeenintroducedon VHF - the 'Backpackers'contests,whereeveryoneis encouraged to go lP with a modeststationand anterna. Evenup herein Scotland,where QSOson VHF and UHF can be very difficult, thesecontestsaxea lot of fun (if you don't get blown off the hill andsoakedthrough!). On t{F, thereare contestsfor just abouteveryaspectof our hobby- SSB,CW, RTTY, SSTV, 160m,10metc. Therearerelativelyfew stationsin Scotlandwho actuallyâ‚Źntercontests- surprisinglythosethat do includea numberof 'oldtimers' with GM3 calls (like myselfl!) - ageis no barrierto contesting. By choosinga sectionin a major IIF contestwhere you think there might be no other entriesfrom GM, you could win a certificateat your first attempte.g. TMFIz SSB, 10m CW. Setyourselfsomemodesttargetsfor the contestweekend- no-oneelsewill know if you don't reachthem- e.g. 500 QSOson 15nr,or whatever- it's very satisSingto passyour own target. Whereyou live will alsodeterminewhich contestsyou want to take part in. I'm lucky andlive out in the country, so putting for a majorcontestis possible. I've alsolivedin a city wherea dipolemadeof thin wire wasthe only up temporaryantennas possibleantenna. You can still enjoy contestingwhereverycur homeQTH is, or you could ask a friend if you can use their stationfor the contestweekend- this 'guestoperating'is commonworld-wide. In the next articleI'11discussantennas - antennasarethe key to successin all aspectsofamateurradio,but especiallyso in contesting, Somethingfor you to think about- whenI give a talk at a radio club I usuallysay:.SPENDAS MUCH ON YOI.]R ANTENNA AS YOU HAVE SPENTIN TTIE SHACK!' Do yod,agreewith this? 73 ChrisTran @-mail:

Cockenzie & PortSeton A.R.C.

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GSge &JB,elMV Last monthwe mentioneda club library andBob GM. TJYZgavea list of bookshe holdswhich he is willing to lend out to club members.Below is a list of masazineswhich Bob aisoholdsfor vour information. FATE

SASA;EIG|E J f *3-E ffif\

i erJF(



Irg'e eJrrATgr.JFr $iAflr* nA,rr+<> Iza'e *a*nrgufl

ELEGTR€I'"ITCS FLHCYIt{}NICS €t-€CTR(}ir{tCS eLEcTtt0t\|rc€ €LHCTFrpNrflS

Sff *R T1}1C'A\/E SH{}fiTT1A'A\JH SHd}fa T1AIAVE Sff 0|q TIr1/AVA fAV€ S+4d)ftTl S*€}T?TVT'A1fE $H{}'q TIA'AV€ SFFIAT tAfHn'T SB r.vHAT *& vitH&r cf;l



t(} T t


Itdar-83 Fslb-S't hlol1-81


D€e-E3 ,*5rr-S" .tef!-83 Str-S2 Jrr-PT J|"s-97 Vo{ "l h|c I Jar}-83 1 J€r'F91 v{}l gt$o ,.g vac r5 l-le 5 *rlay'l{} OcP€rg Vo{ t? hlo Sep-8" gO2 frt{r]r!-82 \/ol SA t*(r 5l*6 Ilac-Aa Vod S8 l..|a 1? fs* SOS !rsr-S3 vo* Sg l{*o 3 tse 912 llo.l 6? Alo 4 *rss S*g Apr-Se Jt*r-Ae 1\/€rN A2 l"lo € f** S51 Jl.rl*g7l sct-a3 l Vd 5S No 1* JarFsTl \1d* €3 r{6 5


!JIfC}RLE} 1r1r{3t?L[f tdVSRL0 1/L*FILD lAr(}flLS

III'a.GAA I N € ieAGAZ Ih{ g i/|A"TSAZI|\' € M.ArEl\Z I tt{ E {!,1AGAZ}'*E frl|.AGAZInl E lrtA(iAU lFl E

No+-S?l JarFag I usv-A4l Mer-ASi Jr.*-a7l I ,.r.rFA3 | Ve* 41 ssr)-831 \r'o* 4'l t)*c-Si.:}l 1/o+ {1 Fs*a4l vot41 Mcrr-€4{ Vol ,42 Se+.s4l 1/(}l 52 nec-*al \/of 55

p|qr-AzI I Jr.d-^AAI





fiE CITTZSt*rS SA|\{(} cg;iA[}r* CE rtAf,}I(} gB \AdofilLf} ,c{l C{}\/HF TSBAY r*Atd ftA[lt{? T(}flAY s#|tit rtA{}IO ftA*T{} TT}{)AY ;ft.A,(}i{} T{}{}AY flfqA* TtcAL €L€CTFt(>t\uCs F}'?A.CY}CAT VTftFIELESS F}r1A*T}CAL \A'IRE,L€SS \AltFtELEs.s f*ftAs',rrqr\L FFTACT*CAL TA'IF{ELESS t^lrsl F LFS.S rlFrACT i*sL

SATF ?fr

olr*lBrt E TC

Jrlrr-BS Aug-AA Feb-Ag AFf-9(} Apr-S'!

RA,Stg I r'S-s A|l/tAlrEUF! 1738ATT'AT€(J$? RAEIO .Attl|,A,T€t rR FtAI}lO | $1]d\Sl* r3'$ AiT;AYHUft I "3's RA{}i(} IA'tAAT€Uft I i.Atd"6,TErJR R/A.DI(; HfA|\tt} ,ts c{Ttu€hrs CSCIT'ZE|\'A SANI}

FiA{}CCtu$ FTAr)CS{iA RAE}I{) T RA[}I {t F|ASI<) & RAIlrO & {t RAS|O



FI* |\|{5 r\|(} Fl s F{r'I N(' tss


t(} t('

"r,-'-sc r'"d-83

[ I


tG t$ tro le

I llvf*y-8z I


\fcl .S N.a -t'l \/{'l 17 Na,4 \fol 17 |\'e I \/6l l€ hJo 3

irvo*-oe i Jqfx'-Sg I /4I.ISF-99 lder*-&



Vda Aq |\lr} tO ls$ gO?



V{rl 76 fqo 4 lee '['l 1?

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ll€d 6? n*a 1 I ;rg |\|* 3




naey-es j




S 7 10 'l ? n{tey-S7

1A 1?



l.',oie 191


F&*;S{ *,09 {e!tuANANG I organised a BasicFirst Aid Trainingcourse,whichwasgivenby the St AndrewsAmbulanceAssociation.Thiswasheldin the localCommunityCentreon Saturday30ft September andlasted4 hours. The girl, RhonaSmith,who took the course,was absolutelyexcellent.The coursecovered "what is first aid", "Emergency patient(the recoveryposition,unconsciousnon-breathingandno pulsesituaActions", "dealingwith anunconsciousness "choking","bleeding'", "shock","bums","brokenbones","heartattack","Joint andmuscleinjuries" tions)","resuscitation", andlastly"allergic reactions".It canbe seenthat from the list a hugeareawas coveredalthoughsomeareasnot in a great depthit was enoughto learnwhat andwhat not to do in eachsituation. An excellenteventandfor the cost of f,15 per headit reallywasworth while. If anyonewho missedit andwould like further detailson how to obtainfirst aid trainingpleaseget in touch andI will passon what informationthat I have, Bob GM4UYZ

GENGAAfgMfOQNSg I am gladto saywe havesomegood newsthis month. After practisinghard andpassinghis 5wpmmorsetest at the HarrogateLadiesCollege"MorseCamp"on 3'dSeptember, CambellMMIAVA eventuallysathis 12wpmtest on Tuesday3'dOctober in Livingston. The good newsthat he hadpassedduly anived andhe cannow regularlybe heardasMM0DXC working muchIIF DX on the manytelevisionsof Tranent. I'm sureyou will all join me in congratulatingCambellon his achievement. May you work... Much MagnificentOverseasDX Cambell! {

73 Colin(GM0CLN)

A.R,C. Cockenzie & PortSeton


wgMtrs eaesilN Thereis still plentyto keepyou occupiedsobe sureto keepyour diaryop to date... NOVEMBSR 3"t Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Setoq 7pm till lxe 4l5'e GB l44MHz CW MarconiContest& European MarconiMemorialContest14-14UTC 5th RSGB6h1144MHzCW Contest08-14UTC RSGBClub CallsContest(1.8MHzSSB)from 20-23UTC l lth lTth Tatk by LandlesCTM4XZZon "Working with Explosivesin a QuarryEnvironment"at Port SetonCommudty Cenfte. Usual f 1 per personentry fee applies. 18/196RSGB2nd1.8MHzCW Contestfrom 21UTC Saturdayuntil 01UTC Sunday. from 10.30amto 3.30pm. Ta19tt' FalkirkRadioClub JunkSale,GuideHall, JacksonAvenue,Grangemouth bles f,5 (incl 2 admissions),otherwiseentryis f 1 per person. Talk-in onS22 and OH, refreshmentsavailable. For frirtherinfo or to book atablein advancecontactBob, GM4CAQ,on Tel. 01506844418 25th C&PS ARC ChristrnasNight Out at the WoodsideInn, Musselburghfrom 7pm until lam. The costis f 19per personfor a discoanda meal. ContactBob GM4UYZ AS SOONAS POSSIBLE,it may still be possible to . get a late bookingbut you will needmoney! 25126'nCQWW DX CW Contestfrom 00UTC Satuntil24UTC Sun LeisureCentre.Opensllam, entryf,1, Talk-Inon S22. 26th BishopAucklandRAC Rally, SpeirnSrmoor forinfo. orBrian,G7OCKonTe1.01388762678 GOGFGonTe1.01388745353 ContactMark, DSCEMBER lst Club night in the Thorntreelnn, Port Seton,7pm till late 144MHzAffiliated SocietiesContest(5 stationsper team!)09-17UTC RSGB 3'o 26-Zfh RSGB5aI 7a n44I 432MI1zChristrnasCumulatives14- 16UTC eachday JANUARY 2"d RSGB I44MHzUK Activif Contest(UKAC) 8pm-11pmlocaltime 1O-16UTC RSGB T44MHZCWCONtESI 7th l2th Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pm till late l4th RSGB70MHz CumulativesContest10-12UTC Rally. Info from GOGVATel.0l772 62L954 28th Lancastrian 28th RSGB70MHz CumulativesContest10-12UTC F'EBRUARY }nd Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pm till late RSGB l44MHzUK Activity Contest(UKAC) 8pm-1lpm localtime 6'h 1ld' RSGB70MHz CunlrlativesContest10-12UTC ContestI0-12UTC 25th RSGB70MHz Cumulatives MARCH 2"d Ctub night in the Thornfee Inn, Port Seton,7pm till late 314'h RSGBl44l432vwz Contest14-14UTC 6th RSGB l44lvftlzUK Activity Contest(UKAC) 8pm-1lpm localtime 18th RSGB70MHz CumulativesContest10-12UTC 18'h NORBRECKRa1ly,Blackpool.Info from PeterG6CGFon Te1.01516305790.

Havea greatmonth,don't forget the talk by LandlesGM4XZZ on 17'hNovemberandenjoy the Chrishnasnight out on the25th. )

73 de Colin (GMOCLN)

A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton

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RASEV JHJGEStrEA Membersof CPSARChavebeenmakingthe trip to theLeicesterRallyfor a numberof yearsnow,bothwhenit washeldin the GranbyHallsin Leicesterandnow at its newlocationat CastleDonnington. on the agingGranbyHalls,betterfacilities,parking,morespaceetc.Theonly downside Thenewvenueis a big improvement is that not beingtoo nearto Leicester,we arenot ableto hit the town asof daysof oldl Anyway2000sawa groupof us settingout at the ridiculouslyearlytime of 4amlTwo carsmadetheirway downthe Al in a mini convoywith CambellandBob asdriversandmyself,RobertMM0ANT andJohnMMOCCCin one car andRon GMONTLandSylvia2MlFYB andYvonnein the other. Lastyearunderthe guidanceofRossPennykid,we stoppedat a transportcafefor breakfast;we decidedto repeatthis and the placeis prettybasic... in at around7amfor fried meatproducts.I don't think theladieswereall that impressed; staggered the way from last year,I haveto saythat the signs Arriving at the showwent uneventfully,Bob andCambellremembered were pretty poor, I waslooking out for them andsawvery few. We could haveusedthe talk in if we neededit but theseusually crackmeup asthey are often not very slick. After pilingout of the carsandgettingready(shaved,wateredetc.)we headedfor the entranceto find our way blockedby a hugemoundof earththat hadnot beentherethe yearbefore,picking our way round it we found the queuewhich had started to meetat thebar (whereelsel)beforeheadto enter.We did not havelongto wait until we got insideandmadearrangements ing for the stands. My first impressionwasthat the showwas not aswell stockedasit hadbeenin the pastandtheredid not seemto be quite as manypeopleattendingeither. Most of thebig deaierswerethere,aswerethebig threemanufacturers. Kenwoodwasshowinga protot)?eof its new all bandradio,provisionallycalledthe TS0000,it is a strangelookingbeastwith a roundedfront andloadsof smallbuttons.Thereis an optionto usecomputercontrolandnot havea controlpanelat all! No pricesyet but we weretold it wouldbe 'competitive'. Icon wereshowingtheir IC756with its colourdisplayandYaesuhadtheirFTI000MPMkV. Oneof the goodthingsabouta turn up with demonstrationmodelsof their currerf radiosthat you canhavea play showof this sizeis that the manufacturers aroundwith. Yaesuwere alsogiving awaykey rings andpensaswell asholdingtheir regularprize draw, the prizebeinga VX5 handie.- I didn'twin... As is usualat radio ralliesthesedays,therewere loadscomputerbits on sale,right up to eompletecomputers,I endedup with a coupleof bits, includingan elusiveUSB connectorfor my motherboard.Unusuallyfor us, we did not endup buyingmore * nah! radiosperhapswe've got enough? We bumpedinto a coupleof Scottishpeople,JimGMTLIIN andNigel aswell asGavinGM0WDDwereseen,theyhadall madethe trip independently, Our trip to Leicesteralsoincludesa mealanda few drinksin the evening,so oncewe hadmadeour way to our Bed & Breakfast (completewith water feature)we headedout for food, endingup in a smallItalian restaurantwherewe hada very nice meal. We then checkedout a coupleof the local pubsandthe contentsof their beercellarsbeforesplittingup, the manied folk headedfor bed,whileus youngeroneshadmoredrink at the hotelwhereJohnCCCandRobertwerestaying.Thisturnedinto a hazypost'contestanalysisof out IOTA trip beforeCambellandI partedcompanyto get somesleep.It's just aswell Cambell I hadno cluewhereto go (I blamedthe beer). hasa decentsenseofdirectionbecause Breakfastthe nextmorningwasvery nice,therewastoo muchfood but that didn't put us offbeforewe startedbackup the road. BeingnearNottinghamis all the reasonwe needto drop in to AnchorSupplieswherewe cold browsethroughall sortsof exmilitary goodiesandstockup on hardwarebits that arenot easyto find elsewhere(they really did havea jet engineon salel) They alsohad a military transportableradio cabin,completewith mastandgeneratorfor f,2,500- perfectfor field day but you'd needa low loaderanda craneto get it in place. Thenit wasbackup the roadto our varioushomes,droppingpeopleoffhere andthere.A prettygoodtrip althoughtiring becauseof the early startbut greatfun with good company.The only thing was it took anotherthreedaysto get all the bagsof bitsto the right places,I think everyonejustgrabbedrandombags! .'


A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton


&S&e {JF eQMfg$f Gmg06g0 Sggsg$ Thanksto JimMM0BQI (who visitedthe HF Conventionandtook a note of the details)I cannow let you know someof the the positions,BASED ON CLAIMED SCORES,for boththe IOTA 2000andIIF SSBFieldDay 2000contests. Thedetails I havebeengivenareasfollows... IOTA 2000- Multi-Op IslandExpedition lst GMSVG/P - WindyYett ContestGroupon Gigha 24th MMSY . Otley ARS on W-123 (not surewhich island) 26th GM2T - Cockenzie& Port SetonARC on Tiree IOTA 2000- Single-OpIslandExpedition (EU-010) 6th MM0BQVP- JimMM0BQI on Benbecula (2'd l00W stationl) HF SSBFIELD DAY - OpenSection 5th MM0BQVP - TaneraMor"Summerlsles(Ops.MM0BQI, GMOCLN,GM4WLL) CanI re-iteratethat thesearebasedon CLAIMED SCORESsubmitted,tothe IIF ContestsCommitteeandarethereforesubject to changeduringthe adjudicationprocâ&#x201A;Źss. Well doneto all thoseconcernedandlook out for the full resultsin due course. Colin (GM0CLN)



Congratulationsonceagainto Ron GMONTLwho hasjust beeninformedthat he is the top scoringstation this year in the singleoperatormulti bandssbsestionof thePolishSPDX2000contest. You will rememberRon was also lst in the samesectionof this contestlast year

p&gsgMfAtrag$ ?O &e,gfgsffi ffigMf



A.R.C. & PortSeton Cockenzie

e&ps MG ews$e

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sA&&EsspeAtrg As oF ilffi osfoe6& 2909

A very sparseupdatethis monthunfortunately. However,one or two IIF contestsand an aurorahelp the totals oncemore. Hereis the info I havereceived... Thingswere too busywith Novice Classand other commitmentsat chezGM4I.JYZthis month again. Hopefully next month Bob? Jim MM0BQI sent me a new list of his totals for IIF. Sadlythere 'il/asno further info regardingcountriesworked or the monthshighlights. This was his first updatesincemid-Julyand it sufficesto saythat he will take a lot of catchingthis year. by 85 on tIF. Jim'stotal increases SSB Conteston I{F and anotherauroraon VHF. UnfortunatelyI More additionsat GM0CLN dueto the RSGB 2Il281li4JJz, couldn'tbe QRV for the CW leg of the 21l28lvftlzeventthough. Howeverthe new oneswere... 211\tftlz:Portugal(CT), Azores(Cl-f, BalearicIs.@A6), Belarus(EU),ReunionIs.(FR),Bulgaria(LZ),CzechRepublic(OK),Corsica(TK)"Asiatic Russia(UA9),tlkraine(JR), Romania(Yo), Yugoslavia(YU),Macedonia(23); 28I\/IIIZ : Malta(gfq, Zanbia(9l), Kuwait (9K), EuropeanRussia(UAl),Romania(YO); l{4l\4}Iz: Scotland(IO78). An increaseof 18 on HF and I on VHF. 15ftNovemberat the latest. With the SSBtegof Couldyou pleasemakesurethat I receiveyour nextupdatesby Wednesday the CQWW Contesthavingtakenplacean28/29 OctoberI'm expectingfor somehealthyadditionsnext time round. Good DX and 73 until next month. ColinGM0CLN

Cgcken4e ARC AnnualYllfllJllt Tnbte 4 Pofi$eton Asgf itrh gcrober,t000 Last


Undefe Ctr, Callshn MMOBOI 03-0d-00 GMOCLN 18-Oct40 t0

BM4WLL 1$Auo-00 0 MM0CCC ?SSep-0t U 3M4UYZ 15-Sen-0t u MMOAMV 0SMay-0( 0 $MOEtV 1trMay4( ,






llitilHr $qr 11 30


33 0 0 0 0


0 0








I 1





432MHr Gtry n


0 0



39 50



1 0



squaft Sratd Tolal Tohf Total {8 11S r64 q7 ?5 122 21 68 89













62 t6 I 7

VHF/UHF arelhetotafnumber $coren of DXCCcounbies andMaidenhead locator squares worked 0neachbmd.

Cockenzle Ei_Port Annurl.HF $eton ARC lableAs0f lgthOctober ?0!0 Calklsn

La$ Uodete


MOBEX 12"Jun-000 sMOELV lSMav{( 0 3MoCLht l&0ct-00 UMOAilIV FMav-0( 0 3M1UYU 1$$ep-Ot 0 3MdWLL 1$Auq"0{ n

Band {MHz}











13 0


32 0


0 0 0







18 43


59 58





12 3






26 1

215 109 45

86 89


37 28

6 u

HF$coresarefte toialnumber of DXCC c*untieswo*edoneac*band

Score ForEach Leading Band F.'tr-,ffi.- =Band

Grand Total Total DXCC 456 163


10 I




55 31 1

Cockenzie & PortSeton A.R.C.


pa^gs$e^& w&&g&g$sflt*jg #s#s Qae eoMfgsf aggg S&sgess The full resultsof the abovecontestwere publishedin the November2000 issueof PraticalWireless. Thetop placings& all of the Scottishresultswereasfollows... P os 1 2 3 3= 15 30 34 52 54 59 5l 87

Nam e Nor t h W a l e s Wa ffl e rs 0ldham R a d i o C l u b Dav e H e w i tl Char lie & S u e ,J o rd a n Dav id D o d d s c & ps A R C T e a m ' B ' CG P S A R C T e a m ' A ' L. A . M c W l l -l i a ms T om A s tb u ry Ayr ARG M ens t r ie M o rs e c ro u p Ken Jones

Callsign S core GW ON WR /P11524 Gl O R C /p 6915 c w SZ R E/p 49ZA G W A p Z e /p 4929 G M4 W T ,L/P 181? l e ' 4 Oc c c/p 1115 M M 0 C p S /p 986 c M 0 L WD /p 490 c M O c M D/p 465 cM0AyR/p 3?5 GMOB WR /P ZA g GMIYUH/P 6

eS Os 268 235 1,' t6 176 79 62 5g 40 31 25 2A 3

S qus Sngl Op Loc A nt. 43 IO82 2x1.7Y Zg IO93 2x9Y 28 s IO83 tzz 2g IO83 5Q 23 S ro85 8/8S 18 ro85 10Y t.l 1085 17Y Iz 1086 9Y 15 1075 9Y 15 IO75 18Y 11 ra86 7Z z TA 66 L2Z

asl rm TxlRx 560 FT736R 620 FT290R 560 TR751E 550 FT290R 375 TR9130 415 TR751E 415 F?290R 490 r c202 32A r c202 210 FT290R 90 FT290R2 90 TR9000

once again,manycongratulationsto David GM4WLL for winningthe TennamastTrophy ashighestplacedscottish station andto everyoneelsewho took part for their efforts.

The next editionof the newsletterwill be the ChristmasEdition and alsothe last I will be responsiblefor the presentation. I hopeto makeit a specialedition andwould thereforappreciate asmuchof interestaspossible.pleasehave all input forwardedwithout delaybut in any caseno laterthan2lst November in orderthat it canbe preparedfor printing early Thanksin advance Ron GM4IKU.



On a personalbasisI amvery proudthat "we" asa clubdo striveto helpin a smallwayto eliminatethe causeofHeart Dis- ease.We shouldbe proud of w...