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CcaM&tror0ffi RafficClnD M&GTJ EAOtrOMA,E It is greatto see that at long last the eveningsare getting lighter and lighter. A time once again to be thinking of someof the outdooractivitiesthat needdoingparticularlyon the aerial front. I don't know how the rest of you havefaired but at this QTH I havehad,problemswith guy ropesbreakingdue to the excessivestrongwind s that we havebeenexperiencing(asI write this editorial).I havemanagedto replace2 guyropesso far but I will haveto replaceanother4 that are attachedto my mast.It is unbelievable how the Ultra violet light goesfor the guy ropesand how much they rot. Worth checkingall your guyswhenit is a goodfine day. What has happenedthis month then?As I wite this there are still eventsto happenso I cannotcomment on their outcome.The only newsthat I have is that the resultsfor those who sat the Novice and RAE examsare in. 3 NRAE passesand I failure.Rossalsofailed his RAE attempt.Congratulations to all thosewho passedand goodluck the next time for thosewho failed. The radio checknight is still to happenbut I am in no doubtit will be anotherresoundingsuccess.Johnmanythanksagainfor doing the by all concerned. eveningit is very muchappreciated On anothertack I havejust discoveredby readinga letter in this monthsPracticalWirelessthat David GMIEHK haspassedaway.For anyonewho is workedVHF or UIIF David wasa very familiar voice on that I the bands.A greatoperatoranda gteatexamplefor anyonewishingto copy.My last conversation hadwith David wasat the 1999ScottishConvention,hs hadbeenthrougha very roughtime havinghad an amputationto one of his legs,but he was in greatspiritsand thoroughlyenjoyinghis radio.He will definitelybe sadlymissedon the bands.As alwaysour deepestsympathyextendsto his wife andfamily. Moving on to what is happeningthis month. We haveDavid GM4JJJgiving atalk on Moonbounceon Friday 17ftMarch in the CommunityCentre.I really do hopethat you will all make an effort to attend. It is a fascinatingsubjectandworth a listen.For full detailson everythingthat is happeningpleaseread the EventsColumn. After a conversationwith Vic GM4GGFat the last club night he was talking about a Club Library so pleasereadthe articlein this month'snewsletterandpasson your thoughts.I think that's aboutit for me this month, hopefi.rllyI can now get back to doing someoperatingagainwith the new aerial that I have erected.I am intendingdoing an article on it but whetherit makes*ris month's newsletterit remainsto be seen.Happyoperating. Bob GM4UYZ.

& PortSeton A.R.C. Cockenzie

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PHII W1RFW Just as last month's Newsletterwent to press,we were sad- DearRon andTom: denedto learnof the deathof Phil LawrenceWIRFW (Real I greetyou from I currentlyknow not where.Whenyou Fine Whisky), who severalof you will haveeitherworked or receive this noteI shallno longerbe amongthe living. lunchtime with his sked,along heardon 2l l$la at the you, however,to let you know that I have enjoyed I write in Boston friend Bob WIIrD( also the area. close our friendship, and,if suchthingsbe allowed,I shallmissyou My first contactwith Phil wasjust over two yearsago when friendshipwhich is not easilyor freely the and bond of Ron GM0NTL and myself instituted a daily sked with him obtained. andBob. Ron of coursewith his superiorequipmentwasable Shedno tearfor mebut if ateardoesappear,let it be to get tkough more timesthan Mever-the-less" in the two our pathsno longerwill cross.Ratherbe gladfor me year period I was ableto make 151 contacts.During that because in spiteof thevicissitudes of life, commonin one because, time Phil would have his ups and downs due to a longway I have had a full life. I have or another to all of us, standingillnessand alsoto the sideeffectsof the manydrugs which many others have only seen things and done things hewasrequiredto take. dreamedabout. Ifowever, after maybe a couple of days break we would I hate flown by myselfhigh in the sky in a sail plane againhear his unmistakablevoice penetratingthe ether and which is ascloseto free flight asmanhasachieved,andin he would speakat great lenglh on the topic of the day. He so doingI havefelt the touchof Heaven. was a lawyerwith a superbcommandof the Englishlanguage I havedived deepwithin the seaand seenanotherworld, andit was alwaysa pleasureto listento him. Beinglicensedone of marvellousbeauty,where the creaturesof the seaobsince1948therewere few awardshe didn't have.He was a viouslyexperience someofthe samesensations of fear, curikeensupporterofthe Ten-TenInternationalNet and,being osity andresponseto gentleness which we, ashumans,think an active cw enthusiast,was also a mernberof the Interna- we alonepossess. tional Morse PreservationSociety. I havewalkedthe narrow streetsof foreignlandswhere He andhiswife AudreyKAICRA travelledwidelyandhada oncewalkedancientRomans,MichaelAngelo,Dante,Gailigreat love of Scotlandand all things Scottish"like the bag- leo, ShakespeargMozart, Strausandothersof high andlow pipeslThey were regularattendees, alongwith Bob and his achievementwho lived as you and I and who now are long wife Joaa,at HighlandGamesup in Maine and in Nova Sco- dead. tia. The fwo coupleshad visited Scotlandtogetherseveral I havestrolledthe narrow alleywaysof the Casbahand yearsagobut unfortunatelywe werent acquaintedthen. the muddypathsof Pacificvillages,competingwith pigs and year privileged Bob I was water buffalo for walking space,and in so doing briefly ento visit Phil and Audrey when Last and Joan took me to see them at their lovely home in tered other cultures so foreign to ours as to be in another Groveland.Many of you will haveseenthe picturesI brought world. backofthe gardenby the river andthe aerialtower. Besides I havefelt the oceanbreezeasI walked alongthe shore, ham radio his other main hobbywas gardeningand he had a listeningto the cry of the gull and smellingthe unique ofthe seaat low iide. I havetrod throughfields multitudeof pottedplantsand a hugevegetableandfruit gar- freshness of fragrantflowers andinto the woodswherethe whisperof denincluding alargeblueberrypatchwhich he often used thewind throughthe pinesandthe occasional call of a bird to speakabout. The smell of fresh cut hay were the only sounds. welcome I)espite his increasinglydebilitatingillness,evenin the last pines graced sun lit have my and of soul few weeksof his life he still managedto attendhis monthly I havelived andlovedandpartakendeeplyofthe elixir bank board meetingsin Boston, such was his devotion to life. of God hasgrantedmethe privilegeto do thesethings duty. without beingphysicallyboundin somelimiting fashion. My final contactwas on 22nd December.Phil passedaway I havebeenlucky, survivingthe entireperiodof WW I[ peacefullyat 5 am on 25th of January,the day we celebrate havinga modicumof achievementand a deepappreciationof Burns birthday, rather fitting, I thin( for a man who loved the valueandspecialfavourof life. Scotland. My onegreatregretis that I did not do morefor mankind Phil,we will missyou greatly.Restin Peace. because thegoodLord hasdoneso muchfor me. So,you see,thereshouldbe no tearsfor me,perhapsa Tom GM4LRU prayerof thanksfor the greatgift of life which I enjoyed. It hasbeena greatexperience,a wonderfultrip. Farewell,my friends,mayyou live long andprosper. As a tributeto Phil we publishthis letterwhich,on his instruction,was sentto Ron GM0NTL and Tom GM4LRU shortlyafterhis death.


A.R.C^ Cockenzie & PortSeton

e&P$ &Be NUNgA,e f&,&eg$ gPOAfg

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A;S 9F il&trtfi FEBB9MV


Fodunately we havemoreentriesthis monthfor the tables. A few contestshave,asusual,boostedthe scoresa bit. I am still keento enrolmorepeoplefor the tablessowhy not considerit asan option. It doesn'tmatterif you aren'ttoo active (lesswork for me!!) or if you don't updateeverymonth. It's just niceto seewhatis beingworkedby everyone. Thehighlightsthismonthwere... The mainactivityat GM0CLN wasduringthe CQ 160mContest. Togetherwith someothershortspellsthat hasresultedin the followingnew ones... l.8Mllz : Croatia(9A),Germany(Dl), Isleof Man(GD),Hungary@A),Italy(I), Lithuania(LY)" Belgium(ON)Denmark(OZ), Netherlands(PA), Slovenia(S5), Sweden(SM), Poland(SP), CzechRepublic(OK),Slovakia(OM), Lawia(YL); 3.5MHz : France(F),IsleOf Man(GD); 7lvftIz: Morocco(CN),CaEuropeanRussia(UAl),Kaliningrad(UA2), Poland(SP), EuronaryIs.@A8),Belarus@U),Switzerland(ID9),Italy(I), Luxembourg(LX),Bulgaria(LZ),Slovenia(S5). peanRussia(UAl),AsiaticRussia(UA9);i0MHz : CanaryIs.(EA8),Kyrghyzstan@!; laMHz : France(F),Grbralta(ZBz); 2lMHz: Italy(I); 24}'&12:Malta(9H),BalearicIs.(EA6),Belarus(EU),Austria(OE),Poland(SP);28MHz : Croatia(9A), IJkraine(UR),U.S.A.(W),Latvia(Yl); Oman(A4),Moldova@R),ReunionIs(FR),Italy(I), Bulgana(LZ),Greece(SV), l4{tvfr{z : Scotland(Io85).A total of 50 moreon IIF and2 on \{HF. After his shackmoveandthanksto a shortholidayfrom work WallaceMM0AMV hassubmitteda healthyentrythis month. Sofar asI am aware,the bulk of his contactsareusingdatamodes,.. i4MHz : Croatia(9A),Andona(C3),Germany(Dl), France(F),England(G),Scotland(GM), Hungary(HA),Switzerland Belarus@Ll), Spain(EA),Moldova@R),Estonia@S), Italy(I), Lebanon Is.(HC8), Jordan(JY), Norway(LA), Luxembourg(L$, Lithuania(LY),Bulgana(LZ), Galapagos Gm9), (OD), Austria(OE)"Finland(OH),Aland Is.(OHO),CzechRepublic(OK),Slovakia(OM),Belgium(ON),Denmark(OZ),Slovenia(Ss),Poland(SP),SanMarino(T7),Bosnia(T9),Corsica(TK),EuropeanRussia(UAl),AsiaticRussia(UA9),Ukraine(UR), Canada(VE),Latvia(Yl), Yugoslavia(YU),Macedonia(23); lSMIIz: Croatia(9A),Germany(Dl), Eire(EI), Estonia@S), France(F),Hungary(HA),Italy(I), Norway(LA), Lithuania(LY), Finland(Ot{),CzechRepublic(OK),Slovenia(S5),Sweden (SM), Poland(SP), Corsica(TK),EuropeanRussia(UAl),AsiaticRussia(UA9),Uzbekistan(JN)"Ukraine(UR),U.S.A.(W), Latvia(Yl), Romania(Yo); 2SMFIz: Croatia(9A),Italy(I), Bulgaia(LZ), Greece(SV),Asiatic Russia(UA9),Ukraine(JR), U.S.A.ftID,Yugoslavia(YU);70MHz: Scotland(IO85);144MHz: Scotland(IO85);a32MHz: Scotland Canada(VE), (IO85). A very healthy70 on HF and6 on VHF. Bob GM4tIYZis againoverworkedandhashad little time for radio. Someactivity in the 7OMlIz CumulativesContests helpedandhe managed to get the followingin his log... zli|d}lz: Scotland(GM); 70MI{z : Scotland(Io8s,tO86,IO87); 144MHz: Scotland(IO85).Thatgiveshim startingscoresof 1 on I{F and6 on VHF. Contestingon 70MHz hasbeenthe mainstayof GM4WLLs activity so far this year. As well asthoseQSOsvalid for the tablesDavidhasalsomanagedto work 2 squaresand2 countrieson l296MHz. However,his scoringadditionshavebeen.... of Man(IO74),Scot28WIz: Malta(9H);70}&Iz: England(Io81,IO82,IO90,IO9l,IO92,IO93,IO94,JO0l,JO02,JO03),Isle 21 on land(IO85,IO86), Wales(IO73);437lvtrIz: Scotland(IO85,IO86).Thesegivetotalsof I on I{F anda very respectable \IHF. this month. He says"Best of thebunchV7 MarshallIslands,SU Jim MM0BQI hasmadeanotherbig improvement Egypt,R1 Antartica andEl Salvadoron 80meters".All thisusinga 40mdipoleand50 wattsoo all bands.Thenew ones Finland(O$, CzechRepublic(OK),Sweden(SM), Poland(SP);3.5MHz : El are... l.8MHz : Germany(Dl),Scotland(GM), Dominica(J7), Salvador(YS);7lvfiIz: CanaryIs.(EA8),Armenia@K)"Moldova@R),France(F),HungaryQ{A),Sardinia(IS), Luxembourg(LX),Denmark(OZ),Myanmw(m): l0Mllz : Croatia(9A),Cuba(CO),Moldova@R),Italy(I),Svalbard(JW), Austria(OE),U.S.A.(W),Myanmar(XZ\; AlvftIz:Barbados(8P),Bahrain(A9),Madeira(CT3),Spain@A), Lebanon(OD), Egypt(SU),MarshallIs(V7); 18MHz: Malta(gH),Germany(Dl),AntarcArmenia(EK),Antarctica(various), Lebanon(OD), Mayotte(FH),Scotland(Gl\$.Japan(JA), Bay(KG4),Lebanon(OD), Greece(SV), Guantanamo U.S.A.(W); tica(various), Hungary(HA),KalininFrance(F),Mayotte(F}I),Scotland(GM), zllvlI{z:Kuwait(9K), Armenia(EK),Antarctica(various), gradsk(UA2),Namibia(V5),U.S.A.(W), Myanmar(XZ),Yugoslavia(YU),New Zealand(ZL); 241lfr1z: Cuba(CO),Mayotte (FH), US Virgin Is.(KP2),LithuantapY),Aruba(P4);Z8lvftIz: Mauritius(3B8),Swaziland(3DA), Libya(5A),Algeria(7X), India(VU),U.S.A.(W),Myanmar Zambia(9l),Oman(A4),Ceuta& Melilla@A9),Mayotte(FH),Ecuador(FlC), Svalbard(JW), (XZ), Albania(Z{),CaymanIs.(ZF),SouthA*ica(ZS); 5OMIIz: Germany(JO65), England(1094), Norway(Jo57),Finland; Scotland(Io8s,1086,IO87),Norway(JO59). Overalla whopping79 moreon IIF and 15 more l44Wlz: Germany(Jo63), on VHF. From Southof the borderJohnM0BEX hashada quietstartto the year. He wasstill very pleasedto work the Galapagos for an all time new one. His first submissions were... 3.5MlIz : England(G),Scotland(GM), Islands(HC8) Wales(GW); Is.$IC8)"Netherlands(PA), l4MHz:England(G), Galapagos Greece(SV);24MI{z :Finland(OH); 28W{z:Belarus(EU), EuropeanRussia(UAt). Thismeansaninitialtotal of 10on IIF for John. Thankyou very muchfor all your input this month,pleasekeepit coming! Make surethat I receivethe next updatesby Z2ndMarchatthe latest. GoodDX and73 until nextmonth. Wednesday ColinGMOCLN

A.R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton

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Cockenzie& Lort!Qp3onAFC.Annual VHFTUHFlqblq 4s Of i6tfi Fgbruarv 2000 Last Gallsign MMOBQI


70MHz Ctry 8qr 0



1$Feb-QO r :,' :8,1il.iti,' n GM4WLL 13-Feb-0il 3fir4UYZ 't6-Jan-OO n IllMOAMV 15*Feb*00 3MOCLN 1&"Feb-00 o

..r &"- i


I :-:O,r:rl,i




1 n










432MH: Ctry SEr o 0 , ':.T:,




Square Total



5 2

16 4













(it?nc Total

22 1l


VHFIUHF Scores are the lotal number qf DXCC countries and Maidenhead localor $quares work€d on each band

Coekqnzie S Port Seton ABC AE$ual HF Table As Of 16th Februarv 2O00 Gallsisn

Last UodetG 15-Feb-00

1 .6 3,5 4 MMOBOI I 'N&Feb-OO :: ffi..:'tr':L::, AMSCLN *l {,-" 0 o MMOAMV 15-Feb-00 t$-Feb-O0 o 3 MOBEX 0 GM4UYZ 16-Jen-OO 0 3M4WLL u 13-Feb{0 o


{M H r l





:_.,iLl*-: :l


'lE z,





o o o


o o n


zt EU I 4

'rW:,:,:lrl,, ?3:':r


o o

o o o

o I



28 1(' ,J ,E S ' , f

o 1

o o

tu o

/ 1

Grand Total

145 79 70 10

Total DXCC 81

46 45 q





HF $core$ are the tolal number of DXCC$ worked on each band.

= BendLeadingscsre F$r EacnEand tr'--.f-1.#.,,,lffi

oae?ea ageEe'j aEtang?eerr$ As an aid to new andnoviceOperators,I thoughtit maybe usefulthis monthto providea list of terms commonlyusedin AmateurRadio,andsoherethey are. Roughly19feet. Six Metres (\. Airtime whenyou canbe asrudeasyou like. HF Contest VHF Contest Airtime whenvou canbe asrudeasvou like. becauseno-onecanhear Digital transmission usingfinger. Morse Digrtaltransmission usingkeyboard. RTTY geeting. Dipole FriendlyAustralian Averageoperatorageon the 80 metreband 73 Roughestimationof costsinvolvedin HamRadio. Packet Feeder Someonewho deliversbeerandsandwiches to the Shack. XYL Alternativenamefor Feeder. alreadyin the Shack. Power SupplyBeerandsandwiches tPropogation Somethingthat wasgoodwhilst you wereoff-air. only muchbetter. Superheterodyne Similarto a heterodyne Termusedwhenyou cannotrememberthe otheroperatorsname. OM FiveandNine Signalreportto be usedwhenyou cannotbe botheredchecking. YL Someonebeingtrainedto bring beerand sandwiches to the Shack. Calting Channel Somewhere to tuneto, if you do not wish to be disturbed. * Early warningdeviceof forthcomingvisit from R.I.S. Scanner Resistor Methodof contraception Largeglasstransistor. Valve Definition of ability to operateoncebeerandsandwiches Capacitance haveall gone. Response following requestfor morebeerandsandwiches. Reactance Gain Somethingthat normallyotheroperatorshavemoreoff. A cardthat is normallysentbut neverrecieved. QSL Politeterm for interferencecausedby an ltaliaft station. QRM Termnot in use. QRL Please sodoff. QSY I needmorebeerandsandwiches. QRX GoodDX de DoctorRoser

M tu (9

o u (f

g -r F


o T 3

Cockenzie & PortSetonA.R.C.

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NO\IICI and RAE Results


TodayI receivedin the posttheresultsfor the aboveexams. Sadlythis yearthereare somefailuresbut I know thoseconcernedare definitelygoingto try again. RAE Ross




toattend meSorryRossto seethis resultbut I know that you only decided asbeliwe vou to go at the last minuteso you hadn't really donemuchstudyruB uur


I would like to wishRosson behalfof us all, theverybestof luck in his questto obtainhis pilotslicence.Rossleft hereon Tuesday15ftFebruaryto go to Spainto studyfor a whole year.Believeit or not the trainingup until recentlywas done at Prestwickso it is somechangemovingfrom Scotlandto Spainbut I am surehe will copewith the Spanishclimate.It is a shamethat he didn't passthe DecemberRAE ashe could havespenta wholeyear operatingfrom Spain. For anyonewho wishesto keepin contactwith Rosshis Emailaddressis OnceagainRossgoodluck from us all.

Passed Caroline.JohnandSteven you done to from everyone at the Club andwe look Well all forward to hearingyou all soonon the air with thoseshinynew callsigns. Failed Alison Hard linesAlison I know you tried but I am sureyou will succeedwhenyou resit the exam.

CLUB LMRARY? The ideaof a club library in somesort of form or another camefrom Vic GM4GGFat lastmonth'sClubNight. The We ideaI think is greatbut it raisesall sortsof questions. haveno club premisesso wheredo we storethe booksl magazines? How do we know what is in the library?Who is goingto maintainandrun the library (a hugetask)?Etc, etc? I am surethat therearewaysandmeansthat it could be achieved. inadvance forvourco-o**'oo Wheredo we storethe books/magazines? Eachindividualkeepsthereown. How do we know what is in the library? -*r:;lJ* couldbe createdandput on the Club's A database 8l F WEB for anyoneto accessandfind what they want ffi @ # ryJ &/ andwho actuallyhasthe book/magazine. -g\ Who is goingto maintainandrun the library? HewlettPackardLaserJetTonerCartridgeC39064 A goodenthusiastic volunteer!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! for useon F{PLaserJet5L,6L and3100Printers As I saidpreviousit could be achievedbut it would take a This item is unused,with an expirydateof hugeamountof time andeffortto put together.ClubMemberswould haveto agreeto loan out their books/magazines. December2001 We could evenput a smallchargeon the loan with the money andstill in its original sealedpackaging. goingto the British HeartFoundation.The questionwhat do you all think aboutthe idea,would someonebe preparedto Normalnew price at least40 pounds take on the task?Is thereanyother points/ideason the subject or is it just a no go from the start.Thebenefitsarethat THIS ONE IS YOURSFORONLY 15POLINDS information"for that project" or "that query" would now be available. ContactColin GMOCLN What do you think then?Pleasegive it thoughtswith some feedbackinsteadofthe normal"apathyreigns"approach.I look forward to hearingfrom you all.


A.R.C, Cockenzie & PortSeton

wo&ffiJNe grs wilffiJosr A aegfl@

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What do you do on wintersnights,whenyou canonly run20 metresbut the bandis shut.Well, you canplay UHF/VHF if you canfind anyoneto talk to, or you canwork true DX stationsvia the Internet. I know, I know, I know, Internetis killing AmateurRadio, or so the expertssay.I amnot convinced,I seeInternetasan addlets get on with the story. on tool but that is just my opinion.Anyway,enoughof the scaremongering, point your your computer and browser at Fireup Downloadthe FREE softwareandinstallit. You will needspeakers anda mike attachedto your computer"or preferablya headsetwith boommike......available from PC World/Maplinsat f.l 5-L2A. Run Firetalk andclick on setupto calibrateyour audio. Thenclick on SET {-lPACCOLTNT( fear naught,it is totally free ) , your machinewill connectto the Firetalk server,andvery shortlyyou will be the proud owner of a Firetalk passwordandident number. At this time you needto choosea nickname.It seemsto be practicefor the Hamsto usenameandcallsigrl althoughif you intend doing other stuffwith the program,you maywish to choosesomethinganonymous.Right that is the hardpart over. Now the fun part. Run theFiretalkprogramandon the little commandconsolewhichappelirs,click on forums,andthenclick on CQ DX Ham CoffeeShop. A quick connectlater, andyou arein a virtual room full of Hamsfrom all over the world. You will be greetedin typical Ham manner,andall the normalradio operatingprotocolsareused,suchasOver, Go aheadetc etc. TheCONTROLkey on your keypadoperatesasthe PTT switch. You mayeithertreat it as a radio net, or if you wis[ it is possibleto hold a privateconversation. Firetalk alsoenablesinternationalcallsat local call ratesto anywherein the world, conferencingandall sortsoffstuff As an example,you canadd otherFiretalk usersinto your contactlist. Whenthey go on-line,the softwaretells you they are on-line,andwith one click you maytalk to them,whilst still surfingthe Web. Havefun andwatchthe telephonebills.



Herewe go again....engage brain! Anagramsof wordswith anAmateurRadiolink aregivenbelow. Whenyou figureout whatthe wordsare,theyshouldbe enteredhorizontallyin the grid provided. Any blacksquaresrepresentspaces between words. Whenthe grid is completedcorrectlyyou shouldhaveanotherword in the highlightedverticalbox. Havefun...

v t. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.


A.R.C. & PortSeton Cockenzie

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gvHMfs Gg&uew At this rate it will soonbe summerl The time is just flying past andthereis plenty happeningto help it on its way... MARCH 3rd Club night inthe ThorntreeInn" Port Seton,7pmtill late Contest14-I4UTC. This contestalso has 6 hour sectionsfor multi and singleoperatorstations.** See 4l5th RSGB 1441432MF{z +* Note ARRL InternationalDX SSB Contest,00LnC Saturdayto 24I.JTCSunday.*+ SeeNote ** 4l5th 8th LothiansRS : Radarby Prof JohnRoulston(from Fenanti/GEC). Contest(CW), I2-12UTC on l0-80m. ** SeeNote ** llll2th RSGB Commonwealth lTth 19th 19th 22nd 26th 28th APRIL 2nd 2nd sth 7th l2th 13th 16th 18th zL"t

3fth MAY 5th 6th 1fth ZDlllst zlst 21th 28th JUIYE 2nd 3rdl4th 3rd/4th 4th 7th 18th 18th 2lst

C&PS ARC Talk by David AndersonGM4JJJon the subjectof "Moonbounce"from 7.30pmonwardsin the meetingroom (upstairs)at Cockenzie& Port SetonCommunityCentre. Entry fee I poundper person. RSGB 5th 7}MIIZ CumulativeContestl0-12.30L[C ** SeeNote ** NORBRECKRally, Blackpool. Detailsfrom Tel.0l516 305790 LothiansRS : SurplusEquipmentSale,St Fillans ChurchHall (7.30pm) Irvine Rally, Thistle Hotel, Irvine. RSGB lst 144l|frlz CumulativesContest(all mode)l9-2IUTC. ** SeeNote ** RSGB lst 70\/frlz Contest09-13UTC** SeeNote ** realchallengeof RSGB3.5MFIZRoPoCoCW Contest07-09UTC. Chinesewhisperson the radiousingPostCodes....a accuracy!** SeaNote** RSGBZnd l44MHz CumulativesContest(all mode)I9-21{-ITC.'c* SeeNote {'* Club night in the ThomtreeInn, Port Seton,7pm till late Lotlians RS : Video and PhotographEveningof Expeditions& Contests!!l!! RSGB 3rd l44l\tftlz CumulativesConxest(all mode)l9-2IUTC. ** SeeNote *'r RSGB 5OMFfuContest09-13LITC.*x SeeNote ** WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY, The IARU havededicatedWorld AmateurRadio Day to "CelebratingSuccessin Amateur Digital Commmication." C&PS ARC Talk by CambellMMIAVA entitled'Tlome Security". As usual 7.30pmin the MeetingRoomat Cockenzie& Port SetonCommunityCentre,admissiononepoundper person. I'm sureCambellwill havea few tips which could be useful for shacksecuritytoo so why not comealong. Stirling & DARSllVIorseEnthusiastsGroup Scotland&muat Get-Together,Throsk ff. Stirling. Info from GM0PIV, 37 ClepingtonRd, Dundee,DD4 7EL. Club night in the ThomtreeInn, Port Seton,7pmtill late RSGB432MFIZTrophyContestl4-22WC. ** SesNote ** *The C&PS ARC I44Wlz DF Hunt. Meet in Old Ship Inn" car park (East) at 6,30pmfor a 7pm (local time) start. RSGB 144MHzContestl4-l4L.ITC.*t{ SeeNoteic* RSGB lst l44Nft1zBackpackers Contest11-I5UTC. 'r* SeeNote ** LothiansChallenge RSGB 70MHz CW Contest09-12UTC.{'*'SeeNote ** Club night in t}te ThorntreeIn4 Port Seton,7pmtill late IARU 50MHz TrophyContestI4-14UIC. ** SeeNote "* RSGBHFNational FieldDay 15-l5tlfc. CW Contestcovering1.8-28MFIz(exclWARC) *+ S€eNote ** RSGB lst 50MHz Backpackers Contestll-lsUTC. ** SeeNote ** LothiansRS : Annual GeneralMeeting RSGB2nd l44MIIz Backpackers Contest09-l3tIIC. *{' SeeNote *a( PW l44MHz QRP Contest09-I6IIIC. C&PS ARC 28MtIz Contest19-22IJTC. Great fun and an excellentchancefor B-Licenceesto op€rateon 10m undersupervisionl

JULY lstl2nd RSGBVHF NationalFieldDay l4-l4UTC. 29l3hh RSGB IOTA Contestl2-lzI.JIc. Therewill be a club teamgoingto Tiree againfor this one. ContactCarnbell(MMIAVA) for info. *,' NOTE *** THE CONTESTSABOVE WHICH REFER TO THIS NOTE ARE THOSE WHICH THE CLUB UMAY'' TAKE PART IN. THOSE WITH NO REFERENCETO THIS NOTE ARE ALREADY DEFINITES. Have a goodmonth See1'ousoon. 73 de Cotin (GIVI0CLN)

Cockenzie & PortSetonA.R.C,


EONST&ggtrJONP&gJEGtr Thebox belowwhich wasdesignedby CambellMMIAVA so thathe couldusea Headset/Mike and Footswitchin a handsfreeenviromentespeciallyduritg contests. Thebeautyof it is thatit canbe adaptedfor other radiosby makingup a lendto go betweenthe DIN Socketto the speeificradio. I havebuilt thebox andI am now usingit with my YaesuFTl02 in my shack.Whata differenceit makesworkinghandsfree. BobGM4UYZ

Connectarboxfor Heil Hea*et ta YaesuFT(000MP Parts Lirt ChassisPhonoSocket 3.5mmMono Socket Chassis 3.5mnrStereoSocket ChasEis 5 PinDin Socket(l80deg) Chassis

xl x ,/. x2 xl

lK [,og Potentiometer FIF ScreenedBox6" X 3"' Rubber Feet

x2 xl x4



3.5mmMono Microphone

3 5mmStereo Headphones


CcaM&tror0ffi M&GTJ EAOtrOMA,E Page 2 Tom GM4LRU DearRon andTom: Cockenzie&PortSetonA.R.C. Farewell,my friends,mayyou live long...