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IUITE EDTTORTAL I amfinding it hardto believethat herewe arenow en- QRPConteston the 20ft Junewherewe will onceagainbe tering the si:rthmonth of the year,just where hasthe time defendingthe TennamastTrophy We will be taking part disappearedtoo. My mind is now racing along thinking from our usualContestSite of MainslaughterLaw. If you aboutwhat major commitmentsfor the club lie in front of have never taken part in any contestingbefore this is a us and all the organisingthat hasto take place,but as al- good one to get startedon, as it is a real fun event. So ways I am sureit will all fall into placenicely, say's I fin- why not comeandjoin in or evenjust pay us a visit, failing gers crossed,etc. So what are all these eventsthen you that why not work the station and give us some points. may ask.Well it startswith VHF Field Day (July) followed Before this we havebeenaskedonceagainby the Port Seby the Annual JunkNight andLighthouseWeekend(both ton Galacommitteeif we canput a Demonstrationstation in August).Yes I know the IOTA Event to Tiree is in July on at the Gala Day, 126 June.This year the event takes but that is alreadybeing taken cars of admirablyby John placein the park next to the CommunityCentre.Why not MM0CCC and CambellMMIAVA plus all the othersthat comealongand lend a handand help spreadthe gospelof areinvolved.The other eventsmentioneddo needorganis- AmateurRadioto the masses.The aim for the day is to be ing so it might be an ideato havea wee chat aboutthis on on the air from 10:00till 17:00at the extremelatest.Unone of our TuesdayNigtts. I will sendout an Email plus fortunatelythis yeardueto unforeseencircumstances I will packetmessagewhenI canorganisea suitabledate. not manageto be therebut I know I oanrely on you all to do the necessaries! Ok thenwhat hashappenedthis past month.The main event'$/asthe DF Night but as I am writing this beforethe My endingpleathis monthis that we are now entering eventI can not add any comment,but no doubt there will the busiesttime of the year with regardsclub activities so be somestory to tell. Therehavebeensomecontests- 4M pleasecome along and help support the events.They do WAB Contest and the 144MlIz which included the 1" taketime andeffort to put togetherFOR EVERYBODY'S 144t\filz Backpackers,which I know some of the club ENIOYMENT. memberstook part in (GM4WLL, MMOBQI, MM0CCC andmysel$. Seevou at all the eventsthen. To this months

The main item


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This is just anupdateon how we standwith referenceto obtainingthe Club Callsign.I personallyreceiveda telephonecall from SSL askingwhetherI still wantedthe CallsignMM0CPS. I obviouslyreplied,Yes. To this end I was thentold that I could submitthe respectivepaperworkandchequeandthe callsignwould be duly reservedfor Cockenzie & Port SetonAmateurClub. Basicallynow it is just a matterof waiting for it arriving. Thinking aboutthe callsignit now meansonceit is obtainedthat we will haveto submitenvelopesto the respective QSL Managerto receiveincomingQSL Cards,that is not a problembut what we needto think aboutis desigrring our own QSL Card. So what I am thinking about is running a small oompetitionfor a QSL Card desigrrfor the club with a prize for the winner. I aim to get someonetotally neutralto choosethe respectivewinner, so start getting your thinking capson. I proposea closingdatefor entriesasbeingClub Night the ld October 1999to give everyoneample timeto producesomething. Bob GM4UYZ

A.R.C. & PortSeton Cockenzie

Here is anothertableupdatefor you to havea look at. This monthhasbeeninterestingfor thoseofus north ofthe border with the new2N2S|2T prefixesbeingavailablefor the period 6th May to 3lst July An increasein demandhasbeennoted by thoseofus usingthe specialprefixesandI personallyhave found it refreshingto be ableto generatea pile-upwith only 30W anda dipole on IIF! As an addedbonusthis monththe FiF Tabieinciudesa newcoiumncaiied:'TOTALDXCC" which showsthe total numberof DXCC countrie$worked, irrespeotiveofband,by eashltatiafi.It helpsleld theplalirg field a little but doesn'talter anytablepositionslI'm not sureif this will appoar€verynonth, d&r€to di€ncukieswith *,€ spreadsheets usedby everyone,but I will try to occasionally it. include Someof this monthshighlightshavebeen...

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JohnM0BEX hashad anotherproductivemonthdespitesaying that he hasnot beenvery activedueto work commitments.Someofhis new onesare...T}d}lz : Italy(I); l4MHz : Cuba(CO),Czuta& Melilla(EA9), Belarus@U),Switzerland (IIB), Norway(LA),Bosnia(Tg);i8MHz : Georgia(4l), Croatia(9A),Kuwait(9K), Portugai(CT),CanaryIs(EA8), Ceuta& Melilla(EA9), Moldova@R),Kyrghyzstan(EX),Seychelles( S7), Turkey(TA),Canada(\fE);2ll,/*Iz : Israel(4X), Libya(SA),Algeria(7X), Croatia(9A),Paraguay(ZP); ZA]:l[Ik : "Arnreoia{EK}28IvI}Iz : Israe(4X}, Nieeria{s,{}, CanaryIs@A8).A total IIF increaseof 30 sincelastmonth.

JohnMMOCCCIZA}CCChasbeenrelativelyquiet but hasstill managed to add....3.5MHz : Portugal(CT);TMHz : Andorra (C3), Iceland(T$; laMHz : Kuwait(9K), Luxembourg(LX), Greece(S$;sOMlIz : IO77(GM),IO91(G); l44Nftlz: IO72 Ron GMONTL/2S0NTLhashad a bumpermonthwith well (GW), IO74(GD),IO80(G),IO84(G),IO90(G),IO91(G), over 1000QSOsin his log. Thiswasmainlydueto the 25 ro92(G), ro93(G), IO95(G),JOOI (G), JO02(G),JO03(G). prefix andBertha(Cambellsffi amp).An increaseof 72 an An increase of only 6 more on llF but a useful t6 on VflF. IIF duringthe monthandRonsnew bandtotals tell their own tale.Ratherthanlistingthemall, herearea few ofthe best... rn4thcne L4!r&lz A rnoreactivemxrth at GMOCLN.,ASOCLN 3.sMltu : Israe(4Xl; 7Mltu : Martinique(FilS, l4MFIz : 4l New ones this month alone netting CW session QSOs. Mauritius(388), Azerbaijan(4K)"Israel(4X),Algeria(7X),KuNatioas Uajred Geaeva havebeen... l4MHz: Ge.orgia{4t), rroait(9K),West*{alaysfi9b[2), China(BY},Thailandftls}, (4tI), Italy Croatia(9A), Taiwan(Bv), Israel(4X), Cyprus(SB), Japan(JA),Argentina(LlJ;,Lithuania0,Y), Aland Is(OH0), (I). Brazil Lithuania(LY). Puerto Rico(KP4), Sardinia(IS)" Arub{P4) Turkey(TA.),Icelan{TF}, I"atvia(Yl}, Rornania Corsica(TK),Turks& Caicos(\iP5); (YO); lSMHz : Algeria(7X),Moldova@R),Panama(I{P), (PY), Greece(SV), Brazil(PY), Turkey(TA), Asiatic zltvftIz : Moldova@R), Firiland(OH)"Greenland(OX)l2lMHz : Malta(9H), Oman Russia(UA9). An increase of 19 on HF. (A4), Cuba(CO),Uruguay(CX),Ceuta& Melilla(EA9), Iran @P), Guemsey(Glr, Thailand(HS),Saudi Arabia(IIZ), MM0BQI hashadanothergood month.Not only hasJIm Alaska(Kl7), PuertoRico(I(P4), Argentina(L{J),Lebanon manageda healthyincreaseon HF but he alsocaughtplenty of (OD), Seychelles(S7)" Indonesia Chad(TT),MexicoQG), (YB), Nicaragua(YN),Gbraltar(ZB); 2BlvfrIz: Nigeria(SN), the seasonalsporadicE on SOMHz.Thebestof the new addi, tionswere...3.sMHz : Latvia(Yl); TMJlz : Israel(4X),LiechAnotherlargeincrleaseof 72 on IIF. Palestine(E4). tenstein(HB0),h,4oftgolia(JT}Seychel'es{S?}}OLAHz: Aland Sri Lanka David GM4WLL/2S4WLL hasbeenactivein a few VHF con- Is(OH0);14MHz: Monaco(3A),Azerbaijan(4K), 1), Moldcrva{ER},Liechlentestsagainandhasprogressedsnc.ernore.His new additiotls (4S), Urited NationsCreneva{4lr are...l44MHz : IO70(G),IO88(GM),IO89(GM),JO00(F), stein(I{B0),Jordan(fY),Luxembourg(LX),Lithuania(LY), Is(SV5).Mt. Athos AlandIs(OH0).Brazil(PY)"Dodecanese 43ztvfrIz: IO?6{G&}, I082{G} IO84(G), IO91(G), JO01 (SY), lSMlIz : Algeria(7X), Gabon(TR), Macedoma(23); (G), JO02(G),JO03(G),JO2l(PA). Theimprovement has Martinique(FM), Cuba(CO), Moldova@R), China@Y), been14on VHF. AlandIs(OH0),AsiaticRussia(UA9),Macedonia(23); From "The ShackBy The Seai'WallaceMM0AMV/2A0AMV 2l\/ft12 : Kuwait(9K), Azores(Clf, Palestine@4),Armenia (EK), Iran(EP),PuertoRico(KP4),FranzJoselT-and(UA), hasmanageda few new onesdespitebeingvery busywith Turks& CaicosIs(VP5);241\frIz: Turkey Anguiila(VP2E)" l8MHz : Portugal(CT)"Yugoslavia work commitments.., Azeft 2eMHz : aijan(4K),Lebanon(OD| SOMHZ (YU); 2lMHz : Algeria(7X), Germany(Dl), France(F),Japan GA); Squares:IN53,IO73, JN37,JN45,JN48,JN52,JN53,JN54, (JA), EuropeanRussia(UA),Ilkraine(UT). Another 8 on IIF JN58, JN64"Jl'r-65,JN66,JI'{67,JN74, JN6i, JN62, JN63, usingdigital modes. JN75,JN76,JN77, Bob O}{4UYZ|\S4WZ hasmanageda bit moreactivity on JohnM0BEX is the subjectof this month'sfocus.As our only severalbandsandhis scoreshaveimprovedaccordingly... | 4MIlz : Croatia(9A),Fraocc{F),HungaryfiLA},Switzerland non-Lnthisnshasedcontributor.onlVoneoftwo ofus have evermet Johnandevenfewer ofus know his locationor (I{89), Austria(OE),fidand(OFI), CzechRepublic(OK), Denmark(.OZ)"Ukraine(UT); 1SMHz : Itel-l'{I); equipmentused.I thoughtit only right under suchcircum' $tancesthat I put you all in the picture. | 44T\&Iz: IO76(GM)"IO83(G),IO86(GM),IO87(GM), of John,a memberof StockportARS, is mainlyactiveon IIF usIO88(GM),fO89(GM).In total Bob hasmanagedincreases ing a KenwoodTS940Srlith an AT-230 ManualASTU ancl I I on tIF and 7 on VHF. anMC-60 deskmic (completewith Heil HC-5 insert).The

& PortSetonA.R.C. Cockenzie


fIF antennashe usesare 2 wire dipolescut for 40m and20nr, the tableshavecauseda definiteincrease.However,I for one am beginniry to findit m-uchnroredin8cuttto get nelv cilineaahin an inverted-Vconfiguratiruqfed ftom the sainefed. point via a 1-1 balunandco-axfeeder.Althoughthe antenna tries with only my dipole,30W andbeingrestrictedto 3 HF feedpcintis anly 25ft ag! (louse gutter) this allows him to bandsllI'm surethet most of the participentswill be having tune up on all bandsfrom 40m to lOm.On YHF activity is similardifficulties. mainlyrestriotedto 144MFIZcontestsusinga YaesuFT290 Mk2 anda 7 eleZL specialwhenportable.At homeJohnuses Pleasemakesurethat 1 receiveyour next updatesbyWednesan Icom IC24G with 5W into a Slim Jim. day 16thJuneat the latest. Good fuck on the bandsandltl seeyou againnext month. I hopeyou axeall still enjoyrngthe tables.It would be nice to (See TablesPage 4) get a trit morefeedbackthough particularlyfrom thosenot TSColinC*{$CLN taking part themselves.So far asactivity is concerned,I think

THROWI| OTTNE SGEilT We haveall readaboutthe problemsthatwere encountered duringlast yearsTilh{HETrop}ryCortest, *'hersifisteftri of puttrngout about70 Watts we could only managelessthat a Watt. \'ei evea( the feult it was totally sffesisg how ftr we did manageto reaclr,G4ZAPIPin IO70FD, a total of AAAI,ao

allow myselfsomecomparisons,asmorehair was getting nnllarl ouf hv fhis tina

end I rlon'f heve mrrnh es it is lt wcs

whilst I was preparingto do this I receiveda visit from Kenny GM0WHM andJohnMcRaeSWL. Theyboth askedwhat wosI up too, ofwhich I duly explained.Both agreedthat whereI was looking looked like the fault area.This is whereI am in debtto both ofthem asthey broughtmebackto look at the problemfrom a very basicviewpoint...i.e.Ohm'sLaw, and huw the circuit was behaving.I can'tremembErwhosaid it, whetherit was Johnor Kenny,but who everdid madethe remark," it looks like the diode sccossthe reiayis ectinglik€ aZenerDiode" that is what the fault turnedout to be. I said well I havecheckedit af,d it readsak, your rignc,wheiherit is an ordinarydiodeor & zenerdiodeandusinga meterto check it, it $/ill reedInfinity in onedirectionanda resistancem.,asurementin the other.I thenproceededto unsolderthe diode whenit literally fell apart.At this point we decidedto give it a quick test andlow andbeholdeverythingworked.A suitable replacementdiodewas obtainedandfitted. The moral ofthe story really is that I was -'thrownofthe scent"by doingthe standardbasiccheckson the Transistors md Diodes.It realtyshowsthat wheneverythirglosks okit can still be faulry. Having saidthat for all the equipmentthat I haverepairedover ihe yearsii is the first tim€ thai I hevese€n a normaldiodechangeto reactlike a zenerdiode.Normally they aretotally goneor showasbeing*leaky"',so asthe say "there is alwaysa first time for everything".

The fault wasthat the 70Mhztransverterwasnot PTT'ing. Due to manyfaetorsI didn't really get ehanceto get down to looking for the fault until very recently.WhenI did eventually get down to actuallyfault finding,it wasnot madeeasydueto a coupleof factors,(1) No circuit Diagramand(2) to work on the unit, thentest what you had done,requiredunsoldering numerousconnectionqremovingthe PA sectiorqdoingwhat was neededthen returningil backto its original state. TheNo Cireuit Diagramwaspartially overcomebythehelp of David GM4WLL who suppliedmewith a circuit diagramof a rimilar lranlverter. AJihougbrut ider$icalin rv-elyway it wa* reasonablyclose.In the endI hadto physicallygo from componentto compodentanddrsrv rny own diag$n\ as saidprevious what David hadprovideddefinitelyhelped.Now armed wjth this informationI proceededto try andtracewhat was happening.Oneof my first taskswas to quickly checkout the Transistorsinvolvedplus the Diodesandthey all checkedout ok. This later provedto be my downfall,hence"thrown ofthe scent".By this time I knew what the fault was.Basically acrossthe PTT RelayI was only getting 5 volts, not enough My thanks onceagaingo to David GM WLL for providing to pull it over, insteadof about 10 volts that I expected.It was the Circuit Diagrams.Kenny GM0WHM andJohnMcRae herethat I startedgt*rg of on tang€rtts,wasit tlfs, andwas it SWL for taking mebackto basicsto help solvethe fault. that?After a greatdealofto-ing andfro-ing I kept on coming backto the samepieceof cirruitry. My dncision$.a$tlna to Bob GM4I-IYZ build the samebit of circuitry on a pieceof Veroboardto just GC


H.A.CI*1E.RR.)/ YA6I5.

TiURN t 85. ILfAR*OU4S.?EAF ..SUrrgHlXE EATTIE '|{

roxATaES .lsrt tvtFxltrt S l€?rar.€ aclrc&'t'r* € tl g. "

w rR rs,e€.P 'P D L E S , P E Ll f,rg. ,NvgR?€,D v€Es.EE/t L('oFg


EVERvrHrf\t6-S gP&aftMe rN / A&UNOAN&

Cockenzie & Port$etonAR.C.

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$ochenrb,& Pp4$etopA4SAnnuqlYHFTUHF SableAs ff lsfh mqytW I


Bdlrlqn I uodris lSlOEOl ll$ltlav3M4V\,1-Lll&llav-SE


0 IRPCCC119-lvlsv-S 2 3frl4UYZllSMav-ff 0 sil,$CLN119-Mav-* 0 #



ltlHz 8or

0 3 0 0 0


CIrv 0


l Ctn





Aor 2A



7 4 1



1 1


I 4



0 0





Totd 15

1 1

2 2 0 2

S$tan Totd gl 57

G'nmrl Totd 117

I 4


72 37



2 2

4 3

6 5

WIFruHFScoresaretle totalnumbarof DXCCmmtries andftlaidenheadlocatorfquar6$wortedonEachband.

& Poil $,etotARCAnntpl HFTableAs Of l9th,Hev,1999 $oqhsna,le Btnd ltHrl

Crttrtgn| ,m


tli,l0BQl !NBEX ELN C


19{fav14-iiav€E I19,'Mev-9€ 119{lav-9t

fr,f,nMv ll&Mav-S

0 0 I

0 '# SM4IJYU ll&Mav-S 0 VJ 120*lan-99 0 3M4WLLll$iiav-9€ 0



0 2 20



0 3

a I

2 0

I 16

o 0



52 36

32 36 0 2







o o




3 0

0 0



2E 27 2





31 13 't0 10 0 0

o o 0






10 0

87 61 44 8

I 46






2 3


Girmd Tottl TotNl DXCO

?8 I

HF Sores arg the total nuwnbEr of DXCC cff.ntries $o*ed on eech band.


= BendLeadingScoreForEachBand




The Club's first attempt at running a contest takes placo on Justwhenyou thoughtmodernH-Ts hadincludedjust about Evening 23 June1999between19:00 and22:0A everyfeatureconceivable,alongcomesAlinco with its new Wednesday LOCAL TIME. DJ-195Tthat includes--get this-an experimental "mosquito repel" feature.Alinco USA BranchManagerKatsumiNakata, The contestis on l0 metresonly and is aimedat trying to en- KE6RD, saysthe unit emitsan eloctronictone to keepthe ancouragethe A" Classlicensee'srecruitingeithera "B" or Nov- noylnginsectsawayfrom the vicinity of the radio. "It's a feaice LicenceHolder to give them somechanceto use IIF and ture we addedjust for fur1* Nakatasaid."The mosquitorepel get the feel of beingin a Contest. featurecould makethe DJ-195Tthe first radio capableof debuggng a FieldDay operatingposition,"he addedwith a Full rules were publishedin the April Newsletterwith copies smile. sentto everyonewho is on Email. A copy of the rules hope(Hmmm.Wasthat announcement datedApril 1?) fully shouldbe on our WEB page (I must confirm with John (Takenfrom the ARRL letter dated3fth May) GMTOLQ on this). If you still needa copy pleaselet me know andI will duly provide a set.

ron silIE

A rerninderthat the closingdate for all the logs is Friday 23rd July1999.

fRC NRD-525General covefagercceiver. I hope you will all take part and on that I look forward to This is, in rny optniory working you all duringthe contest. the Rolls-Royceof all receiverc and the itemfor Bob GM4UYZ sale is in scellent condition and goodworking order. Farther detailsand appointrrrentsto viw Ron GM4IKU on 01875811000. or on internet rot@gm4ik*freesemacCI,uk

& Porl$etonA.R.C. Cockenzie

GI.UB NGTIVITIES NEltIII[I'ERS (1) poRT SETONGALADAY -DEMONSTRATION STATION (UnderCanvas) Saturday126June10:00to 17:00(latest)ION-AIRI Venue:CommunityCentre(Park) Port Seton (1) PWQRPCONTEST Sunday20trJune09:00to 16:00UTC Venue:MainslaughterLaw, Longformacus (l) RSGBVHFFIELDDAY 3dl4* July 14:00to 14:00UTC Saturday/Sunday Venue:MainslaughterLaw, Longfoflnacus

(1) rorA CONTEST 24e/25e July SaturdaylSunday Venue:Islandof Tiree.WesternIsles (1) J{TNKMGHT FridayNght 13eAugust16:30to 21:30 Venue:CommunityCentre,Port Seton FUND RAISING foTthe BRITISH HEART FOIINDATION (1) LTGHTTTOUSE WEEKEND GB2LBN 2l*/22d August09:00to 18:00 Saturdaylsunday Venue:BarnsNessLighthousg Dunbar


qHSt, fiuffiv '*nffiEwEnnE) I thoughtthe abovewould draw your attention for obviousreasons! Approximately12 club memberstook advantageof the outing to BelhavenBreweryon 23rd April which was organisedby Ron GMONTL.The minibuspickedus up at variouspoints andwe arrived at 7:30pmto find the bar openandpintsbeingpoured.The good thing aboutthis bar wasthat therewas no till to ring up the cashso g[€t advantagewastakento sampleall the differingtype of brew whilst JoeColquhoun@on's cousin)explainedsomeof the history of the brewerymixedwith sornevery good jokes which sedmedto improveasth€ night went on. After downingabout3 pints(somepeoplehad4. ^..nonames)we weretakenon a tour which gaveus a good ideaof the brcwing processand someideaof the volumeofbeer madein what is a relativelysmallbrewery.Belhavenalsomakebeerfor someoflhe supermarketchainsaswell asb'rewingspecialbeerfor export. We then calledbackinto the bar to resamplemoreofthe demon drink andit was a very happybandof RadioAmatzurswho boardedthe bus for thejourney home. Our thanksgo to Joefor a greatnight out andto Ron for organising it. We will try andorganisethis againnext yeaxifwe haven't beenbanned!

I haveextractedtheseeventsfrom our EvenlsColumnto highlightthat they areimportanteventswithin our Club Calendarto helpremindeveryoneaboutthem.Hope you canall makean effort to supportall ofthe events.

Gorrgratrrlations Congratulation$to David Dodds, GM4WLL, who has earnedan RSGB VHF Award after successfullyclaiming20 squaresandfour countriesfor contactsfrom his portablesite in IO85. The majority of contactsfor this award were made duringthe variousfour metrecontests,andDavid provides a welcomemultiplier for manyEnglishstations. (From RSGBNews fth May) Congratulationsalsoto David andhis wife Wendyon the birth of a sonAdarq weighingin at 7 lbs. 4 ozsfrom all our club members

THULERoof RACKWith Locks As New,andsuitableFor Vectra.Passator Similar with no Guffers

wailace uMoAuv Wallace@Bigwig.Net F-mail

Thethrokbv these*

A,R.C. Cockenzie & PortSeton

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Events Golrrrrrn It's busyseasonagainwith lots of eventsto keep HEART FOUNDATION.6.30pmto 9.30pm. you all out of mischief.Hereis this monthslist... 2l/22nd LighthouseWeekendat BarnsNess.Yet anotherNorthemLighthouseweekendat GB2LBN. JUNE 4th Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton, Lots of fun andfrolics by the sea! SEPTEMBER 7pm till late 5/6thRSGBFIFNationalField Day (1.8-28MHz 3rd Club night in the ThomtreeInn, Port Seton,Tpm till late CVD(15-15UTC)*SEENOTE& 5l6th sOMlIzTrophyContest(14-I4UTC) Con- 18th GMDX Convention,the GMDX Groupsvery tact JohnMM0CCC for details. own conventionwhich will be held in the King RobBackpackers Contest(11- ert Hotel, Stirlingandstartsat 12.30.Afternoonlec6th RSGB 1stSOMFIz *SEE turesinclude"AntennasFor lsuTc) NOTE* TheDXer" by ChrisGM3WOJand"The ZL9CIEx9th LothiansRS :AGM pedition"by DeclanEI6FR.The latterlecturein12thCockenzie& Port SetonGala- we will be putting on a demonstrationstationfor the gala cludesthe first UK showingof the ZL9CI expedition againthis year.On-Air activity will be from 10am video!! In the evening the GMDX Groupannualdinnerwill takeplace.Enuntil 5pm(at the latest!) Location: Parkareanextto Port SetonCommu- try f,5 conventionandf.l4 dinner. 19th ScottishAmateurRadioConvention nity Centre. 20th PracticalWireless144MHzQRPContest (SARCON),McRobertPavilion,Ingliston.Doors (09-16UTC) open10:30am(10amfor disabled)until5pm.Fur2fth RSGBZnd l44lfrIZ Backpackers Contest ther info from TommyMenziesGMIGEQ on Tel. *SEE No.01314453928.Iexpecthelpwill be required (09-13UTC) NOTE* againso watchthis space. 7pm-10pm ARC 10 Metre Contest 23rd C&PS 24l25thLeicesterAmateurRadio& ElectronicsExlocal time. A first for the club,runningits own give generate hibition a few from the club normally travel to this activity andto contest.The aim is to B-classandnovicelicenceesa chanceto operate eventso askaroundfor info. OCTOBER on lIF. Seethe April newsletterfor rulesand lst Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,Tpm. moredetails. 23rd LothiansRS : SocialEvening(barbecue) till late 15th VideoNight in Port SetonCommunityCentre JULY 2nd Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton, MeetingRoom(upstairs)from 7.30pm-9.30pm Videosshouldbe "Aerial CircusG6CJ"and 7pmtill late "SatelliteFuji". Normal f I entryapplies. 3/4th RSGBVHF NationalField Day at 24th Gt GalashielsRallv further detailsfrom Jim MainslauglrterLaw GMTL{JN 4th RSGBLowPower Contests(3.5 & T[frIz

cw) *sEENOTE*


24/25thIOTA Contest1999.This yeartherewill 5th Club night in the ThomtreeInn, Port Seton,'lpm till late oncemorebe a club entry from the islandof 12th GMDX GroupAGM Inner Hebrides. Contact John Tiree in the MM0CCC or CambellMM1AVA for moreinfo. L9th "Contesting"a talk by Tom Wylie GM4FDM. Starts7.30pmin Port SetonCommunityCentre AUGUST 6th Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seton, 27th Proposeddatefor the club ChristmasMeal. ** NOTE !r** TI{F CONTESTSABOVE WHICH 7pmtill late 13th Annual Junk Sale,CommunityCentre,Main REFERTO THIS NOTE ARE THOSEWHICH Hall, Port Seton.Bring alongyour own 'Junk"and TF{ECLIIB "MAY" TAKE PART IN. THOSE WITH NO REFERENCETO THIS sell it yourself.Tableson a First ComeFirst NOTE ARE ALREADY DEFIMTES. Servedbasis.Entrancefee fl for everyone. Havea goodmonth. Money RaisedDONATED to the BzuTISH 73 Colin GM0CLN

A.R.C. & PortSeton Cockenzie

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DT ITIGHT After havinghad a glorioussunnyandwarm day on the Thursdaybeforethe DF Hunt Night the thoughtswere'oYesit should be the sametomorrorV".Ohl WasI mistaken?Yes the sunwas out but the temperaturehad droppeddramaticallyandwe had a howling gale.Fortunatelyfor us the entirepassingextremelyheavy,showersmissedus andonly appearedwhenwe were all safelyin the *Old ShipInn" discussingthe nightsevents. Theteamsthis yearcomprisedofRon GM4IKU andTom GM4LRU beingthe elusivefox. The hunterswere Colin GMOCLN, Jim MM0BQI and Seanin car 1, Alex GM6VIU/GM0WSN andJohnMMOCCCin car 2, CambellMMIAVA, Wallace MM0AMV andTracyin car 3, JohnGMTOLQandBill MM0BXK in car4,Iain MMICPP andAlistairin car 5 andlastlyLiz 2M1GLD, Calum2MlDZS andmyselfin car 6. All in all it was a good tum out for the event.Ron GM0NTL did arrive as well but only to saythat dueto family commitmentshe wasunableto join us. Thanksfor comingandletting us know Ron. From all the cars,the methodsof detectingthe Foxessignalwere all different.WhatpeoplemusthavethoughtwhenJohnand Alex, Cambell,WallaceandTracywent passedwith their Yagr's attachedto a polewere stuckout the sunroofsoftheir respectivecars.Gladto saythey causedno accidentsbut receivedplentyoffunny looks! At 7 o'clock we all departedfrom the meetingpoint, the "Old ShipInn" car park andstartedhuntingthe illusivefox. My team headedup to the Gladsmuircar park to take our first bearingandfrom that determinedwhetherthe fox wasNorth or Southof the GarletonHills. This yeartherewereno problemson hearingthe first'transmission.Well doneRon andTom. From this transmissionoffwe went. Stoppingandtaking DF Bearings.Onceagainwhat comesapparentis the amountof falsereadings that aretakenwhich really sendsyou offon tangents,who saidDF Huntingwas easy?As we travelledaroundEastLothian we passedJohnandBill once,met up with Cambell,Wallaceand Tracyin Direlton (I was convincedat that time they had found the fox dueto the "muckle" grins on their faces,but they hadn't.), andalsopassedAlex andJohn.Discoverlater it was their "killer run". Maybewe shouldhavefollowed them. Yes this yearwe managedto find them,tucked awaynicelyat the Glsland CaravanPark in North Berwick, unfortunatelywe were third. Still the satisfactionof achievingthe kill wastremendous. Thetimingsto whenpeoplearrivedare asfollows. (1) Alex GM6VIU/GM0WSN andJohnMM0CCC 19:52 52 minuteshunting 57 minuteshunting (2) Jim MM0BQI, Colin GM0CLN and Sean 19:57 (3)Llz 2M1GLD, Calum2MIDZS andmyself 20:00 60 minuteshunting (4) CambellMMIAVA" WallaceMM0AMV andTracy 20:03 63 minuteshunting (5) JohnGMTOLQandBill MM0B)K 20:45 105minuteshunting (6) Iain MMICPP andAlistair Lost somewhere !!!ll Onceagaina really greatnight, unfortunatelyno real greatstoriesto tell, but neverthe lessthe DF Hunt was once agun a roaring success.Congratulationsgo to Alex andJohnfor beingthe outright winners,WELL DONE. A hugevote of appreciation andthanksgoesto bothRon andTom for beingthe fox andgrvingthe restof us a brilliantnight.Till nextyearthen......


Time for meto try andfox you all againlAnagramsof words with an AmateurRadiolink aregivenbelow. Whenyou figure out what the words arq they canbe enteredhorizontallyin the grid provided.Any black squaresrepresentspacesbetweenwords. Whenthe grid is completedcorrectlyyou shouldhaveanotherword in the highlightedverticalbox. Give it a bashand seehow you geton.... Thismonthscfuesare... 1. GROVE ACE,2.GRIM A.M. CONTEST,3,INTRO'SDO 4. PERTURBCRONE, 5. BLAND ACE, 6. NO CONCERT,7. MUTE PIN MAY 1999ANSWERS 1. PORTABLE,2. PROPAGATION,3. SEMICONDUCTOR" 4. }IEADSET, 5. IONISED,6, SWITCHINGLINIT, 7. FMADPHONES The verticalword last monthwas 'ROMAMA". 73 Colin (GM0CLN)




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A.R.C. Cockenzie &PortSeton

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--oqf,ry.--' - { I This is just anupdateon how we standwith referenceto obtainingthe Club Callsign.I personallyreceiveda tele- phonecall fro...