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craus is_coming, wellI hopeheis'so.Iwonoe.-irv;;-fu ;piffir. r"i"ritr,L;|i]fig r have yourletterand"Dutit upth;lu;"'a;'l*;. prepar"-d givenyouin ig"r ##ri*g thispumbutI amsureyounowknow is hardto believiherewe arein necemuei, yi"; ii"#u,

while.Themoneywasofficiallv hasthe veat 1997gone'on . u^ir ii "ll*rrth ;;r;; n", i,ffi;i over to HeatherGregoryof the Britis6 beena vervbusv.[gr *i!rt ;""" ;hil;*a unotiiJ, i#rii-roundation and from i clu6 folnt of during the october crub ii'i;ft night.-ourorganised oeena verysuccessful thisin thecommu"ilJ f-T-, lguin onewith a few firsts,moreniiy c"ntr" were a"u"ni, ofthatlate;'Theclub'sG;;;lr;il."riJi*".i" SoftwareNight, Radio vou all for makingttreetrorti" ifiJtia;r,;*;i"ir" ir,irt"r$eht"_euiz Nisht andthe tark bv HM 6""-ig,r-r bd unfotunatery. -.q,J the organised theothero'g*i*iJ-euents

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$:il"L,li,ii ., y;,n T':tiiTi,*il 1ry, ' 11 month is ;;il the sameas lastyearjstuvre^r33 q:HHi; lrb.{#:3;:fl T", ; year ;;' : ;-, ffi b;-; n9Y recordwas made owt, ilftuna"lu"n rx"r, mrs a rt move on" inil'irp 'il--ii";ple nrght.

cont.Jrting norbadfor "oor wee .on *ni.t rooksrike wi, be "t recordis thenumbe,r Tn "tuuf"llother;;ffiJ;{ing. the of p.opf.^i.i,otgy" actualliy furure yrJJg*, tfii, yrur,werethe LeadingScolish come"rhrough the,l"gr*it"liun'in".r"ur* from6i Si*il?.,in.rhe pW eRp.ionr.rtand to 74 Againit is ail_down onceasain rii-and the *ui 1"-;,"" r;;;l-'l our club runs in an ,n. Tennamast-irophy for the tfiird

$,y,ruryor*r,*,llJl;{.I=:J#,.,n.,;;ff,lidffi:'i:# ii{

Frrstor all we reatlvhad il g:ggh'",ir,'-Ti"pivffi; ;" presented whatweraised ro the "...+{;rhr;;;;# griq0,"f"r';;;"ffi;lJf, this-year, iscn to tryand'encourage othercrubs/peonre charitv theBritishH..?nfounauiionl \#;nJuj5'r,T1,"takepa.tiniiscr;"il4i nirrdDuy,foi beinq 0eproudor thatt",g^T-d raised rrom :9@;T;;dfi.i'l; 11"-p"a!i"es.oitirniffi"; in theRestrictef three maior events, tr'?'irl.iu#;:


Jâ‚ŹLU' rr^" Cockenzie & Pon


iffiffffi]ff tm*wu'tr*$ru$leff ryisr;r**';ry'-'"{i:ru"+i;}#rt -*dfl ' nH-ffi Thi club was alsot ConventionbYProc nelto helPrun tt' r

the club wmfing

A*';";; iou"'@ AND MAs .BTEDN 1ffi.1"*;r:ii"nl',m,$t*H*,mr.'6; i' ue"it ii3""'i6J*f*"*,13t'rlibv t::^Fff"iil^rilptw award ihis Lhisaward 1997.This i' p""ni'i

io *te^ttuuloerioirwho Y9UB


on i: mvserr ii;"i*:ll ils:cil i]f"Sf;'ti$i%, S"ottittt- !:nventton' the behalf of

*-"^Fdwonthe 'tuo'iilht1!.*1 *u*'n33"iL"*ni secondly,

?'il,! FwaK.n*""i Bi{l?+.,'j;tj*\:$"J:,# f ?qffii:1Tr{l*r:l*:t"*rr;H';+: * Sr::?',ff *:f, ?ff"ll''fi$iil"-:pmrffi 3iffid1i3{i#'t#u;;o;I;".;t'**'"'o :Robert : MIvIIBJ0 gets'1:;;;;ffi; ' r *fiilHil;:-it A FAIR




"i-1, ffi1*Ettl"r'5::ff

m oo'"t;;?;ffirrh MMIBJO for his initiatle signutssectionof the Roberr to vr "ilt.nt t:rL) ongratulations orsr the joined Edinburgh Edinburgh offwhen he ifotpitut Hospitar curlslopped t;::i:ry::15*:TffT"1T.tJy'-;t htt currs Chiita,.n' ;,i"n his Sick bygetting the was cash ifre of Tenitoriat Army' ft'J '*tpi""t tucx

wishes -^..rrr'zo r..,nasson all my good

ll*';i"'ri"* ,JJffi"trtr;,:5Jffi night onthe both '"1"{.,"!l-3{p:'|5,3-Iiltd;:i vo" il;-;;'l HIHTff;[:ffiilJ.#




ffffiT:ffi'mtrruiall i'ffiffi:ffiy*.*,



the*nt*r thatI amauar" ofth"trrec&psARC has taken par position, P- our E=NoofEntrants inthecurtest,

fr{}$il$F''['n *{er':;l${'&f'ff


!f "P,i$r$refJft*lt#tWp{S&;s8#ry;t$'

shackclearance"' EW OFEftffie HOT"HE Ihe dark nights havegiven rise to a pre christmas all they space, some up go free to raowrtri fficEl[tlr have fuided the following items mus ryorkand are in very goodconouon' TtttEg to SAT Sam' to ftlm *think* are reasonableprices' hrt I am hamy (!) t0 I i have zuggested.whut SSff Sqffi'tll *Pm nearother suggstlons. X'$l'ftl$i*E*}t[tl$ri$S---fi

Computersand Parts...

s* s.rr$o;E*t€- -t+g!ittlr-+"itr+

CompaqLrfENotebooks0E6cPUlMbRAIVI.20lvtb}Iarddisk3(''1.44Mb GBP40 offersaround


ffiriffffi;iviti;;ff;% !t * * *'f * *'t * * * ** *'t*


*n'p disks'

* *


I seeoffrcialtYfromthe DecemdiskDesktopca$e,5- Flopw ou$ Pc III 8086cPU lhdbRAM 20 W lIard thatweweresucc€ssfrrl boTRADCOM ;ffi; K.vbo"tat"d 12" AmberHerills Monitor' in winning the "COCKENZIE QUAOffersaroundGBP20 the TroPhY that the Club Ptt 'f


* * *** ! n * * + t f


for to be Presentedto

** *:l '

60I\'b HarddiskDesktop Scotish Station in the Re' IBM PS/2Model5oz 28612Mhz cPU lMb RAI\{aftil IBM 12' Mous€' PS/2 case.3<" 1.44MbFtop;'riti""' nita-eqm-tC Printer'Spare60lvlbHDD stricted-Section of VHF Field Day' ions and welt done o all CotourVGA Monitor d$,i;i;i il-cfr-D#Md.i. andFloppy&ive thosethat took Partin the event our Trophy.At leastwe OffersaroundGBP70 !f {.*{,***tf

fust chane to Plt otlr ntm€s ento it

tttf tt*f,,tt*tt*tt



irri IBMPsl2ModelS6t0PcServer4s6D.x2{6MhzIBM*BlueLigltning" *gIG* Torrercase'3<(-Trophy'ou will be Praented at the \ cPUl6lvlbRAIII1024l\b-s6iF!qi&ideEIa{dOst &ive T4e JutrSo t'nnvention at Sandorvnwhich I Ftopy Drive,Sdsii-lbufinvr {ve colarado l.44rvrb

*ff,W iffi*;#F,v#tmn*w-m"m*

tiwe is the22ndF$ruary1998'I atong with trY XYL Dos+windsws

ri"6. Miti il""ios dniiii ri"h_. os,tzwarpconnnect, or SCOUnix Offers aroundGBP 550 'l

*'t +'t t {.'Ftt*'t * * t*'l'}


Y.'onoe &finitelY going o go so anyone else inter€st€d. In I have managedto get tickets for the Travelling (go


morning, Saturday Psion3a2MbpslntopcomFrterinverygoodconditionboxe4withWidget ^C;;; at the Sand' Serectionof programmfolne snareware available. tr*mn) andhavestaYed };r-td1i Psion 3 link and psiwin soflnare for the FC

RaceCouseHotel.Soif You

we can & as n4vigtio1 t".I*tq."diI9L"iS,qT glfT$ A'tointer€sted thena btock booking. You GarminGPSII+ Satellite as microsoft book xio' "q't t""oig*t1e map tifrH;#ir"";di;"rSl'Toffffioo system' mwing "o0 let me lnow. Well done !o makea portable Hd'il;ilffiPs''*ffiare to everyonewho took Part. secures"'

Bestofrerfor thehrndle *'t t **'F{.*******'t



Ifinterested in any ofthe abovepleasecontact Allister GMTRYR @ GBTEDN or by e-mail

Well here were arc once again at the end of anotheryear and also another * * t ( **********:l' ******tr ****tF *!r tF tt***** *,r* * * * * * : * , l. rl* *: r t r : r t F : t volume of the club newsletter.Apart from the first few editionsI havebeen PK88 Terminal Controller for Sale' preparing the newsletterfor some 5 ContactStwie GM0WRY for further details' years and hope that during that time you haveatl enjoyedreadingthe news ForthosememberswhohavenotalreadyheardStevic'snephewConnor headtrauma' He has serious nasty.addd;-;.t"lttti9-4q a (5) naa Fairly each month. I wish to thank You all ryd tn ttte-noyutsiclc rios llospital but is now recovering for input receivedespeciallyBob and beenin intensive we all rvishhim welt) well and ['m sule"ur. Colin who submit their regular items ,f** * * * * * * , F* * * : s f + ' F ' F * * t t ' * * * * * * *zr ***' F > r **tF ' r tt( *:t*' r ***' l' **' l*t' * eachand wery month.

Corp' Airband Receiverby SignalCommunications ScanningAir receiverwith 100 memoriesin l0 bands'

Datong FLJ Multi Mode Audio Filter in good condition SENSIBLEOffers pleaseto Ron GM4IKU@TGBTEDN

May I take this opportunityto wish all membersA Very IIaPPY Christmas and a ProsPerousNew Year 1998 From Both Aileen and mYself Ron GM IKU


Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


AMATEUR ANAGMMS I havea specialAmateurAnagramsfor you this month.It maybe a little smallerthanusualbut this month the word in the vertical box hasa festivelink. As usualthe atr$wersshouldbe entered horizontally in the gnd and rememberthat black boxes represent$pacesbetweenwords. All anagramanswershave a radio link and when you have them correct you should have a word associated with IC manufacturing in the highlightedverticalbox. Good luck...



A. 4

J. 'f.

5. 6. This monthscluesare :,

I:Q$IF IUg& ?


SLAVE, 6. FIRE E !:4.-NUr IN SLOT The AnswersFrom NovemberWere :-

3 CONVERTE& 4.RADrArroN, s. oscll,l,oscopE,6. 1-\{9-\ofllQNE,?^l[g]{IED, NEWSLETTER, 7. SOFTWARE Ilyou got those colrect you shorrldhave found the word "MICRONS" in the vertical box. Have a Merry Christmasand a Hrppy New year. Seeyou next month. 73 Colin GM0CLN

cQwtI/ ssB C0NTEST1997 An entrywasmadein this contestoctoberusingthe call GM0NTL. I'd like to expressmy thanksto all the clubmemberswho helpedin gettingtheCushcraftA4S yagi onto the tower and also to thosewho helpedby operatingttr. stationduring this 4g hc contest.A specialthanksto Jinr, MMIBGI, for the loan of his headsetandvoice recorder.T

voice recorder came in very useful wherr Jim lost his voice during the Saturday night shift. He had the brainwaveof putting the report and zone number on the recorderbefore his voice gave out and all he had to do was flick the appropriateswitch. The otJreralternative would have beento get me out ofbed! SOMY thANKS tO COIiNGMOCLN, RONGM4IKU, TOM GM4LRU, BOb GM4UYZ, JiM MMIBGI, RobertMMIBJO Will we do it again next year? Who can tell! 73 Ron GM0NTL


We left Gladsmuir at 03.55 on the Friday moming andheaded offin very higfu spirits - you had better believe it!! Our fust fag stop, sorry did I say fag stop, I meant coffee, tea, pee (and vihatever else Jim Bob had to do stop) was at 06.30 at Washingon. Would you believe that you are actually allowed to smoke in the open air at Washington - gee do I love Washing' ton. It was abors this time that the workers i.e. Jim John and Jim Bob seemed to wake-ql, they say women talk non-stop. It must have beenthe sustenancethey took on board - how men do eat, that maY of course provide the reason for their many visits to the loo - the arglish drainage system will never be the same again. Someone did say something along the lines "it was a totally crapping week-end", brd sufEce to say that it wasn't their hearts they left in Leicester City. I have to admit I have never heard so much talk ofcrap no- ufiat I mean. I have never heard so I much about crap in my life before. could laborn this particular point, brt as \is is a family magazing I will try not to mention this particular topic again. We did have another stop for petrol; it would seem the only newspaper available at this time had a Fage 7. Didn't know rryhat the significance was, excqtt it used to be, accordingto Jim Bob, Page 3. Anyway no fags at this stop after all - it was a Garage. We arrived at our hotel after a very stight aberration on behalfofour navigator come driver at 09.30 Friday moming, had a quick clean t4 and headed offto the Rally. The queue eve'n at this early time was quite long brff I have to say they The venue shunted us in pretty quickly. used to be the local skating rink and is after this show being demolished. I have to say that I rmderstand the logic there - I sometimes felt that I was skating on thin ice (and before you think the worst that was before any visits to the bar) the floor seemedon occasionsto just disappear. t have to say that the best part ofthe show was when we all split up and I wandered around the place on my own and sPent sorne money on things that I wanted - like some austrian crystal earings (two pairs), an astrology CD, which fums out to be absolutely useless (OK GMONTL, tr know you said it would be useless). Strangely enough, I suspect that this was the time that my cornpanionsenjoyed best as well, they had got rid of me -so they could

& Port SetonARC Cockenzie

spen4 spen4 spend! The one thing that confirsedme was that two of ow party on meefing them by chance, said that they were headingoffto the other hall. When I decided to visit the ladies five minr.fes later on passingthe bar, lo-md-behold the other hall must hevebeenclosedearly?!! I was wearing with pride mY new 2Ml FtvD(badgemd was amazedst how many peoplelookedfirst atmy badgethenat my face and then gave me a knowing smile and on lots of occasionsa hello or hi, I thougfotthey were all such friendly men. A few hours of this had.passedbefore somewagpointed ortthat it may not have been the badge,brt yihere it was placed and the fact that there were very few women arormd! Och well suchis life. The presentationtime wes drawing near and photogrtphswenecclled for. By this time I felt md looked like I had been drawn througfua hedge backwards, brt whe,nI lookedaroundlthought 'luiho cares

1997 December

Boy wasit jumpingl Thenedid see'nto be an excessof the fe,malegenderin Leicester - on closer examination, going by the mini-skirted legs on show perhapsthey weren't all female? When I mentioned this, it didn't seâ&#x201A;Ź,mto go dovm too well perhapsa oaseof"sour grapes". Finally, back to the hotel for a well eamedrest - a few drbks in the bar inthe companyof a few of the traders, then off to bed' would think.. Some managedbetter than others - by jings ufuat a heat in our room even with the windows wide open. Our Leader had decreedthat departure time was 10.00a.m., so after a wonderfrrl breakfast, we set off homeward at the specified time. On the first stretch to wmderfirl Washington(pee, fag tea, coffee stop etc) there were meny horrifrc sights- approx,withors any exeggeration' 5 cars and I bus in pile rrys- It wasn't so bad on the last leg in [act, tr managedto reoda Michael Crichton novel belonging to Jim Bob - bY the waY I did saYthat I wouldn't spoil the ending for you' btt IIarry endsW with a labotomY. Sorry abort thet! OnlY ki<lding! Anived home safely at 15.45 Saturday aftemooneventhougfoJim lohn's newly bought gismo ETA had ssid 15.38. Ar excellenttime was had bY all.

they all look how I feel". He, uiho must be ipored (JYZ), took it all in his shide. It took forever,camerasthat were,r't there, cameras that were there, but wouldn't work, sweatdrippingherethere andeverywhere, "young lady askedto hop up on counter" - yes me, would you believe. There is a lot to be saidfor decentglasses! Seriously,the trophy is magpificentand hopefully the photo will be the same. We eventuallymanagedto get a taxi and retum to the sanctuaryof the Post House where I immediatelyhad a short bath followed by a shower etc. (I only mention this becausea certain person in the grorry could only find time for a very limited quick wash down, he shall of coursers main nameless). How could you Jim John? We then headedfor the City in two taxis and enteredthe frst lndian Restaurantwe arrived at, had an excellentmeal andwent on to explorethe nightlife ofLeicester.

Regardsthe Jin John, Jim Bob efc., I had from the start of the trip kept calling our John(GM70LQ) - Jim, it then becameJim Johnand aftermuch frivolity everyoneexcept Ron (GMONTL) becameJim ?, well how's it goingJim Ron!! I have to say this short trip is one of the best I have ever had and would suggest that you give it a try next Year! Finally, would you believeI havesince heard,that I, was expectedto haveput a real damperon this week-end. Boo-F{oo! I bet I'il Fix you lol out nextyeur!

73sfrom the Intrepid Quintet. Jim Sylvia (2M1FIDQ, Jim John (GMTOLQ), Jim Tom (GM4LRU), Jim Bob (GM4 IryA, and Jim Ron (GMONTL)

EWNTS COLUMN COANTDGWN CORNER Welcometo anotherEventsColumn. for you! New events are being added each Sixmorecountdowns monthso ploasemakezureyou have I wouldliketo remindyouthatit isn't neces$ary to useAI-L a noteofthem...-. numbers, you tlte a number once. of but canonlyuse IIECEMBIR sth Club night in the Targetis 466from10,2o4, l, 5,8 ThorntreeInn, Port Seton,7pm till 0l) TheComputer latd 02)TheComputer Targetis 235from5Q 10,9, 6,2,8 7th SDX Glasgow Rally,Woodside03)TheComputer Targetis 381from50,75,100,25,l,I Community Centre, St Georges C ro ss,Maryhill, Glasgowfrom 0a)TheComputer Targetis 861from25,6,2, 10,8,7 10.30am.Admissionf,3, OAPs 12 Targetis 631from lOQ5, 4, 9, 5, 10 and accompaniedchildrenunder 14 05) Ttr€Computer free, For more info telephone0141 06)TheComputer Taryetis 670ftom75,2,3, 6, 1,6 $8 767a(NOTE FJewYsnqc!) T998 JANUARY 4th RSGB Thewordthismonthis fromtheselett€rs- ASAUCICOP l44NIHz Clil Contestfrorn 10.00to Lastmonth'$answer$: 16.00UTC (SeeNote). l) TheComputerTargetof I 17 from 25, 75, 100,50, 3, 9 9th ClubNight inthe ThorntreeInrL Answer:75 + 50 = tZS- (3 +9) = ll3 + (100/25)= ilT Port Seto4 7pm till late TESRUARY 6th Club oight in the TheComputer Targefqf 985from25,4,1,5,2,8 ThorntreeIn4 Port Seton, 7pm till Answer:8 * 25 = 20A- Q+ 1) = 197* 5= 985 late 20th Radio Test Night hosted by ) The ComputerTargetof 559 from 50, 25,7,3, 6, I John (GM?OLQ) in Resources * : :11 * 50 : 550+9 = 559 Room 2 at Port Seton Communitv Answer:613 7 14,25- 14 Centre. The wening nrns frofr ) TheComputerTargetof 416 from 100,3,4, I0,8,9 7.30pmto 9.3opmso why not bring along your equipment and get it Answer:100* 4 : 400+(10 + I _ 3)- 416 checked ow on some proper test ) The ComputerTargetof 763from 25, 50, 100,75. 5, 5 gearl! ** NOTE NEW STARTTIME ** Answer:Only rrnnagd 765- (lO0 + 50) * 5 = 750+ (75/5' :7 6 5 II{ARCH 6th Club night in the ThorntreeInn, Port Seto4 Tpm till 06) The ComputerTargetaf 972from 100,9, l,3, I, 7 Iite Answer:9 * I = l0 * 100- l00O- (3 + | * 7) =972 llffih RSGB lMl4]21\&lz, Contest from 14.00 to 14.00 U'fC (See andfinally last month"slettersBEFTINGIFT- BUFFETING Note) 73 Sylvia(?MlFltX) 20th Talk about IOTA/IOSA. bv fu{erry'Ckr|istmas ffimda kappv New,,"Y'AMr, Tom Wylie (GM4FDM) in Re::::::: sourcesRootn2 at Port SetonCom' ' T0, 4n[Af ubfuX. eMhers : : : |::::: ' munity Centre. Starts at 7.30pm F rorm'fu{argwret GIWAA.[,X,a,md',"G'av,tn GM:AAfr +* NOTE NEW START 1N16 *}* ** NOTE **tf THE CONTESTSABOVE WHICH R.EF'E 29th RSGB 7}b/frIz Fixed Station TO THIS NOTE ARE THOSE WHICH THE CLUB Contestfrom 09.00to 13.00UTC ..MAY'TAKE PART IN. THOSEWITH NO REFERENCE (SeeNote)" TO T}IIS NOTE ARE ALREADY DEFINITES.IF YOU APRIL 3rd Club night in the Thorn- HAVE ANY PREFERENCES AS TO WHICH CONTESTS WE ENTER PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS tree Inrq Port Seton,7pmtill late fTth Quiz Night in ResourcesRoom POSSIBLE. I would lil.", _in advance,to wish you all I very Merry 2 at Port SetonCommunityCentre. ^. and a healthyandprosperoui1998.Seefou next The quiz will be hosted by Susan Ckistmas ZMIEPK and Colin GMOCLNand yearll will run from 7.30pmto 9.30pm










encounterod.Thesewere generallysolved by askingstationsto repeatany irtformationI had Early in the contest I had difficulties Having missedmy chanceto do a l44wlz cw missed appearingon statioTr_$yddenly contest at the beginningof Novemb., i oitt feh with European callingCQ but as I becamemore the needto do someCW! A quick look at the mY frequency familiai with the filters on Rons radio contestscalendarshowedthat there*u* u ;";, lessof a problem!(the CW contestdue to tuf.. pf"t. oi gCZTS?Splthis became single-operator, notch fitter just zappedthem!!) So far as Top-Band(1.gMFlz)afortnightfater.nuenbetter concemed,I manageda steady was the fact that it was family friendly, only contactswere the contestand stayedat tSt"i flow fior the whole of runningfor 4 hoursfrom 9pm (Sat) to f per hour throughout' "t" 25 One major problemthough...I don't have any approximately QSOs


for Top-Band! equipment

::"iii-:::^: (comParediito strange VHF) with 3 pointsPer QSO and a bonusof 5 pointsfor eaohnew UK

A quiet word with Ron GM0NTL and the Prob-

lem wa s s o l v e d , he agreedto let me have a


his caravan, outside his


o: *?:h::: i"i.g'3ils*fiis";-wr1 countv country (outside UK)

worked. By the end I had managed15 countries and 36 UK coun' ties from a total of 97 QSos'.The leadingstations, however,were in

house, using his equipment (except the morse kev and memory kever). Not only did Ron agree ro all of that b"i;;

helpedsort out t".fft::

iitr'*o 200sof QSos.

software for me and set up the equipmertttoo...

checkingof Subsequent results for the last two

once again many thanks

R o n,[owey ouafe w | ' , . - . . l ' . . ' . . ' ' " . ' . . ..' ...' .' ' iiffi' n " **th aLSMHZ tm y5 4CW 6 Contests

ontheSa tu rd a yni ghtI;.'.i l 'F;i ..;:..':..' . i. . . . ' ' , . . . . . * . , d # ' . ; . F f f ip o in t s wo u | d p la c e m f umedu p a b o u ta n hour.;':.;.,l i 'ffl ',.',.. . ] . n ; i' f f ia p p , o * im a t e ly h a lf wa y Staft






complete setting up and again Ron came_to the get acclimatised....once rescue! I had forgotten to bring something to drink with me and Ron duly supplied a flask of coffee. other than that it was u .url of plugging 6 the rnemorykeyer" preparingthe logging *n*t. and I was ready to g(J.

Ol fX



about 45 or 46 for this event).Iwonderhowaccuratethatestimatewill ho? ""' This was definitely a learningexperiencefor me but one which I thoroughly enjoyed and would gladly try again. However, for anyone new to -

some contest were theR.sGB arongside Running il T#'$Tf,|r::'ffif'dffif%ff:: Europeancontestsand so the band *"

lii:: r"*" pr*rice just giving away points at your busy.My immediateconeern'however, They :ut lh: o*" ou.. in oneor two HF cw contests. speedof the CW theyweresendingI reckon]i.: ;;; I tea but am of cup U, everyone,s the averagemust havebeenbetween25 ""i '.-".'-- **ming to thesecw eventsand irrtend ry '-? r*ott wordsper minutewhichis aboutall I canmanage ,'- do more in the tuture' watch this tif;. :::::,,to so trwasgoingtohave mywork."r spacell ""ri realised as my worries were not completely end


#fY*#-##**#lffi_ffi*,*\ffit9m,m L uJ is 'tsig Black B;;i"lT_b"rl inattendance ^_r -c $:il"L,li,ii il;.I. !Yrru G&amp;,3{'":*rffy"...