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I think that's aboutit or ma5ibeit is just my brain seizing up as I can't think offanything elseto add for It seemsno time at all sinceI sat dowrrand wrote last this month...nocomtnentsplease..tillnexl month then. month's editorial. my hov time is ftyng by. Bob GM4WZ @GBTEDN since last clubnight we took paft in two contâ‚Źstsat the sametime, the VHF Trophy (144MlIz) and IIF Field Day, FOR SALE lp at our normal sntest site at Mainslaughter Law. The weather I must admit on the Saturday was absolutely 2 PERSONDOME TENT, tenible to the e)cenl that a trench had to be &g ts stop the water flooding the awning whete the VHF station was set (ALMOST) BRAI{D NEW, NEVER BEEN up...seethe article on the day for more details. Also we will SLEPT IN, GREEN/ BURGUNDY COLOUR" have hel@ at the Scottish Convention,btrt how good or FITTED GROUNDSHEET.EASY TO ASbad that tumed out, I just can't say, as I am writing this LIGHTWEIGHT FOR CARRYeditodal before the event, but I am sure it will have been , IDEAL FOR OVERNIGT{T STAY AT another $rc@ss.Lastty, our "Open Night", how that went TOEVENTS. INSECT SCREEN,SPARE againl carunt commentbutI am surewewill nowbe going onceagain in a positive direction. SECTIONOF POLES.


To this month, tonight see'sour Official Fresentation to the British Heart Foundation(at 20:00) and a thank you to you all who havecomeearly to seethe presentationas at the endof the day what we havemanagedtoachiwe has all beendown to yoll all. Lastly pleaserememberthat we have *Future of Marine a talk bD' HM Coastguard on the Communications"in the Conmunity Centreon the lfth so I hope you will all make a huge eflort to attend. Seethe E\IENTS COLUMN for tull details.

30 poundso.n, GM0ALW @ GBTJED or qthr. 01573226372. RECIPE FI^/LPJACKS(Field Day Specials) Ingredients:-

The Christmasmeal for Novemberpleasecan you let 1Oozs oats6 ozs sugar7 ozsmargarine4 tablespoonfrrl me know your preferencesso that I can get corfirmed up syrup ASAP whateverbooking I needto make. Melt margarine and qyrup in large bowl in It is also time again to get 1998'sclub agendasorted (basedon 850w), out so as always I am looking for input to what we would microwave approx 2 mins on high boit. add do not oats and zugar together to melt enough can do. Let me trrow then.... stir well, turn out into a squaretin approx 8x8x2 cake Lastly through the editorial I would like to thank both tin bake for 20-30 minutes in moderateoven about 180 John GM4INE and Nicky EI9CK (GM3NEE for their degrees,until goldenbrown, cut irto piecesleave in tin donationsto the clrrb they are greatly appreciatd- For those to cool slightly will firm up when col4 Keep in airtight ofyou who do not know John,well, Johnlives in Port Seton tin, but usually gsts eatenlong beforethen. and is severelydisabld which doesn't allow him to attend (fhis recipehasbeenaskedfor so numytines I've any of our club nights but via our newsletterhe keep in repeated it in newsletterfor you all to try, field wents goings of the club activities touch with the coming and you don't havea fiticrowavesimp$ trrt marg if special) our which allows him to comeand visit us dring someof syrup in large pot and melt togsther slow$ on and Nicky on the Outside Activities ie Barns Ness, etc. ring. cooker priest for flris area but otherhandspenta time as the local has due to other church commitments, moved back to 73 IN'.fargare. GM0ALX Dublin. Like John he also receiveshis Newsletterwhich allows him to still keep in touch on what the club is up to.

Custer's Last Stand (

wastoo healy and when I substitutedit with somefishing monofilament nylon the arrow went sailing wer a by Ron GM0NTL suitablebranch. After I'd [nrlled up a zuitablepolypropylHas the daysof the Wild West rctumed to East Lothian ? enecord I then attachedone end of rry Windom antenna This was the thought that must havebeenupperinostin and startedthe long trek tfuougb the wheat field back to my wife's headthe other day, when she sawme making my house with the other end of the Windom' the Scottishequivalentof the old English Long Bow. Using my existing poles,the other end was drly hoisted Commentslike " he's in his secondchildhood" were into the air and tied off. This is an improvementfrom my heardbeing bndied about. previousWindom installation and hearshoping that as it I took 2 gardencanesand stuck them into a piece ofally ir no* varying in height from 50 ft -3oft', I'll notice an tube as a handle then strung a piece of string betweenimprovementin Perfornance. them. My arrow wasanothersmall canesuitablyweighted SSB Field at one end and flightedby a featherfrom myone and only We used this Windom &rring the recerrtHF plgeon.I knewthat pigeonwould comein handyoneday ! Day Contestat MainslaughterLawwith reasonableresults in the restrictedsection. No, I was not trying to imitate Robin Hood , William Tell me on all or even duplicate a battle scenefrom Braveheart.I was My trusty bow and arrow will now accompflly when it yoll know never on' as now my from near 150 ft tree radio outings trying to shoot an arfow wer the Hi! hire' for available be also It will line handy. my realised comein might house.After severalabortiw attenpts, I

CORNER COUNTDOWN contestantsandcarol dida't I haveto admit thal I didn't do the the first one personally,I wasso astoundâ‚Źd'the he bave a bash af it anr could said Richard manageit in the 30 secondsand at this time f usuaffy switci ofr bd

Cornerseemsto bequitepopulalI_thoughtI wouldi hadir. As the Countdovrn I could work out' these will be "rjt"*"r the questionsto 6 and include one that neither Contestants,Carol, Richard or ffiil;td;;

identified 0l) The ComputerTargetis 756 from ' l, 1,7, 4, 9, 4 Targetis 678from '25,3, t0,2,2,6 The Computer The ComputerTargetis once ugain673from - 5, l',6,6,9, 4 882 in 25 secs. ) The computerTargetis 881from - 50, 8, 9.4,1,5 - I did rnanage 05) The ComprterTargetis 975 ftom - 7,8, 10,5, 5, I ) The ComputerTargetis 803 from - 75,6,8, 4, l, 10

word this month is &om theseletters - HOTPOCKIT completedwithin 30 seconds tâ‚Źlephonecall, E mail or packetmessagefor the correctanswerto (0a) hopefirlly I trust you implicitly, will qualify for somethingspecial! SeSember'sailswersfor thoseof you who took the time, and it seemsa g;dfe* of you di4 in fact one of our membersmanagedthefirst one in seoonds,we reachedthe target in a slightly different way - well &ne l) The ComputerTargetof673 from 75,1,4,3, 9 and I Answer:75 + g = 675-L = 674,3/3= l, (674 ' l) = 673 ) The ComputerTargetof 156from l, 2,3, 4' 5 and 6 Answer: 5 * 6 - 4 = 26, (3 + 2+ 1) = 6 * 25 = I55 ) The ComputerTargetof 594 from 4, 5, 6,7, 10 and 4 uwer: 5 + * * (7 +4) = 99 * 6 = 594 and finally last month's letters AFREECLIP = FIREPLACE



1#/,.' AFFI

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Get thosebrains working! -


Christma.s meal? flare you aflstl/ered Bob's regaest tb last moiths Newsletter?

luPPrY,inru rs llrerâ‚ŹrursPrusâ‚Źutr full poweE thus avoiding any expensiveburning smells. I guessthat therewill be many club mem- _. bers who have tried the data moO"r. ,n Digital signalstravel a long way, much like CW, and which case, please feel free to stip irtis *qn*. the wick down, does not seem to affect eceivedsignalstrengthvery much. feature.I will not be offtended fi",* 100 watts to 50 watts whilst running The pieceis written by a Data virgin, *no ltdj::g PacToR' only reducedmy receivedRST into the hasfoundthis communication methodto f. bothinterestingandexciting,andthe follow- USA from 599to 579' No big deal' rng is a potpouri of my discoveriesand A major additionalbenefit in this reductionin output power, is the possibility of TYI/BCI being substanthoughts. Digital modesfall basicallyinro two types. tially lowered' rilgfia, t eMngs Dy wtntacg MgI1AMV

Commontypes includeRTTY ( Baudot ), I havealso found that power for power,where SSB do not. AmTO& PacTOR,ASCII andFIFPacket. voiceprodticesBCI, digitaltransmissions UncommontypesincludeG-TOR andCLO- My digital delvingshave beenre$trictedto operation VE& which are used for Earth - Spaceon the 20 metrebandonly, for no other reasonthan communications with Shuttlesand Landers,that is the antennaI have.Data aperationalso takes placeon most our otherbandsalso becauseof their error free reliabilitv. At this time, I have worked only RTTY, On 2A metres,you will find PacTORand AmTOR PacTOR and AmTOR and so the other being used betweenI4.07A and 14.080,with some modeswill be left for a fi.rturearticle. stationsintruding into the CW band allocationas far Set-upfor working data,apartfrom having down as 14'062' to solder13 pin DIN plugs,is fairly straight- RTTY tendsto be worked primarilybetween14.0E0 forward.

and 14.090, also with overlaps.

The radio is connectedto an MCP ( Multi- RTTY ( to my ear ) soundslike a warbling note, and modeCommunications Processor), whichin communicationis direct with no eror correction. is turn connectedto the serialport on your QRM equalsrubbishon the screen,and sometimesin compuxef. adverseconditions, it can be difificult to follow s reason,cw stvleQSos are the norrn' This MCP may be as simple as the n"* Ql9 ^t:::T: from CALLSIGN precedingtext, *tth C*LSIGN W_MMI modemfrom Watson, at *ouna and.ending with KN' sK and so on' cQ output 70, or as complexas units supplied -J l,tF; rr " by o b v iouslyendsinaKfor anystationr esponse. a t 400plu s . Any computer from 2g6 to 6g6 will be fisnat reportl also follow cw format, Readability, zuitable,so long as it is capableof rurrning Signalstrength'and Tone' This appliesequallyto all the commssoftwarefor your MCP. Soft- oatamooes' ware is normally suppliedwith the modem, Software macrosmake operalion a little easier,and or it may be downloadedfrom the Web, or the time involved in settingtheseup, is time well extractedfrom sourcessuch as the QRZ spent. CD-ROM. PacTOR and AmTOR are similar in operatioq and Most FIF transceiversare suitable for both makea pulsingnoiseon receive. RTTY, but PacToR and AmToR require pacToR pulsesat around 2 pulsesper second,and fast switchingrates,normallyonly found on A*TOR is a wee bit faster. modernsolidstaterigs. Both PacTOR and AmTOR operateon a Connect Data operation'in particularRTTY, placesbasis.much as packet radio. once connectis estab-

rrDrre\I, anrs tttri uurlrputcfs


radlo $ all about.


then the two stationsare lockedtogether.Error Finally , data is not HF exclusive. It can be used correctionis handledby the sofrware,andscreen output is to all intentsandpulposeperfect,with on FM 2 mgtres and 7O cms. The Band Plans show you where. no trash charactersas is normalwith RTTy. PacTOR is faster than AmTOR, and if your If anyone is interested, and they would like to keyboardskills needpolishing,then AmTOR is see the maglc of digital comms taking place. then my Shack door is always open. the modeto startwith. 77 Wallqce MMLAMV

PacTORmailboxesand BBSs exist all over the world, and fun can be had with these,when no live connections canbe had. Whenconditionsare poor, andyour link is not in good shape,then the software can be set-up to automaticallyattempt reconnect,shouldthe link drop. Requireddisconnectionis achievedbv the useof a softwareSK string,which terminatesthe link. Macros again are the secret for hassle free operation.




Equipmentlists ( working conditions) are also heldas a macro,andtxd with one mouseclick. Ihese lists are referredto as Brag Macros, and hereis mine, followed by someof the highlights SOUNDSFAMILAR from my two monthsusingthe digital modes. Justa line to sayI'm living that I'm not among Radio KenwoodTS-57D50wattsout the deadthough I'm getting more forgetful and mixedup in the head. Iuner Drake MN7 {.ntenna20m Dipole at 7m aboveground WCP PakrattPK232MBX JomputerCompaql00Mllz & 32Mb Ram ioftwarePcPakrattfor Windows

I've got usedto my arthritisto my denturesI'm resignedI cancopewith my bifocalsbut my-myI missmy mind.


Sometimes I can't rememberwhenI'm standing by the stair if I should be going up for somethingor haveI just comedownfrom there.

aPzBKAParaguayPacTOR iA28 Libya RTTY

And beforethe fridge so oftenmy mindis full of doubt now did I put somefood awayor come to take someout.

M9IT Chicago RTTY

So rememberI do love you andwishedthat you lived nearandnow it's time to postthis andsay goodbyemy dear.

rulUS BaghdadR.TTY l18L ClevelandPacTOR ,U5I{EN Argentina PacTOR

At last I standbesidethe post box and my face sureis red insteadof postingthis to you I've openedit up instead........

:om67 digital QSOsduringJuly andAugusr. )igital Itr QSOs do not follow the usual Five I'm sure this does indeedSOTINDFAMILIAR nd nine,andthe QSL is fine format,andcanlast to a few of the readers, certainlydoesto me hi. rr upwardsof an hour. This to my mind is what

'r {<{.* *'t * * * * PACkA NemOfk * * *'k * * * :r*

Many readerswill know that GBTEDN is the mailbox which most club membersuse and it is the mailbox which sendsout all the Servermessagesfor your club. I would like to take this chanceto update readerson few points regarding the NETWORK (BAND PLAN) CHANGES I can see some of you thirrking that I do not uie the NETWORK *ruST' the mailbox well tlat is wrong as most have to contact to GBTEDN via a Macpac Node

arthistime lEDIN2ll GBTPHon 144.650

In accordancewith the new 2m band pla4 which is now upon us, by I October lgg7, a7lexisting mailboxesand nodes operatingin the subband of 144.625to 144.675M1uwill move to the new allocation aboveand 144.900Mh2.This will mean that sometime soon [EDIN2ll GBTPH will hare to have the new crrstals ctrangeti 144'950 - [12.5KH2 channel. This may not Hapen at the sametime] AX25 BBS User accessRemmmendedfor BBS's previouslyon 144.650 Compliancewith this requirementwill costMacPacsomef,15 for new crystalsfor eachnode.It will also require site visits with test gear to fit new sals into eachtransceiver... and in somecasesthis rnay even require the removal of equipmentfor a few days.GBTEDN will have a messageon tle Iog-in to give the date of the changeto 144.950as soonas known. Accesscan be madeto CBTEDN shouldEDIN2I be offfor a day or sovia 4m 70.4875direct or DIGI Via GMTRYRon 144.550and432.625 GBTEDNwill haveto moveto 144.850beforethe end of March 1998again this will be publishedwhen all the other changeshavetaken placed. a closing note &ere are a lot of usersof GBEDN do not know that the ScouishDâ&#x201A;Źltal CommunicationGroup in rt ldacPac. MacPacprovide and co-ordinatethe network of nodesand swirchesthat allow the mailboxesto work and overseethe integration of the Scottishnetwork in to the International Amateur data network for the benefit of the end users. The cost of setting up a BBS systemlike GBTEDN is in e:rcessof 1000GBp. Clear$ this cannot be takEr on fu an individual or evenan organisationlike Macpac. The group relies on heavily on continuedfinancial supportto enableupkeepand upgradeofthe packetdataTrucki Systemin Scotland Annual zubscripions are the only financial income-that ttrt-Group has, and these are on entirely voluntary basis.The s,ubncriptions are usedto upgradeand maintain the existing equipmentsthroughoutthe MacPacarea [Most have 4 Radios& TNC's] and also pay for site rental feeswhere ln{acpc's nodesare locatedon premises[f 150 per year each] I ask you to give somethought the next time you use the network aboutjoining Mackc if you are already a rc numy thanks for your supportthe Current zubscripion of f 10 works out at lessthan 25p per week. Fred (SYSOP)GM0ALS@GB

-norrencnus nors€rooK a tor rongErto EVENT'S UULUMN solve. The cure turn€d out to h, driving another EARTH Stake into the ground, 3n the weekendof the 23rd and}4th connectingit to the baseof the Buttenrut Here is the latest list of Club and {ugust the radio club descendedon plus pouring a few gallons of sea water o1trstlocal eventsfor your diary.... SarnsNess lighthouse at Dunbar to aroundthe new Earth Stake(quit" eesvtn club night in the ake part in the Northern Lighthouse achievethis tast part as trt" ni!'rtTi# 'p-- "---- gftoB"l3rd Port Seton,7pm till Inn, Thorntree Weekendwhichwasorganioa ry tne *-t*as only l0 feet away), late {yr Amateur Radio Ciub. The club -, - w-eatherover the weekend nattictrrft$ one of nine otr."r"rluno Ih: l{Xh A talk by HM Coastguard rauv Saturday evening a; i;;'" *The Flrture Of Marine :iking part around the coastof"d;; Scot.fr1 entitled morl:g, was shotery but thank ;;;tand,originally it was ten but d'e to communications' in Resources ne:s the wind stayedaway as ; ;; r:ircumstancesbeyond their conhol NURI'HEKN LIGHT'HUUJh \14EEKEND..GB2LBN

had rneofoftheclub's il;t;;

rtuut could eil* *; ffiT"?,,Tifff :*f :y*d ifand it risenup' f"* headaches


rheeventat veryrttort notiJ..a";dl entlya veryinterestingtalk socome N the Scottishstationsother coun-From the operatingsidewe manageda alongandseefor yourself!! lries also manned lighthouse'sin grand total of 1016 conucts rwer the AmateurRadio theirrcspective counrriessoincreasedweekend....80M - 439,40M - 20;. lov - :l1t"o.I1*ster peoplefrom the club shoY 345, trM- 16, l5M - 3, 6M -s,'li I fheinreresrof thewholeevent loml downto this one so vLtiKI/ :niL.T",? was The_ longest contact with t'e all arrived between08:00 and if you areinterested' uu on a ship in the ruinc- oceanaskaround )8:30on siteand o*#; .|}.ffi betrreenTongaand Tahiti- NOI'EMBER 2nd RSGB6 Hour somewhere Lhreedifferent stations.-In;'*i that one,yesyou l44t\ifrlz CW Contest0800-1400 who managed ..gues: ;;r;;.i;; lhe 20 & 40M *,i*. two urc (seeNote) right GM0clN'.that's colin are romprisingof a TS,t40*Jil;l; h1t" now colin the trot on 1'ou v"*. ztn club night in the Thorntree Verticalfor 40M *d;latt;tsp

p"n 7pm t'lrate s"i"'' r""" #lf i"t8il ffi?1[.H:'ttr iliJi"T?:T*m**,X,,t* be vev hard work with one29th christmas Mal proposed prising i* of a TS430*d ry:y 1o signalsandthene* nothingdate.I€t Bob know your thoughts r.* dipole.over the *or"oju "ftM -l*"grod all so it was 'thank goodness"that and the type of meal (chinese, ",i.i - ,---at $ations were tempo; --;' .roril or;* onceagainto bethestalwartIndian, Italian, Mexicanetc.) you peoplescars which #JL i9t wouldpreferas soonaspossibleso Mnd 15M,6M and2M alsoto beused-The

hoy Hlitff afidlsizewedecided wasalsoused toerect tofinishupabout rime T Windom Antenna for eperimenting earlier than intendeddue to Band condr-


with as it was going to be usedas the tions and it was very noticeable that DECAMBER sth Club night in the FIFAerial drting tff SSn Field Day, ldargaret GMOALX kept well awayftom Thorntree InrU Port Seton,Tpnntill the 80M tent, wonderwhy ? or maybeit's late becausethe last 2 years on doing a Spec'ialEvent StationMargaret is always _. 't:t* TtlE CONTESTS still operating as we dis;nile tne tent i:IoTE ABOVE WHICH FAFER TO THIS abouther !!!!! NOTE ARE THOSE WHICH TTIE Insummarythen"averyeqioyable,relax- glgg *MAl.' TAKE pART IN. ing weekend with lots and lots of tun THOSE WT1I{ NO REFERENCE along with the ability to "play radio" so I tO n*S NOTE ARE ALREADy wonder whereit will be next l-ear DEFINITES. IF YOU HAVE ANY glad to say that it worked very well PREFERENCESAS TO WHICH indeed.The first stationfor 80M was CONTESTSWE ENTER PLEASE Winter Is Approaching! All outoor LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS up and running for the proposedstart lime of 09:00 UTC (10:00BSD and activities are curtailed. So what exiting POSSIBLE. Radio projectsare lined up to do ashasbeenoverthe last two years,hit with the usual pile up. The 20M during the dark nights? Share your station was a lot longer in getting ideaswith others I hopeyou all enjoy the talk bl'HM started this was due to the fact of Coastguard and look forward to throughthe using the YAGI which was being seeing everyone next month for 'll)'.,,,,. mediumof ':.!1trr|,?a. usedfor the very first time ever...over club night. another !1l:i,1.r\! the weekendit really did a fine job. YOUR 73 de Colin (GMOCLN) The last stationon the air was40M as NEWSLETTER lhe problem of trying to clear the


woruo ourslwrss navg won t,y a iliuruburlls ur:|rg,L[! DU ral

as GM4IIYZ/P was concernsdthey nanaged 4th out of the 7 entries in the sectionbut were still well off the soores.Thefinal resuttsthis time are for the 2nd More contestresults are now available for someevents l#s which we haveenteredthis year. The first is for the May lfldFL Backpckers Contest'This event saw a slightly l44l\frlz Contest in which Jim MMIBGI entered ,6i higher numberof entries,being run at the sametime as QRP Contestin mid June' and we enteredusing Single operator PortableSection.As the primary *teo- lh!i[ The team was made up of GMOCLN' tion wasto enterthe lst r44\fitzBackpackers contest 91199!I/P' and MMIBGI on this occassion' GM0NTL "r the Sundayusing GMAIIYZ/P, Jim only op"ru,"a t*itfr !U+WZ, mgre a very close2nd behind GW4IDF/P Onge we were 70W and a 14 ele) for most of the Saturdayana a few (3.5% points of our claimed scorethis md again lost we hours on the Sundaymorning using his own callsign. In process which, had they not time) adiudication during the final the resultsfor the IMay144Mgz contesthe maiaged position in the 3W put lst in lost, have us been would a creditable2nd from 5 entriesin his section

(2nd/ Zndl4tW2ndI 7thl I l)

Fortherstr44Mrlz Backpackers contest thecrub * H:ffi?ff*""HHr:tK#rfrF"'#JT

interest in two entries. both of which were in the 3W similar spot at Fife Ness.This time only John GM?TKA Multi-Operator Sectio'n.From lMainslaughterLaw, using and Gavin GMSWDD made the trip and they had a joineO difficultday with severatpr6lems. The net resultbeing a Gh.4.{IdYAPwith a 14 ele yagi, Jim MMIBGI {as by Bob GM4IIYZ while using GMTTKAIP and a 9 ele 6.1o* p*, rhem Zth place from 10. furfor**"" yagi from Fife Ness were John GMTTKA Alex GM"itti"g 6VIU, Bill GM6ICF and Gavin GMSWDD. The best In sunm1ry though I think we c:ur be very pleasedwith rezult was achiwed by the lads who went to Fife Nesson the way things have gone.Three 2nd placesare not to be this occassion.GMTTKAIP manageda very closesecond sneezed.atand if we can improve our logging accuracya behind GW4IDF/P.Despitehad"g more raw points than {rr-thy imqrovementwill no &ubt take place' As I write GW4IDFIp the lads at Fife Nesshad a smaller multiolier this I await irformation on wlry we lost points in the and bD,the time the final scores were multiplied out fu_v! contâ&#x201A;Źsfsin the hope that we may be able to avoid GMZTKA/P wasjust piped at the post. The di'sapoint- similar problemsin the this space! ing thing was that they had lost a lot of points (27o/oof 73 Colin (GMOCLI\D their claimed smre) &ring the a{iudication processand AMATEUR ANAGRAMS Here are more Amateur Anagramsfor you to agoniseover. As usual enter the answershorizontally in the grid and rememberthat black boxesare spacesbetweenwords. When you have all the answerscorrect you should have a computingrelatedword in the highlightedvertical box. Good luck...

monthscluesare :-1.AORTICCAP,2. TINY LEEKS,3. C RICHTOURIST,4. TO OPENEMITTE& 5. TILT EASEL.6. IDLY DEAF.7. IRC CAME AnswersFrom SeptemberWere :I. TRAPDIPOLE,2. TONE BURST,3. COPROCESSO&4. SERIALPORT.5. PROGRAMMER6. FAPEA 7. COVERAGE Ifyou got thosecorrectyou should havefound the word *PERIGEE" in the vertical box. Hopeyou all enjoy the on 10th October.Seeyou nes month. 73 Colin (GMOCLN)


1. 2. a J.

4. 5. 6. 7.


Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


was set up in the awning. By this stage John ttSGB 144 MHz Traphy Conte# . 6 t h / T t hse p te mb e rl '9 9 7 (GMTTKA) andAleX( GM6\r r q,whohad

Having been bu'dins uptothiscontesr ",H;*":llil:ffitilli.Xil'#-Xl,l1'#"i} several weeks I was most dissppointedwhen elementTonnayagis for l44Nfrtz and they were

everythingstartedto go wrong shortlybeforethe 1q be phasedwith the 3 x 14 ele array for thr event.My Dressleramplifier,which had a receiveweekend.While the 17 elementyagiswere beinp problem on VHF Field Day had been repared assembledother work continued. and a new valve had beenbought * htgt::^Tt The "'"-" hadbeento setup aTaw*zpackel that we hadlots of poweravailablefor this event. .":. intention unrorrunareryapprox one week b.for" li



yd multiplierronFIF'unfortunatelvfor restwhenthe new valvewasbeingoJTt"T;; :yY t:1*t the powersupplvin Bobscompute amplifierdeveloped anotherproblem#;il;;::T: just as we were settingup""'nc manyrepairatremptstime ran outr m*-, ;; gl|jd-J," fbit weatherforecastwasfor wind andruin. ,qt ,fiut rccketthisweekend! time (Wednesday 3rd September) I went off on Ttre Sation on l44l,tfrlz was to be an Icon 20W drive into a 2 holidayto Ayrshire(ovely holidayweatherehlICZ7SEwith approximately t


so no more work could be carriedout.

way power splitter (@ 10W from each splitte output)' The signalsthen canied on asfollows"

Friday 5th soon arrived, my father GMgBwu picked me up from Alloway, and'we travelledto 3 x 14 Ele : lOW into an attenuatorinto 100ri Port Seton,arriving at about 5pm. My',car was amp (2.5W input drive) into VSWRlPowermete loadedwith all the contestingbits and we had a and alongthe feederta a3 way splitter leadingtc bite to eat before going down to the club for a eaohof the three 14 elementantennas. few drinks and the usual natter. On Saturday1x 17 Ele : lgW into l0OW amp (lgW drive morning everyone seemedto leave for MSrn;into VSWRlpower meter and along the feedertc slaughter Law whenever they got up., somea 2 waysplitter leadingto eachof the 17 elemen earlierthan others!We arrivedat about g.45am*t**"r. and already nm MMIBGI and Ron GMONTL '. were on site and strugglingtryrng to p; il rh" To a$we the correct drive for the 2'5w inpu u*l i' nT"ttary to reducethe overall drivt caravanawningin ttre wino. we ril g;;r;;;k Y.* as the attenuatorwas too small. This meanttha unloading the cars and assembling - -- e *i""*r, ' we only had about 7W drive to the othe mastsetc.

prosressing workwas weu other than.someone ffirff"Io"ffi; #JT,*r#il"fJ,f,tjs#ff:

tryrng to put the sideson the awning the wrong uUoli OSWto the 3 x 14 ele arrayand 55W to the way round(!) but all cameto a halt at ll. lam. 2 x 17 ele aray. However, this was late As suggestedby the HF ContestsCommitteewe improvedas the po*., supplywas initially beinp all stopped a+. that time (meant to be the ou.rlouded. To cure this one of the amps wil approximatetime of a national silencel stood switched to a secondarypower supply and we still in the wind, and had two minutessilencein managedabout gOWand ZOWrespeciivelyto the memoryof Dian4 Princessof Wales. antennasystems. Despitethe fact that it waswindy we had-no real As you canseeit all got a bit complicatedbut we problemstryrng to erectthe antennas.Additional eventuallysortedeverythingout andfrom then on links were addedto the top of the l44lvftlz (3 x it ran smoothlywhictris morethan could be said 14 ele) mastto allow for the I{F antennabeingabout the weather!By the time the contesthad usedfor SSBField Day to be attachedand also startedthe rain had sei in and a smallstreamwas for anotherguy rope (to take the strain in- the flowing acrossthe lay_byandthroughthe awning oppositedirectionto theFIFantenna).Oncethe 3 gon . irrgent action was requiredlo Bob (pre_ x 14 elementarray was erectedthe equipmentpared as usual), who had a shovel in his car,

srzurt;sru srg a s{riur urLU[LUruvcrt ulg watgr. r.Irgsr[anr Dalurq:ryâ&#x201A;Źxr'erung anq rnto Dunqayditcheventuallydeveloped into a trenchwhichGMOBWTJ . .i__ __.^^:_r^_^r+L^^^-.^^+^.i of the contest'other than the usual late exlendedunril it wenr all rhe way round the #;;. ;; -,.I:j,1:^::T"**r nighuearlymorning quiet spell,therewas a steadyflow of more wet feet for the operators, contactswith a liberal sprinkling of continental stations By the time we got on air we were about 15 minuteslate among them. The final tally was 169 contacts, 18 of but soon got into the flow of things with severalforeign which werecontinentals(in France,Belgium, The Netherstationsbeingimmediatelyaudible. AstheZxLT elearray lands and Germany)and 8 of which were over 700 km was not quite complete the first half hour or so of (435 miles) away.The bestoverall DX was with DF0RI in operating was done with only the 3 x 14 elementyagis. JO42 squareat a distanceof 868 km (540 miles). Our Theotherfeedwasconnectedtoadummyloadbutassoon final score(at I point per km) was 15261 which is as the other antennaswere availablethey were connectedequivalentto 327 km per QSO. to the output. Operating with two antenna systemswas ^ the weather' everyoneseemedto enjov very strangeand it soonbecameclear that b.i-;;;;; f TY|&spite could be obtainedby swirchingout the pt*;;;'il;:ITt:t":::andalltheequipmentwaspackedupinrecord and I were the last to leave the site at systemwith rhe weakestreceivesrgnal.This pt#"; iitr lI1 Yl.futo"t

good signar from being swamped bvthe"*dd;;"". l#t;Jti#nilT"'*'iff'#'31ffi';ltPilT: associated with the poor signal.As you can imagine.each ""--l "'- .-

t"s unloaded"we got a quick bite to eat and I signal was dependanton the distant stations;il;; :qTry.Ti Ayrshire to re*rme mv holidavs' Fromthere where our antennaswere pointing ,o *. ot"n]JJ;;; ""J g:}:-back-to hometo castle Douglas(Dumfries & switching out both preamps,one at a rime, to ilffi; *' b"r, ---- Tl31h:1,**inued Galloway| It was a long weekendfor us both, especially overallreceivedsignal.Alr goodfun....honestll' when, on Saturdaynight, I only had aboutone hours sleep Despite severalcontinentalstationsbeing heard"condi- andhe managedaboutthree! I'ddo it againthough! tions appearedto h poor with very ** *1_oTH]19 w"rr doneto GMoNTL, G.vn4rJyz,cMTTKA5cM6vru, worked Ithinkthat the majoritv of the problemlt:.tl1i{ iffifi MMIBGr who arl brought along equip to be the continuing coverageon television of the funeral -^'^;- " " and and without whom the conkst would not oPerated princess of Diana, of wales. I'm sure trt", *""-*""i. 3entt havebeenpossible' probablyjust felt like doing nothing ot trr*y rru'o 73 Colin (GM0CLND front of the television all morning and had to go out later in the day as a result. This seemedto be confirmed"ui-* by the apparent increase in activity from UK stations on the

OPEN MEETING 26 September 1997 As youareall nodoutftawaretherewasa - -

disagreed. It was suggested that this was mainly dueto peoplemissingclub niglrts/events (andhencetheir news-

meeting herd onFriday 26th septembe, * lii"rTl" ff;n;"inifi.":*?ffi,;:lmg;j"ffifffiffi Community Centre. The meeting was anangeA to atlolv

;;;-t?;; against a formal committee. Those present everyoneto air their opinions on all club mattersand to *.i" trt.r asked whether there should be an informal decidethe future format of the club and its *!i1, Ft",T ;#;;; and the vore was t8 to 2 in favour. During over 70 questionnaires sent out prior to the meeting t9 futth;;;rcossiorrsitwasagreedthattheorganisersshould replieswerereceivedand threeproxy voteswerearranged ;ff.";;J; cootiooe with their roles as before and that if on the night only l8 people turned up, hoyever the heb;;requireo then Bob (cM4uyz) would ask club meetingwent aheadas all club "members"hadpen e.en ["[*[ for it as necessary.Anyone feering left out was the chanceto attend or nominatesomeoneas m,j1pt:I' ;;;;"g.d to offer to help as they would willingly be what follows is a brief descripion of the points-which *i"." ?"u ," a". were discussedand a note of the decisionswhich were " CIub Adivities/Events Severalresponsesto the questiontaken.

rhechairman proceedings opened atapproximaterr ffi:: 1"H"1;,*fi:h;;##ifr:J"ff"::th#ffi:

7. l5pm, gave a short intraduction and reminded those shsul6 be such a meeting to keep membersinformed of present that they should behale in a respectftrlmanner chb eventsas it is often difficult to keep up to date with during the meeting. The meeting was then addressedby news in the informal pub atmosphere.It was narrowly Bob (GM4IIYZ) who e4plainedhis prwious philosophy decidedby l0 votes to 9 that thesemeetingsshouldbe on when it came to running the club. Before llsgussions normal .iuU ,,igt t, and it was subsequentlyagreedthat beganapologiesfor absencewere notedfrom GMOIMDD,they shouldbe only 30 minuteslong, starting ai7pm. It is 2M1EPK, GMTFKH, GM0ALW, GM0ALX and h6ps4that we will be ableto hold our *formaf, meetings GMTTKA The main debatethen proceededas follows. in the Thorntree prior to the normal informal social Committee/OrganisdionIt had been pointed out that meetings.Thecommunitycentrewillbeusedif necessary. perhaps a communicationsproblem existed within ,1.t"Another point raisedwas that of skrting official eventsin q

/rrr al rorrg ."lrsl'iu(.Ar al ull



vItLL Equtpmew

r ne suoJact or flavrlrg

uruu EqurPlilElrl


to get there. The majority agreedto an changewhich will raised. The majority agreedthat this was not a good idei seeall future events(other than thosealready organised)becauseof the inherent problems related to its storag running from 7.30pmto 9.30pm.The subjectof affiliation malntenanceetc., howeverany equipmentavailablefor us to the RSGBwasnext. Following a short discussionit was by membersis to be publicisedin the newsletter. agreedbv14 votesto 2 thatthe club shouldt*kj:^Y:T: ctub callsign Someoneaskedif we should have a cl't affiliated to the RSGB. The final point to be dealt mth --,;-. ---; . I tus rs rn nanc as noo rs warung ro ooo under this sectionwas whetherto hold main club rn nr lltllg^l^ when it is possibleto do so' It was agreedtha suchas talks etc. on the samenight as normal ;ffi il;; *o-* Y9!il this was a good idea' before meeting in the pub at a rater ti*". ri"t differenceof opinion and the final decision(lry'9 votesto Clnh Name Shouldthe club namebe changedto reflect thr 5) was to keep talks etc. as separateevsntson their own true areafrom which membersare drawn?The overwhelm ing responsewas no! nights.

Club Finances The main polnts to be discussedhere were Miscellafteous A vote of confdence in Bob (GM4UYZ whetheror not to introducean annual subscriptionfee and wascalled for and was unanimouslyagred The organise whether "club funds" should be made available to cover were thanked for their efforts in running the club. It wa eryenses such as postage,food for catering, petrol for agreedthat a list should be createdto show the areas0 gen€ratorsat club eventsetc. So far as zubscriptionsare amateui radio erqertise which club membershave. This i concerned there was a unanimous vote against their to allow anyonewishing to ent€r a new field of amateu introduction. The use of club funds for e{penseswas not radio to locatethe corrsct personto approachfor help. so clear cut but was agreedto by the majority' Any other BusinessThequestionof whether the club ha

Ckarity There were potentialty two questions to be public liability insurance for its wents was raised. Ial answeredhere. Should we still support the British Heart (GMIVEI) agrd to look into this for the club. It wa Foundation(BHD? If not then who shouldwe suppofi?A pointed out that liability insurance is available, at i vote to decidewhetherwe shouldconcentratesole$ on the discount,through the RSGB to afrliated clubs. The chair BIIF wastakenand it was agreedby I I votesto 8 that they man then thankedweryone for attending and as there wa will remain the only charity we donate mon€y to at no firther hrsinessthe meetingwas closedat 8.59pm present.The amountof any donationwill be the funds left Colin (GM0CLN after dedrction ofexpensesat the end ofeach year (after Junk NighQ.

****sToP PRESS**'r*

Cbb Meding Place More than one questionnaireresponsehinted that a pub wasperhapsnot the best meeting Sale place baause it can be a bit noisy for cha$ing, it could following items were the property of a Short Wave deterwomen,it effectivelyexcludesunder l8s and it could who died recentlyand who residedin Port Seton pose a drinkingldriving prohlem. Following a lengthy unfortunately, we did not know.. We havebeenasked debat€under "Club Activities/Events", when discussing sell equipment and its advertisedhere but prices the formal meetings,and also here it was agreedthat despite yet not deci&d. been the drawbacks,the prb still met the needsof the majority and that there was ample oppornrnity at other wents for Anyoneinterestedin purchasingany of the items is asked tlose not totally hapg, with a pub meeting to join in. to get in touchwith Bob GM{.IYZ or myselfRon GM4IKU However,somedoutt was caston the law regardingunder Kenwood R2000 Receiver with VHf'converter ] 18s and their admissionto prbs. This has to be investiKenwood R5000 Receiver gatedso that the e)sct position is known. I 525 Receiver NRD I ContestingDispleasurehadbeeneryressedat an apparent ban on using sites other than Mainslaughter Law &rring Drake R8E Receiver I I club contestoutings.Bob (GM4[IYZ) explainedthat there Matsui MR40099 Receiver had been a misunderstandingsomewherealong the way. I All that had beensaid wasthat from a club point of view it Yupitem M7l00 Scanner I is better if that site is usedso that anyonewishing to visit ICS Faxl tr'ax printerl Weather with dot matrix system can do so without having to travel a long distance. TelereaderCD67S I htblicityTwo responsesreceivedprior to the meetinghad


suggestedthat the club should be pubticised more to IRA Microreader I I attract new membersand to promote amateur radio in Power SuppliesVarious 10A,4A,3A I general. It was agreedthat someoneshould be given the I task of publicising the club and its eyents. Watlace Theseitems will not carry any Guaranteebut can be seen MM0AMV volunteeredto help and he was given the job! by contactingthe abovenamed I