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The Last Hour



May1997Volume 5lssue5 Of VHF FieldDay!




Another month pass€saway,the light nights are getting longer and I know this is the old plea but we eventhe sun has dsciH, occasionally,to make a Grand ape"u.un* so the ile always looking for inpnrtfor the thoughts of all us Radio Amateurs must be..let us get ui tftor" aerials Newsletter no matter how small or maintainedafter the long winter daysand howling gales.I wonderhow many large it may be. Rememberit is your of us actually do this, most like$ none (I include-myselfin this) but really Newsletterand its @ntentsare what when you think aboutit, it is that aerial up in the slcythat .* tnui1 or Ureai<you subscribeto it !l!!! you getting that rare contact,so maybeour resolutionfor th! suurer is take As a reminderas well, we are all our aerials down and give them a good maintenance.vou may *:rg, the time of year why I havebrought this subjectup, well it comesaboutafter a visii to Brian ""* ";;;;;ng going on holiday at when we are GMOEIIL's wherehe washaving problemswith his R7 vertical. * oFn, i so it is impor_ down, I am zurprisedthat it wasevenstill up in the air, we foundthat rtt pop r"rr"ri*. JLotfr.., ;ffi;;;; ilput to Ron GM4IKU rivets and epoxyglue that holds the radiating *1io1 to the insulatirg *$""^ irJr"" possibleto try as at the baseof the aerial had all broken away. In fact there *u, oily "r*pr"rrprry ;J#; il;;"r" stringent dead?" "f lii'uminium tube inside the insulting section stgpprngit from failing *;* ir-"irT;;r;"^, printing the and andwhenyouconsiderthatthereisnearly 23, atrlvettat...ttemind6ggles. Newsletter.Thanks in advancefor This turns out to be exactly the samefault I had on my R5 vertical *rri.r, t;s." thank goodnesscan be r€eaire4 hrt more so strengthened.The motto then as The holiday seasonalsobrings said earlier is get thoseaerialscheckedout ...

otcthen whar hasb€€n going onsince lasrmontllwenrhere wasthe t?:t,fil:Tl,$11


:#.: Quiz WightorganisedbyColin GMOCLNand Susan2MlEpK ( I can,t-report you o*", wer know who may ;, * on it as I am writing this prior ro the evenr,but I am sureit wil havedn, ;"ift#;rT"]o* *rru".*tior, *e gpat suooess), ther€ uas the SoottishActivities weekendwhich I know some ..Hundreds,,-gf know ail there are of you intendedto take part in and lastly the SOMlIzFixed Station Contest. SWL Listeners out there that oten Looking to the future ses May being quite a busymonth with normal quoteyour conversations! ! ! ! ! club night, the 3rd 432MIrz Trophy contest, the Kelso Rally..youall better Looking forward to all the new artiattend or you will esend the wrath of Margaret GM0ADL so you are warned,then there is our DF Hunt Nigh! I hope a few of you will give it a clesthat will be appearing.... it really is quite a laugh, this is followed by the r$ I44\/frrz Bob GM4WZ @GBTEDN fv..r Backpackerscontest and finally the t0 pin Bowling Night. I think there is somethingthere for everyonebut as always READ the EVENTS coLUMN for full details. That's it then...see you later..






Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


APDATE COMPETfiION Due to finger trouble last month parts well not werybody who goesto club fair enough, field weekend, so goes missed to were article of the following the most of vou will have BV ryw its reproducd herein tull. With apolo- BLn ir is a CLUB FIELD wE;?END so makessenseperhapsevery- receivedyour."Form"withreferenceto giesto MargaretGMOALX that we are running' body could shell out a weebit towards the competition FrELD yEpKEND guessthe total distancethat to trylng rt

fieldjaunts. Didthinkof asking yes, know Hifolks, .' ffi,X"oil:T# {$il",ffiTffi forvotes is a bit awav vet

for mainmealbut il;ffi;ilunde.iuminimumof or stovies

"ut:-::::l::soup tnv t^oYt tl usrally have one Saturdayand one alwaystry and improve. pormasthis would ;;; ;;;;"lo* t::'11sunday so makesno odds.(atthough cateringaskeeping ;se quitea goodsumfor ;;i;;" 'ht lt::T piT:thst wateredis a very important year got requeststo not b"lg iri.iiinrrr-tr*ttno*outi*Iamsure knowlotsofvoutry anarcll lentii soupfor ohious reasons*t weekend' . Justa rerninderthat ;;;;ilil;


!!! ) weekend rantalloncastle

is daterorthecompetition theclosing

28th June 1997and t NEED -,|]fi::Tit"HTffi b*"*" 6. Anyonewtro enjrys ftui! sweets,or saturday ;;b items but somedon,! FORMS and MoNEY bty THE ALL can to have to stick they havejoineo in ana aon't-tnow trre hus any diet they July 1997' ie July Club 4th Friday own to sryple'ment s@re,so herewe gowith someupdatesalwrys bring Urelr time you feel you have any If at Night' we use whaiwe pr*ia".z. as al'ways which I think would t"t ;;t:---

possibre ,* Irn 1TJ"ffff#:*"::ffi 1.where

ilfr *1"#f"J,tff.'**theForm

vacuumflaslq miCht *T-O gY: you' aluraln,mre"iateA Sooomeon thenletstry andmakethis when folks are sitring at oporatlngkindly a bumperye'r-on our Donationto the stationsfor lengthyperids they get !. notl GMONTL,alvraysvery loygettingas rleartFoundation tf;"y hi"gr'.I*g his carananfor our use British*GUESSES' rhirsty, if we had c€m' we as we rnany ";;;;;d Jitt for witf cateri"s a"d this of Tl* fffir cc4ddbe filld and loggenandqerailorst""Cy to otiot. Ydd tPd,:P.1T3""^T*1* has his trbq for Saturday also usually 2. Bring along your own corree.*9 ,,ight, so if you want to bring along and soupbowl with nameor callsi8 on tofo io cook-onit, think aheadI them save a fortume on chucl€way cupsandplates.-Okay,thinkthatisiqthankgood-

*9.:od,ffiht-:i$#:r# inodds orhanding 3.Instead smal-ll€n? of food and drink to caravan

H ff"rffr

thoughtson improving things, and as .

*o{d ry tu: il ffiit f,1-f2fromweryone


yoo hut o'i afiended l roodanddrinks""**ffi:H:TiH1 food and drinks over weekend.andan,yweekendVat, pfa"r" do so, I'm not excessaddedto BHF fi tr# Ti [mt#:"tl$"f soundungralefulfor donations_t p"qt no matterif , 91"oa l6ts more but last yeir we wasteda lot ot milc you don't want to op€rate,log, or

m m D' Field Day Recipe

TRAnBAKE flil ;H5tffi:;H,l'ffi:f"T:# MALTEyER ffiTTfr,?"*":"TJ#;'i get allat once, and would be easierto at finish are appreciated we have a 4 ozsmargarine 9 ozs cooking chocoand also avoid the problemslI some-long weary time some years and to hte a ablispoons syrup8 ozs crushed one has said they'll b,i1g.t:,Tl * (leave fl rtuu" a gang of wiiling volunteers ag"rrlo. uiscuits8 ozsmaltesers then perhapsthey can't get along, il ."*t *'-ror. would be a bonus, so soine for topping) big bar Milky Bar you think of it, it doesmake sense' comeon folks circle the datesin your --_"f,o"of,"a" 4. Other idea I had was for wee raffle diary and pop along, evenfor an hour

see it att't'etpr. vourn"*, andpro-orrwo, atclubnightpriortoevent ceeds going towards field fund and again excessto BItr. I know you'll say

T3 de Margaret,GM.ALX.


and rnix wetl, add "ri"ir.JAig.*ves, cnrshed3/4 of maltesersand mix well in, spread into tray and leave to set. PHONE NUMBER CHANGE melt milky bar chocolate and spread I wonder c:rnyou changeany recordsthat you over top, add crushed maltesers and havewith referenceto my Mobile Phone leaveto firm for approx30 minutes,cut Number. into pieces and enjoy, but forget the calories,definitely fattening,bit expenMy old numberwas....'. 037A234795 sive but worth it for treat now and My new numberis ...... 0370 732681 again,definitelYmoreish..... Bob GM4UYZ (A GBTEDN Margaret GMOALX

May 1997

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


ANGLO $COTNSH RALLY TAITHALI. KELSA, SUNDAY $H NAV fi97. Doorsopen 1030for disabred and ll00 for others.Entry tr.i0 which includes5 raffre tickets, lst ticket drawn is for maln prize draw of r50, following ticketsdrawnwill win prizesdonated by tradersat rally and donationsfrom club membersat K.A.RS. Light refreshmentsavailableuntil 1500 when catering ceasesto allow time for drawingrafle tickets.Anyonewishingio buy rafre tickets can do so from cateringtablesinsided*. "oru usual traderswill be therearsoa few new onesthis year, bring and b1f., regeatergroup table, RSGB table, RAFARS table, RARE table,all in main hall. we look forward to seeingeveryoneon the day and remember bringng down caravan or staying overnight in B & B at Ty*! Kelso is invited alongto socialgarheringin K.A.R.S. clubrooms from 1900 untrl 22f0 on saturday evening,crubrooms situated behindKelso Abbeyin the community centre, upstairsrooms 4/5. Any further enquiriespleasephone:-


Gavin GM0ALW on 01573 226372. AMATEURANAGRAMS Here is yow monthly "fit'' 9f 4r|u6*

Anagams. As usual you shouldenter the an$we$horizontally

ei1:'ryryon"* 9"t**' #;ffi;r

ifngllTi:Y^:i$ anarcurradio'however-F-re:andwhenthegrid is completed

in the grid

answers shourd have some sortorrinkto

r"rru"uy youshouldhaveanotherwor4 linkedto morsecode,in the highlighdvertical box Gooaluck.. Thismonthscluesare:- 1,AB-sENT IorAs, 2. QIIET I\4ENp, 3. scEMc ovAls, 4. ASTIVELy RIF,T,5. GAMEHOPE,6. CENTRECOr-,7. ANCN3TRIES

I,Sanswerswere:- 1. SCANNER 2. LONG WA\IE, 3. BATTERY, 4. DPEDITION, 5. LICENSING,6. )IATION,7. ELASHOVER If you got thosecorrectyou should havefound the word *COAKAL,, in the vertical box Seeyou again next month. 73 Colin (GM0CL}O

1. 2. 3. 456_ 7.

CONyZRSIONTABLE'- WATTSto DBw if mostof you arelike myselfI canneverremernberthe conversionformulato changefrom Watts to DBw's or visa versa here is a table to help you do that. I extractedit from a DATA CHART troducedby PracticalWireless(I hopetheydon't mind me reproducingit againfor your use !). I suggestyou pin it up somewhereon the shackwall for easyreferencefor whenyou are filling out lour shackLog' Bob (iM4uyz @'GBTEDN



PO1TER dBW T{atts 22.4 L75 22.6 180 22.' I L85 22.8 L90 22.9 L95

Watts 50 55 60 65 7A

dBrf 1 7 .0 L 7 .4 L 7 .8 18. L 1 8 .5

1 _ 0 .0 l _0 .8 11 .5 12 .0 L 2 .6

75 80 85 90 9s

1 8 .8 1 9 .0 1 9 .3 1 9 .5 1 9 .8

200 205 zLA 2t5 220

20 22 24 26 28

1 3 .0 1 3 .4 L 3 .8 L4. 1 14 .s

100 105 L10 115 L20

2 0 .0 2 0 .2 2 0 .4 2 0 .6 2 0 .8

30 32 34 36 38

1 4 .8 15. 1 l s.3 L5 .6 15 .8

L25 L30 1 -3 s 140 14s

40 42 44 46 4B 50

1 6 .0 L 6 .2 L6 .4 16 .6 t_6 .B 1 7 .0

l -so 1 s5 160 165 170 L7s



I 2 4 6 8

0 .0 3 .0 6.0 7.8 9 .0

L0 L2 L4 16 18

330 340

2s.2 25.3

23.0 23.L 23.2 23.3 23.4

350 360 370 380 390

25.4 25.6 25.7 25.8 25.9

225 230 235 240 24s

23.5 23.6 23.7 23.8 23.9

400 410 420 430 440

26.0 26.L 26.2 26.3 26.4

2 1 .0 2 L .L 2 L .3 2 L .5 2 L .6

250 255 260 265 270

24.0 24.L 24.L 24.2 24.3

4s0 460 470 480 490

26.5 26.6 26.7 26.8 26.9

2 L .8 2 L .9 2 2 .0 2 2 .2 2 2 .3 2 2 .4

275 280 285 290 295 300

24.4 24.5 24.5 24.6 24.7 24.8

500 510 520 s30 540 5s0

27 .O 27.L 27 .2 27 .2 27.3 27.4

Power (dBW) = 1O x Loglo Actual

POY{ER dBW Tfatts 24.8 300 24.9 310 25.t 320

Por,ter (W) = lntitog



Power (w) )

CL -f ltnt








GraffSpsy (Champions& Windbreakers),The Ark Royal @X ContestWinnen) and The Bismark (Twiglets) were Phew!!! What a relief.... The qtiz night has passedand too! Science& The Natural World would surely seean there were no fights behileenteams (or organisers!!).As improvement but six points, by the O.A.P.s, was the far as I can gathereveryoneseemedto enjoythemselvesso highest in this round. I thiok this round would have the night appearsto havebeena success.Norryback to the causedus to call out the army because,farfrom being a mtty gritty......thereport! cat, a Selkirk Rex is, in fact, a dinosaur (Twiglets). The In total (including organisers)26 pmple turned rp and sooreswsre still very close an{ entering the final round were duly arrangedinto 7 teamsof 3 or 4 persons.The on Trivia, any one of six teamscould havewon the quiz. Trivia would appearto be the spocialistsubjectof those teams(in alphabeticalorder) were :present since it was the highest scoring round of the The Champions JohnGMTOLQ, Bob GM4UYZ, night. With a final charge kwerclyde ARG won this Yvonne GM4UYZ's XYL, John GM0WDF round with eight pornts. Refreshments'werethen served DxContest Winners JimMMIBGI,CaTTMMIBGI's while everyonewaited for the final results to be anXYL, SeatrMM1BGI's Son,Ron GN4ONTL nounced.After much checking and adding upthe results InverclydeARG Bitl GM0ICF, Jim GM0NAI, John were as follorrs :-


K.A.R.S. Stuart Cowan,Craig Finlay, JamesMiller The OAPS Fet€r GMIRC?, Bill GMOZLI, Ron GM4IKU, Kenry CMOWI{M Twiglets Sylvia 2MlFlvD(, Gavin GM0ALW, lvlargaret GMoALx WindbreakersIain Mclaren, John GMTTKd Brian GM3EIIL

Positioir Team Poins lsr The O.Ap.s 34.5 Znd Invercty& ARG 33.5 3rd K.L-AS. 31.54th Windbreaken31.0 5th The Chanrpions27:5 6rhDX ContestWinners 27.0 7th Twietets 22.0 Many congratulationsto the O.A.P.s, Peter (GMIRCP),

you Now I'mrarking kno,w who abont when.l,T?** 3*1ffffi#iffiffitffiftrtJ*ffi teamsI',ll tell ys|l abolrtthc formatfm the oight

yd}ry to the €nit Theywerepresenrdwith a specialtvpaint€d theyallgoton. fhequizuasspitintosixromlsoftfn otmmenteach.Alm, I wouldlike to mngratulatethe questions each.Th roun& qar€ Entertaiilnent& Music, Inver€lyde ARGtearnr/ho eachwona mugafterbeingso Gmgmphy,Sport,HiSory & Lit€raffie Science& The into semndspot. your ifor6 nati"g b€at€Nl NaturalWdld and Trivia By the endeachtqm would the "**[ylong trip to Ake prt are grcaUyappreciatedFinad havea tdal soorecrutof a possibl€srsy poinfs(9* pofu well &ie to all the ofter coryditors-for supportingthi per question).Ilalf poids rere avrarded at the,discretionquiz"I hopepr eqioyedyo**lto. of theorganisers if mly part of an answer uasford to be . ' As ]su can rxr the soor€syrcre goeral$ rrery clore correct. tog€ther and ahnost imy team could have won on the The quiz began with the sstion on Entefiainment & night (althougb.onemay have nded a little more luck Music. This round was won by The OAPs with sov€,trand than the others!).Despitebeing the organisers,Susanand a half poirts which is ryite rcspectflble.It appearsthat I really edoyd the evening and must say thank you to Archibald Isch (real name Cary GranD is othenrise one or two people for their help and generosity.Firstly known to someof us as, amongother things, John Wayne lMargalet (GM0ALE for providing the lovely prizes, (Twiglets), EngelbertHumperdink (InverclydeARG), and thanks are also due to Jim (MMIBGI), carry and Sean Sir Cliff Richard (K.L.A.S.). The seoond section on for providing the drints (tea, coffee, etc.) and thanks to Geographywas won by a difrerent tear4 InverclydeARG, Bob (GM{IYA for all the little backgroundjobn he did on six points. This was the lowest scoring round of the to help organisethings. On a personalnote I would like quiz but still managedto bring up sonre more strange to thank Susanfor all the hard work sheput iq not only answers. For e:rample, did you lrrow that the largest organising most of the questions,hrt also,baking lots of monolith on earth is "somebuilding in Kuala Lumpu/'? goodiesfor you all to eat. I should know how hard she (Windbreakers).The Windbreakersseemto be the eryerts worked becauseI had to look after Craig while she was when it comesto Sportwith a scoreof swen points in that 7l Colin (cMocLN) section.Thesepoints hel@ them greatly and resultodin doingit!!! the following half time scores:ll members of the club attending the quiz event I'm

Position Team Points lst The O.A.P.s l7 2nd The will congratulateColin and Susanfor a great effort Win&reakers 16.5 3rd K.L.A.S. 14 4th Inverc$de 13.5 all others who helped out as per abwe. It was a 5th DX ContestWinners 12.56th Twiglets ll.5 7th The night out with the only disappointing Championsll the poor attendancefrom other irwited clubs The secondhalf began with History & Literahre which allowed K.L.A.S. to showtheir class(sorry!) with a score of 8. This time as well as The Royal Oak being sunk bry

other club members who never seem to s arganised on their behalf,.......All monies


end"Ayr AmateurRadlo-Groupare 10 PIN BOWLING NIGHT

rheevents column is Lre1e. again tof;:t#*13##iffi:fl"9:11#:


in touchwith what.ishappen-il;ses ,' g'. thed a*a*. Weivi1 F9q Vo1r ing in ScouishAmateurRadio.... Gi"tiu" oncemore,in 2m/21m/a0 KN{NAIRD PARK, ilIAY 2nd Clubnight in theThorntreem/80mfromBarnsN-esllighthouse, nearDunbaras GB2LBN-A greal Inn"PortSeton,7frn till lat€ EDINB{JRGH so pleasecomealongand 3rd 432tvfrrzTrophy Contest1400-ilffI:nd Date : Saturday24th May 22OO WC (It is unlikelyr+ewill enteri--- --_ 24th Galashrels OpenDay"-Volunthis) st JohnsRoa4 Galashiels' 4th AngloscottishRally, Tait HdL :1111' Totsl Cost : f,7 for 2 CompleteGames Keko. Entry f1.s0 liniciudesprli SEPTEMBERSIbC\bnigltinthe (includesShoeHire) 7pm till Thorntree Inn, Port Seton, tickets this year). Contact Gavin GMOALWon 015732263721ot rnffs mte For all of you who are auending thet info. 6/7rh l44MI{z Trophy contest eventcim I ask you to be at thel L1"rC(Seenote) Megabowl for 19:30 as that will erft C&pS ARC 144MHz pp 1400-1a00 us to all be r€adyfor the 20:0O C,on' Hunt. Time for final prepara- TthFifth l4/,MllzBackpackers UTC(SeeNote) starl thanks. tions. Gather in the Pirnd Hsll test1100-1500 Car Pad< {Opposite Ship Inn), 2lsf ScottishAmareurRadio ConBob GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN Port Seton At 6.30Dm for g vention,RoyalHiglttandEdtibition briefing prior to e ?pm start.-- Sf1T9, Iagltstou-ttleg Fdinburgh' Moreinfo nearerthe time. YetAnotherEntry 5f 'per team es'uru"fl

r\rsw NorE nArsABorlEffffffifr0r;i"3"Tf,;1,ffi

ttrr First LMt\eIz Baclcpackersgorp late test ll00-t500 UTC (SeeNote) ilH, 6,vent to be organised!!! per24th Ten Pin Bowliag Night at The haperescheddedCPRnight!!

norcnann fth Crnbnightin rhe l{bgabq4,Kinnairdt4 lqUfg\ Startsat8pmfrclf fongorwedor't no-te foo,nortS*1"4-?p*till -

bandsare abeolute$flat, prt @aton" Imgoing downthe XYL......"WhaLam I coming ?'Doctor Roger..."No,Im going switch the heating off!"

get or lanes)and costsf7 per persxr. hte_ Ifyou haven't seenBS (GM4IIYZ) yet _: __ thi:n & it now! He needsvour m6iw DECEMBER lt& Club night in the Ne Month and a ffinite yes of no ftUS CLU6 Thorntre Inq Fort Seton"7pm till A r€port &om Jim MM1BGI of the 6 lar€ NI.IIT!! metre rcntest in which the club took **+ ** NOTE TIfi CONTESTS JANE eh A$ night in the Thorntree ABOVEWHICHREFERTO THIS an activepart from GM0NTL's qth on Inn, Port Seton,7pm till late NOTE ARE THOSEWHICTITTIE 20th April. 7rh lst 5OMIIZ Backpckers Contest CLUB "MAY' TAKE PART IN. 1300-1700UTC (Seenote) THOSE WTTH NO REFEF€NCEYou may have noticed the clipart lfithfuacri1pfi Wireless l44l\tfrIz ORP TO THIS NCIIE ARE ALREADY included in this issue. This was ob DEFINITES. IF YOU HAVE ANY Conrest0900-1600UTC tained from the internet and I think you will agreeit improvesthe look of Contest0900-I300IJTC LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOUR newsletter. If you fin4 any IULY 4th Club night in the Thorntree FOSSIBLE' similar clipart or indeedphotographs Inn, Port Seton,7pm till late Hope you all enjoy the Kelso Rally which wouldbe suitablefor inclusion J'/6t* RSGB VHF National Field Dav (4th I48y) and the 10 ptn bowling in future issuespleaselet me know. 14$-1400 UTC. Can we be the firsr ti' (241hl\,hy) Ron GM4IKU win th9_CockenzieQuaich in the Re?3 de Colin(GMgCLN) srided Section? 19th l44llft{z Low Power Contest Club MembercE-MaiI Addresses 74AO-220A UTC (Seenote)

r44MuzBackpackers Isth second "#^ffi"fi[

20th 4321,fi12 Iow Power Contest 0800-1400UTC (Seenote) AAGUST lst Club night in the Thorn- GMOCLN tree Inn, Port Setoq 7p'ttttill late GMOICF 3rd Fourth l4,tMl{z BackpackersCon- GMOWRY GMlSYC test 1100-1500UTC (SeeNote) GM4IKU ,lttft C&PS ARC Junk Sale"Port Seton wz Community Centre. Usual attractions, raffle, Talk-In on S22 etc etc DON'T YR MISSIT!! lBGI 231243rd Northern LighthouseWeek-

ffi#R pffiSH

Colin Bill Stevie Willie Ron Bob John

Allister Jim


& PORT SETON ARC 144MHz F'OXAUNT RUI"IS +** : F * : t * ++* * * r t * : k * r l : f

r t l . : f t ****+ **+ ******r F ***:t***r fr r t:1 .:tr t*+ *rf

rt*++**:t'f **



INTRODUCTION The Lothians Challenge will be a combind radio oporating, navigation and intelligence competition Good operating techniques and team managementwill be required in order win.

GENERAL The challenge will be a team event,the team captainwill coorFrequency: 145.275M[12.FtvI, VERTICAL FCTLARISATION. dinate the activities of the team. Each Callsign: GM4IKU/1vI tesm (or at least one memberfrom the reqrrired to visit eight Hunt Area : TIIE FOX WLL BE LCICATED WIIHIN TIIE AREA ON team) will be the I,othian atea. locations in SURVEY LANDRANGER MAP No 66 BOUNDED BY FIRTTI OF FORTI{ TO TTM NORTTI.TTIE EDCE OF OS LA}IDRANGER Each tecm captain will initially be given a grid refetenceto a location. On MAP No 66 TO TI{E EAST' TT{ELINE JOTNING GRID REr. and NT400760TO THE WEST. A SMALL MAp SHOWING THIS AREA reaching the designatd location the WILL BE ISSTJEDTO ALL COMFETTTORSAT TTIE START. t€am will reqr€st a location question relative to the location TX Times : TRANSMISSIONS BY THE FOX WI.L BE 3o SECONDSwhich will be that the tearn has visited confirm and EVERY 5 MINTIIES. TTIE FIRST TRANSMISSIONBEGINNINGAT place. If the location ques7:00PM, FOLL/3WINGTRANSMISSIONTIMES WILIL BE 7:05Ptut,the correct the team will tion is answercdcorr€ctly 7:1OPIVf,7:15PM.....8TC.TI{E FINAL TRANSMSSION WILL BE A given a bonus questionwhich ntay be 8:45PMANDWILLP.EVEALTHELQCATIONOFTIIE FOXANDTHAT be amafeur radio related. If the team OFTTIEFOSTH{.JNTMEFTING, &ils to give a corr€ct answ€r to a Access: THE FOX WILL BE IN A POSffiON WHICHIS ACCESSIBLElocation qu*tion no bonus question BY CAR(4WDNOTNECESSARY t!!!!!). will be available and the nes location TX Ban : NO TRANSMSSIONS, OTI{ERTI{AN THOSEOF'TI{E FOX, will be given.

STIOULDBE MADE ON TTM HI.JNTIts.EQUENCYAT A}IY TIME Once an answsf to a boaus que$ion DTJRING TTIEEVENT. has ka communicatd to the control station the next location witl be given, VE TIM IMMEDIATE AREA A}iD SHOIJLD NOT TRA}ISMIT OH the accuracyof thc bonusquestionwill AltY FREQUENCY WHrrE IN TI{E VICIMTY OF TI{E FOX. TI{E FOX notbe indicatedhrythe control stattott.




question tky nay lnss' and request the ne>dlocation. A team which passes on any questionrrill not bs permited to answerthe questionat a later time.


STOPPING At lea.sttwo of the locations wilt be uear the control station QTH, this is to MINTS. ANY TEAMSFOUNDTO BE BREAKINGT}IE ROAD LIAffTS IN ANY AREA WILL BE DISQTJALIFIED IMMEDIATELY. eacouragepdestrian (mcbile) qperation, the remaining locations will reSIMILARLY. A}IY TEAMS FffIND TO BE BREAKING ANY OF quire transport. ABOVE RT]I$S WILL BE OTTIER ROAD USERS WHEN CHOOSING Yff.]R


All questions and answers must be

with the controlstation

As you will have sen heard (GM3HAM) on 2 m VHF. Mostof the elsewherethe dateof this DF hunt locations will be in poor WIF radio beenbrought forward o 9 th May recegion areasin relation to the conw€ hope you can join us in what i trol itation qfi{. It will be the role of usually a fun night. Evea if you the team €Sain to organisethe team. no{ triedDF"ing before}au ctm along with a simple dipole and joi Two poiats will be awardedfor each cottftmatioa question 4nswered corln.. rectly aqd one point for each bonus Ron question. See()ver

rags o


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mitted in the immediatevicinity of the The team which aocumulatesthe most conditions. pointsin the time allowedwill:i^* cortrol station during the challenge. 4. only amateur radio frequencies challenge'In the event will be given to every ;ay; used.use of telephones(mo- 15. Two points {Ltt:".T: -qurstim will answer(via team captrin) sudden pI\iIR, rnswer.d r.rr*.tly airband, *urin b.atirr r*al fji.j deathradio relatedquestions' ", for point wery correct bonus ; cB frequenciesor equipment is and one corrtrtly. question answered The challengewill run for five hours. not permitted. TEAMS Each team will consist of a 5. The use of voice repeaters (eg. 16. The team which acwnrulates the team captain and two to swen other 6g3pp, GB3ED etc.) is not permit- most points within the specified time members.At least three membersof ted. Packet repeaters(F2D) may be wins the challenge. the team must hold valid amateur us€d lZ. In the event of a tie teams will be radio fioences' amateurradio related qrrestions asked membe$ comrmrnicat6. only team It is hoped that local clubs, Raynet ine with the control station (GM- to be answeredonly by the captain, groups and groups of individuals will 3riel0 may usc 145.:oorMIIZ FM conferring with the team members enter teams. presentat the control station is permitsimplex.

Uptoeightteamsmaytakepartinthe andconfirma7.Ontyonelocation ff*H;n challenge.


tion question will be given to each wrong answeror fails to answerin the EQTIIPMENT Teams will provide t€amatatinre. s6d time will be elimif,ated if a their own equipmenr' from an other tiedteam TT *. A bonusquestionwill aot be given oorrwt answ€r require at least o* P.H location questionbas"bem is nrhequently given for the next J;'the -2T^_tfl,ry

cor€cry. """"","0 aPPr'vr' 9. The aed locationwilt only be finditbeneficialtomakeuseoffurther


be disIIF', VHF or UIIF m6ile andportablegiven whenan answerto the bonus18. A tetm will automatically the team member of if any question received by the has boen (hand-hel$equip'rnent. At l€ast one -qu{iFod Genuine ttr€ksanyoftheaboverules' vehicleper teamwill be requiredin controlstatronortheteamwishesto arcel6ludd" order to visit all ttre locationsin a passard moveon to the rrclf loca' energenCies reasonable time. An ordinancesuvey tion. ADDMONAL INFORMATION land ranger rnap shoetg^T"$ 10. The accuracyof ansnrcmto bomrs The challeagewill take plae on SaturbercqukedfornaviEation*aslocationsqrestionswifl oot be gven dnring 6';J.*1";tT,startingatllamftom will be given as six figure grid refer- tie chaflenge. hcation NT 233 632. ences.

r.reams RrrLEs w'rcomprise ."l.1l1;##, ntr"T *:::::. leastttueemembers

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,im be acce,pred W the controt*- ;*d

eight. Three of the team mlst H .hold tioo.




of theFirthof Forth

valid amateur radio licences, at least one of whom must hold a full amateur 12. Tsms will mt be permittod to lte control station transmissionswill licence. one memberof the team may re-attemFflany questionswhich they be rmited to 5w erp on 2m FM. operateremote'from their homeQTH. may havepassedon' A trophy will b€ presented to the *mitig't"-. 2. The challenge will run for five 13. Teamsarenotallowedassistance frorn anyonewho is not a memberof hours. ForfurtherdetailscontactNorman theteam Stewart'GMICNH QTHR or 3. All radio operating must comply pernot be wilt me,,,bers 14. Team with current amateur *Oio ti""*ing

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