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5 /ssue1 1997Volume January


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MESSAGE FROM NICKY EI9CK sT:tdy'istheBlackpoolweekend I wouldlike to wishvou u . I really would appreti& just beforechristrnasI received *i lYf"h vERy HAppy, **itii)' meknowoneor anothertr a Christmascardfrom Nicky passing letting pRoSpERoUSNEw Gl;'; *"t t* interestedin going t:^,lT: on all his goodwishesto us all at the of you.,;il;;;; and everyone f":-ff Radioclub. Nicky alsosenta donayou all had a really,;* itfi.ffi Tf:-lt"ttaloteasierformvsellon front' Seetuther in tion of f"20towardsthe club tundsso and that Santabroug;;;;ffi; :I :ig"*t*g for tull detailsof the I wouldlike to ..nicegoodies,, tuough theNewsletter g Tf:t*r ;'r"* that ,#; actualtrip. behalfof us him on " personallythank tenerand posted ,h.'.i;;;.-iil you besaymg' will of "p as well to leave I knowsome Lastly,againfrom my point of all' you all remembered *but Nicky will neverreadthis"' this Santaand his reindeer'stheir milk view it is gettingcloseto registering for the RSGBvHF Fielddayanddue is not the caseas copiesof the Newsandbiscuits,I suredid !!! changesin theformat retterare sentto Niclcyand someof ,.another yea, :o 1::*b"t of oK thenaswesay JANaARY EDITOKIAL

seewhatcanbe done?

;dffi'il::Y'] us,,," upon isnow *i"tr'# *:il'l,lli;*:*:.+f"#*;1"$1"tr :J,TffiT'ffffilfi# onceagainasfar astn":t"::Tt:,T kind gesture....... are going to enterthis ior we ;;; one.Therers also- -.-:: anothersuccessfitl I proposeis eitherat'the .;;;#;: onceagaina reasonable fT Jft" "Jirn

oreunir"q ;;;;;;;, :* :f,t}:"::#:":ilT1.1:i#fl dararready



;il; *:ii'lil"i:"T':'"ii:f ffi#;If : ;ffiffi"di; ffi11i:l;of til-^ would all. vou vou sort cometo some i:-::: llTl ir.,:*"ir, wecan

itemsput in, again let me knorv anclI j-ri-._ on what sectionwe aregoing will seewhat I can do' to register under. I will put out a

LIGHTHOUSE WEEKEND In this newsletterthere is a serverBulletin to all on u ptopltJ 23rd/24th August 1997 aboutthoughtsfor moneydatesoyou areall awareof time and suggestion raising,this I think is a greatideabut place,hopethat is ok with everyone. If you don't alreadyknow, well we againit comesbackto.{* all to try That,s it then I think for the haveonceagain beenaskedby the

ffi: ffi #m


n *lf istosee wanr

crubto rake Radio r dowish again 1,ouAyRAmateur iT"fr TTy soonce andPros-'11"'; illJ **"yit_Tg:-Hearrhv Station.This year the theme is once

pushed at club nights as I know *"ryon will get really sick of it, so I feel if we arc going to do.somethingit must be for a one ofr "type of scenario"... anywaythat's my thoughts. I

wouldthoughin a selfishway like t9 see if we could reach the magical f,lfl)O mark for donatingto the Britthat isjust^me, ish HeartFoundation,

sohowdoyouall feelaboutthatt justa couple Fortheneartuture oneis ,h"i; F;d; of reminders, John GMzOlewillbedoinganother

_ - :-'-.-'-._ ^ ^6_h\y GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN Bob

F--. EAr.

see or even hear about. pleaseeither


tl [ffiryff,#jt {i ltf,^r*rh}ffi+ ;{ilffifi! [:, 6---r{fl#$E

that we crm on". again establish Radio Srationsthere. I know it ap pearsthat the event is along way un*a bot from past erperiencethey

ffiffihf*Hffi A * lfil II lLJlll$ftlf l{ffi$$ (L|.gJUt]ffiHl

make an efrort to comealong this

radio test start thinking about what you are needingtested' Is there anything elsethat could be cov-



Ltgn fro'ses so we are return"gr" iig to Barns Ness Lighthouse, Dunbarandlhaveitalreadyconfirmedup with East Lothian District Council


â&#x201A;Ź _<

Nt r W W Ntr

*sgR4 e&p$ARC

=$ d&-

amearto bewith usbeforewe wen knowit. Anryavfor-thosewhoha; ven'tbeenbeforewhv not try and


r Jb



year, I am sureyou will all enjoy the whole event' If and when I receive any further updatesI will duly let you

all know. Bob GM4uyZ @ GBTEDN

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


EWNTS COLUMN Happy New Year and welcome to another events column. Three new eventsare listed this month so pleasetake note... FEBRUARY ?th Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton,7Pm till late 21st Calibration and Test Night. Another chanceto check out your radios with John GMTOLQ your host onceagain. A 7pm start as usual in ResourcesRoom 2 atPort SetonCommunity Centre.Entry fl


Seton' JULY 4th Club nighit in the Thorntree Inn' Port 7pm till late 5/6th RSGB VHF National Field Day 1400-1400UTC (See 19th l44MIIz [,ow Power Contest 1400-2200UTC note) (See zhth 4321\/ftlzLow Power Contest 0800-1400 UTC note) AUGUST lst Club night in the ThorntreeInn' Port Seton' 7pm till late UfC 3rd 4th l44\/fr+z BackpackersContest 1100-1500 (Seenote) 15th C&PS ARC Junk Sale, Port Seton Community

MARCII 7th Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton,7Pm till late Centre 16th NORBRECK Rally, Blackpool' Costing c17 this is evenbetter value eachfor dinner/bed/brealf,ast 231243id, Northern Lighthouse Weekend Ayr Amateur than last year! Let Bob know A.S.A'P' if you want to Radio Group are organising another special event station again' go. Also, rememberthat you must make your own weekend*d hun. chosenlighthousesas the theme Barns from more way there! oncg operational be probably We will space!! this Watch (CPR) night Dunbar' near Nessl-ighthouse 21st Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with HeatheiGregoryof the British Heart Foundation 24th GalashielsOpenDay, VolunteerHall, St JohnsRoa4 and a representativefrom Heartstart' Learn the ABC Galashiels of resuscitation, it could help save someoneslife! InrU Port SEPTEMBER Sth Club night in the Thorntree Starting at 7pm prompt hrt time is short so be there on timi please!In ResourcesRoom 2 at Port Seton Seton,7Pmtill late (Seenote) Community Centre.EntrY fl. 6/7th 144MIIZ Trophy Contest1400-1400UTC 23rd 1st T}NftlzFixed Contest0900-1300UTC (See 7th 5th l44lvfi7z BackpackersContest 1100-1500U"fC note) (Seenote) Port Inn, Inn' Port Thorntree in the night 4th Club APRIL OCTOBIR 3rd Club night in the Thorntree late till 7Pm Seton, Seton.7Pm till late lSth Qdz Night in ResourcesRoom 2 at Port Seton Community Centre Entry f,l per person' Susan 2MIEPK and Colin GM0CLN will be setting the questions. MAY 2nd Club night in the Thorntree InrL Port Seton,7Pm till late 3rd 432Wlz Trophy Contest 1400-2200UTC (See

loth Event to be organised!!! Port NOVEMBER 7th Club night in the Thorntree Inn' Seton,7Pm till late Port DECEMBER 5th Club night in the Thorntrâ&#x201A;Źe Inn' Seton,7Pmtill late

JUNE 6th Club night in the Thorntree Inn, Port Seton,7Pm till late 7th lst 5OMlIz BackpackersContest1300-1700UTC (Seenote) 15th PracticalWirelessl44MI{z QRPContest0900-l

Yet anotherbumper month! I'll seeyou all at the January Club Night.If yoo h"ut anlthing about other wents which and club mibers may be interestedin pleaselet me know I will include them in future columns'

** NOTE **'( ME ]}NTESTS ABOI/E WHICH REFER TO THIS NOTE ARE THOSE WHICH note) "MAY" TAKE PART IN NEXT 4th Anglo Scottish Rally, Tait Hall, Kelso' Contact THE CL(]B YEAR. TTIOSE WITTI NO REFERENCE TO Gavin GM0ALW for info. THIS NOTE ARE ALREADY DEFINITES. IF f6th C&PS ARC 144MlIz DF Hunt. Start building TO YOU HAW ANY PREFERENCESAS your antennasnow!! W ENTER PLEASE LET 18th lst l44l\lfrIz BackpackersContest 1100-1500 WHICH CONTESTS ME KNOW AS SOONAS POSSIBLE. UTC (Seenote)

600uTc 15th 2nd t4+t*lz BackpackersContest0900-1300

73 de Colin (GM0CLN)





lf/A'r r I'E

,fE+, Lt t"


Blackpool Sunday l6th March The raffle raised a Grand Total of f,125 towards our Annual 7 Donation to the British Heart Foundation.Once again thanks 9 I I F'F!N'**:t:t*:F*****'r***:::::::::l into your pocket and putting a little bit more r'****'r'F***********'i*****r!r'|'r CIt aipping towaris our adopieoctrarity.I would like to thank all those {ello All, who donatedsomethingtowardsthe raffie and this includesthe ThorntreeInn who kindly donateda bottle of vodka" without fes it is thattimeof yearagainfor -" your donation there wouldn't have been a raffle' To Mel o start thinking abo't the annual :xcursionto Blac$ool for the Nor- GM6JAG thanks for putting the G5RV that you won at our rreckRally.I havebeenin touchwith JunkNight last August and comingup with the ideato raffle it he DELMAR HOTEL, 242 Queems onceagainto help raisesomemoney. Promenade,Biqpham ([he sane Hdâ&#x201A;Źl

resultsthen"' rn" -, hat we stayed,o r"o'r*tl*qriti"t rbotrtthe cost for Dinner Bed & (l) Susan2M1EPK G5RV Antenna(2) John GM4DKO (3) Breakfast whichwill be fi17perhead,4[61 GMTWC (4) Dave MM1ATY (5) Gavin GM0ALW (6) resf4 a headlessthan lastyear! & Al"* GM6WU (7) John GMTOLQ (S) Bdly GM6PKP (9) his basisI havemade{'nen!tttd- .-I' Colin GMSCLN (10) Kenny GMOTQK (l l) Mo GM0HLK for us aoiuitte booking Ricky cMlpI.y (13) Alex cMTPsH (1a) Bob GM4rJYz ll* tuq ttrl March and leaving :"tt9t p;" auctionedand won by stevie GMOWRY) ^t*l"Y, what I needi - ^' March(at our leisure).So

' fromyou all is whetheryou are inter- Thanks again......... cstedin going or not. Can I have a roughideafor JanuaryClub Night, )r evensooner,but a final commitDUMMy EXAM.... mer$for FebruaryClub Niglt. How much can you remember then from your Novice Lessons For thosewho have n"u., ]o*o* or your RAE Lessons? Well Sylvia soon to be 2Ml' ' I hope !' rhis"outing" *r" rorrnli t;;;;;;; has put together 45 questionswhich all come from the dummy makeyour o*r, *"rloooi';;,,il; thought it would hotel in time for the eveningmeal, exam papers that I set for my Novices' SyMa "it be a good idea to try and re-test your knowledge and also help i. usually about lg:00, tlt; " few beersin the Hotel's bar on the raise a few pounds for the funds, so the dummy exam will cost you f,l, and when you have completed it pass on the answel SaturdayNight, go to the Rally or ttre Srmday,then make your way sheet and I will mark for you and let you know the results, even backhome.. quietly if you want !!!!! The paying of the hstel bill I leave The resultswill be publishedin the FebruaryNewsletterto pu totally up to eachindividualto sort you out of your misery. all out.

All that is left to be saidis GET YOUR DIIMMY EXAM

There we go then so have a think PAPERand give it a try. about it and let me know...ask those who have been before for v/hat it is like ..... club night in Blackpool!t!ll! Who is bringingthe drumsthen.????



Congratulationsare in order to John GMTTKA who passedhis CW at the SDX Rally in Glasgowat the beginningof December. As t write this I am not sure whetherJohnhas applied for his callsignor not but I am sureit will not betoo longbeforewe hear air. Well done,Johnonceagain Bob GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN andher MM0... Callsignon the from us all..

Hear from you all later then with your YES'sor NO's...

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC



RAISING MONEY.. It has been put to me about ways and meansof raising money from club events to go towards our annual donation to the British Heart Foundation. One of the ideas is some sort of Sponsershipon say "one of our Contests" or even "on a SpecialEvent" by tryrng to guessthe total distance worked, number of Contacts, etc.... So what do you think ? Have any of you any further ideas ? If the answeris YES then get in touch with Stevie GM0WRY who has asreed to try and get something set up. ( He is fed up The abovepicturewasobtainedfrom the internetand is Althoughnot in colour hsreasan experiment. giving all his work mates money so he wants 1s reproduced usingthis new obtained be can that get money out of them !ll! ) come on then g"t L.ll"^Y,t-:n:*tttry

youbrains pass working td.*..""' irffITr,lilflffirt ;l:"-T'*"ffif*t#;',ffi and onrhose

for Bob GM4UyZ @ GBTEDN to me-for othersto see?How aboutletting us see ofyour shack,antennaetc? e>ample a photograph Further info from Ron GM4IKU

1. 2. 34. 5. 6. 7.

AMATEUR ANAGRAMS Hope you all had a great festive season.Here are this months anagramsfor you to try. Enter the answers horizontally in the grid and you should get a computingrelatedword in the l'ertical box. Goodluck... TI{IS MONTHS CLUES ARE AS FOLLOWS :l. ALIEN VETq 2. DR.COCONUT,3. THAT HIKE, 4. ROBUST rC PINS, 5. STIMULATING K, 6. FLIP }MLIX WEB, 7. AA PODIUM. DECEMBER'SANSWERS l. FCC, 2. ETI{E& 3. TETRODE,4. AMPLIFE& 5. TROPOSPI{ERE, 6. CIRCUIT BOARD, 7. ELECTROMAGNETIC, 8. BEAMS, 9. RESET. Hopefully you managedto get thosecorrectand you should havefound the woTd"CHRISTMAS"in the verticalbox. Seeyou againnexl month. 73 Colin (GMOCLN)

b) c) :d)

oata f .m. Highdefinitiontelevision'

of 10onms specifythe colourcodeof a resistor (a) (b) (c) (d)

Brown,black,black. Brown,black,brown' Brown,GOld. silver. Black,

â&#x201A;Ź) (b)

(c) (d)

lvle L cl l.

Meter2. Meter3. Meter5. Fig 1

witn fOrcommunicating wouldbe mostSuitable Whichoneof the followingwavebands of 500km duringdaYlighthours? stations at a distance (a) (b)

(c) (d)

3 .5 6 0- 3 .5 8 5MH z . 2 1 .1 0 0- 2 1 .1 4 9M Hz. 28.300- 28.500MHz. s0.000- 52.000MHz.

in a nearDv Whichoneof tne followingmodesisleastlikelyto causeaudiobrealchrougn TVreceiver? ( a) ( b)

(c) (d)

A. M . F. M -

lowersidebancl. s.s.B. s.s.B.uppersideband.

'T'shows: Belowthe bi00lartransistor

(a) (b)

(c) (d)


voltagerail. wnosecollectorissuppliedfrom a negative a pNptransistor whosecollectorissuppliedfrom a positivevoltagerail. a NPtransistor an NPNtransistorwhosecollectorissuppliedfrom a negatlvevoltagerail. from a positivevoltagerail. whosecollectorissuppliecl an NPNtransistor

Inthe circuitdiagramof me amplifiersnownwnichof the followlngaqtionswould preventit from working?


D2 td4(48

Ct 1rr7


rcs4g 41r

Dl ,tN4t{,*,

oj{F, lnput


l-rtd tlg&tl(






h-- ""t (a) (b) (c) (d)

s w a p p i n gT R 1a n d TR 3. s w a p p i n gD 1 a n d D 2. s w a p p i n gT R 1a n d TR 2. SwappingC1and C2.

tne : A standingwavemeteris usedto measure (a) (tr] (c) {d} 12.

outputfrequency. of tne antenna. frequencv efficiencv frequencv of the antenna. resonant to the transmitter. matcning of lhe antenna

a f iltershouldbe f i tted i n the antennafeede r To ore\rentTVIcausedDvan HFtransmitter Tnetvpe0f f iltervoLtw0ulduseis: (i]l


(bl (c) (d)

1.. crvsta lowpass. hign,rlass.

;:, :e:7:i #; - "q'cur a,. :f: ::.::! sY _ beuseo ^_, ^woun


1,7f'I;,1:::l @) i',',trn:r#iii:frW,

indtovv power tansn*rc tc


morsecode? of tonewouldbe bestfor receiving WnicnOfthe followingfrequencies (a) (b) (c) (d)


Thebufferstageof a transmitter: (a) (b) (c) (d)


Audioamplifier. Loudspeaker. multiplier. Frequencv Demodulator.

to the final Theinputpowerto a simpletransmitteristakento be tne energysupplied by: stage. Thisisbestmeasured (a) (b) (d (d)


10metres. 15metres. 25 metres. 50 metres.

Allradioreceivers containa (a) (b) (c) (d)


reduces bandwitn. isolatethe stages. increases bandwidth. outputfrequency. increases

within1 km of anairfieldboundary. on the heigntofan antenna Tnereisa restriction what isthe limit? Q) (b) (c) (d)


800H2. 50MHz. 10KHz. '10MHz.

Meter. a vswR/Power powerdrawnfrom powersupplymultipliedby the supplvvoltage. currentin the collectoror anodecircuitof the PAmultipliedbv the applied vottage. addingabout4Qo/o t0 the outputpower.

mightbeused inanamateurstation. What Thecircuitbelowrepresentsafilterwhich tvpeof f ilteris it?

r*-:r (a ) (b ) (c) (d )


A b a n d p a s fi s l te r. A n i g n p a s sf i l te r. A crvstalfilter. A l o w p a s sf i l te r.

A s i n g l es i d e b a n dtra n s mi t teri s operati ngon l ow ersi debandon 1.960MH zand i s m o d u l a te dw i tn a p u re 3 0 0 0H ztone" w nen tuned i n oi l a recei verthe transmi l terV l l i l l a p p e a rto b e tra n s m i fti n go n (a ) fl r) (c ) (d)

1 .9 5 7N { } -l z . 1 .9 6 0MH z . 1 .9 6 3MH z . 3000Hz.


G) showthat the holderof an AmateurRadioLicence Whicnone of the foltowingcallsigns Location? isoperatingfrom a Temporary (a) (b) (c) (d)


WnichOneOfthe followingisNoTfoundin a t.r.f. receiver? (a) (b) (c) (d)


gettinginto housewiring. preventtransmittersignals increase the outputpowerof the transmitter. reducethe powerof the ffansmitter" signal. improvethe qualityof the transmitted

the telegraphy Whensendingby MOrSe (a) (b) (c) (d)


reducethe strengthof highfreguencysignals. increase the strengthof highfrequencysignals. reducethe strengthof low frequencvsignals. increase the strengthof low frequencysignals.

An amateurstationshouldincludea mainsfilter in orderto (a) (b) (c) (d)


a powermeterto the outputof tne ffansmitter. connecting a multimeterbetweenthe baseandcollectorof the outputtransistor. connecting multiplying the supplyvoltageby the collectorcurrent. multiplYing the basevoltagebYthe emittercurrent.

Thepurposeof a low passfilter isto (a) (b) (c) (d)


230volts. 60 Hz 240volts. 50 Hz,

by Thed.c.inputpowerof the poweramplifierstageof a transmitterismeasured â&#x201A;Ź) (b) (c) (d)


Tunedcircuit. Mixer. Detector. AFamplifier.

in the uK is Thefrequencyof mainselectricity (a) (b) (c) (d)



Morsekevshouldbe at leasttwo feet (61cms)from the micropnone. to the forearmisparallel benchtop shouldbeat sucha heighttnatthe openator's floorwhenholdingthe kev. (15cms)higherthan elbow tne operator's benchtop shouldbe at least6 inches joint. or weighted. kevshouldnot be fastened

callsign? usingthe licensee's Whomavoperatetne stationof a novicelicensee (a) (b) (c) (d)

of the novicelicensee. radioamateur underdirectsuperuision AnVticensed AnVnovicelicensee. (A)" RadioLicence AnvoneholdinganAmateur 0nlvtne novicelicensee.

v'ruwrr rs res'Swouldan anarggue Iigitatmeteii ""' ' meterbe moresuitabre thar at Theaccurate m

ysiy iliiiliifriiisiS I;; +3 lej_.._lrr '" L?,.t3fl? ' lSW ji?i,?,l,Jfffiji-oiro.t' ll5;:313 out pgvygpis measuredin


TO rec elv e Q s L c a r o s t t l r uu g ll

(a) (b) (c) (d ) ).

L l r v K) u D UJL wu r so u ' r L ' J

envelopesto the QSLmanager' sendstamped/addressed registerwith the OSLbureau. 0e a lic ens edr a d i o a ma te u r' be a m em ber 0 f a l o c a lc l u o .

wh i cn o ne of t he f 0llow i n gd o e sn o t h a v eto b e re c o rdedi n tne l 0g?

(a) (b) (c)

banoIn use Thefrequencv Thetime in uTC" of emissionTneclass


u allowcurrentf,otlow rrrurrs Whichof tne followlngdevlces (a) (b) 6 (cD

a varlablecapacitor' a ffansistor' i Potentiometerresi$or' a cliocle'

45'Whenwind|noa.coi]jglasimpleradloreceiver,whatwou|dbetheeffectofhavlngtoo {J' mjnv turnson the coll? frequencY' Tneradiotunesto loo l-o'I'iarrequencv' â&#x201A;Ź) io tog'lls:l

(b) (d (or

tnt titi6 ffi;; Bincreased' rnt ti'illiitd-niumolign lsdecreased' rnt ii't'tEiiii6'niumbiton

The Scheduleto Terms,Provisions and Limitations Booklet(AmateurRadio(Novice)Licence(A)and(B)). Thoselicensedunderan AmateurRadio(Novice)Licence(B)may not transmiton these bandsbetweenI.950and 2gS00 M Hz. z


Frequency Bandsin MHz

Statusof Allocations in the UnitedKingdomto theAmateur Service



Maximum DC input

Power RF output


Permitted Types of Transmission

(wirtts) 1.950-2.000

Available on thebasisof non. inlerferenceto otherservices (insideor outsidethe United Kingdom).


Primary. Shared withother services

1 0. 1 3 -1 0 .1 4


Morse Telephony RTTY Data





28.225-28300 28.300-28.500


Morse RTTY Data Morse Telephoni,

Primary.Available on the basis of non-interference to other servicesoutsidethe United K ing d o m . 50.0-51.0

Antennaslimitedto 20 metres abovegroundlevel.No maritime mobileoperation.

Morse Telephony Data

Secondary. Availableon the basisof non.interference to ot he rs e rv i c e o s u ts i d eth e Unit e dKi n g d o m


A nt e n n a sl i mi te dto 2 0 me tre s abov eg ro u n dl e v e l .N o ma ri ti me m obi l eo p e ra ti o n .



435.0-440 n

Morse Telephony D ata qQTl/

FSTV 1240-1325

r0 000 1 -0 5 0 0

$ec o n d a ry

Morse Telephonv FTTY D ata Facsi rni l e ISSIV FSfV

DA T E : -

NAME : *








l. *






(cl or (d) for (a), (b), thc' of, each either out fiII Please belos ae ehorn the bracketE through queetions a line by putting angwer ie. the correct for what you think b t-l






* * * * * * rt * * * * * * * l. l. * t * * * * * l * l. * * * * * * l. * * * * *

Eueetion Euestion Eueetion Suestion Cluestion Euestion Euestion Sueetion Question Bueetion Bueetion Euestion Eueetion Suestion Sueetion Question Suestion Euestion Cluestion liluestion Euestion Sueetion Euestion Buestion Eueetion Euestion Suestion Question Euestion Suestion Euestion Suestion Guestion Suestion Sueetion Suestion Suestion 0uestion Euestion Guestion Ouestion ilueetion Euestion Questicn Sueetion


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9.

to. 11. L2. 13. L4. 15. 16. L7. 18. t9. 2(J. 2L. 22. 23. 24. 23. 26. 27. 24. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. "1 ci

36. 37. 3S . 39. 44. 4L. 42. 43. 44. 45.

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

tl tl tl tl t1 t1 il t1 tl tl

bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bt bc bc bt bt bt bc bc bt bt bt

l l l l l l l l I I I I l I l l l l 1 l l l




b[ bt bt bi bt bt b[ bt bt bt bt bt bt

] l l l l l ] l l l l l l

t1 LJ



t t

cl tl tl t1 t1 t1 LJ

t1 tl tl tl tl tl


a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 6



il LJ

tl rt LJ

tl r1 LI

tl r1

ilt f1 LJ fl


bl bt bt







tl tl

I l l


L.r 1 ULJ



ctldtl stldtl ctldtl ctldtl c[ldtl c t'', 1 ctldt1 et1 cfldtl etldtl ctldtl ctldtl c[l cttdtl clldtl ctld[l ct1 trtld[l I ct ctldtl ctl ctl ctldtl ctld[l clldtl ctldil ctld[l ctldtl ct I ctldtl ctldtl sildtl ctld[] ctldtl u-tldtl r:tldil cCldti ctldtl stldtl c[]dtl ctldil ctldtl ctldtl cild[] c[]dtl






dtl dt


dtl dtl




NtrW Newslefter January1997Volume5/ssue1 eredtlratnishtthatyouwouldti\ *sgR4 e&amp;p$ARC "% all know. dararreadyoreunir"q "Jirn ;;;;;;;,...

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