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Cocl(enzie? Port Seton k44*tevr Rabio Club

JULY 1996


Volume4 Issue 7


JULY EDITORIAL Hello folks and welcomeonceagainto our monthly Newsletter, First of all I would like to give everyonea small remindertJratwe are now enteringthe main holiday seasonsopleasetake carewhen talking on the air aboutthe possibility afadvertising when you are, or othersale, on holiday becausewe really neverknow who is listening. On a brighter note I hope everyonedoeshavea really goodholiday this year. This month seesus enterthe "The Major Contestof the Year", YHF Field Day sowhy not comeand take part in it, I know you needto be a RSGBMegber to operatebut thereare so many othersjobathat require doing ie. logging erectingaerials,etc,etcsoyour effortswill not be waste{ infact it wouldbe the opposite,they wouldbe greatly appreciated.Plus if you have nevertakenpart in a contestbeforeField Day reallydoesshowyou what it is all about,socorneon comeandjoin us. This last month hasseenthe club take prt in the PW Contestaswell asthe SecondBackpackersl44Mhz Contest(runs at the sametime asthe PW Contest) and from the logs we seâ‚Źmto havedonenot too bad consideringthe conditions and powerbeing used-Again thoroughlyenjoyedby all thosethat took part. Thanksto all who answeredthe"Legal" enquiry aboutwhat we c:m carry on our carsand the answeris that an item can protrude3 feet in front and 3 feet to the rear as long as a "rag" is attachedto showthis. For thosethat don't know our local BBS GBTEDNis now bck on the air under the watchfirl eyeof Fred GM0ALS who lives at SouthGyle. I would on behalf of all of us who are on plcket like to thank Ellis GM4GZW for the sterling work he hasdonefor us all over thâ‚Ź yearsas GBTEDNs Sysop.For information there hasbeenchangesfor accessto GBTEDN --(l) Direct accessto GBTEDNis NOW ON 144.550(UserInput) (2) Nodeaccessis still on 144.650ie. This meansthat you connectto EDIN2I on 144.650and onceyou are connectbdthereyou t]"e C GBTEDNwhich will routeyou autornaticallyonto GBTEDNvta 70cms. If you are not awarethen I wouldjust like to mentionthat an other radio club hasbeen'*born"out at Livingston under the wings of Alistair GM4UQD and Martin GM0JCNsotlrough the NewsletterI would on behalf of us all wish them everysuccessas I know how much hard work is requiredto rnakeit work. Finally, to the future, our Junk Night is ever approaching,approximately 5 weeksawayasyou readthis, so I againwe are looking for your help, particularly from our goodladiesfor providing somehomebaking for the tea stall !!! plusdonationsfor the Raffle.Thanksin advancefor whatwer you cando.

In the year 1853,line operatorsused'73' to mean"Myloveto you'. This wasused - At within the text of personalmessages leastwe hopeso! By the year 1857it had startedto be used to convey'Fraternal Greetings'between telegraphoperators.Two yearslater, in lSlg,tfresternUnion made'73' a part of their 92 Codeto indicate "Accept my Compliments".Frornabout1895'73' was usedto mean"Best Regards"for telegraph and later on, radio operators.'73' by itself is correct...not "Best73's" asoneoften hears! Uselessinformation .. just thoughtyou would be interested! (With acknowledgement to RAOTA Journal Old Timers News)

LIVINGSTON & DISTRICT AMATET'R RADIO SOCIETY (LATIARS) Someofyou may alreadyhaveheardbut for thosewho haven't,a new amateur radio club hasbeenformed in Livingston. The club meetseverythird Tuesdayat 7pm in CroftheadCammunif Centre, Dedridge,Livingston. They are at presenttrving to raiseclub fundsand havc setdatesfor their lst AGM and alsoa Junk Sale(seeEventsColumn). As well asnormal club activities (whateverthey are!!!) theyalsoplan to hold a CW classat eachmeeting. Anyonewho is i*terested is welcometo turn up on the night and if you requiremoreinformation pleasefeel ftee to csntacteithsr Ally (GMaUQD)on ;t67351or Martin (GMOJCN) on tel.0l-506 tel.0t506413421. I am surethat you will join me in wishing with their all at LADARS erery success club. Goodluck to yau all.

That'sit thensobyefor now..."" Bob GM4UYZ @)GBTEDN

73 Cotin(GM0CLN)

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC

Page2 EVENTSCOLUMN Hereis the latestlist ofeventsfor vour diaries.... JULY 6/7th RSGBW{F NationalField Day, 14:00to l.l:00 GMT, theclubhasits annualmassexodusto Mainslaughter Law. In caseyou hadn'trealisedthis eventis this weekendso get your gear packedand comealong for the contest. As ever,all helpinghandsgreaffirlly received. Settingup will probablystart at about9 or 10 am on the Saturday morning.

helpus raisemoremoneyfor the Britislt Hea( Foundation.


21l25th Historic ScotlandSpecialEvent StationWeekend. Along the samelines asthe LiglrthousesWeekend. The stationis to be locatednearTantallon Castlejust outsideNorth Berwick using the callsignGBZHST(HistoricScotland Tantallon).

Whenxas the last manthof Sundays that ]'ou heardofl Well theremust have beenonejust prior to l6th Ju*e this year becausefor oncewe actually had scorchingsunshineand very little wind fot a contest. To be fair" mother naturekept us wonderingas it wasovercastand misty we left Port Setonon the drive to *'hen 25th GalashielsOpenDay, The Law but by the time we Mainslaughter VolunteerHall, St. John'sStreet, far reached fhe sideof Gifford we were in Galashiels(iust offBank StreetGardens). glorious sunshine and had clear blue skies Openfrom 1lam-4pm. All the usual 9th Livingston & District Amateur for the rest of the It to stay that way was attractions. Radio Society,lst AGM at 7pm in the *** *{.{. contest. NOTE : NEW VENUE CroftheadCommunity Centre, First on sitewereRicky (GMIPLY) Dedridge,Livingston. Details from Ally (2MIETI) who I believehadbeen Iain and (GM4UQD)on 01506467351or Martin SEPTEMBER since the night beforeplaying radios there 8th 3rd RSGB l44lvIIIz Backpckers (GM0JCN)on 01506413421. 2m. Next wasRcn (GM4IKU) 6m and on Contest.MainslaughterLaw again!! therejust as I left Port Seton. arrived rvho 18th DunfermlineRS talk by Alan next waseloselyfollowedby I and was 21st SARCON'96at Cardonald Fletcherof the Radiocommunications Alex {GM6Wu1, Bob (GM4IIYZ), College,Glasgow.For detailste1.0141 Agency For detailstel. 01383735967 (GM0JCN)andJohn(GMTOLQ). Martin 773 2882. During the rest of the day v!â‚Ź werealso 20th RSGB l44MHz Low Power joined at varying times by Ron OCTOBER Contest1400-2200GMT. Someof us (GM0NTL), Susan(2MIEPK) andRober headdownto Dumfries & Gallowayto try llth C&PSARC talk by The (my (GMTAVE) apologiesif I have Agencyin the and improve on the 4th O/A we managed Radiocommunications Altogethera very good missed anyone). ResourcesRoomat Port SetonCommunity lastyear! members of club this time (must turn-out Centre. Due to start at 7pm prompt. weather!). have been the 21st RSGB432MI{zLow PowerContest Admissionis onceagainf,1.00. Everyonemuckedin as usualand it 0800-1400GMT. The continuationof a too long beforewe had everything w'asn't fun weekend.....we can'timproveon lst 18/19thLeicesterAR Exhibition ready'togo. and set up Overall but can we re[ain our position? The equipmentwasan IC275E and 31st DunfermlineRS AGM MET yagisat 3 x 14 element Livingston& DARS Junk Sale. 30th 10,20and 30 feetabove approximately Location,time & detailsas per their AGM DECEMBER ground lerel and this time we had the on 9th July (seeabove). As this is a new 8th SDX SupportGroupRally, rotator, kindly brought luxury of using a Maryhill, Glasgow. club strugglingto get on their feeta (GM6MU) for the day. Alex by along chargeoflO% commissionwill be made This year all the contestorganisershad on all items sold to go towardsclub funds. put their headstogetherand arrangedthal Haveftin on VHF NFD and if you cant Pleasegive them your supportand help PW the QRP Contestand the 2nd RSGB makeit pleasecomeon for 5 minutesand get the club going. l44l\/ft12 give us somepoints...theyall count. Backpackers Conteststartat the AUGUST (0900 GMT). As a resultthe same tirne 73 de Colin (GMOCLN) lst DunfennlineRS 144MI{zDF Hunt Contest ran for backpackers the first 4 {,** TOBE CONFIRMED*** PW hours of the Contest andwe were QRP HaveYOU anyarticlesfor YO{IR both able to enter contests at the sametime l6th C&PS ARC Junk Saleat Port newsletter? while starting both with a serial number ol SetonCommunitl Centrefrom 6:30pmto Pleasecontact 001. 9:30pm. Talk-inon S22.raffleat Ron GM4IKU or Bob GM4UYZ Continuedonpage s approximately9pn. Spreadthe word and

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC .-


page 2 Clontinueclf"om

Standbyfor anotherdose of brainachecourtesyof yours truly! The answersshouldbe enteredhorizontally in the grid. Spacesbetween words are shownby a black box. This monthsvertical box will give you a piece of computing equipment. The answersare words linked with amateurradio or computing so have a go and seehow you get on!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Conditionsduring the contestwere quite goodwith a little bit of enhancement dueto the high pressureweathersystem which wascoveringthe country. Unfortunatelythe G stationsseemedto be having a greattime,one siation reporting the Belgianbeaconasbeing "20 over9". The improvedconditionsmeantthat we managedfour contactsinto The Netherlandswhich isnt too bad for 3 watts outputpower! While someof us were sweating undercanvas(!!!) doingthe operating otherswerelounging aroundin deck chairs(thosewho rememberedto bring them anyway!)and lapping up the sun. One or two tenderareaswereto be found the following day dueto over+xposurebtrt no lasting damageseemsto havebeen done(weara hat the next time John!). During the Backpackerscontestwe managed8l QSOsin the 4 hour period andry the end of the PW QRPContest TIIIS MONTIIS CLUES that total had risen(slowly)to 110. That is an improvementon last yearsPW QRP I. NOTE PRICE, 2. LOW TIPPERREST, 3. EVER RICE, 4. WOVEN GUARD, ContestQSOtotal evenwith this years 5. CARTOOL, 6. MEETLEN, 7. OIL PARTY. contestbeingone hour shorter! For bothcontestsPA3DYSin JO2IJPwasour JUNE ANSWf,,RS bestDX at 670km.



""*"#i## #:T!jff.t:T13Jff.,:ffi


have been rheradio related word inthevertical boxshould 'AMATEUR'



(cM,cLN) 73co,in Xl,n"u *:"T%fr1i,"1,:fi,rfifi:ili r t r r r r r r byallandhere'shopingthatwehave

FOR SALE Alinco DJ560 2ml70cm DUAL BAND Hand Tranceiver With charger& handbook and Heatherlitemobile mikelheadset

. ' . ' ' ]

retainedthe TennamastTroplty for the leadingGM (or MM) stationin thc PW QRPContest. It looksgoodastowards the end the best Scottishstationwe could find wasabout30 QSOsbehind this space! us.......Watch



73 and seeyou all this weekend on VHF

Good working order but slight fault on rotary tuning control *o (this does not affect front paneVmemoryselectionor upldown control) i I I

Pricef 120 ono


Offers to Ian Sheffield GM3VEI PhoneArc20 (Haddington)825010

I ! I a




tl l l l ta


JunkSals l6ttrAuguct

tostartsoqrchin A rurninder Affies,0aruges, JunkboxEte

Cockenzie& Port SetonARe

Page4 Conversiondetailsfot a Tait T 500Radioto 4 metres

TAIT T 500 (T520c\3) ( I ) To removecoversundoboth screwin the bottomcoverand lift cover clearby prizing it up from front. (2) tf a tonePCBis fitted (fig3) undothe 4 screwsandremoveall wires from mainboardasperfig 4. (3) Now setup the channels.(refer to Figs. I & 2) Removethe dot matrix PCBby lifting it gently upwards.Somediodescan be seenas havingbeencut to selectthe original frequenciesofthe radio Someofthese may haveto be solderedtogetheragainand otherscut to selectthe frequencyyou havechosenin the 4M bandto work on. Thechannelised operationin 4 metreslies between70.300and70.500. For our purposesthe following channelswereselected:ChannelI = 70.425 Channel2 : 70.450(callingch) DIODE CONFIGURATION cHl 70.425 TX N8+N4+N3+N0+A4+A3+M

Note:- Diodescut all othersmade. RX N8+N6+N2+44+42

Additional note:

cH27a.4s0 TX N8+N4+N3+N0+A5

RX N8+N6+N2+A4+A3

(4) Now checkthat the VSO is in lock using a meter(digital onewouldbe best) NOTE:-Rememberto useNON METALLIC trimmers a) ConnectNegativelead of meterto chassisground b) ConnectPositiveleadof meterto TP2 c) Adjust Cvlgl for 4 volts (Adjust very, very slowly) TheRX VCO is now setup....

This rig is fitted with a timer which inhibits transmissionafter approximatly 1 1/4minutes.To deletethis option pins 6 & 7 on IC I shouldbe shortedout ..

e) Connectnegativeleadof meterto chassisground 0 Connectpositivelead of meterto TP2 g) PressPTT and ajvstat232 for 4 volts TheTX VCO is nowsetup.................... (5) To checkthat referencefrequencyis correct.Thisgives exactRX and TX frequency.Note:-the RX frequencyis 10.7Mhzhigher than output If chl is 70.425then whencheckingif this is correct the readingat the TP will give 70.425+10.7: 8 I . l25Mhz. To checkRX freq: a) Connectnegativeleadoffrequency counterto chassis b) Connectfrequencycounterlead to TP3 (RX monitor point c) Adjust L30 slowly to bring out exactfrequenry d) Move frequencycounterleadto TP3 (TX monitor point) c) PressPTT this shouldnow readexactTX frequenry NOTE This adjustmentaffectsall channelssothey shouldall bc on cxactfrequcncy (6) SolderacrosspointsA A on soldersideof mainboard (7) Now to setup the TX powerwith dummyload and power mcter a) SetRV256 f,rlly clockwiselooking from front of radio b) AdjustCV25+lor maximumpower c) Adjust CV287for maximumpower(Covermayhaveto be lifted off for casicracccss d) Now adjustRV256 for about 15-20watts 8) To setup receiver ConnectsignalgeneratorandadjustLl5,Ll4,Ll3,Ll2,and Ll I for hcstsignal THATSIT FOLKS

& Port SetonARC Cockenz-ie

Page5 Board detail of Tait T 500

""? C cv254 TP3 RX motutor pont

I X morutor pom




ry H I



Matnx Diode


I Q- r :o







Lrnkdl6e pomls

Solder Side

SI 34 37 :irI :iltsII SI 4 li;l5 SI6 SI ?

WHITE (;RI]EN BI,IJI lilti) Yil-l.OW Ilt.A( K IIJRPL,I: llROw N(JIt-AN(;I., (;REY

P age 6

Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC :::-==:=:=================;=:==:===:===:====_=_======_===========

TAII' T500 Matri.x Codes.. . TX I'IATRIXCODESfor FREA 70.3 70.3125 70.325 70.3373 70.35 70.3525 70.375 70.3875 70.4 70.4125 7A.423 70.4375 70.45 70.462s 70.475 70.4875 70.5

N9 N8 H7 II5 0 I 0 0 0 0 I 0 r 0 0 0 0 r 0 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 r 0 0 r 0 0 0 o 0 I 0 0 I 0 0 I O 0 0 0 I 0 l O 0 0 0 I O 0 0 O I 0 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 I 0

N5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

I{4 N3 II2 Nl NO A5 0 o I I 0 I o o o I I I 0 I 0 0 I I o 0 I 0 I I 0 0 I 0 r I 0 0 I o I I I 0 I o o I 0 0 0 1 I 1 o o I o I I 0 I o I 1 0 o o I 0 I I I O 0 I 0 I I O O I I I I I O 0 ,,,1 I I I 1 0 0 I I O O 1 1 I o o 0 I I t

RX I{ATRIXCODESfor FREA H9 lt8 l{7 l{6 0 I 70.3 0 I I O I 0 70.3125 1 0 I 70.325 0 O 0 I I 70.337s I O I 0 70.35 I 0 I 0 70.3625 I O I 0 70.375 I 0 I O 70.3875 7A.40101000100010000 I I 0 70.4L25 0 I 0 I 0 70.425 1 0 1 0 7A.4375 0 I 0 I 70.45 t O I 0 70.4625 O I 0 I 7A.475 I 0 I 0 70.4875 O I 0 I 70.5

12. 3 / 25 KHz Spacing

0 0 0 o 0 O 0 0

0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0

* * * * l* * * * * * *

I I I t I I I I

t{l o O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0



A2 A1 0 0 0 t O I I I 0 0 t 0 0 I I I 0 O I o 0 I I I 0 0 I 0 0 I I I 0 0

AO 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

12.5 /25 KHz Spacing

ils l{4 H3 t{2 0 0 I 0 0 0 I 0 O 0 0 I O 0 0 1 O 0 1 O 0 0 0 I O O O I O O 0 I O O 0 o O O 0 0

A4 A3 o I o 1 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 I 1 0 I 0 I I I t r I I I 0 0 O 0 o o 0 0 0 0

H0 A5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0

A4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

A3 0 0 0 0 I I I I

A2 0 0 I I O 0 1 1

I I I 1 I I 1 0

0 0 0 t I I I 0

0 I 1 o 0 t t 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I

Al AO 0 0 0 I o 0 I 0 O 0 I 0 0 0 I 0 I 0 I 0 I O I 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

****l *l +****

l'lodel HEC Pinrriter EPSOH

There arts a few For SaIe aLl cith a box of paper. There may be a copy of the operatlng manual if you are prepared to get the relevent bits copied, Cost : l2O eacir Contact : Alex 6l't0l{5N / 6lt6VIU Direct

or via DX Cluster



JULY EDITORIAL Finally, to the future, our Junk Night is ever approaching,approximately 5 weeksawayasyou readthis, so I againwe are looking...