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Cockenzie & PortSeton AmateurRadioClub Volume4 Issue6


JUNE EDITORIAL Welcome once againto anothermonthly newsletterand as alwaysI hope that you will thoroughly enjoy its contents.Again as a reminderwe are alwayslooking for any input that you can give. My little causethis month is about carrying "items" on our cars after my "little run-in" with the law a few weeks ago when I was transporting a carpet home after buying it from a local store. It startedto make me think about when we go out portable, whether it be Contesting,SpecialEvent Stations,etc, etc, do we carry poles,etclegally on our ctrrs. Obviously, I am not 100% up on the legal side of things but it is worth a point to try and find out what \ryecan or cannot do. If you do know pleaselet us all know then we can be assuredthat we are then all law abiding citizens. Moving on, this last month for myself has quiet beenvery on the radio front from the shack point of view but I did thoroughly enjoy taking part, for a shod while, in the 43?t&tz Trophy Contest up at our usual MainslaughterLaw site along with Alex GM6VIU,Colin GM0CLN, Alan GMOUSI, Bill GMOICF, John GMTTKA and Cambell,it was a prty that conditionswere not great. Also our DF Hunt night againproved to be a real challengeand a good old laugh, its a pity that a few more don't take part, never mind. Well, this manth brings us to the PW Contest so why not come along and enjoy a bit of contesting and have a gocd laugh as well, who knows you may even catch the contestingbug. That's it then for anothermonth .. keep the Newsletter I npu t co m in g !!!!!!!l!!



It's surnmernow and we are getting busierall the time sokeep checkingyour diaries. Hereis the latestlist of events.... JUNN 16th PW QRPCcntestfrom 09:0Sto 16:00GMT. Canthe club retain the TennamastTrophy? Comealongand lenda hand.....YOUCOULDMAKE Tlm DIFFERENCE!! l6ttr

2nd RSGB l44MHz BackpackersContest

23rd Westof ScotlandARS VHFruHF Conteston 2m and 70cmFM from 1300-1600localtime. The club isn't enteringthis onebut if any of you wautd like to the full rules can be found in the Summer96 issueof FM News,alternativelyeither myself GM0CLN or Bob GM4IIYZ will be ableto help you out. JULY 6l7th RSGBVHF NationalFieldDay, 14:00to 14:00GMT, the club hasits annualmassexodusto MainslaughterLaw. 18th DunfermlineRS talk by the Radiocommunications Agenry 2{hh RSGB l44MHz Low PowerContest. 4th O/A last year....whatwill it be this time? 21st RSGB432MHzLowPawerContest. We can'timprove an lst Overall but cal we retain our position? 2lst TornessPowerStationOpenDay SpecialEvent Station. fire callsignGB2SNLhas ken issuedto Stevie(GM0WRY;for this event. I'm $ue all helperswould be appreciated.Our THIS EVENT CANCELLED SEE PAGE 3 resourcesare likely to be a bit thin on the ground this weekend sopleaselet Stevieknow ifyou can lend a hand. AUGUST lst DunfemrlineRS l44MHz DF Hunt '6** TO BE CONFIRMED***

16th C&PS ARC Junk Sateat Fort SetonCommunityCentre se READthe EVENIS COTUMN!,from 6:30pmto 9:3ilpm. Talk-in on S22,raffle at lf savesyo,urPHONEBILL! approximatel.v9pm. Spreadthe word and help us raisemore Ed money for the British HeartFoundatlon. (contpage 3)

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


For Sale This spaceis availableto club membersto advertiseany surplusequipment.;free by packetGM4IKU @ GBTEDN,voice or telephone 01875811000 Alinco Two metre handheldmodelDJ Sl with extendedreceiveta 174 ml:a and Airband completewith 3 batterycases,two with AA nicads.Keyboardalsofitted. f,140no offers contactRonGM4IKU

Howes 20 MetreshomebrewQRPcw tranceiver (receivesSSBalso) completewith Audio filter and sidetonebuilt in and in good working order 950 ContactRon GM4IKU


DF HUNT NIGHT Friday 17th May, 18:30 duly arrived where those taking part in the DF Hunt Night met at the Pond Hall car park in eager anticipationof the first "Fox" signalat 19.00. Sadlyto say only three cars (teams)took part in the event but neverthe less we all really enjoyedthe evening.The teamsconsistedof Colin GMOCLN & Ron GMONTL, John GMTOLQ & Alec GM6VTU and Bill GMSZLI & myself. The Fox being Ron GM4IKU. The DF aerialsusedwere the Badger DF Kit (JohrlAlex and Bill llvlyself) and Colin a Homebrew HB9CV. 19:00arrived and we all departedlooking for that elusivesignal. Bill and myself decidedto just drive arounduntil we startedto hear the fox's signalfrom then on we startedDF'ing.

This took us up into the Athelstanefordare&where we endedup convincedthat Ron was hiding there,sadlythis proved not to be the caseafter going in and out all the nooks and cranniesthere EXCHANGE Exchangefor a printer suitablefor IBM PC I must admit we were getting somereal funny looks at times.. From this we startedgoing round in a circle to seeif we could SP/2 pin point the "fox" eventually I think more as a fluke than SINCLAIRQL anythingelsewe spottedRon very convenientlytucked away in a 2x 5l2kb computerkeyboardsc/w insider corner and YES BINGO we found him. Strangethough as at one time boardsfor 5.25 disk drive. we were no more than 100 yards from him yet the signallevel was lx Powerunit for above. very low this was due to a large mound of earth that was between lx FergussonMM02/1\4M0612" (v29) us, so it just showsyou that DF'ing is not an easyart. rnonochromemonitor c/w operating instructions. lx 5.25"Disk Drive lx Serial8056compactprinter. 2x Archive, Wordprocessor,Abacus & Eisel Programs. Loadso[ microcassettes Books DeskTop ComputingWith The Sinclair QL Making the Best of the Sinclair QL Superbasic,DatabaseManagementon the Sinclair QL, Wordprocessingwith the Sinclair QL, AdvancedProgrammingwith the Sinclair QL, Machine code programmingwith the Sinclair QL. Introductionto SimulationTechniqueson the SinclairQL PracticalMethods,Sinclair QL User Guide

Right you may ask about where were the others,to be honest it was a questionthat Bill and I had askedourselvesa few times during the event, we even thought that we had got it all wrong but it turns out that the otherswere samplingthe delights of and in and aroundHaddington,I am convincedthey went for an earlypint !!! Atty*ay at 20.45 Ron announcedhis "hidy hole" and everyone made for the Ship Inn in Port Seton for a DF Postmortem.The tales of woe, oh dear, where it all went wrong all cameout. The bottom line is, as said previous,that it is really a good bit of fun and believeyou me it is not as easyas you think to find that elusivesignal,so come on join in the next one and seewhat its all about.Till then....

CollectorsItems Contact Bill GMSZLI


Cockenzic & Port Setoq ARC

Page3 (contpage 3) ANTATEURANAGRAMS (contJiott PageI )

It's anagramtime again so herewe go. The answersshouldbe enteredhorizontally in 22nd DunfermlineRS talk on TCP/IPby the grid. Spacesbetweenwordsare shownby a black box. This monthsvertical box GM4CTP *{'* TOBE CONFIRMED*** will give you a radio relatedword. The answersare wordslinked with amateurradio so it should be really easyfor you allt ! ! Event Historic Special 24l25th Scotland StationWeekend. Along the samelines asthe LighthousesWeekend. The 1. stationis to be locatednearTantallon Castlejust outsideNorth Berwickusing the callsignGB2HST(HistoricScotland 3. Tantallon). 4. 5. 25th GalashielsOpenDay, The 6. VolunteerHall, St. John'sStreet, 7. Gardens). Galashielsfiust offBank Street All the usual Openfrom I lam-4pm. attractions. *** NOTE : NEW \ENUE *** THIS MONTHS CLUES SNPTEMBER 3rd RSGB l44l\/frIz Backpackers I. UR OX FALLS, 2. TRAM LINE, 3. A PARISLOTION, 4. TERRIFICE' 8th s. YES m PURERODENT, 6. LTNSLITIONA 7. SODAPRICE. Contest


21st SARCON'96at Cardonald College,Glasgow. OCTOBER lSth C&PSARC talkbyThe Agencyin the Radiocommunications Room Port Setoncommunity Resources at prompt. 7pm Due to start at Centre. Admissionis onceagainf,1.00. NOTE : DATE lr,[,Y BE CIANGED TO AVOID THE LEICESTERAR EXHIBITION. WATCHTHIS SPACE

MAY ANSWERS I. TRANSMISSION,2. LINEARAMP, 3. METEOROLOGICAL, 4. PREAMPLIFE& 5. CONTEST, 6. SUN SPOT, 7. TRANSMIT. The amateurradio relatedword in the vertical box slrouldhavebeen'ANTENNA'. 73 Colin (GMOCLN)

TORNESS TornessOpenDay sheduledfor 2l st July hasbeencancelleddueto Local Authority Ruling. StevieGMOWRYwishesto thank all who ofiered help For the day especially Margaret GM0ALX , Gavin GMOALWand CampbellSWL

18/19thLeicesterAR Exhibition 31st DunfermlineRS AGM



DACEMBER 8th SDX SupportGroupRally, Maryhill, Glasgow. Hopeyou all havea greatmonth and have frrn if you areon holiday. 73 de Colin (GMOCLN)

Rernernber to advise Colin lf gouhearof ang whiehrnag Evonfs ha nf intaroet

,"tD i_

,ior HuntWnnerMayt g96''to Congratulations i I BdB GM4UYZ i f


: _ -ry i !!' ' ^ .-^ -,.I' ., Co PilotB|IIGMBZLI


Cockenzie& Port Seton.ARC


Tradersall hada goodweekend' althoughthey neveradmit to having madelots of money,too scaredin casewe raisetable rent nextyear as if we would do hour. Conditionswerevery poor though that ! Pleaserememberfolks, tell us if Kentbeacon(GB3VHF)wasonly andthe I had beenthinking about[aking prt you think of anythingyou think might just audible. Later, the contactrate in the 24 hour 144MlIzconteston the it becameharder improveour rally or if anl'thing annoyed rveekendof l8th/19thMay for sometime slowedconsiderablyand voice recorder you let us know please (apartfrom no ice but beinga 'full legalpowerlimit' contest work howeverthe digital had a natter creamfor sale,we'veheardthem all, but it rvasdependanton having an amplifier took mostof the strain and we Towards beyond our cntrol tlnt one' sorry,health which rvasworking and a generatorable while it called "CQ Contest". regulationsetc ) becausewithout fedback the end we turnedthe beamstowards to pover the amPlifier. from you the moneyspendingpublic we Edinburgh and managedto Unforfunatelyit wasnot possibleto go on from year to year regardless,so Stevie arrangethis in time sowith a few daysto work a few stationsincluding (GM0WRY) and Ron (GM4IK{.I) (thanks while the eventis still fresh in your mind go it w'astime to resortto PLAN B! drop us a packetor tell us at club night lads!!) for new multiplien. Runningfor only 4 hours(1200to or leaveinfo with Bob UYZ who All in all, things went well with our 1600local time) on Sunday19thMay lr'as final total being 49 contactsin the 4 hour will I'm zurekindly passit on to us one the first leg of the RSGB 144MHz perid. The bestDX waswith G0MSA/P way or another. Backpackerseriesof contests. These We alsohoPeanYonewho boughtbig (EastSussex)at a distanceof in JOOOEW contestsare'designed'specifically of stuff inanagedto sneak boxes 579km. With our multiplier of 53 taken for small contestgroupsand individuals shackwithout being found out, into was22737 them using minimal equipmentand low power into accountthe overall score me how the pixies deliver amazes always and are scheduledfor socially acceptable points. you want in the middle of the what joinedbry exactly perids allowing stationsto be setup and Justaswe finishedwe were you are ableto plead then and pack night Robert(GMTAVE) who helpedusto dismantledin daylight. when the ignorance and innocence up. As usual,the weatler clearedaswe Thereare four 144MHzBackPcker comefrom that did where of comments eh!! left thesite.....typical contestsin the serieswith the bestthree keepup the goodwork everybody start, normalisedscoresto count towardsthe spendspendspendis the motto hihi, it is final placings. As the secondin the series (GMOCLI*{) rally organiseranyway. to 73 Colin coincideswith the PW QRP Contestand As a weeinclusion to this newsletter we are ableto enterboth at the sametime maYI ad4 WELL DONE article it wasdecidedto try the first contestto see RALLY KELSO as rally organiserthis year,you did Gavin, how we got on. This contestwould also andkept the troopshappy & PS from C to all a splendidjob, thanks Many servâ‚Źas a trial run for the 3 x 14 element roll on next Year, informe4 5th rallY on well our and attended who club antennaarray and digital voice recorderto those Sunday4th MaY Tait Hall, Kelso, especially nruch appreciate4 May, be usedin this years PW QRP Contest. althoughfrom a workerspoint of view, we keen soulswho werebattering the door We cannotenterthe 3rd BackPacker red no no mmes, awareof his eYeswatching us time, were opening at down contestasit is duringVHF NFD get brealdast tkoughout the daY,seeingif were you lot didn't bet faces, but weekendbut the 4th is the first weekendin morning, musthave working hard enough and forcing, ooops and canbe enteredto give our in bedthat Sunday Septeurber larks hi. the encouraging enough folks to buytickets, up with been quotaof threefrom four towardsthe final Approx 750 through the door, ssld he said he was watching us all to see if total. ralfle tickets,to willing or otherwise improvements could be made anl'where At suchshort noticea lot of PeoPle 2,000 thosethreatsdo work, mostof the within the event, we believe him, truly we buyers, had madeprior arrangementsfor the day a few prizesback through to do, but a grandjob was done bY him hi.Quite time soit was John (GMTTKA) and Cambell and will say mernbers, regardless P club & S C (SWL)whojoined me on a very wet and put in their didn't who So think that is all for now, but many anyone now to misg MainslaughterLaw at about been it has day once again to all ofyou for your the Jet on for Jumbo thanks claim 9.50amon Sunday19thto setuPthe junior operator,sonof the Anglo-Scottish RallY, Craig, support, to donated station. Br' 1l.30amthe threel4 element go organised and run byKelso Amateur Radio lad who will a Smith, Colin and Susan yagiswerccrectedandwe wereall soaked kiss, Societywould not succeedwithout you all' (somemorethanothers!). We thensetup far in this life. beautiftilsmile, raffle sellers pats on back all round well done for ticket the andbig cuddle so the trC275Ein thebackof John'scar. As a so resist his charms, everltod]'. and we couldn't it wasthe first time the 3-waypower 73 & 88 de Margaret. GMOALX happryweeboyawal'homecuddlinga splittcrhad beenuseda few checkswere very ChairPerson,K.A.R.S. should plane, whoever and to blue big carriedout and theoutputpowerwassetto late. it, too sorry, have won I0 lratts. Fortunatelytherewereno found to be

problemsand the SWRwas RSGBlST 144MHZ approximatelyI : l. BNCTPACKERS The contestbeganwith a steadyflow approximately26 in the frrst contacts, of CONTEST 19TH MAY 1996

I & Port SetonARC Cockenz-ie


provided As prornisediast monthhereis the detailsof the JVFAX & HAMCOMM INTERFACE as by StevieGMOWRY entries is Its a fairly easyprojectto get you onto Slow ScanTelevisionand Datacomms.lf there enough club (minimum4) it is propor"i that we hold a contestfor the bestbuilt unit to coincidewith one of our club! in the nights so come on g"i those solderingirons out and lets show that there are someconstructors

JVFAX & HAMCOMM INTERFACE The constructionof this circuit is quite simple.Thereare a few thingsto watch out for, makesurethe pieceof veroboardis larger than the layout drawing. Start by solderingthe resistorsfollowed by the diodes, your sockets' then the transistor7 potentiometer.Next the chip then the capacitors.last of all the wires for you use.Thereasonis Very importantl^ycheckyour manufacturersrecommendationsfor the tx of the radio ground' on the thatbsomeYaesuhandheldsyou must put in the 2.2 k resistorto stop the tx audio going to wire circuit diagramthere is a wire for the for the tx PTT. I did not use this on my version.I usedthe dotted this whichwhichgoesthrough aZ.Zkresistor via the link , then to the collectorofTRI 8C108. If you use Yaesu method you may not thin needthe wire connectedto pin 5 of the 5 pin DIN plug. (By the way I use a handheld) I hope you havefun building the circuit and if you needthe chip I havea couple available'also veroboard.If anyoneis interestedI could put a kit together. I have the softwareif anyoneneedthat too. great. This is a pioject really worth doing as the enjoymentobtainedfron receivinga picture over the air is ironsout............. so get thosesoldering I can ofFerhelp over the air or by packet radio. Happy Buitding STEYIE GM0WRY

Transmit/ ReceiveUnit Il2 sizetrack side

Circuit of Transmit\ ReceiveUnit

Veroboard layout ovcrlcaf'

u, o

c 'c E o o L

]J c o

s.t a (\

ET a> gF Fi tr


C-l (f,

c{ Ot

@ .l

r.l )l



>l <t



rJl ffl


ol ql ol


(u L

o (s x o


trl tul








m O 0-



0,1 uJl

2l =l


OI =l




EI OI <t


*l XI Lr<l >l "11





E c

T r' (t






C c a Z




cn o:

(a -r.o (o F-ao)9:: f----r-]



fi a")


o CI


€o .f

i5 c(I) ,E


c 'tr





o oo

a l< c)




.o o o L



l tt_ - l




EVENTSCOLUMN 18th DunfermlineRS talk by the Radiocommunications Agenry Volume4 Issue6 Bob GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN JULY 6l7th RSGBVHF NationalFieldDa...

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