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Cocl<enaet P ort Scfor'r Ar44atevrRabio Cfub Volume4 Issue2





Welcomeagain to anothermonthly newsletterand asalwaysI hopeyou all enjoyreadingit. At the time I am writing this I am afraidthereis not much newsdue to the fact that it is being written soonafter the Januaryclub night. This doesbring me to a small reminder that any articles for the Newslettermustbe submittedto Ron GM4IKU at the latest two weeksbeforeclub night as it takesat least a fortnight to get it all togetherthen printed. As alwaysWE ARE AL\ryAYS LOOKING FOR INPLTI as rernernberIT IS YOUR NEWSLETTER and alsoYOUR RADIO CLUB. I am after this Club Night going to submit our entry for the RSGB \{HF Field Day and if there is no objectionsthen I am going to entet the club into the RESTRICTEDSECTIONof the Contest rather than the LOW POWER SECTION that we haveentered for the last three years.(Hopefirllyby the time you readthis you will havereadthe bulletin I havesentto thoseon pcket aboutthis move) I have alsohad it confirmed,assumingthere is no disasters,that we have managedto obtain permissionto operatefrom an areavery closeto Tantallon Castle for the Historic Scotland weekend(24/25th August 1996)sothat is really good news. I havealsoenteredinto GBTEDNin the directory C&PSRACa file called DATES96 which is a copyof all our confirmedClub Events,to date,for 1996.This shouldhelp thosewho occassionallymiss a club night but still wart to seewhat is actuallyorganised. Also hopefullyvery soonthe Radio Club will havea WEB Page in the

While readinga weekly electronics paperat work recentlyI discoveredsome newsthat may be of interestto thoseof you who own a PersonalComputer.

llnternet. Alistair GM6NEI is in the procâ&#x201A;Źssof doing this and snce it is complete I will

1let you know how to accessit via the Internet. Wetl I think that is aboutit again for this month except to remind you all I aboutthe RadioNight in the Community Centrewhich shouldnot be missed...." I Seeyou all laterthen...

It appearsthat Philip Semiconductors havedevelopeda moduleand a setof componentsthat let PC'sreceiveand decodeRDS (radio data system) broadcasts,displayingthe information on thePC screen. Any previous solutionsto this problemhaverelied on chips developedfor car receiverswhereas this new devicewas speciallydesigned for PC use. To ensuresatisfactoryresultsit is careftrllyshieldedto isolateit from the noisy environmentwithin a PC. The mo&rleprovidesspeedyscantuning and up to 99 frequency presets. To test the prototype,a Windowssoftwareutility waswritten to control the radio from the PC screen.

It is unlikely that Philips will sell any assmiatedproductson the PC marketbut they do intend to supplyPC card makers Bob GM4UYZ fi) GBTEDN with the necessaryparts.

BLACKPOOL NORBRECK RALLY SUNDAY 17th"MARCII 1996 Once again I havebeenin contactwith the Hotel where we havestayed in previous 1'earsand havearrangeda price of f,21 per headfor Dinner,Bedand Breakfast. Arrive Saturdayl6th March Depart Sundayl7th March

This opensup many possibilitieswhich could eventuallyenterthe domainof, amateurradio. Justthink".. a PC based scanner,a tranceiverwithin a PC, etc etc!!! I know that this is hypotheticalbut watchthis space....... 73 Colin (GM0CLN)

The acconunodation consistsofen-suiteroorns.The placecan takea total of42 people REMINIIER 23rd February or 2l couples. C&PSARC RadioTestAnd Talk Night ARE YOU INTERESTED ? 7pm to 9pm in the ResourcesRoom from WILL YOU BE TAKJNG TItr XYL or YL or ruST YOURSELF? at Port SetonCommunityCentre. Your hostsfcr the eveningare John GMTOLQ If you are can you let me know ASAP or by the lst,March (March club night) at the and Dick GMOFCP.Pleasebring your EXTREME latest. radiosrequiring checkingfor frequency, powâ&#x201A;Źf etc.. Bob GM4UYZ ra GBTEDN

Cockenzie& Port SetonA.R.C.

Page2 BEREAVEMENTS I heard soon after the last newsletter was puplishedthefollowing bereavements.

Hello All, Many thanksfor readingthis bulletin and I wonderif you can help with the following on goingproject.

As a result of a talk at our Radio Club by Ron Liveseyfrom "The British AstronomicalAssociation"he hasaskedif it is possiblefor any Radio Amateurto passon any information to him on RadioAurora. He is looking for Alan GM0USI's father died during the dates,times, strengthsand evendistancesworkedduring an Aurora. This ChristrnasPeriod after a long illness. informationwill be collatedalongwith all otherAurorainput which in turn StevieGM0GNC fram Fife died on the lst hopefirllywill help more in the understandingof Awora. January1996afteralongillness. Colin Smith GM0CLN and myself haveagreedto undertakethe job of coordinating all the Radio Aurora information from you all and passingon this to Ron Brian GM0EHL also sadlylost his dad Livesey. suddenlyafter a short illness Soif you now work or hearan Awora canyou pleasepasson the above On behalf of the radio club I would like information to us. Many thanks in advancefor your help with this project. to wish all their respectivefamilies our We canboth be contactedvia packetor telephoneand QTFIRvia the callbook. deepestsympathies. Colin Smith GMOCLN@ GBTEDN Tel:01875815l19 Bob Glasgow GM4LIYZ@ GBTEDN Tel: 01875811723 G}},.4I.JYZ @ GBTEDN CONNICTING BAYCOM MODEM to AI(D 7003RADIO


When I tried originally to connectthe Baycomto the following radio descoveredthat I and the Hello andwelcometo anotherhelping of had fwo problems.Pleasenote I also havea spare Baycomthat I alreadyuse sameproblemswereobservedon that as well. Amateur Anagrams. The objectof the I -- Unableto Acceptthe ReceivedAudio from the Mike Socket exerciseis to find the answersand enter pin 3. them horizontally in the correctposition in Used the ertensionspeakeroutlet instead. the grid. The black box representsa 2 Problem Unableto get Baycomto fully pull oter the PTT relay in -spacebetweentwo words. AKD 7003. This month, oncecomplete,the vertical TRI (BF54S)in the Baycomwith a VNlOKM Mosfet Replaced give you the narneof something box will left R14 disconnectedas only requiredif using a also that you will find in er, the anagrams Radio. Handheld shouldalso give you words linked with Note:The VN1OKM'sflatfacepointstowardsRll ie in the amateurradio. GoodIuck...... oppositelayoutfrom TRI (8F548) This Month's Clues I. IAMOVERCW, 2, BRAVEDOOR 3. YOURPEGS, 4. CRUSHFACT, 5. ANEAT TROUT, 6.I]NOALGAE, 7. GII-L SCAN.

January'sanswers I. SOLARCYCLE, 2. ELECTROLYTTC, 3. SEMICONDUCTOR. 4. MODULATION, s.COMFONENT, 6. PROCESSOR,7. CAPACITOR. The word in the vertical box shouldhave read'CONTEST'. Goodluck with this months clues. 73 Colin (GM0CLI$'


Baycom pin


1 MIKE AUDIO 2 GND EXT GND l-----------EXT SpeakerRXD 4 PTT I9lI2/1995 Bob Glasgor,v GM4UYZ @)GBTEDN

l -------------------33KR---2 ---. 5 nlc

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

rrgrE wti Bu rur arrut[Er


StaticnWeekend. Along the samelines Rally, Magnum LeisureCentre, Irvine. Doorsopen1l.00am as the LighthousesWeekend. The Harbourside" FEBRUARY probablevenuethis year is Tantallon RSGBNational VHF Convention 18th CastlenearNorth Berwick. APRIL (seepage26 in Jan'96RadComfor Tom Dunfermline RS by 18th Visit to details). The clnb is dueto be presented 25th GalashielsOpenDay, The MenziesGMIGEQ, RSGBZsneG with the ScottishTrophy (All being Hall, St. John'sStreet, Volunteer Representative. of our VHF wellt!!!) in recognition *** {,*{< (ust offBank StreetGardens). Galashiels CONITIRMED EVENT'TOBE result. Several National Field Day contest I lam-4pm, All the usual from Open club memberswill be attending, attractions. MAY ContactBob GM4LIYZ for details. *** NOTE : NEW VENUE *** Anglo ScottishRally, Tait Hall, sth 23rd C&PS ARC RadioTest And Talk Kelso. This shouldbe, asusual,a very Night from 7pm to 9pm in the Resources enjoyable and friendly event. Donrt miss SEPTEMBER SARCON'96at Cardonald 2lst Roomat Pcrt SetonCommunityCentre. ir! ! Glasgow. College, Your hostsfcr the el'ening are John ARC l4+MI{z DF Hunt. lTth C&PS GMTOLQ and Dick GM0FCP. OCTOBER More detailsnearerthe time. The normal f 1.00admissioncharge 18th C&PS ARC talk by The applies. Agencyin the Radiocommunications JUI$[ Port Room Seton at Resources from 09:00 PW Contest to 16th 24th TynesideARS Rally, Temple QRP Due to start at 7pm Centre. Community retain Can the club the 16:00 GMT. Park Centre,SouthShields. Admission is againf 1.00" prompt. Admission once Trophy? Tennamast [1.00. DoorsopenlO.30am.Talk in on hand..-..YOU lend and a Come alang 2m&7Dcm. DECEMBER COULD MAKE TI{E DIFFERENCE!! 8th SDX SupportGroupRally, DunfermlineRS talk on "The 29th Maryhill, Glasgow. JULY ScottishWorked All Munros Project"or RSGB VHFNationalFieldDay, 6l7th SWAMP as it is otherwiseknown. The That'syour lot for anothermonth. I hope 14:00to 14:00GMT. the club hasits talk will be given by JackHood you havea goodone. Mainslaughter mass exodus to annual GM4COX. Law. Can we win an awardin this event 73 de Colin (GM0CLN) for the 4th year in a row? MARCE along and see!! Come l7th NORBREC.KAmateurRadio, Electronicsand Conputing Exhibition, ComputerKorner RSGB L44MHaLow Power Blackpool. Severalclub memberswill be 2fth Frequentlyaskedquestions... Contest.4th O/A lastyear....whatwill it ernbarkingon the now annualtrek to be this time? Blackpool. As ever,contact Bob How doesE-Mail work'/ GM4LIYZ for details. RSGB432MIlz Low Power 21st Its very simple.Eachpersonon the We can't irnproveon lst Overall Contest. 22nd C&PS ARC talk aboutThe INTERNET hasa uniqueE-Mail address but can we retain our position? British Heart Foundationby Iain Lowis. (createdby having a squirrel run acrossa Time, location and entry fee are as per the keyboard)suchas TornessPowerSlationOpenDay " 21st RadioTestNight. : GEEKBOOGR'* ^&RPMr@FGT SpecialEvent Station. The callsign Whenyou wish to communicatewith 28th DunfermlineRS lnter ClubQuiz, GB2SNLhasbeenissuedto Stevie you simplyput the persons somebody, (GM0WRY)for this event. I'm sureall your quizmasterfor the eveningwill be sendand, on address the message,press helperswill bâ&#x201A;Ź appreciated. JohnGM4ANB. matter where the rvithin seconds-no (I'm not sureif C&PS ARC are your is, message is read being addressee AUGUST beinginvitedto this. At time of writing ( reminds me hackers of by dozensof C&PSARC Junk Saleat Port no offrcial invitation hasbeenreceived). l6th your packet... who are also using local ) *** **,i<EVENT TO BE CONFIRNTED SetonCommunityCentrefrom 6:30pmto credit card numberto purchaseHawaiian 9:30pm. Talk-in on S22,raffle at holidays....dont try to stopthem approximately9pm. THEY CAN ALSO LALINCHMISSILES!


FEBRUARY EDITORIAL If you are can you let me know ASAP or by the lst,March (March club night) at the EXTREME latest. 1let you know how to ac...

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