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(Co,clk,ernr zzl,e& lPtorn[S.etonr l\nmarteurr lRardl[o rCllrurlb, Volume3 Issue10 OCTOBER EDITORIAL Here we go for another month and hopefully you will again, enjoy the monthly newsletter.

big newsof the month past is the arrival of a healthy young lad, Craig RobertSmith at 10:45on Wednesday 13th September1995.Congrahrlations from us all to both Susanand Colin on the new arrival.... well done.If you want Colin you can now book Craig in for his Noviceclass?????? For your information last club night saw the largest evergathering at the club wherea grandtotal of 37 people camethrough the door, socan Ijust say thanksto all for making an efiort to come along.

NEWSLETTER We havebeenapproachedto put on a SpecialEvent Stationas part of the scouts Jamboreeon the Air eYentso seethe events column for the fuIl information. Hopefully you will be ableto give some supportat the event. Lastly, I wouldjust like to remind everyoneIT IS IMPORTANT to READ thEEVENTS COLUMN tOSEC what is hapening and alsothat you will give all the eventssomesupport. Thanks again for your continual support for the club....



and when they appear.



Inter-Club Quiz Night Kelso Amateur Radio

Society Where? Room3 AbbeyRow Community Centre Kelso. When? Monday 23rd October. 1930for 2000promp start please. Who? Teamsof three(if possible) written down answers


By the time this is beingreadwe will have SW EEPSTAKE had our first attemptat having a DF Night so I will leavethe outcomeof that to next If you all castyour minds back to the monthsnewslefter. clubsJunk Salewhich was held in August you will recall that my wife Since last month someex-PMRradios Susan(who was 8 monthspregnantat haveappearedfor 4 Metres.Apart from the time) was raising e$ra moneyfor the two which havefaults the othershavenow British Heart Foundationby running a successfullybeen convertedto 4 metres.A sweepstake.The aim was to guesswhat trial was setup, using my garageas a day, am or pm, shewould give birth and roornand nry test equipment,where each the winner would receive#5.00. Well person convertedtheir own radio. Nice we areboth proud parentsnow and have to saythat it went quite successfully. a son, Craig RobertSmith, who wasborn is definitely other radiosgoing to on the morning of l3th Septemberand appearfor conversionto 4 metresso if weighedin at 7lb 13o2. Despitethe fact are interestedin one pleaselet me that there werea few datesunclaimed know and I will then keepyou informed someonehad guessedconectly. frequenciesthat we havechosenare :


THEWINNER OFTHE SWEEPSTAKEIS GM6NEI (ALASTAIR) Many congrahrlationsto you Alastair and hard luck to the rest ofyou who took part and helpedraisesomemoneyfor charity. 73 Colin (GM0CLN)

Light supperafterwards. along and enjoy a laughter filled evening.Ask anyonewho has takenpart before,no-onegiven a red (exceptthe organisershi) Berwick Club haswon two years runningalthoughtheygavethe to C. & P.S.ARC who camea closesecondlast time (well to be remembered,please)prizes providedby sameteamwho collected them from Berwick ! 73 Margaret

MURPHY'S LAW FOR COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS: If the computeris going to crasMock up, it will alwaysdo so AFTER you have ty'pedin the last line of program and got it working, but BEFOREyou havetime to saveit - thus ensuringthe absoluteaximum of wastedtime and effort.

MURPHY'S GENERAL LAW OF PROBABILITY: In any situationwherethe MATFIEMATICAL probability of it coming out right is exactly50%,the ACTUAL probabilityof it coming out (GuessWho) right is loloor less

Cockenzie& Port Seton A.R.C

Page2 PMR Equipment to look out at rallies for......

M2l2 lOW UIIF FM dashmount. M256 Ruggedisedversion of M202 M258 Pegasus: ruggedisedM202for MoD

290 series M293 AM VHF dashmount, crystal M294 FM VHF dashmount, crystal TvI296 UHF dashmount, crystal IvDC93 AM VHF dashmount, s]..nthesized trtr294 FM VHF dashmount, synthesized Cambridge AMf0B 5W AM boot mount - needscontrol box l!D095 Band III dashmount synthsized AM1OD 5W AM dashmount i\DC96 UHF dashmount, synthsized FM10B 5W FM boot mount - needscontrol box M????e SMD versiortrdifficult to repair FM10D 5WFM dashmount All Cambridgeshad valve Tx, either valve or Popular,easyto modify and repair in Xtal version. transistor\ dependenton age. Synthesizedversiongood if meansto blow freqproms is available. Vanguard AM25B 25W AMboot mount,valve Tx valve or transistorRx. NeedsLOTS of amps. 490 series Fixed stationversionsof lvI293/M294llvl296 Below is a list of ffe andPhilips equipmentswith some andtips aswhat to buy andwhat to avoid first-

Westminster WISAMB 5W AM boot mount - needscontrol box WI5AMD 5W AM dashmount Wl5FMB 10WFM bootmount- needscontrolbox WI5FMD 10WFM dashmount w25FM Exporrmodel25W(will do 50w) FMboot mount W20AIWFM also known as the Whitehall. Made for Police and so covers79-101MHzonly. Dual front end capability to permit Alvl and FM operation. W30AM 30W AM boot mount, transistorwith quick-heat valve PA. Someversionshaveaudio PA also. Entirely analogue,easilyrepairedand modifid often exceedsratedpowerouQut. F30AM 30W AM basestationcomprisingT30AM transistor transmitterwith valve driver and PA. Matchedwith R6AM, R7AM, or R8HO receiver,latter is HomeOffice version. UsesWestminstertechnology. F30FM FMbase stationcomprisingT3OFMand RITFM or RI8FM receivers.UsesWestminstertechnolory. Motafonel Reporter MF5AM 5W AM dashmountedonly. Simpleset.awkward to service. Europa MF5FM 5W FM dashmount only. Threeor six channel versions. Reliableset,easyto align, VERY sensitiveRx CustomAF amp IC no longer available. MF5U UHFversionofMFSFM MF6AM 5W AM dashmount only. Replacementfor MF5AM. Small. Flexible strip linking Tx to Rx unreliable. MF25FM 25W FM dashmount only. Commentsas MF5FM. VHF only. F9U/L9U Fixed stationversionsof MF5U Olympic

M201 5W AM dashmount l- or up to 12channel. Modular construction,linear Tx PA. lvlz02 lOW FMversion of above. M203 5W AM boot mountwith semi-digital remote

control. M206

lOW FM bootmount.asM203.

PRM80 PRM8010FM only dashmount. uP controlled"all singing all dancing. 10 channelonly. NeedsPC to prog with software. VHF and UIIF versions. PRM8020As abovebut 20 channeland more FM1000 FM1100 25WFM inVHF andUllFversions, 100ctnnnel. Entirely softwarecontrolld. EXTREI\4ELY flexible. NeedsPC, software,and interfacecard to prog. Works quite a way out of ban4 A-band will cover2m at firll spec.,U0 bandwill cover 70cmsat full spec. FMl200 Band III trunked motrileonly. FM1300 Private trunked rnobileonlv. Rare. PRF'1060 Fircd stationwrsion of FM110O. 6 channelonly. Pfa5 FM portable,3 channel,VIIF and UIIF versions. Low and high powerversions,0.5W and l.SW respec. Crystalled. PF.X FM portableasPF85,but 100channelprom programmed Twin Tx VCosto permit single and dual frequencyworking as neededby Police. PR710 FM porlable, 10 channel,fully synthesized. PRP70series FM portable,l.5W and4Wversions. 200 channel. VERY flexible, but aswith PR710,needsspecial softwareand interfaceto program. P1000 FM portable,badgemarketed(also soldby Zycomm?) 5W VHF andUlIF versions. 256 channel. VERY flexible. Needsspecialsoftwareto program.Throughout, Se/Philips usethe samebandand channelspacingcodes:E 68-88MHz D 88-108MI{z C 108-136MHz B 132-I56MIIa M Mid-band:TxD-band,RrB-band A 146-I74MlIz (sometimessplit into two sub.bands.) K BandIII T 420-450lyfrIz U 440-47A\fiIz

Cockenzie& Port SetonA.R.C.


For Info CopiedB.yBill GMBZLIF'romthe PacketNetwork

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Leszno. I 1.09.1995. l2.5Kllz channelspacing(:super narrow) S market) (USdCanada spacing 2}K\Izchannel R Occasional Radiostation SP$TPAX. }1KIIz. channelspacing (:very narrow) V (:nanow) sPacing channel SOKF{Z N On December6, 1995,the 70-th anniversaryof the first Channelspacingis for Tx and then repeatsfor Rx' eg A0A0' radio oontact in Poland performed bry the Folish amateur receiving over of Rr capable wideband AW would indicate a radio TadeuszHeftman, call sign "TPAX", and amateur usually limit, is a switching the whole hn{ elsethere Dutch Ten Kate, call sign "N-OPM", will pass.To amateur mean. of aroundA.So/ela/o commemoratethis event the editor of the Radioamateurs Bulletin "qfc" and the HQ of IZK will put in operationan Sparesand handbooksare easilyavailablefrom:occasionalamateurstationwith the specialcall sign SparesDeP., PhiliPs Telecom- PN4R, " SPOTPAX" P.O.Box 24, St. Andrew'sRoa4 This station will be on the air 15. 1995 Cambridge,CB4 IDP on all IIF bandswith modesCW, SSBand RTTY. QSL cards are to lie sent via SP2FAPor dirmtly to the QTC Magazine 0122341222/358985 address: GBTJED GMTLUN JIM QTCMagazine for now..... Cheers @ P.O.Boxl8 82-312Elblag Morefrom Jim Next Month on Conversionof PMR Rigs POLAND

For SaIe f 60 Basemike Kenwood MC-60 20mtr Beam small Cantake Rotator Medium weight Contact GMOTQK@ GBTEDN 2 Metre RF Amptifier for FM handie 3W in for 25W out Costf,59 new sell â‚Ź40 Ron GM,UKU @ GBTEDN

We invite all the amateursto QSL and assurea 100%QSL oonfirmationto all our correspondents. Pleasepassthis information to amateursof your socjety. f 50 Vy73!


EI> EI> de Wiltor SP3MIU@ SP3PZK o f' Leszno Loc. J081HU

EEin rsrHosrv l.4l PC 386DX #136897toZGPZK from SP3MIU--- Endof message

., uusr An fDtor wtrH

ALRrqHr ') ?#."F BoBIJ?,.,.', pE*-'/:-7'Q 9Y-eooK,,' EUERYTHNq



t, r(M// i,I- ,r+r?$l

{,jil:4 iTJ,iI


Hls HAttD!!_ -.


Cockenzie& Port Seton


LIGHTHOUSE EYENT' 26l27thAUGUST199s The eventI know now feelsthat it happenedmonthsagobut here is a fuller storyall aboutit.... As is seemsto appearnow when we are running theseevents that we alt start of going in "A Convoy",and in this it was no different. We all dulY ivd at Barns Ness Lighthouse at approximatelyO7:45wherewe setup the respectivestations. The 80 Metre station was setuP in a tent using the TraPDiPole. The 40 Metre stationusedaButlernut vertical and the 20 Metre stationuseda Rotary Dipole. Both thesestationswere housed in Mo GM0HLK's van initially but later the 40 Metre stationwas put in a tent as operatingofboth stations proving to be very difficult.

in a betterstate. Cotin also even managedto makea few contacts on 2 Metres.well now thereis a srprise.. We didn't operatefor a period overnight between00:00and 05:30as everyone was fmling totally exhauste4sowith the little shut eyewe were then suit$ly refreshedand raring to go. Smrmaryof thebandslooks like this .. 80 Metres640 Contacts - 17 Countriesworked 40 Metres103 Contacts - 18 Countriesworked 20 Metres-181 Contacts -- 35 Countriesworked 2 Metresl0 Contacts - I Countrv worked I must admit the whole eventwasa great laugh from start to finish which letsbe honestis what it is all about.

Thanks to everyonewho tooktime to pay us avisititwas greailyapprciated-Itwas also nice to se tbat rnanyofthe passers really The weatherover the two days by stoping for a short chat and wasmlxed as when we arrived on the learning a little about amateurradio. Saturdayit was raining during the station give an setupbut then clearod to Thanks goeswithout sayingfor gloriousday, even the weryone's contrihrtion towardsthe barbecuecame out !!! the Sundayagain event no matter how large or small and ssenanotherchangewith wind and some as I have saidnrmrerous timesbebre extremelyheavyshowers. without it, it just would nwer take place. From the operating Point ofview t Bob GM4UYZ @)GBTEDN he btrsiestband was 80 metreswhich neversemed to stop and I know all who operated on it really enjoYed Prize for CorrectEntry pulled out i! evenColin had to tell the pile up on orfhat onlfth Octoberso get entriesin Sundaymorning that he had to stopso he FAST! could get his brealdast! We did haveone emergencyon the Saturdaywherethe Trap Dipole broke at the centrepiecebut glad to saythat it was quickly fixed. 40 Metreswasreally hard work due to the continual noiselevel and 20 Metreswasdifficult just dueto the sheervolumeofPeoPleon theband. On the Sundaywe hadproblemswith the HF Radio on 20 Metresso we decidedto the 40 Metre station and move the radio on to 20 Metresas the bandwas

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7-



&rce again we had a little moreactivity from the pvzle solversamongstyou all last month thanksto the prize being put on offer by Ron (GM4IKLD. Congratulationsthis month go tq (drum roll & trumpetfanfare)Bob (GM4LIYZ) who wasfirst correctentry out of the hat. Do I hear criesof FD( FD( ?? I can assureyou all that it waswon fair and squarebyBob andaryway, if anyonedesâ‚Źrvesapiue it hasto be Bob whenyou considerall the work that he puts in (in his own time) to ensurethat the club runs smoothly!!! OK, hereare this monthsanagrams. The format is the samewith the answers to be enteredhorizontally in the gddOncethe gdd hasbeencompletod correctlyby filling in the anagram answers.the vertical box arrowed shotrld give you the nameof an American State. OCTOBERSCLUES I. I FILE SCAM, 2. PERT TEE MOTION, 3. ODDE)OTPIN, 4. REFERRINGIT,5. IAIN VOTED, 6. DIGTTALNUN. 7. LOTADPOLE ANSWERS SEPTEMBERS I. MAILBOX, 2. BUTTERNUT, 3. TRAP DIPOLE, 4. NOISE BLANKER, 5. TRANSMITTE& 6. BASE STATION, 7. ALIGNMENT Ifyou got thosecorrectthe vertical box shouldhavegiven you the word AURORAL. I hopethatyougot it OK. 73 until next month Colin (GM0CLN)

Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC

SnecialNotice You are all aware that this club was formed sometime ago (I ink about l0 yearsago) by a few amateursgetting together once a month in the pub for drinks and discussionof mutual interest. It was decidedat that time anyonevisiting on theseoccasions would automaticallybecomemembersbut we did not want it to becomeanything seriousand have all the usual standardsof an "official " club for examplemembershipfees, electionsof office bearers,agm's etc. The successof the club is therefor mainly due to the Volunteer element in the club and we now have some 30 people attendingon theseget together club meetingsand it has gained so much in the past few years that we have beenrepresentedin various competitionsand eventsof variouskinds. I am sure you will appreciatethat theseactivitiestake quite a bit of organisingand althoughthis is done on a purely voluntary basismainly by Bob G}I.f'UYZ there are expensesinvolved which to my mind should not be borne by one person.Most of the work in producing the newsletterand other items etc is due to "borrowing " "obtaining by legal means"or simply "arm twisting" to get the items required and therefor cost nothing but time . It was recently brought home to me the high expensethat has involved in the past year in respectof postagewhich of coursehas to be paid for. The cost for exampleto post the qsl cardsto the bureau for the lighthouseevent was just under f,5! (Paid by Bob UYZ) I for one would like the club to remain as it is without membershipfees ect In order to cover thesecosts and have a float in hand for postageand anything elsethat hasto be bought I would like to propose that occasionallyat club meetingswe have a raftle with prizes being donatedby club members.This raffle would only be open to membersand any excessmoniesover the float amount to boost our

MURPHY'SLAW FOR QUEUERS: Whicheverqueueyoujoin, the otherone will alwaysmovefaster- unless,of course,you changequeues,in which casethe one you werein originally will movefaster. MURPHY'SLAW FORCYCLISTS: No matterwhat routeyou take, it will alwaysbe uphill and againstthe wind. MURPHY'SLAW FOR TRAVELLERS: No matterwhat routeyou takemall the lay-bysand all the waysidecafeswill be on the wrong sideofthe road. MURPHY'SLAW FORDRIVERS(1). The traffic lights will narer changeto greenuntil you put the car out of gear and setthe han&rake. MURPHY'SLAW FOR DRIVERS(2): Wheneveryoujoin a multi-lane queueat traffic lights, it will alwaysbe the guy at the front of YOUR queuewho is slowestto moveawaywhen the lights turn green. MURPHY'SLAWFOR

eift to TheBritishHeartFoundation.ToniehtI will seekviewson HOUSEPERSONS: this and if there are no objectionswe will hold our first raffle on the Novemberclub nigtrt.Pleaselet me know what you think....... RON GM4IKU Donationsto BFIF will be acceptedanytime !

GM3HAM GM3HAM is the callsign of the Lothians Radio Society.The Societymeets the secondand fourth WEDNESDAYSof eachmonth from Septemberthrough July at 7.30 p.m. in the Orwell Lodge Hotel,Polwarth Terrace, EDINBURGH Details from Secreatary John, GMTREG who is QTT{R or Mel, GM6JAG who is also QTHR. Mel can be contactedalso on Ol3l 467 9218, and this nurnber will acceptfax calls also.

1lth October Outsidevisit...UnitedArtists, S. Gyle. 25th October "TFfEJUNK SALE" ...Don'tmissit! 8th November Mini Talks ....various22nd November "NovicesNight" 13th December VideoNastyNight? 20th December or thereabouts! XNIAS MEAL Callsto GM3HAM canbc left on GBTEDNfor attcntionMcl. GM6JAG.

No matter how carefullyyou check, thereis alwaysone moreteaspoonin the bottomof the washing-upwater. LAW FOR MURPFTY'S SECRETARIES: Paperis alwaysstrongestat the perforations.

PROBABILITYFOR TYPISTS/PIANISTS: If youaccidentallystrikefwo keys it will alwaysbe the simultaneously, wrong onewhich prints/ sounds.

Cockenzie& Port SetonARC


MURPHY'SLAV/ FOR 25th NOVEMBER ChineseMeal ** PROVISIONAI ** Club outingfor a SMALL FALLING OBJECTS: Hereis the latestlist of whatson in the Chinese Meal. Numbersand location (Of particular interest to Radio Amaterus comingmonths...... still to be confirmed.Pleaselet Bob who go in for home construction.) GM4I-JYZknow by lOth OctoberAT TI{E LATEST if you intend to go so that a If you drop a small oloject onto the floor, Falkirk & District 8th OCTOBER final booking canbe made. A [5.00 of trvo things will happen: per headdepositwill alsobe requiredbry Ifthe objectis spherical ARC Junk Salein GrangemouthScout or cylindrical,it Hall. Openllam - 4:30pm.entrytl or t5 the abovedate if you are going along. will alwaysroll to the most per pitch (includes2 entries,talk-in S22, inaccessiblespotin the room and cometo morsetestson demand(rememberyour 2 rest onecentimetreout of arm's passportphotosand the test fee). Further 3rd DECEMBER reach,thus forcing you to movethe info from JohnWilson GM6WQH tel. GlasgowRadioElectronicsAnd heaviestand most awkw'ardpieceof 861708(eve) Comprter Rally. 01324493263(dzy'S/0l324 Details from furniture in the room to effect its recovery. JohnDtrndasGM0OPS,tel.Ol4l 6387670 E VE N T S


On The 22nd OCTOBER Jamboree Air SpecialEventStationGBOGSCfor Gullane Scouts. The club is to run this SpecialEventStationfrom 0900- 1600 local time in GullaneCommunityCentre. Yet anotherchancefor you to havea chanceto operateon the IIF bandsin a relaxedatmospheresocomeand lend a hand.

23rd OCTOBER KelsoARS InterClub Quiz Night in Room 3 at the Abbey Row CommunityCentre,Kelso. Be there at 19:30for a prompt Startat 20:00. Ideally comein teamsof threebnrtas beforeteamscan, if necessary,be amalgamated.I can assureyou all that this is a fun night with no pressureand no-one being prt on the spot in front of a crowd. Sogo along- havesomefun, and a laughterfilled night!

Thatsyour lot for anothermonth. Keep the info on all eventscomingmy way so that I can let everyoneelseknow too. Havea good month. 73 Colin (GMOCLII)


If the objectis NOT sphericalor rylindrical, and thereforecannotroll, immediatelyupon hitting the floor it will disappearcompletelyand eventhe mostdiligent searchwill fail to find it until, that is, you decideto eithervacuum the floor or enterthe roombarefoot,at which time it will miraculouslyreappear, in the exactspotwhereit first lande{ and either causeirreparabledamageto the vilcuum cleaneror excrutiatingpain to the undersideofthe foot. Takenfrom the packet BBS GT,T4IKU]6109/95

25th OCTOBER Newsjust in Glenrothesan District ARC opennight at the Victoria Hotel Kirkaldy No time givenbut usually7:30.Please notethis is a new venue.It is hopedthat further info wilt be passedon to me in due course..

17thNOVEMBER Talk on'Auroras And The Sun'bf RonLivesey,to be held at Port SetonCommunityCentre. This will be an ertremelyinterestingand notto be missed! ! next column


"No P1n7.1m, 7///s /s /!9.7' EARNS NESS LIEH'HOUL( p/cnse 4ET lJff THrs h)4Vâ‚ŹLâ‚Źrt47'///'


THEWINNER OFTHE SWEEPSTAKEIS GM6NEI (ALASTAIR) Society Light supperafterwards. along and enjoy a laughter filled evening.Ask anyonewho has t...


THEWINNER OFTHE SWEEPSTAKEIS GM6NEI (ALASTAIR) Society Light supperafterwards. along and enjoy a laughter filled evening.Ask anyonewho has t...