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Febnrry 1995

Vohmre3 Issue2 I"astln just a rgninder that if you re iriterested in the Bladcpool trip can you iet me knor now asI rant to pt all Another month goneandhereIarn agrn sittrng dovn trying to think what the detailsfinalieedthismontb tnmks. I strouldbe writing in this morths Ok then hopeyou all mjoy this edition of editorial, I know whatyour thinking, the newslctter, with a tlmks to ali rrho yec old ageis creepingtp onme rrd it cortribuled forthe bnain takesa wee bit longer Bob GM4IrlZ @ GBTEDN cells to get activd,edbr.t nevermind herewe go. OK thenwtrathashry'penedsince last EFI.p - CLITB EVENTS club night, wcll first of all Nicky Gld3NEXhas nor finally goneacross Aftcr a Yerynrccescful Radio Nigft in thelrish Sea toDrblin, to behatrfull the Conrrnnity C€rtre ittrink it onlythinkhe har gorrcbackto get a would be nice to comtiflre this tr€nd || I,sorry NiclqyI decentpint of Carinese by orgrusing similr type nigfns on m dontmeanthat!!, br.t zudr is t}lenaure adhocbasis ie. sayoreryttree morfhs. of tus profesgisr thatthere is a Onthis basis,thenesill be the requuuncnt to move abot& Iwould requirernmtthd.wesill needat sorne like to sayon behalfof myself rd I mI time thc use of cquiprncntlikc nre the regt of you fcel tlrc rrne, thd I Ovshead Proj ectors, Slide Proj ectors, ristryou dlthe bestin yor:r latesttask Screens,posribly a vidco and 1l/, rrd that we re still h€re if you need etc, so the qrerticr is canrryo'ne us,All the be*Nicky. help byproviding a{f offthe ebove if For thosethd ve sere rrnsbleto d€nd they re neededIf you canlrould the last club niglt we preserted Niclry, apprcciatethatyou let meknow wtrd on behalf of the cltrb,with a ernallgolrg you canp,rovidcro I can gCncrdea lirt mayprrscnt conristing of tso cr;rrtal of wtro haswhat ltris strouldhelp in glassesanda snall hip fiask rith a the cvert that if somethingis needed rrnall bottle of .rfiislr/ to fiil it we knowstro to cortacl Nidc/s conrnerts sere T think you all hgvethe rong ideaaborrtmer,I dont Whilst onthc abovesubjectcm you all [rir* we hgYem do we ?? give it serior.rsthou*t on wtrat you


Also this msrttr scenor.rrRadioNigbr in the CqnrrurrrityCcrtr€ andI rill take trir oporb:nity throughthc Nerrldter to tbsrk Joln GMTOLQ md Dick GM0FCPforp'roYiding dl the relerant test €quipmert rd giviryus a most infmndive ni$L Itsec nice to seeshd, rtdc ourradios vene in conpredto wtrdse thoushtanditsas alsonice to seetld' ttrcy all parscdwith flying coioursexcept poorNigel Gl'f/GRtI wfiore radio on transnit ras discov€redto not be very cien So in the enditwas arcallyuseful nigh so onceagainon behalfofus all, Joh.Dick thsrkr very rrnrch This morth a ferr of rx re goinsto Sando*nto collect our ooce again infrnous rScottistrTropfui' so watchthis spacefor theortcome.

sould like to ree cgrriee{ r evcr pr.t yourself for*rd for rcnething andlet mc knos andagaineurr ttrir xrc ca1 try andcredc a'Club Everts Progrrn'. i,astly, asyou re all mre asa club se dontteke rubq etc, blt to orgrrise the aboveeventsse needto hirc aroom in the Connnnity Certre so there ir the needto ask fsr a 'grnall'crfrancefee onthe epecificnidL Whatlrould like to proporcmd do, arnmingihdthcre is no objectionto it, is at eadrercnt tre takea rsrnalFertrdlce fee, say11, from each personard from this se will paythe hire of the hall and any other additional erpenses, but qny mooeyleft wtrenthe'Junk Nigirt'


JoINT o,)l_R€ssrD( 49

,RY SorDEt.lotNr oN A (ESlSroR... o8v,o0s REALLY...ASWAS.I(,ST i fELtrNq Txe' $J|FE N Wr J


- ..

Vo r r U VJ


ithas alwaysoperated,nothwe any moneytied to it Again I sould appreciateyor.nfeedbackonthis. For informdisn?4 peopicattcnded the RadioNigit and 124 ras u collected Thehall cosl 15 so we now trurrllr aloaSrill bc addrd tu tlre havel,l9 tnthe'g[$ Pot'. moncy raieedd the Junk Nielt and Th{ri<sin a&srce foryour arristance dcrated to the chrity. This mems that on all of the above. bythe end of anyyerthe clubnill, as Bob GM4I'!Z @[GB?EDN



WoRKsffi@ 6tg6eTg@Mre

This month I have de- ware I haveaccessto and requires So :ided to publish my own cir- no newsoftwareconfigurations; :uit for usewith the JV Faxand shouldnot causeany problemsif ,/' {amcommsoftwarepackages. Jsingthis simpleinterfaceand rn 'AT PC' you can send and receiveSSW, Fr\X"Rf if a:id


f"::*::#:n:*:l,trj w



,--f\ Srt a


\opFJ f ,7

v )

osr(A My interfaceis a slight DTRgo) wist on the standardcomparaRrs () ior circuitssuppliedby both the Hamcommand the JV FAXsoftThe originalcircuitsdifMunbrc t{ ^/are. feredin the way they supplied /6R\SC:. Beacrets Qeepowerto the lC. I designeda R.Qcflgr(Q \ } 2 5 S e Rr a ,(t + .generalpurposecircuitby simply o bg< PrO:. - r > vro1r25v 4 rectifier in front outtinga bridge cf the lC insteadof diodes.Also d g D suD(r) includedare a coupleof capaciR.arsro torsto smooththe supplyto the {Rnpsn,r Secnons As?nro€a.l €, lC. The new interfaceis compatoo /ot/ lil tEtilr taFtt FopFaTap€ tFrnatzrat? iblewith all versionsof the softffililtffff


lrh lill Q*r>



ll ClM8ZLt ir a mcrnbcr of the SeaAngling Club rrd in the past of yean har arkedch.rbmernbcrs if they wotrld like to dend their Diruner rdprerert*ion of brophies.(on his nrne is usuallyengrred!l !). gskcdmc to iruelt Enotice of the

in lastmorfhs irruc bu, sirrply I

sorryBill. Eventir a the COOPBOWI,trHG inlRANENTmFriday 17th 1995 endTicketr corting fl:50 cm be obtainedfrsmBill dthe meeumS; ereningcm be thorurghly byyor:r acribemdryl sith Bob'IIfZ srd :ryl Yvorrre is the driver) andeho all have this "DOr fcthe lastthree Yvotmeie usuallythe orly one knos: the rroadhomeefterwe harre edto enpty Bill's prizes! RON GM4IKU

hform*ion on the micro,phoneceblingstsndardcalled CAIRO. The basic irrplementationisbasedqrthe 5 pin DIN, br:t anextendedonewes the ? pinDIN. Cornectronsre ar follors :. Pin 1 = $peaker0-t Pin 2 - EartlL Pin 3 : Microphone Hidr (Active) [ardio in], Pin4 : PfL Pin5 = Microphonelow (miceath). Pin6 : SecondarySpcakerOrn Pin 7 : I 2v DC from traneceiverto powa aniliary equiprned Thrtks to Ellis Gl64GZttrIfsthe aboveinfmrndiorr Bob GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN JT'NK NIGIIT 18th AIIGIM

1995 . I'PDA3E

Jut anrydatc on the aboveto saythd, I haeebeenin torxtr with the conrnr:nity cefitr€ confirmingw ttrebookingof the hail mdthe cost of hire, this is goingto be inthe region of L12 to I20. I have alsoreceivedalettcrFomlainlocris of the BritishHeart Foundationlo srythattheywill be d€nding urd pr:ttingon a srnalldisplay.Ihave alsohgda phonecali &orn Bill at JAYCEEs confirming that they will also be in dendrrce If there re arymore rpdatesiwill let you know via thenewsleterrrdif very urgentviathepacketnetrorlc Bob GM4UYZ @ GBTEDN


Sth FebrurrT SDX SqpportCtrory Jr:nkSaie,Cqrrrnnity l{alls, Mryhill Road, Glasgor (FrcitMSJnl 7). Bring andBuy,Trad€rs(Jrycee, MaPlin, Tennrnas!),refreshrnents,talk-in S32, €rtry tl Doorsopen11:00rn GM0OPS/GM4C5(\{ for info. 8th X'ebrurry LothiansRSVideo Nithl GM4Duforinfo. 19th Februrry RSGBNdiqral VIIF Convertioq Sudocn Edlibitio'n Cotre, Eshc, Sr:rrey,Seep31 of Jan '95 RadCsn for full details. 22nd X'ebnrrry LothiansRSvisit to Royal Obscrvdo,ry,Blackford Hill. A3arncontactGM4DLI for info. BlackpoolRally. Arrive lgthMrrch I 9th l\darchaftcr rally. d€,prt 8tb I OnceagainBobGM4IJlZhas mar€,ed dinner,bedmd breakfagtin perperson If Blaclpool fcrr20 por.nrds youtre intcre*edlet Bob knosA"3AF. TalkbyBobPwYes 2lrtAprtl (GM4IIff)sho is mexR$l engineeron the nrbjcct'fV[ - RcasoruAnd C\:res'. Talk to be held d, the santelocdion as therecert,radiotestnight i.e. The Seton Centre,Port Setort sttrts s[ ?Prnmd *rouldbe frnisircdby9pnnA srnall drrgs viil probablybe madeon the doq agalntocovertle cost of the roorn As errscorrtactBob (GMaUfl) forinfo. Anglo $cottishRdly, Tait 3&hAprtl Usual attractions, Hall, Kelso. (GMOAL)C lvfargret Contact @ GB?JED)for fr:rther info. CochenzieAndPort lSthAttgut ISeon anC lnk Sale,SetonCertre, IPort Seton Notc the NE\trMNItE. lHe$ onthe dayrill be required Strt Icollectingyor:rjr:nk now. I

| 2612?tbAngult The 2ndFirth lWeekend Theclubwill nrn a Special Station(probably lfverrt Pp 80, 40 md poseibly20 on eAcr I prt of this seekend Ttre ss lmetres lstationsill benearBarflrNess li-idrf,ro. (a fer miies from Dunbr) lsnd it is hopedtooperd,efrom 9rn on

THEPOWEROF PACKET As eomeof youmayknowJtn amemberof the EIAINE PAGE fan club.Mrry of the clubmernberscorresputdwitb eadr otheras Pm Pals.I certainly do. Craline, Oneof mypenpalsis CaralineDawsonfromWest Yorkshire.Young (shc's 19),hras becnwo'riringas a voir.rteer in a kibbr:tz in brasl srnceAugusl Itn not exactly surewfierc in israel she is but I do know sheis somewtrereIn the Desst. Just a few daysbeforeChristrnaslreceived anAerogranrfrom Craline. A s€emsthat Craiine's mothef,hadtelephonedher to say my bi*hday card rrd presenthadrnved Caraline*rote to me to say"thankyour md tell me of all the placesin Israel shehad visited I wesratlrer touchedthat a younglaseie thousandsof miles arrayin the dcscrt hadthe kird thoudr b find the time to write to me. Craline told me shewould be leavingto go to urother kibbrlz for four rseeks sosr after C'lristrnas.It wasobviousthere world be no poiri, in Yriting a letter to her as it would arive after shehad left the kibbttz An idea occured to me. Whtynot cortact a radio arndeur ner tc Caraline's kibbtiz? After sll no mdcrshere you go in the wodd yor:raever fr may &om aRadio Hrn The diffrcttlty was,sirich radio hrn? Which BBS?Would they understandEnglish? Do they havepacket in Israel?Is it Koshdl My life alreadylItras a sildstab inthe dalc Athousandto one shol Morc like ten thousandto one. Howerernothingverfi:red nothing galne4 Icornected to IEDN.Thds wtrqr I for.rndrr obgtacle.t-Io path to 4)C saidEDN. Wasthat it? No wayl Therrewasnothing for it bri to use the ineflicient All @ WWW. tut rnytnessaSeinio erery BBS i$ therrorld? Ohweil,pertraprebetterchrrce of it reaching Craline. ON hogmmay,srother aerogrrn arrived from Craline. She DID getmy packetmcssageI It secrrrsthat,rr amdcur nea her kibbr.tzhad downloadcdit from his local BBS andphonedthe kibhiz to say he had it Caralinephoned himback rrdhc told her the cstcnts of mymerrage.All this on Clristtnar Dayreallymade it epecial fmCraline, beingfarfrorn frnilyrd Ficnds ut suchm irrportart day. To quoteCraline's aerlgran: lltre people on my kibbrlz ar€very irrprersed thet'I got nemeof Eradio merlsge for me on Ctristmas Dayl The mm who rd0cived the meseagetelephonedmy kibbriz He toldme therewas an anrat€urradiomessageforme from Scotiand andlknew itrnJst be fromyou Whenltciephone the manhesaidThcvs a rnessagcfor you fromEastiebeastie'Itwasso fi:rryto herthd' all theray ott hsc in the derert! thankyou agEin!' So it woutdryperthd,packet is auseful mode after all. &has morc to offer Ithat jrrst downloadingreciper frorn the locd BBS. So the nexLtime you connect Ito your locsl BBS try somethingdiffet€tl 73s dePeter GMIRCP |

I a inlsrael,Elainehalseatme lfOOmO:p:Heringof Cralinesadverfrres


r$ruet Ipcrrural a:tographedprograrme from hcr l*,cst Wegt Endp'nodrction I Boulesrd' To be sentto Craline whsr sher€fiJrnsto theU.K inFeb'ruory' lwnicn r shalldo of course. S$Jrdsyto 6pm on Strnday.Help rill be required againbr:t Ikn sr:rethd, there will be plentyof you only too pleased lo haveaplayonHF!!l Tltds it for mothermortlr. Kecp me infcrmed of all the eventsyouher abod andlll paarit onviathir coiurnr to dl ihe club mernbers. ?3 fcrnorr Colin GMOCLN@ GBTDN




AM ATEUR STDIDAY19tttMARCH1995 ngun I harebem in contact rhme we have rtryed rn years andhavearrangeda ice of fJO per head forDinner,


Hcre is a litle aomethingto get your minds rorking e bit! List€d below susruns of rpordsm ptnarer rctlich cEnbe associatedwith erncetr radio, me spacesfor the solltions. When conpleted corectly you will ableto reada tlpe of electronic corrponenLin the vertical line indicated a bash urd ree hor you Bct on :

1.RECENTCOIL Sahrrrdsyl Sth Marcil $rrtdry l9tftllrctr


acconunoddioncoruistsof en' roorns.Theplace can take a of 42 peopieor 21 cotples. YOUDIIERESIED ?


I t


YOUBETAKINGTIIEXT:L Yf. ORJI'ST TOURSELF ? you tr€ irnenestedplease letme by Club Ni$t,Fridsy 3rd so I canmakethe Final

. MILDAIUBERNUT 8. REPORIT'HOPE 9. SEbiDOILRTGRON an$rers will be rnne*,months newsletler. Good lnckl!


P.S, '/ is shorpnin the spacefor the ansecrsto indicate a sDacebetseen tworoeds. ?3 COLrN GMoCLN @GB7@N

Messagefrom EI9CK

( NrcIff GM3NEX) The folloring mesragesas rcceived via the clusberpacketsyttdn &om Niclcy EI9CK,on 26thJuruary "Der Bob, pleasepasson rny heartfelt tbE|ksto dl the C&FSARCersfor a mogt thdCfful gorry aray pt:eserf-Ive be€n anandeur for 38 yerr utd belmged to mrryclubr brnthir is the firsttime lve beenhonouredby fellow members. WhenecerIrairemy glassnovlll rcnrcnrbersith rarnest alfectim all thc radio snat€r'rt I met in the EagtOf Scotlurd Maythe club go frsrn dr€ndh to stangf}.' ?3 d€Niclry I hcvebe€nin cor$actrrith \Ticl<ythrotrgh Eystsn sincethe Friday after the ch.rstetr he left forD:blin sn anyonestro si*res to co'rtacthim by this mahod should connectto the cluster GBTSDX anduse addrerr "sPEXgCIC>E[68R" (the > r.eplecesthe @ asir nnral on EDN) RON GM4IKU


F (L


d, {i .

b's Hr6 PncKlT LINK It

ow lt all Degarl test gearthat he that I was playing *o.."t y,h some GM4uyZ Bob to I mentioned to ago time )me zlss naao communicationsTest set to d.Tc.nbe;; getttng ,ight be interestedi" *&r;;; of 'J*; eyel ]istrtly up at the prospect i."gir" iiJ;s to the im. I shouldhaveknown [ettert t can still if I could makethe 2955 available rut", i ** **i of response rc useof suchequipment.Anway a while Dick GMSFCPbrought a rtattti*ilg the tockenzie& port SetonClub and I agreed on talk a maybedo analyser;;;af"t 'rtiSi"harmonicsand Ireat - we could alsousethe spectrum eventwasborn' irript"nt' and lo! a club

lhe test gear

\ssoonaslhadagreedtosetthâ&#x201A;ŹnightuplsaidtoBobGM4UYZ.wutuntiltheMarconicome hasit to this daV)tol the testerneverre-appeared(nor however weAia1 *f""f, calibration. rackfrom I rememberedI p*i,i.then setin until Th" fi;;;;*-v ,ty in. *,,["; great caribration n the a replacement' cupuoardand a quick visit obtained ;econdsetwas hiding ," ;;Gg""s Radio just *,r,ut oo"s iiaot tt (ttre Marconi 2955 l.tavinggot hold ortnis .roriu.-uJust checksrequtre many the purposet"ti"it"p"Uft oiperforming CommunicationTest Set)is a general RF equtPment: lo maintaLrn fteqoeocy,dwiation' tonebursts power, itu**, ReceivesensitivitYand frequenry

a and bands andside atharmonics torook Als #:1ffiiffili:il1.J"T5ffics srectnm.Anaryser mq*urements' calibrated tbr counter plcat scru;-;l*"&

Bird rhruline +l nr wattmeter ana packetrigs and a ierminal to operateit. on handwas a BSX TNc to orive beforethe Test Nigh *u, ,"i a s"rtitr. only a few hours The secondpanic of the day came*h:T j in time' rl,asG to begin but this resolveditself a packetrig (Bob's)a my fsion organi5gltg tty Tl9 to try *t.rrJ"onoor"d came pamc The third cameto the rescue tnJtv ilror" - honestl)' Bob UYZ it (it *ort got nothing b"t grbbâ&#x201A;Źri;l;;; "o which worked OK'


andsizes'Dickgavet shapes wth radlos.orarf amvedandpeople !esa1a*iving g"totg,ht lT, details sortedout' and then we

I rushed nortintroduction to the test gearwhile "il,,i, olitintotwogroups,onedoingbasiccheckso"ttttiSis*Ottt"otherdoingharmonicsandaccur setup' th. T"tttonix / Bird / Racal I*"*l*""""*tjt of radiosto be ,o*" plopr" uringing in hugeboxes ,rom then on things werepretty hectic with to havethings get chance a of the que; to attow tutryottt to hecked,thesewere cnasJ to t'heUack gsted.

.,.^,r .-----^r +^ r^a rho

censitive of his radios

-ncf |hererveresomesurprises-ColinGM0CLN,sgl30prove,dtobethemostsensitiveofhisr and provedto be pye Europasfor packet.wereever-vwhere it . ls r . rcatinga Kenwood equaltygood' were and "Lrqoitous seveJ'modern handiesappeared for an rniversallygoodat auoutO.+uvoi better. GMTRYR Allister go prize fo, ttre *o'st radio hasto to output rith corsistenttone Ountstoo. TL lmW with FT290 *y U"tt"t trtan 300uV! or the expectedb rmdentified*aio *rri.rr.o"iOn t mlnage anAwerealmostuniversallydeal'as

oneshoneout fiom the crowd and that was Harry GMTPPN'sMutek enhancedrig which measuredan astonishing0.08uV. The only failure of the wemng on my sidewas Ron's Europawhich could not be persuadedto talk to my BSX and we could not figure out the correct settingsfor his Tiny 2 inthe limited time we had SorryRon. On the other sideof the room things were also moving along nicely and I ran acrossseveralfolk making strangenoiseson 2m into a dummy load. Most of the rigs testedon the spectrumanalyser werefiee from harmonicsproblemsbut one fairly new Kenwoodmobile (241?)failed and a lery disappointedNigel GM1RCPwas seento be headingdisconsolatelyback to the borders.

Conclusion Sothereue haveit, a long exhaustingnight with a greatmanyrigs checked,a grcat many Amateurs reassuredaboutthe performanceof their equipmentand a usefuldemonstrationof someof the latest test gear. Thanksare dueto manypeople- Bob UYZ for arrangingthe room and advertisingthe went, Dick GM0FCPand Bob GM4IKT for helping out and to all the club memberswho camealong for without them the night rvould havebeenvery short! Thanksare alsodue to my employers(BQ for allowing us to usetheir equipment. I can now sit back with the feeling that I havemadesomethingof a contribution to the club and look fonrard to seeingif this inspiresothersto think of wents tbr the future, the only trouble is that Kelso want meto do one next... I hopeeveryoneenjoyedthe night and got somethingfrom it (l got someof Tiger's jam!) JohnGMTOLQ


EFI.p - CLITB EVENTS JoINT o,)l_R€ssrD( 49 rEtsRI'ARYEDITORIAL Whilst onthc abovesubjectcm you all give it serior.rsthou*t on wtrat you soul...