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I N T H I S I S S U E : M I C A S A M A K E OV E R • R E A D I N G B U D DY P R O G R A M • U N I T E D WAY C A M PA I G N • GA S R E C O G N I T I O N

More than 50 CPS Energy employees, including Ramiro Rabago of the Southwest Center, participated in the 2012-2013 Reading Buddy program. Employees can still sign up to read with a second grader this school year by calling (210) 353-4986. Just one hour each week can help young students improve their reading skills by a grade level or more.

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Powering Our 4 Growing Community by Tracy Idell Hamilton

Find out why CPS Energy is seeking a 4.75 percent rate increase.

8 Home Sweet Home by Pam Maris

Lines staff visits the Robinson family – the 25th family chosen for a Mi Casa Makeover – for their home’s reveal.

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Purchase an 18-Month Calendar To Support REAP

No matter the day of the week, it’s always a good time to help others in our community. You can help support REAP (Residential Energy Assistance Partnership) by purchasing an 18-month calendar that includes amazing photos captured by local youth participating in the Green Spaces Alliance of South Texas photography program, Picture Your World. The calendars cost $12, with half of the proceeds going to REAP and half to Green Spaces. Order yours today through CPS Energy’s online company store (link available on CPS Energy Connect), or by visiting Green Spaces’ website at

Don’t Forget That Physical and Lab Work!

Employees who are striving to earn the required points for 2014 CPS Energy Group Health Plan premium discounts are reminded that they must complete a physical with lab work with a primary care 2

physician no later than Sept. 30, 2013. This step MUST be completed in order to be eligible for the incentive program, regardless of other points earned. Also, from Oct. 1-31, 2013, employees MUST complete the online health assessment at This is another mandatory step to qualify for premium discounts and must be completed by the deadline. More information about the Wellness Incentive program is available on CPS Energy Connect.

Shopping Made Easy With Online Company Store

Looking to add to your wardrobe of CPS Energy apparel or replace some of those older, tattered logoed shirts? CPS Energy’s online company store offers a wide variety of clothing and promotional items bearing our logo. To visit the website, click on The Company Store icon, found on CPS Energy Connect’s homepage. And remember, you should discard company shirts, caps and other apparel that you no longer want by

sending the items via interdepartmental mail to Reverse Logistics at mail drop 350101.

Save on Your Energy Bill During the hot months, being more energy efficient can be easy and can cut your energy bills substantially. Here are some things you can do to reduce your energy consumption: •  Set your thermostat between 78 and 80 degrees during warm months. • Use a programmable thermostat to manage your cooling needs. Try a free CPS Energy Savers Smart Thermostat. • Use ceiling or portable fans to circulate air. • Turn off the TV, fan and lights or lamps when you leave a room. • Replace less-efficient incandescent bulbs with CFLs. Visit to learn more.

EXPANDING our HORIZONS In an open field situated in southeast Bexar County, progress continues on the Alamo 1 solar installation. The more than 135,000 solar panels being installed as part of this project will be capable of generating 40.7 megawatts (MW) of electricity, enough to power approximately 7,000 homes. We expect this

solar installation to be in commercial operation by the end of 2013. Recently, four foremen of Energy Delivery Services – Albert Alcorta, Daniel Brooker, Felipe Martinez and Jim Woelke – had the opportunity to tour the site. “Coming out here and seeing this installation, it’s impressive, the size of it. And I received a lot of good information,” says Woelke. “If my crew or customers ask questions, I’ll now know how to answer them and be able to provide them with some insight.” Brooker added, “It’s pretty amazing. I’ve been to some of the other

solar farms that we get energy from and this one is definitely a lot bigger. … I think it’s a good investment for CPS Energy as far as securing more clean energy, cutting down on our carbon footprint, cutting down on the amount of coal we have to use and also helping keep from building more power plants.” The Alamo 1 solar installation is the result of a landmark deal CPS Energy signed with OCI Solar Power in 2012 for 400 MW of solar energy.










substations and power plants all need upgrades.”

CPS Energy will seek a 4.75 percent rate increase from the San Antonio City Council this fall, which would go into effect Feb. 1, 2014. If approved, it would boost the average residential customer’s electric bill by $3.98 and gas bill by $1.21. [Based on 1,100 kilowatt hours and 30 cubic feet of natural gas.] CPS Energy last raised rates in 2010. Last year, the utility was able to skip a planned increase, thanks to employees who met the challenge to safely increase efficiency and reduce costs. “No one likes an increase,” President and CEO Doyle Beneby 4

acknowledged. “We don’t like it, but we feel at this point that it’s part of our fiduciary responsibility – that a modest [rate] increase is needed to maintain the strong reliability and service our customers deserve.” San Antonio’s economy is growing, which means CPS Energy is growing. New customers don’t completely cover the costs of expansion, nor do they cover the cost of upgrading existing infrastructure. Technology upgrades and environmental regulations also require strategic investment to keep up with industry standards and customer expectations. “Infrastructure needs updating,” said Beneby. “Poles, pipes, cable, electric

The business planning process has helped keep the request to a minimum, said John Benedict, Senior Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer: “We’ve reordered priorities to focus on the core business of supplying reliable, affordable power through a diversified generation portfolio and a modernized transmission and distribution infrastructure.” Improvements to the electrical grid, scheduled to begin later this year, will increase efficiency, allowing CPS Energy to see and respond to power outages remotely. In total, the rate increase would generate an additional $65 million every year, which will go to support more than $500 million in capital projects annually.




And while a majority of the increase will go toward capital improvements, just over half of 1 percent of the increase will cover new accounting rules that require a boost in pension funding. “Though our business needs are obviously great, we want to make sure we’re asking for what is necessary and not one penny more,” said Benedict. Even with the increase, CPS Energy’s rates will remain among the lowest in Texas, and the lowest among the largest 20 cities in the country. The utility recognizes, however, that even a small increase can be a burden

for some customers. In addition to promoting its Energy Savers program and offering rebates, CPS Energy is expanding its Affordability Discount program that reduces the monthly gas and electric bill of qualified customers by $12.30. That’s more than double the amount of the proposed rate increase. About $5.9 million helped more than 250,000 customers with some form of assistance from CPS Energy in fiscal year 2013. It is important that customers, the San Antonio City Council and other local elected officials understand why CPS Energy needs to raise rates, and how the money will be spent. Through October, CPS Energy will

host informational meetings [Customer Care Fairs] in all parts of its service territory for customers to learn more about the requested rate increase, rebates, low-income programs such as the Residential Energy Assistance Partnership (REAP), and other ways to save energy and money. Employees and retirees, too, can play an important role in the process by making sure they understand why the increase is needed, so they can share this information with family and friends who have questions. A letter from Beneby to customers, along with an article about why the increase is needed, can be found on Energized, CPS Energy’s blog, at



CPS Energy Celebrates 25th Mi Casa Makeover


Samantha Robinson arrived at her older, modest home off Ramsgate with her three youngest daughters. She and her family had been away from their home for nearly three months [living in a temporary apartment] and wasn’t sure what awaited them. Robinson’s eyes filled with tears as she noticed a new, stained, wooden front door. “It’s beautiful,” she told the crowd of about a dozen homeremodeling contractors and KENSTV staff who were applauding. These individuals had gathered

for the latest Mi Casa Makeover reveal. At a “reveal,” families get to see their refurbished home for the first time. Robinson’s family was the 25th chosen for a Mi Casa Makeover, cosponsored by KENS and CPS Energy. Robinson’s home was constructed in the late 1960s. The 40-plus year-old home was structurally sound but was missing closet doors and hand-painted concrete served as the flooring. The wall and ceiling paint looked dingy, and the appliances old and worn. Joined by her daughters and

mother, Robinson was led through her remodeled home by Albert Cantu of Corporate Communications and Bridget Smith, host of the KENS weekday program “Great Day SA” that features the Makeovers. Robinson was awestruck as she went from room to room. Each included floor-to-ceiling improvements, many with energy efficiency in mind. First, Robinson visited her updated, stylish kitchen, outfitted with granite countertops, a walk-in pantry and stainless steel appliances. Next, she stepped into the living

room area to discover all new decor. Then Robinson toured the children’s bathroom and bedrooms: each had been repainted and refurnished. “I love it!” exclaimed daughter Sabrina of her blue and gray bedroom. Her younger sister, Summer, shared similar sentiments as she showed off her new pink, gray and black bedroom. “It’s perfect – exactly what I wanted. It doesn’t clash like my old one.” And Robinson’s youngest daughter, Destiny, was quick to chime in that her room is now painted in her favorite color: purple! 9

Robinson’s tour of her remodeled home concluded with her own garageturned-bedroom, in which contractors removed the old water heater to open up the space. Like her children’s, her bedroom also included a fresh coat of paint, new furniture and a new vanity. Along with these incredible modifications, the house was upgraded with all new hardwood and luxury vinyl plank flooring, a new air conditioning system, double-pane windows, a tankless water heater, wall and attic insulation, new exterior siding and xeriscaping. Robinson told those gathered, “I am just so blessed that all of you would give so much – so thankful for all of you and taking time, money, energy and talents to do something so amazing. This is Holy Cow!” “These moments never get old,” said Smith of the Mi Casa reveal. “It’s an experience that you can never fully explain. Usually, these people have dealt with or are dealing with difficult circumstances. The Makeover is like a transformation. The people get rejuvenated about the living experience and their outlook. They feel invigorated.” Through the tears, smiles and thankful words, it was obvious that Robinson and her daughters are now feeling that invigoration. 10

In 1998, when Robinson was delivering her third child, blood covered the left side of her brain and she suffered brain stem damage. She was not expected to live through the night. Then, out of nowhere, fate seemed to intervene. Dr. Donald Hilton, who attended Robinson’s church, heard about her situation and went to the hospital where she was a patient. Speaking to her family, Hilton said that God spoke to him, advising him that he and his medical team needed to perform Robinson’s surgery. And so they did. The new mother pulled through, but was in a coma for three weeks. When she finally awoke, she was unable to speak and had lost most of her mobility. She was sent to a rehabilitation facility, but after two weeks suffered another setback – infection had set in, necessitating a second surgery. Again, she survived and was sent for rehabilitation. After two months, Robinson finally was sent home where she continued to make significant strides in recovering. Over time, she regained her speech and full mobility on her body’s left side, though her right side still has limited movement. In 2002, Robinson became pregnant with her fourth child. Despite the advice of her doctor to terminate the pregnancy,

she chose to deliver the baby – another healthy daughter. However, she was about to face yet another life-changing event. Her husband of nine years left her after their last child was born. Today, a determined Robinson is a single mother, caring for herself and her children, and working part-time at a bakery. “As with our other Mi Casa winners, we primarily wanted to make Robinson’s home more comfortable and energyefficient,” says Cantu. A blower door test, explains Cantu, is conducted before and after a home’s upgrades to determine air infiltration. Results from the post-test performed on Robinson’s home indicated an approximate 35-percent reduction in air infiltration; or, in other words, a 35-percent increase in energy efficiency. We expect that Robinson, like Diana Prescott (a 2012 Makeover winner), will receive much lower energy bills. Prescott, a mother of two and a widower following the sudden death of her husband Charlie from cancer, has seen her electric bills drop to less than $100, following her home’s Makeover. Her bills were cut by more than one-half! The Mi Casa program was launched in 2005, with CPS Energy becoming a partner one year later. Initially, four families were selected each year for Mi Casa Makeovers. Now, two are selected

Samantha Robinson (second from left) with her daughters Summer, Destiny and Sabrina, and her mother Jewell Spencer, who nominated her for the makeover.

annually for the more extensive Makeover, while another two families are chosen each year to receive a Mi Casa Minimakeover. With the latter, a family’s home receives a single energy-saving upgrade like double-pane windows, a new heating and air conditioning system, or even solar panels. All of the materials, as well as labor for the Makeovers, is generously donated by contractors. “We have roughly 300 applicants for each of the bigger Makeovers and about 150 for each of the Mini-makeovers. You really want them all to win but only one can,” says Cantu, who helps choose the program’s winners and co-hosts alongside Smith on “Great Day SA.” On the show, Cantu provides regular Makeover updates as well as information about CPS Energy’s energy-saving and rebate programs. “It’s a humbling experience,” says Cantu of his involvement with the Mi Casa program. “When you visit these families that are struggling – their homes are deteriorating or they can’t afford to buy groceries or pay their bills – it makes me feel blessed for what I have. And as a company, we truly are working to fulfill our mission of ‘improving the lives of the people we serve,’ one house at a time.”


Here’s a look at some of the activities happening around CPS Energy.

CPS Energy Garners Awards

The Texas Public Power Association (TPPA) honored CPS Energy with the System Achievement Award. Recipients of this award are widely recognized in the public power field, have enhanced the prestige of public power, and have improved customer service. Carolyn Shellman, Executive Vice President and general counsel, accepted the award from Mark Zion, TPPA executive director. (1) CPS Energy also gained recognition for its supplier diversity efforts – primarily resulting from the dedication of Supply Chain staff. The North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce named the utility Small Business Advocate of the Year. Gabriela Solis, Bonnie Vines, Patricia Wiatrek, Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley, Eric Cloudt, Melissa Gutierrez, Tracy Burns and Iris Tamez (left to right) accepted the award. Earlier, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presented CPS Energy with the “Best Overall Small, Minority, Women, Veteran-Owned Business Participation Program” award. (2) 12

Students Get Closer Look at Utility Operations

Golf Proceeds Presented To Respite Care

The CPS Energy/IBEW Local 500 Charity Golf Tournament raised more than $88,000, with proceeds benefitting Respite Care of San Antonio. Presenting the check to Respite Care’s CEO Bert Pfiester (center) were (left to right) Board Chair Homer Guevara, President & CEO Doyle Beneby, SVP of Energy Delivery Services Fred James and Vice President of External Relations Rudy Garza. (3)

Hernandez-Coleman Leads Junior Forum

Sandra Hernandez-Coleman of Energy Delivery Services is serving as the 20132014 president of the San Antonio Junior Forum (SAJF), a leading women’s nonprofit agency that promotes volunteerism. Hernandez-Coleman (at right) was joined at the Board of Directors installation ceremony by Janice Renfro, Junior Forum Inc. president. Photo courtesy of HernandezColeman. (4)

CPS Energy offers local students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through several mentoring and intern-ship programs: Student Assistance For Education (SAFE), Inspire U and Students Interested in Technical Education (SITE), as well as a college internship program. This summer, more than three dozen students participated in these programs. To give them a greater understanding of utility operations, these students were provided a tour of the Spruce 1 power plant, Blue Wing solar installation and the Electric Meter Shop located at the Northeast Center, where they are pictured with Charles Sellers. (5)

Ready To Rodeo!

In July, lineman teams from across Texas, including two journeyman teams and three apprentices representing CPS Energy, converged at Nolte Park in Seguin for the 17th Annual Texas Lineman’s Rodeo. Competing on behalf of CPS Energy were the journeyman team of Ahmad Butler, Alfred Duque and Daniel Jimenez; journeyman team of Michael Compton, Paul White and Travis Wiatrek; and Apprentices Christopher Lyon, Gil Martinez and Frank Mata. (6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Congr atulations to these employees who have reached milestones in their year s of ser vice with CPS Ener gy.

30 Hermelinda Acevedo Navarro Building

35 Ruven Montanez Southwest Center

Luther Henderson Northwest Center

Abelardo Rodriguez Braunig Power Station

Richard Pena Main Office

Rodolfo Serna Transformer Shop

Steven Senft Mission Road Construction Center

Zelma Turner Navarro Building



Teresa Green Main Office Howard Snoga Navarro Building

John Corkran Calaveras Power Station

Ben Little Eastside Center

David Martinez Coal Yard

Samuel Mills Eastside Center

Lisa Pivoda Calaveras Power Station


David Ramirez Main Office

Boromanard Ek-Houl Navarro Building

Thomas Narendorf Main Office

Jennifer Reininger Calaveras Power Station

Gerardo Escobar Main Office

John Ratcliff Coal Yard

Arthur Ximenez Jr. Southwest Center



Brian Harwood Northeast Center

Jerry Rodriguez Main Office Steven Blain Northeast Center

Jim McQuatters Northeast Center

John San Miguel Navarro Building David Breiten Energy Management Center Patrick Raab Eastside Center

Manuel Tristan III Navarro Building Mark Cantu Northwest Center

Michelle Reyes Main Office

Mark Unzelman Eastside Center Juan Castro Main Office

Antonio Rodriguez Jones Avenue Center

Murray Wash Main Office John Medina Southwest Center



Robert Nathan Austin Offices

Susana Villalon Northside Customer Service Center

David Riethmeyer Main Office

Omar Romo Mission Road Construction Center


Karen Smith Navarro Building

Leticha Aguirre Main Office

Josue Valencia Navarro Building

Beth McDonald Main Office


Here’s a look at some of the big events taking place in the lives of our CPS Energy family.

uted to the overwhelming success of the Command’s mission.” Sgt. Forbes

Main Office, River Level

Robert Bass traveled to Altus, Okla., for a reunion of the U.S. Air Force’s 433rd Secu-

Main Office, 7th Floor

Wanda Elizondo graduated magna cum

rity Police Squadron. During their two-day

laude from Texas A&M University-San

gathering, the 29 former squadron mem-

Antonio with a Bachelor of Science de-

bers were briefed by the present Security

gree in criminology. Elizondo was recog-

Police Squadron Commander, plus they

nized for her scholastic achievement as

enjoyed tours of the Altus Air Force Base,

well as her years of military service. (3)

squadron headquarters, deployment center and the K-9 section. (1)

Main Office, 4th Floor

A member of the National Guard’s military police, Sgt. 1st Class Beau Forbes is the recent recipient of the Bronze Star medal for his “exceptional and meritorious service


is the son of Johnny Forbes. (2)

Main Office, 9th Floor

After pledging their love to one another, newlyweds Christina Jordan and Ty Houser honeymooned in Las Vegas. (4)

Navarro Building, 10th Floor Denae Myers is pleased to report that

during Operation Enduring Freedom.” His

her daughter, Zoe, was baptized by Pastor

“outstanding dedication to duty during

David Lindow at First Baptist Church in

combat operations in Afghanistan contrib-

Universal City. (5)

Eastside Center

The San Antonio Spurs once again advanced to the NBA finals and received great support from local fans including Debbie Hatzenbuehler, Laura Jimenez, Leanna Garza and Nena DeHoyos. (6) Ben Little didn’t let the “big one” get away. The seasoned angler reeled in a ninepound, 29 ¼-inch speckled trout while saltwater fishing in Baffin Bay. (7)

Energy Management Center Brad Hanes’ oldest daughter, Robyn, traveled to Oklahoma City with her softball team to compete in the Triple Crown World Series. In the 10 and Under division, Robyn and her “2 Down” teammates earned runner-up among nine teams from Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mississippi.

Marco Garcia enjoyed some deep-sea fishing while on a private charter with family members and friends Clint Johnson, Jose Escamilla, Mando Cantu and John Francis (retired). The group limited out, bringing in 600 pounds of fish. (8)

Jones Avenue Center

One of the things Larry Meads was looking forward to as he headed into retirement was spending more time with his family, especially new grandson, Taylor Charles Lee of Phoenix, Ariz. (9)


Mission Road Construction Center

Mikayla Lilliana, the daughter of Simon and Shannon Villegas, moved gracefully on stage while performing in her first dance recital for Hermann Sons. (10) Cheyenne Lopez, who completed kindergarten at James Masters Elementary, was presented an award for citizenship.

and basketball, plus she was named 2nd

The daughter of Sal and Destiny Lopez,

Team All-District for volleyball and 1st Team

Cheyenne also ranked fourth among the

All-District for softball. April will continue

entire kindergarten class for Accelerated

her education at Texas Tech University as she

Reading. (11)

pursues a degree in the medical field. (12)

Salado Street Center

Substation Construction & Maintenance

Mary Ann and Timoteo Rodriguez are proud of their daughter’s accomplish-


Albert Felix Sr. reports that his son, Albert Jr.,

ments at Southside High School. April was

has graduated from the University of Texas

ranked third in her class of 295, and was

at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Ad-

a member of the National Honor Society,

ministration degree in management and a

Public Health Club, Health Occupation

minor in management information systems.

Students of America, and UIL spelling and

While at UT, Albert Jr. served as president

vocabulary team. She participated in track

of Sigma Lambda Beta. (13)

News From Retirees

During one of their most recent getaways, Oscar and Ruby Moore drove to New Orleans where they visited the French Quarter. (14)

Corporate Communications & Media Relations

Energy Delivery Services

Monika Maeckle, director of

Jose Leandro, data control clerk 2; and

Integrated Communications.

Matthew Bryand, Joshua Cortinas, Michael

Corporate Support Services

Romeo Cabrera, residential designer 1;

Gaitan, Ralph Munoz and Jose Solis, utility workers.

Energy Supply & Market Operations

Hector Zarate, engineering associate 1.

Power Generation

Gabriel Cisneros, I&C maintenance technician 2.

John Price III, EIT operations compliance manager.

Corporate Support Services

Energy Delivery Services

munications; and Christopher Martin, senior

Ann Martinez, administrative assistant 1;

certified project manager.

Richard Mora IV, distribution trainee; and

Eduardo Cuellar, supervisor of telecom-

Customer Service & Gas Delivery

Michelle Baxter, data control clerk 2;

James Grusendorf, manager of civil engineering.

Eduardo Espinoza, Garrett Hibler and Dustin Masters, general trainees.

Lines staff joins other CPS Energy employees in expressing deepest sympathy to: Gloria Esquivel, Corporate Support Services, on the death of her brother, Antonio “Tony� Orozco. Kevin Hill, General Auditing, on the death of his mother, Melba Lee Hill.

The family and friends of Arthur Skifter, a 2002 retired employee of the Distribution Division. The family and friends of Reginald Wade, a 1982 retired employee of Building Operations.


Best wishes to these employees who have retired after many dedicated years to CPS Energy.

Chris Gips Energy Delivery Services Energy Management Center

Larry Meads Corporate Support Services Energy Management Center

26 Years of Service

20 Years of Service

Present Position: System Operations supervisor

Present Position: Supervisor of EFAM business operations

Previous Positions: Foot route meter reader; system protection technician II and III; system operator Family: Wife Lolita, son Matthew

Aida Camarillo Customer Service & Gas Delivery Northside Customer Service Center

Patty Gonzales Corporate Communications and Media Relations Navarro Building

30 Years of Service

Present Position: Communications analyst 3

Present Position: Commercial customer service representative Previous Positions: Clerk II, III and IV; telephone service representative; contact clerk II; credit contact clerk Education: Nixon High School Family: Spouse Johnny; daughter Chantel and husband Robert; sons John and Jeremy

Education: Churchill High School; associate’s degree in electrical construction; Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science from Southwest Texas State University Family: Wife Valerie; children Melissa and Shawn; grandchildren Trevor, Taylor, Alexis and Emily

35 Years of Service

Previous Positions: Stenographer, secretary, clerk II, typesetting operator, community relations specialist Family: Husband Gabriel

Shirley Homeier-McBrayer Customer Service & Gas Delivery Navarro Building 15 Years of Service Present Position: General business analyst 3 Previous Positions: Analyst, senior analyst Education: Highlands High School; bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology and minor in sociology, Corpus Christi State University Family: : Children Melissa and husband David, Steven and wife Catherine, Richard and wife Emily; grandchildren Erin, Alex, Haley, Chase, Zachary, William, Madaline and Jessica


Previous Positions: Master electrician, project leader

Janice Murphy Corporate Support Services Navarro Building 37 Years of Service Present Position: SAP functional analyst Previous Positions: VOE clerk, clerk III, contact clerk I, contact moderator, assistant supervisor, unit supervisor, BIS support customer system specialist Education: Edison High School Family: Husband Ronald; children Tracy and Nina; grandchildren James, Bailey and Austin

Last year, CPS Energy/IBEW Local500 The United Way of San Antonio

employee campaign contributions top-

and Bexar County funds 135 strong,

ped more than $900,000 that benefit-

Businesses across Bexar County, includ-

well-managed programs and initiatives

ted United Way agency programs in

ing CPS Energy, are rolling out their

at 62 different agencies, like Big Broth-

San Antonio and Bexar County. Your

2013 United Way employee campaigns.

ers Big Sisters of South Texas, Girl

generous support enables people in

We hope this year’s theme inspires

Scouts of Southwest Texas, Mission

need to continue receiving important,

you to “Catch the Spirit” of giving

Road Ministries and Respite Care of

life-changing care. Thank you for making

and volunteerism.

San Antonio.

a difference! 23


Recently, the employees of Gas Delivery – comprised of approximately 249 employees – were recognized by the Texas Gas Association (TGA) for their performance in 2012. Here is a breakdown of their Achievement Awards from the TGA: GAS DELIVERY DEPARTMENT Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.93, with 428,934 hours worked) GAS DELIVERY DEPARTMENT Motor Vehicle Achievement (750,000 miles without a reportable accident) GAS SERVICES SECTION Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.00, with 91,092 hours worked) LEAK SURVEY/CORROSION/LOCATING SECTION Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.00, with 54,403 hours worked) PRESSURE CONTROL SECTION Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.00, with 36,068 hours worked) GAS CONSTRUCTION INSPECTORS/WELDERS SECTION Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 0.00, with 12,275 hours worked) GAS CONSTRUCTION/MAINTENANCE SECTION Exemplary Safety Record (OSHA Recordable Rate of 2.68, with 149,316 hours worked) “This is certainly a great achievement,” says Don Stanton, senior director of the department, “but we can’t let our guard down. We have to stay mindful of safety and each other. We can’t become complacent when it comes to safety, no matter how great or small the task.” CPS Energy’s Gas Delivery Department provides service to more than 328,000 natural gas customers in Greater San Antonio.





CPS Energy will host Customer Care Fairs through October to give customers the opportunity to learn more about the requested rate increase, rebates, energy-efficiency, Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REAP) and more. At one recent event, Leon Waddy, Deborah Matula, Bob Nelson and Olivia Gomez shared energy-saving ideas and information with customers.

CPS Energy's "Lines" 2013, Issue 4  

Employee Magazine

CPS Energy's "Lines" 2013, Issue 4  

Employee Magazine