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I N T H I S I S S U E : SA F E T Y S U C C E S S – O N E G OA L , O N E C O M PA N Y M I N D S E T; T H E P OW E R O F I D E A S

Construction of the 41-megawatt Alamo 1 solar installation recently got under way in southeast Bexar County, not far from the Blue Wing solar project. Alamo 1 is being built as part of a landmark agreement CPS Energy signed in July 2012 with OCI Solar Power for 400 MW of solar energy.

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Success – 4 Safety One Goal, One

Company Mindset by Samuel Taylor

Employees complete Fiscal Year 2012-13 with best safety record ever!

8 Ideas in Motion by Pam Maris

First talent development teams are launched, with more opportunities on the horizon.

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digging holes for your new trees or for any other home project, don’t forget to Call Before You Dig! Simply call 811 to have electric, natural gas, cable and phone lines located. It’s the law!

May Marks National Stroke Awareness Month

New Procedure for Disposing of Company Apparel

Credit Union Celebrates 75! The CPS/IBEW Federal Credit Union has exclusively served CPS Energy employees and retirees since 1938, and this year celebrates 75 years of service. The credit union offers traditional services such as money market and checking accounts, certificates of deposit, IRA accounts, plus vehicle, mortgage and personal loans. They also offer online services, including free notary service, electronic transactions, payroll deduction, direct deposit, bill pay, plus much more. Locations are 1002 Camden and 145 Navarro, and they are open for business Monday through Friday. More information is available on CPS Energy Connect,, or by calling (210) 353-2376. 2

In recent months, several customers were victimized by thieves posing as utility employees. These imposters appeared to be wearing CPS Energy uniform or logo apparel and gained entry to the customers’ property. To help prevent this from happening again, employees are reminded to never sell or donate CPS Energy apparel. If you have a shirt, cap, jacket or other CPS Energy apparel item that you no longer want, place the item in a CPS Energy interdepartmental mailing envelope or sealed box and mail the item(s) to Reverse Logistics, mail drop 350101. Reverse Logistics will ensure the proper disposal of all items. Questions can be directed to (210) 353-4549.

Call Before You Dig! Trees offer many benefits. Among other things, they can make your property more aesthetically pleasing, increase your property’s value, and provide shade to help make your home more comfortable and reduce cooling costs. But before you begin

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. In 2008 alone, more than 133,000 Americans died from stroke, making it the fourth leading cause of death in our country. Strokes can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Nearly a quarter of all strokes occur in people younger than age 65. A stroke, sometimes called a brain attack, occurs when a blockage stops the flow of blood to the brain or when a blood vessel in or around the brain bursts. When responding to a stroke, every minute counts. If you or someone you know exhibits the following signs or symptoms, call 911 immediately. • Numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body. • Confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty understanding. • Trouble seeing in one or both eyes. • Trouble walking, dizziness, or loss of balance and coordination. • Severe headache with no known cause. The sooner a patient receives medical treatment, the lower the risk for death or disability. To learn more, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at

Empowering Our Employees CPS Energy recently hosted an EmpowerU session – the first in a planned series – to give employees an opportunity to gain a greater insight into the energy industry and hear about our CPS Energy strategy. President & CEO Doyle Beneby kicked off the event by offering his vision and outlook for the industry as a whole and CPS Energy specifically. Following his remarks, participants heard from other CPS Energy and leading industry experts about the significance of increasing consumer engagement especially as it relates to smart technology, and about the future of natural gas and how low prices impact our country as well as electric and natural gas utilities. Among the industry experts were the VP of Strategy & Marketing for Opower, the president of Maverick American Natural Gas, the vice president for Energy Insight and the former chair of U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisors. “The panels, discussions and Q&A were very informative,” says Gwen Young of Power Generation. “I now better understand the basis for many of the decisions being made by senior leadership, the depth and complexity of the issues facing our industry and our company, the need for all of our business units to work together and share information, plus the importance of having leaders who can bring this all together.” “I thought it was inspired, out-of-the-box thinking by management. It was a great step forward for our business culture,” adds Gary Chavez of Corporate Communications and Community Relations. “I have a more solid understanding of not just the future of our business but the future of the energy business as a whole. I think it’s vital that this company continue events of this kind.” Another EmpowerU session is already being planned for later this year, so watch bulletin boards and CPS Energy Connect for future announcements. 3

When the best teams in sports play, their goal is simple – win. Good teamwork, consistency and clear communication between coaches and teammates help a team reach the ultimate goal. Over the last two years, our employees have modeled these same attributes to reach CPS Energy’s ultimate goal – get employees home safely each day. Hard work and a strong focus on safety in the field and in the office resulted in approximately a 60 percent reduction in safety incidents in the last two years. CPS Energy employees completed FY13 with a 1.48 incident rate, down from 1.98 for FY12 and 3.06 for FY11. 4

“Employees had a phenomenal year,” says Lauro Garza, senior director of Enterprise Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH). “We have the best safety record in the history of the company. Thank you to all employees for a job well done. The most important thing we can do for our families is to work safe every day to get back home safe to them.” Championship teams like the San Antonio Spurs rely on more than just player talent to produce winning seasons year after year. The organization’s spirit of teamwork is a big part of their dynasty’s success. The same can be said for CPS

Energy, which has a talented workforce with a one company mindset to make work areas safer each year. “Safety doesn’t just belong to certain business areas,” said James Grimshaw, manager of Enterprise Safety and Strategic Training. “Safety is now centralized throughout the company, with safety metrics that are tied into business plans. This allows for more management engagement and employee participation.” Russ Coons, UED foreman, who has made safety a top priority in his 29 years of service, says the most significant changes have come in the last few years.

A Northwest Center UED crew holds a tailboard meeting to discuss safety and the job at hand.

“Our safety record speaks for itself,” Coons said. “It’s been a tremendous turnaround.” Before starting a job, Coons huddles his crew for a safety tailboard meeting to discuss their safety “game plan” and determines what hazards they might encounter. And just like athletes warm-up before a game, the crew does stretching exercises, which are part of a safety program implemented in 2011. While on the job, the crew keeps a constant lookout for hazards to keep everyone safe.

“Safety is engrained in everyone on my crew,” he said. “We always look out for each other.” Creating circuit teams to carry out safety objectives in specific business areas has also made a big difference. Similar to a professional baseball team, each circuit team has a lineup of employees who “go to bat” for their business areas by identifying hazards in work environments, providing safety tips, applying safety suggestions from other employees and more. Albert Lara, director of Construction and Maintenance, says his circuit

team that consists of linemen, cable splicers and members of other crafts provides an important avenue of communication for employees in the field who see safety issues. “Employees who don’t feel comfortable speaking up to someone outside their work area can go to one of their peers to make sure the issue is addressed,” Lara says. He notes the team helped get new specifications for steel poles when employees reported that they were not properly grounded. At monthly meetings, team members have relayed other


employee concerns, including uniform shirts that were not breathable enough. Good sports teams have coaches that effectively communicate game plans, so it’s only natural that increased communication and participation from CPS Energy’s leadership made a positive impact on our safety performance. More managers and supervisors are consistently interacting with employees. For example, leadership engagement increased at Safety Standups, which are meetings held after holidays to help employees refocus on work and safe job practices. Since President and CEO Doyle Beneby set the bar high for safety, the executive leadership team, managers and supervisors have been making sure safety messages are clearly communicated to employees. Safety Specialist Mike Cavazos said he knew messages were getting through when he heard a manager reiterate to his own staff the phrase coined by Beneby, “Safety trumps productivity.” This gives our employees the authority to take a “safety timeout” and stop the job if hazards are found and need correction. “For example, if a meter reader is tasked with reading 100 meters in a day, but can’t do it safely, then the employee shouldn’t rush to meet the quota,” Cavazos said. “When it comes to safety, there are no shortcuts.” Corporate Communications has been working closely with EOSH

“Our goal this year is to continue to reduce safety incidents to achieve a safety incident rate below 1.0,” says Garza. 6

since 2011 to make sure important safety messages are communicated through publications, videos, posters, the mobile data system and more. Good personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a vital part of our safety success as well. Much like helmets, gloves and cleats keep sports players safe on the field, hard hats, safety gloves and work boots with good traction keep employees safe on the job. Last year, EOSH began updating standards and specifications for PPE to increase protection for employees. Also along the lines of protective equipment, EOSH worked with an Arc Flash Analysis team to increase the safety level of Fire Retardant (FR) shirts and pants, better protecting our employees who work in energized environments.

The Arc Flash Analysis team, made up of employees from different work areas, worked with a consultant and vendor to develop the new line of FR clothing. Sports teams that want to keep winning must continue to strive for excellence. This year the bar again has been raised for CPS Energy employees to work safely and return home safely to their loved ones. “Our goal this year is to continue to reduce safety incidents to achieve a safety incident rate below 1.0,” says Garza. “We can accomplish this by making sure that we properly identify hazards, wear all PPE required for each job and stick to the basic foundations of safety. Let’s watch each other’s back and take care of each other so we can all get home safe.”

Safety Incident Rate FY11 – 3.06 FY12 – 1.98 FY13 – 1.48

GRAB YOUR GEAR – Before you visit a work area, be sure you have all required PPE, including hard hat, vest and eye protection.

3-POINT PLAY – Employees should always have 3 points of contact (hands, feet) when stepping up onto a surface.

TIMEOUT! – An employee has the right to call a safety timeout to stop a job when a hazard is identified. The hazard must be removed immediately before the job continues. A 360 IS NOT JUST A SKATEBOARD TRICK – Before you drive, walk all around your vehicle and look underneath it to make sure there are no hazards.

THE BEST OFFENSE IS A GOOD DEFENSE – Drive defensively and

remain focused on the road to prevent accidents.


you start your workday, do some stretching exercises to increase blood circulation and warm up muscles to avoid sprains and strains.


port all injuries no matter the severity.

REVIEW THE PLAYBOOK – New safety handbooks have been distributed to work areas. Be sure to review it frequently so you will be well versed on safety policies and procedures. 7


Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so. Doris Lessing, winner of 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature

IDEAS IN MOTION Picking The Brains Of Our Talent Development Teams

By Pam Maris

In the fall of 2012, CPS Energy invited the workforce to apply for two talent development teams: the Rackspace and OCI Solar Power project teams. “The establishment of these teams is predominantly in response to employee engagement surveys in which employees had indicated that they wanted more developmental opportunities. Through these innovative teams, members are challenged to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems and come up with unique proposals,” says Maria

Koudouris, SVP of Customer Service & Gas Delivery, and sponsor of the Rackspace project team. “These teams also give members greater exposure to other areas within CPS Energy and to senior leadership.” A total of 90 employees applied for the two project teams, with 31 expressing an interest in serving on either team. After a thorough selection process, five members for each team were announced in the fall of last year.


Building Rapport with Rackers “This is something our company hasn’t done before, and it’s a great developmental assignment for me and my teammates,” says Manager of Distribution Planning Ben Jordan, who heads the Rackspace project team. Rackspace, with headquarters in the former Windsor Park Mall, is a leader in open cloud hosting services. The young, high-tech company has a workforce of approximately 5,000 employees, or as they refer to themselves, Rackers. “Our primary goal is to help them with energy-efficiency and sustainability initiatives,” Jordan continues. “But even more important is the relationships we’re forging with them.” To better accomplish their goal and maximize their time, they created two sub-teams: the Efficiency sub-team led by Wayne Callender, and Culture & Learning led by Jonathan Tijerina.

“It’s a completely different work environment and mindset,” says Tijerina. “We’re [CPS Energy] a lot more structured as far as our processes and way of doing things, so I think they’re learning from us. At the same time, we’ve observed and taken note of a lot of different things they’re doing, and hopefully we’ll be able to

• Helping link key Rackspace members to appropriate CPS Energy personnel to accelerate their understanding of our various programs.

incorporate or emulate some of those things here.”

• Encouraging Rackspace to apply for a chiller rebate that resulted in a rebate of $142,500.

Rackspace expects to grow rather quickly and has expressed high interest in CPS Energy’s history and status as a “built-to-last” organization. In the time this talent development team has been meeting with the team of Rackers, they’ve been instrumental in:

• Having the Rackspace headquarters, known as “The Castle,” be placed on a new electric rate structure that will reduce their energy bill by $60,000 per year.

• Enrolling Rackspace in CPS Energy’s Auto Demand Response pilot program.

• Arranging for a reliability assessment at the Rackspace headquarters. During this assessment, a problem with the padmount transformer serving the company’s major facilities was discovered, which led to a proactive change-out of the transformer. “The most interesting and challenging part of the project has been the development of the ‘Big Idea,’ ” says Jordan. “This is something that we know will exceed our team’s project term, so the team is working on setting this longterm project in motion. Right now the team is quantifying which idea would be most feasible and of most benefit, something that will give Rackspace a solid foundation that aligns with their global energy policy of conservation, renewables and efficacy towards achieving their goals.”

• Conducting a lunch ‘n’ learn for Rackers to educate them about our Home Manager and Energy Savers programs.

Rackspace Talent Development Team Ben Jordan, team lead, Energy Delivery Services Robert Heimer, Customer Service & Gas Delivery Elizabeth Ackley, Strategy & Technology Jonathan Tijerina, Corporate Communications & Media Relations Al Alexander, honorary member, Customer Service & Gas Delivery Wayne Callender, (not pictured) Strategy & Technology


Delving Into Solar Details “I wanted the opportunity to be on a team that is learning about solar energy and how it works and what impact it will have on the city of San Antonio and CPS Energy as a whole,” says Traci McWaters, a manager in Enterprise Facilities and Asset Management and lead of the OCI Solar Power project team. “Since joining the team, I’ve had the opportunity to tour a solar farm and to see how the components that we talk about in the meetings work and what they look like.” “We want these team members to become a knowledge base for the company [CPS Energy],” adds David Jungman, senior director of business development and the team’s sponsor. “We want them to be ambassadors throughout CPS Energy, ambassadors of solar and the talent development team concept.”

In July 2012, CPS Energy reached a landmark deal with OCI Solar Power that will result in an additional 400 megawatts of solar power for us, plus more than 800 well-paying jobs for Greater San Antonio and an economic investment of more than a billion dollars for our community. OCI Solar Power, a leader in the solar power industry, is owned by OCI Enterprises, the North American subsidiary of OCI Company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. “Most OCI team members aren’t from San Antonio, so these meetings are helping them expand their contacts and hopefully are providing them with lots of helpful information,” says McWaters. “We’ve met with a half-dozen or so of OCI employees, including the president, as well as their project partners.” McWaters and her team members are helping ensure

that OCI Solar Power and their consortium of partners meet the requirements of the contract signed with CPS Energy. Beyond this effort, the team is working with them to study high-visibility sites where smaller solar panel installations could be constructed. “This is a highly motivated team that is eager to learn more,” says Jungman of the project team. “I don’t worry about them getting stuff done. They stay on top of everything.” Though they’ve been serving on the teams for several months now, McWaters, Jordan and Tijerina are all still excited about serving. They reiterate that it is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, but above all, to build internal relationships. They do, however, want anybody who is considering serving on one of these talent development teams to know that it is a big time commitment – at least one full day a week.

If you applied for and weren’t chosen for the initial Rackspace or OCI Solar Power project teams, or if you missed out on applying altogether, there will be more opportunities on the horizon. “The idea is to have these teams in place for 12-18 months, and then assign new members for each to give more employees the opportunity to serve,” says Koudouris. “This subsequent team will resume the work of the initial team. This might mean implementing some type of initiative the initial team decided upon or kicked off.” Koudouris also mentioned that some new teams might be created soon, so visit CPS Energy Connect to look for announcements about new developmental opportunities.

OCI Solar Power Talent Development Team Jake Bissell, Power Generation Howard Berry, Power Generation Traci McWaters, team lead, Corporate Support Services Eugene Diaz Business Operations Ticha Aguirre, Energy Supply & Market Operations


Here’s a look at some of the activities happening around CPS Energy.

Guevara Becomes Board Chair On Feb. 1, Dr. Homer Guevara assumed leadership of the five-member CPS Energy Board of Trustees as Board Chair. Guevara was appointed to the Board in March 2009, representing the southwestern quadrant of our service territory. Guevara recently shared some thoughts about his role on the Board and the future of CPS Energy. “It’s been an honor representing our community by serving on the Board of Trustees at CPS Energy and being part of a process that brings affordable energy to our ratepayers,” he noted. “I’m happy that we were able to have Doyle Beneby sign a contract to stay with us for the next few years. With that in mind, the first thing I believe we must address is the evaluation of our current CEO succession plan and determine how well we must maintain it. A current and detailed strategic plan should be at the center of the process.” He continued, “Financial Reporting and related internal control risk is another matter to address. The challenges of ongoing economic uncertainty and volatility coupled with the impact of major public policy initiatives and an uncertain regulatory environment will require the attention of every board and audit committee.” Guevara also was quick to praise CPS Energy’s dedicated workforce. “The foundation of success at CPS Energy 12

Audit Services Recognized By IIA

has been laid by the talented, committed and diligent employees who make it a point to move the utility forward in a positive manner. I’m very proud to be part of a team that has the ambition to make CPS Energy a model of success. I want to thank all the employees at CPS Energy for their positive attitude as the company tackles new initiatives and opportunities in the near future.” Dr. Guevara is an economics professor at Northwest Vista College and chairman of the college’s business and government department.. He graduated from Baylor University with a Doctor of Education in educational administration, and from St. Mary’s University with a Master of Science in public administration and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. (1)

In a review by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Audit Services received the rating of “generally in conformance” with the IIA Standards, the Code of Ethics and the Definition of Internal Auditing. The group also received a plaque from IIA, which is presented only to organizations that are generally in conformance and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving internal auditing in the areas of professional excellence, quality of service and ongoing professionalism. Audit Services includes (left to righ) Michelle Reyes, Giovanni Pratt, Lillian De Luna, Zandra Pulis, Dave Botts, Trena Wiseman, Daniel Elias, Lashele Almonte, Jennifer Barrera and Roger Gonzales. Not pictured are Carleen Aleman-Salazar, Kevin Hill, Camille Marbury and Santos Taboada. (2)

Jimenez Named ‘Volunteer of the Year’ At the 2013 Employee Recognition Ceremony, Maria Jimenez of Substation Engineering took center stage

as CPS Energy’s Volunteer of the Year. This past year, Jimenez devoted many hours of personal time to help with several projects and events including beautification of the Wounded Warrior Family Support Center, American Heart Walk, holiday toy drive and toy wrapping and Kids Fish. “Maria is one of those persons who quickly responds to the call for help. She is motivated by a giving spirit and is always ready to get involved,” says Patty Gonzales of Corporate Communications and Media Relations. Jimenez is shown here being congratulated by President & CEO Doyle Beneby. (3)

Employees Are Keen on Clean

CAO Named To Most Powerful List

A team of CPS Energy volunteers stepped out to help with the Basura Bash River Clean-Up at Tobin Park. This annual effort is the largest single-day waterway clean-up in Texas in both the number of volunteers and in the waterways cleaned. Volunteers included (front row, left to right) Sharron Idrogo, Jennifer Davila, Kim Stoker, and (back row, left to right) Doris Cooksey, Lisa and Marcus Nino, Daniel Davila, Eric Minor, Sharon Luther-Minor and Eddie Castro. Photo courtesy of Doris Cooksey. (4)

At the recent Texas Diversity and Leadership Conference, Executive Vice President & CAO Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley was one of a few individuals recognized as the 2013 Most Powerful & Influential Women of Texas. Among other attributes, honorees must demonstrate leadership excellence in either the public or private sector; sustain a record of accomplishments or contributions to their field of work; and have a significant impact on revenues, profitability and direction of the organization. LeBlancBurley joined CPS Energy in 2008. (5)

Rodeo Team Competes in Kissimmee A group of eight employees rounded up their climbing gear and headed to Kissimmee, Fla., for the 13th Annual American Public Power Association (APPA) Lineworkers Rodeo. Members of the journeyman team were Travis Wiatrek, Paul White and Michael Compton, while apprentices participating in the rodeo were Frank Mata, Rudy Hernandez, Michael Rodriguez, Gil 14

Martinez and Christopher Lyon. While taking a breather from the rodeo’s events, Martinez visits with Lawrence Aguayo who served as a rodeo judge. Photos courtesy of Eric Fassett. (6, 7, 8)

Rodeo Volunteers Lasso In Another Successful Year Dozens of CPS Energy employees and their family members devote countless hours of their personal time to ensure

the success of the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo that is attended by more than 1 million patrons each year. The volunteer corps helps set up barns for livestock shows, answers questions about farm animals, picks up trash at fairgrounds, shovels manure and does a host of other things. Some of the seasoned volunteers include Richard Landgrebe, Ed Martin and Jay McGuffin. (9)

proactive and pleasant to work with on this project. I want to personally thank her again for going above and beyond to help us take care of our client.”

Call Center Staff Lauded

… from Laura Charters: “I would like to thank three of your technicians: [Distribution Trainee] Billy Stewart and [Transmission Journeymen] Patrick Raab and Cory Jones. While driving in Northeast San Antonio, I hit a pothole and damaged two of my car’s rims, resulting in two flat tires. While my mom, my dog and I were waiting for assistance, Billy, Patrick and Cory stopped to see if they could be of assistance. They took time to change the more seriously damaged tire and reinflated the other tire, so that I could possibly drive the car to a nearby gas station. Before leaving, they gave us some water from their cooler. These gentlemen went above and beyond that day. Their courtesy and willingness to help has given me a whole new respect for your organization.”

Dozens of our Customer Services personnel were recognized for the exceptional service they recently provided to our customers. These employees were Priscilla Aguillon, Lore Casillas, Betty Cazares, Angela Chastang, Sylvia Davila, Betty DeLeon, Zayra Deltoro, Rosalinda Eslora, Isela Estrada, Genevieve Flores, Jason Flores, Richard M. Garcia, Iris Gonzales, Leticia Gonzales, Rosa Gonzalez, Jeanette Gutierrez, Christina Hackett, Christina Hernandez, Christian Holloway, Theresa Howard, Diana Hubbard, Willene Jackson and Amy Juarez-Martinez. Also, Phyllis Lange, Diann Mancillas, Gilbert Martinez, Jacqueline Martinez, Melissa Martinez, Leona McCullough, Andrew Medina, Jesus Medina, Teresa Meraz, Herlinda Moreno, Yolanda Moreno, Jennifer Palma, Barnetta Portis, Michelle Rangel, Stephanie Rangel, Jessica Rivera, David Rocha, Norma Salinas, Nakia Sapp, Elizabeth Serrano, Denise Straight, Rebecca Vasquez, Susana Villalon and Linda Volz.

Swierc Goes Above and Beyond

Freedom Solar Recognizes Excellent Service

Lending a Helping Hand

… from Alex Whittington, Stalwart Contracting, LLC.: “[General Designer] Cami Swierc was extremely responsive,

[Engineering Specialist] Todd Diebel. He has been an extremely helpful resource for Freedom Solar. Todd has gone above the call of duty for us on multiple occasions. Whether it’s explaining requirements or answering questions, he has made himself available and helped us tremendously. While Freedom Solar is new to San Antonio, we have dealt with many inspectors through the years and Todd is by far the most informative and cooperative. I want you to know that your employees are doing a good job in the field.”

Staff Works Miracles … from Michael N. Willy, Broaddus & Associates: “We want to convey our sincere thanks to [Director of Customer Engineering] Rick Lopez, [Manager of Commercial Services] Milton Russell and [General Designer] Melanie Hibler for their diligent efforts in expediting permanent power and natural gas for our project. They worked miracles to make this happen. We can’t thank them enough.”

Employees Educate Client … from Brandon Rickett, IES Residential, Solar Division: “I want to let you know that your employees, [Engineering Specialist] Todd Diebel and [Journeyman Instrument Tester] Vernon Willrich, were more than helpful in assisting us with learning the new diagram for the DER manual. They are professional and knowledgeable about the electrical wiring diagram and explained everything in detail. They were accommodating with our schedule and pleasant to work with.”

… from Bret Biggart, Freedom Solar Power: “I want to reach out to you regarding one of your inspectors, 15

Congr atulations to these employees who have reached milestones in their year s of ser vice with CPS Ener gy.


Francisco Mata Calaveras Power Station

Yolanda Grant-Adams Main Office

Eulalio Gamboa Jr. Jones Avenue Center

Doyle Lauderdale Northwest Center



Kenneth Morgan Braunig Power Station Yolanda Alvarado Northwest Center

Sidney Peel Deely Railcar Maintenance

Michael Lutz Braunig Power Station Hubert Friesenhahn III Southwest Center


Toni Lozano Main Office

Gilbert Villafranco Jones Avenue Center

Robert Duncan Tuttle Power Station

Glenn Pressler Energy Management Center

Michael Ebner Jones Avenue Center

Michael Stolowski Navarro Building


Todd Fleming Eastside Center

Hyler Weichlein Jones Avenue Center

Lydia Arias-Hernandez Main Office

Rogelio Garcia Main Office

Kevin Bragg Southwest Center Ruben Guerra Braunig Power Station

Deborah Casey Main Office

Jimmy Jackson Main Office

20 Gilbert De La Rosa Jr. Southwest Center


Ramon Gaytan Mission Road Construction Center Johnny Garza Main Office

5 Mark Aguilar Substation Construction/ Maintenance

Lisa M. Hernandez Jones Avenue Center Edward Rodriguez Mission Road Construction Center Stephanie Algiere Main Office

Pamela Williams Navarro Building Linder Scott Northside Customer Service Center Martin Donda Main Office

Russell Sipes Navarro Building


Erlon Kimball Jones Avenue Center

Robert Alvarez Main Office

Prabha Somawardana Main Office Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley Main Office

Patricia Garcia Navarro Building

Mark Stephens Southwest Center Jason Lejeski Substation Construction/ Maintenance


Traci McWaters Main Office

Rick Quintanilla Substation Construction/ Maintenance

Best wishes to these employees who have retired after many dedicated years to CPS Energy.

Cody Wieding Substation Construction/ Maintenance

Aaron Wilhelm Jones Avenue Center

Brett Williams Navarro Building

Samuel Moreno Jr. Energy Delivery Services Northwest Center

Armando Vela Energy Delivery Services Southwest Center

34 Years of Service

35 Years of Service

Present Position: Manager of customer construction

Present Position: Pole boom operator

Previous Positions: Gas helper, equipment operator, main crew foreman, UED assistant general foreman Education: Brackenridge High School

Previous Positions: Utility worker, crewman I, buttman, special truck driver Family: Wife Yvonne; children Armando Jr., Vanessa, Patrick, Gino and Aaron; grandchildren Priscilla, Yesania and Patrick Jr.

Family: Wife Mary; children Jennifer, Samantha and Adam; grandchildren Jacob, Liliana and Marcus

Leroy Yoder Calaveras Power Station

David Howard Corporate Support Services Salado Street Center 26 Years of Service Present Position: Supervisor of Business Services Previous Positions: Senior photolithographer, supervisor of lithographic services, superintendent of graphic operations Education: Garland High School (Garland, Texas) Family: Daughters Jean and Kelley, grandchildren Sarah, Isabelle, Genevieve and Julian


Here’s a look at some of the big events taking place in the lives of our CPS Energy family.

while stationed with the Coast Guard in Sitka, Alaska. (2,3)

Main Office, 8th Floor Pearl Martinez is pleased to announce that her son, Lee Rivera, married his sweetheart, Esmeralda Navarrete, in a lovely wedding ceremony at the Willow Bend Church in Plano, Texas. The newlyweds spent their honeymoon at Florida’s Disneyworld. (4)

Main Office, 5th Floor

Main Office, 9th Floor

A group of CPS Energy women commem-

James Flanigan and his wife, Jill, welcomed the

orated National Wear Red Day (Feb. 1) to

birth of their son, Caden Shae Flanigan. (5)

raise awareness of heart disease, primarily in women. Pictured are (top row, left to right)

Theresa and Aaron McKelvey were blessed

Pearl Martinez, Lydia Arias-Hernandez,

with a new grandson, Barnabas. The new-

Maria Contreras, Patty Calandres, along

born lives in Budapest, Hungary, with his

Jones Avenue Center

with (bottom row, left to right) Yvonne

parents, Gabor and Megan Peli.

Hector Franco Jr. and his wife, Allison, are

Long, Inez Gutierrez and Lalie Gomez. (1)

Main Office, 7th Floor

giving lots of loving attention to their first

Main Office, 10th Floor Frances Flores (left) and Brenda Martinez

Jody and Katherine Hacker were on hand

got down and dirty at the Dirty Girl Mud

Adams Elementary fifth-grader Andrew

to support their daughter, Jessica, who

Run that helps support the fight against

Garza captured first place in his school’s

earned a gold medal in the Special Olym-

breast cancer. (6)

science fair with his project, “The Five Sec-

pics bowling competition. Jessica attends


child, daughter Aviana Allison. (8)

ond Rule: Fact or Fiction.” Andrew, the son

Medina Valley High School. In other family

Navarro Building, 9th Floor

of Frank Garza, advanced to the Harlandale

news, the Hackers’ son, Michael, bagged

Melody Kreutziger and her family enjoyed a

District competition where he placed third

his first bear, plus he was recently pro-

skiing trip to Taos, N.M. Here she is pictured

among 11 elementary schools and more

moted to Boatswain Mate Second Class

with her children Cody and Harmony. (7)

than 100 competitors. (9)

Mission Road Construction Center Orlando and Christina Castilleja are beaming over the birth of their first child, son Christian Alejandro. (10)


Northside Customer Service Center Crystal Hernandez can’t believe that her daughter, Felicity Solano, has already turned a year old. Felicity is pictured with her cousin, Sophia Solano, who also celebrated a first birthday. (11) Lisa Urias is enjoying spending time with her precious new granddaughter, Hailey Marie Velasco. (12)

Southwest Center Autumn Lansford, daughter of Sandra and Chris Lansford, graduated summa cum laude from UTSA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and a Bachelor of Arts in French with an international studies minor. Autumn completed her last semester in Washington, D.C., with the UT Archer program and interned at the French Embassy. (13)

Corporate Support Services

Energy Delivery Services

Brian Guice, security officer; and Michelle

Touseef Mohammed, engineering associate 1.

Hope, compensation analyst 2.

Customer Service & Gas Delivery Aileen Barker, Juan Gomez and Richard Solis, customer service representatives 1. 22

Power Generation Jose Arjon, Chade Joines, Cullen Koenning, Jody Nottingham, Erik Olsovsky, Nicholas Pohler and Spencer Ryba, I&C maintenance

technicians 2; and Andrea Guadarrama, financial analyst 2.

sion engineering; Joe Pineda, David Skurka,

foreman; Herman Galindo, general mainte-

Joseph Wootan and Richard Zuniga, manag-

nance services foreman; and Roger Deskin,

ers of customer construction; Charles

carman foreman.

McNelly, electrician foreman; Lyndon Hoch; heavy crew foreman; James Pugh, supervi-

President & CEO

sor of system operations; Maria Zertuche

Joyce Miller, executive administrative assistant.

and Sharon Roemer, supervisors of admin-

Energy Delivery Services Darrell Clifton, director of construction

istration/scheduling; and Randall Lingo Jr.

Strategy & Technolgy

and Zachary Lyle, transmission operators.

Elizabeth Ackley, manager of project man-

& maintenance; Dwain Duke, director of

Power Generation

system measurements & technology; Blake

Jeffrey Kruse, senior director of genera-

Williams, director of substation & transmis-

tion operations; Jay McGuffin, machinist


The family and friends of John “Jack” Costello, a 1986 retired employee of the Personnel Department. Costello served as the department’s director. James De La Rosa, Power Generation, on the death of his mother, Barbara De La Rosa. Leonard Dylla, Power Generation, on the death of his father, Alfred Dylla. Manuel Esquivel, Customer Design Engineering, on the death of his sister, Elvia G. Rodriguez. Gloria Fenske, Communications Services and Infrastructure, on the death of her husband, Kenneth Fenske.

Lines staff joins other CPS Energy employees in expressing deepest sympathy to:

San Juanita Guzman, Claims Department, on the death of her sister, Rosalinda Buckner. Cheryl Jones, Organizational Change and Development, on the death of her husband, Emory Bascom Jones Jr. Mark Leach, Power Generation, on the death of his mother, Claudia Faye Leach. Robert B. Martinez, Energy Delivery Services, on the death of his father, Cruz (Bampo) Martinez. The family and friends of Victor Mireles, a 2000 retired employee of the Distribution Department. Stephen Mokry, System Planning and Technical Services, on the death of his mother, Wanda Jean Mokry. Lisa Ann Nino, Energy Supply & Market Operations, on the death of her mother, Ana “Mary Ann” Crowell. The family and friends of Margaret Rine, a 1978 retired employee of the Engineering Department. Rine is the grandmother of Jimmy Jackson, who works in Energy Supply & Market Operations. Kelly Robinson, Corporate Support Services, on the death of his mother, Sherline Robinson. The family and friends of Thomas Rosales Torres, a 2009 retired employee of Energy Delivery Services. John Townsend, Overhead Engineering, on the death of his father, Charles “Charley” Townsend. 23

Underground Construction Civ by Pam Maris

CPS Energy as a whole has achieved back-to-back years of record-breaking safety numbers, with a safety incident rate of 1.48 for Fiscal Year 2012-13. This record is the result of a safety conscious workforce, including the employees of Underground Construction Civil. This particular group has enjoyed two 24

consecutive years of safety success, working thousands of hours with no OSHA-recordable incidents. Underground Construction Civil is comprised of more than 40 employees – utility workers, equipment operators, truck drivers, general trainees, crew leaders and foremen.

“This group is very professional,” says Albert Lara, director of Construction & Maintenance at the Southwest Center. “They work as a team and watch out for each other, so everybody goes home safely to their families. Rightfully so, they are very proud of their accomplishment.”

vil Reaches Safety Milestone Among their many charges, Underground Construction Civil installs manholes as well as duct lines for primary and service cables that run underground. They set single-phase and three-phase padmount transformers, plus they operate heavy equipment like cranes and cablepulling machines. In carrying out these

everyday duties, they are exposed to high voltages and find themselves in deep trenches secured with shoring. “These employees take pride in their work, and this is reflected in their attitude to do the job safely,” says Juan Greene, manager of Customer Construction. “When someone needs

a hand, a co-worker is there to help. Or when someone needs information about a particular job, the crew gets together to talk it over. From the seasoned employee to the newest employee, safety is number one and comes first in everything we do.”




Working in Northwest San Antonio, Jake Suarez, Michael Wiederstein, Travis Hild and Nicholas Vidal of Distribution Construction and Maintenance gear up to help install a new conductor over Loop 1604.

CPS Energy's "Lines" 2013, Issue 2  

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