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Welcome to Crown Point Realty! We are so excited to have you here as a part of our team. We have prepared this information packet to assist you in making a smooth transition...

Section 1 Top Producer: Top Producer is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service we use here in the office to help you manage your leads, contacts, schedules, listings, closings, and marketing literature. This section will include an intro into the Top Producer system, and a step by step guide on how to begin your journey with Top Producer.

Section 2 Egnyte: We use Egnyte as our Transaction Management & Secure online data storage program; this section will go over how to use Egnyte and how to smoothly navigate through its system. Egnyte will provide you with a secure online platform for all your file sharing needs.

Section 3 Transactions: With every transaction you will be required to upload all of your documents in your Egnyte file folder created for your particular transaction. Each transaction will be required to have its own file. In this section you will find the information needed on how to have a file opened, reviewed and submitted for approval. You will also get information about commission sheets and how to fill them out properly. There will be additional Trainings that will include training on the various forms needed within each file. (Buyer & Seller Side)

Section 4 Transaction Sheets and Commission Worksheets: There will be samples of each form and we will go over with you about how to fill them out properly.

Section 5 Ring Central: Our E-Fax Service. Section 6 Copies & Scanning: Information on how to use our Sharp Black & White Copier / Scanner.

Section 7 Fed Ex/ Mail: Information about our postage available with in the office, and about setting up a Fed Ex Account.

Section 8 Signage: Information about our preferred vendors for signage, which includes prices. You also will have the availability to get your signage if preferred from your own source with broker approval.

Section 9 Accounting Reports: Information about the Transaction Detail Report from Accounting showing your year to date commission paid to you.

Section 10 Staff: In this section you find a list of all of our office staff along with their contact information. You will also find some pictures of our staff to help you get familiar with all the faces here at Crown Point Realty.

Welcome to Top Producer!

We use Top Producer to help manage and keep track of all our leads. We provide this service for your lead tracking, but we do require that any Crown Point generated leads are promptly updated and placed in the appropriate folder/status. Top Producer offers a variety of features to help you manage your leads, contacts, schedules, listings, closings, and marketing literature. It gives you the ability to track and record, set reminders, email prospects individually or in bulk, track client dates and monitor your progress with prospects from beginning to end. With specified folders, you will be able to organize and move your prospects smoothly.

Please see the following pages for more information on how to begin working in your Top Producer Account.

Top Producer

Please go to the following Link; , from there you will see the Top Producer log in page. Log in with your user name and password that you were provided.

Once Top Producer is open you will see its main page. There you will see the various feathers it has.

Lead Management in Top Producer

With Top Producers simple follow up system you can manage leads anywhere instantly from your computer or mobile device. Once a lead is assigned to you, you will receive an email and text message alert with the prospective clients info.

Wrap-up tracks your conversations and lets you schedule your next follow up with your potential client.

Your Sales Pipeline is an intelligent coaching feature that guides you through the steps needed to convert new leads into lifetime Clients. New: New lead, still need to be contacted. Engage: Contacted, but you are not sure yet how close they are to buying/selling or possibly ready to rent. Future: Long-term opportunity. These contacts are not ready to buy or sell in the near future. Active: Completed transaction. These Clients will turn into your "Raving Fans" that will add to your sphere of influence and help drive up your personal business.

Adding in your own personal contacts into Top Producer is very simple.  Fill in the blanks with the information you have about your client  Select the proper Contact Status and Contact Type to help organize what type of contact you are adding.

Top Producer Help & Support

Here is the Link: /campus/

For More Support:

Top Producer Mobile/ Tablet Set Up (Must have logged in on your PC/Mac first)

iPhone: 1. Go to 2. Log in with your user name and password 3. The site will pop up and you need to save it onto your home screen 4. Go to the bottom of the screen and click this button and select add to home screen. 5. It will now show up on your iPhone home screen and appear as an app. Android: 1. Go to 2. Log in with your user name and password 3. The site will pop up and you will need to save it onto your home screen 4. Go to the bottom, click on this button and save as a bookmark. 5. Once it’s saved as a book mark, go to the book mark and select add shortcut to home screen. 6. It will now show up on your android home screen and appear like an app.

Tablets & iPads are set up the same way the mobile applications are set up.

Transaction Management Egnyte is our file management program. Once set up, you will receive a welcome e-mail with your username and password included. The first time you log in you will also need our domain name – crownpointcloud. Users have the option of being a power user if you are using your personal computer or a standard user if you are using one of our Agent Computers. Power users will be able to sync their files locally to their personal computer and be able to drag and drop files instead of having to upload or download files. We will walk you through installing the local cloud on your personal computer. Power users may also use the web based application when out and about on your tablet or phone or if you need to use one of our Agent Computers. Standard users will only have access to the web based program. This will only allow for files to be uploaded or downloaded. Signing in: Go to the following URL ; enter your user name and password.

When you log in you will see the following: (Some folders shown below will not be available to you as below is the admin login)

Shared: Once you select this you will see a list Agent to Agent: Files shared as a resource for our whole team. You will find current forms, links and topics in this file. Welcome to “Crown Point University�: Visit here often for new educational items, samples on how to complete files, training materials. Forms: This is where you can find various form examples you may use during different transactions

Scans: Your folder – this is where everything you scan goes. After you have filed your items please delete them from your scan folder. Transactions: Your folder – will be empty until you have a transaction and request a file from our Transaction Coordinator. You will only have read/write permissions to all folders under your transaction folder. If you mistakenly upload something to the wrong file, rename it “delete” and we will delete for you. Local Cloud: When you open your local cloud you will see the folders that are syncing to your personal computer. Here is where you can add or remove folders to sync.

You will find your “Personal Local Cloud” in the top right hand side of your Egnyte home page under “Actions”

Private If you are a Power User you will also have a Private Folder. You will be able to add folders and also be able to delete items from this folder.

At year end we will move all closed files to that years closed files folder. You will always have access to these files on the web application, but you may not want them to sync to your personal computer.

Transaction Folders For every transaction we are required to have a folder created and a specific file number will be assigned to that transaction. At the time you commence working with a buyer or lessee, a listing agreement is signed by a seller, or at the time the property management agreement or listing agreement is signed by lessor, a folder must be created and assigned a file number. These files are stored in your local Egnyte cloud under your name.

Opening Files: To have a file created please email the transaction administrator, letting them know the type of file you need along with your clients name and property address if you have one. Please also note in the email where that particular lead came from. Once the file has been created the transaction administrator will then send you a follow up email letting you know your file has been created and its specified file number. From there you will be able to upload all your documents for that transaction into your Egnyte folder.

(Example of a File Number for a Seller)

Transaction Forms: Every file folder created for a transaction will have 10 folders that are labeled for specific types of paperwork and a transaction worksheet will also be in the file. These folders were designed to help you manage and organize all of your files, by being able to upload your paperwork and put into the designated folders. In your file folder you will find a transaction worksheet, this must be initialed and filled out by you before submitting for review. Please see the attached copies of the transactions worksheets.

Closing Packages: When we receive a closing package, the transaction administrator will notify you and upload the documents into your file assigned to that particular property. Once you have uploaded all the documents for a particular transaction, please send an email to the transaction administrator asking for it to be reviewed. Once they have reviewed your file, they will send you a follow up email stating whether the file has all the documents needed or if there are any items missing. This file will then go to the Broker(s) to approve and once approved you will be able to receive your commission check.

(Sample Email)

Commission checks will be dispersed within 2 business days of a completed file.

In order to process your commission check, you need to submit your commission request form to Accounting. Please submit your commission request form once you have received your commission instructions even if you closing package has not come in yet. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Fax Service We are currently using Ring Central for our fax service. If you would like to purchase a fax line from us please let Accounting know. The cost per month is $10.00, billed quarterly. If you do not purchase a fax line from us or another service, we will be happy to fax items for you or forward items faxed to you, but you will not have access to our main fax line. Below is the website to login. I have attached instructions for using through e-mail and through their call controller. You will only be able to use the call controller if you are using your personal computer. If after reviewing you have any questions please let us know and we can walk you through the system.

Copying / Scanning We have a Sharp black & white copier / scanner in the back of the office that we will show you when we do our office walk through. The Sharp is already setup on our “Agent” computers but we will help you get it setup on your personal computer.

TO COPY – Just enter your 5 digit code, place original face down and press start TO SCAN – Press Image Send button Enter your 5 digit code On touch screen – Send Settings File Name Direct Entry – enter name of document or leave blank and it will assign a file number OK OK Address Book Find your name folder (first name) under alpha tabs

Place document face down Press start button

You will find your scanned document in Egnyte under your scan folder. We have a color copier / scanner available for your use. Provide Accounting with your originals and your requirements. Copy / Scan rates apply per your ICA.

FedEx / Mail We have a postage meter available if you need postage. Accounting can take care of that for you. You will be billed monthly by the 15th for any postage used.

We have a FedEx account established that you may create your own personal login to. We get an additional 5% discount for online shipping. You will be billed monthly by the 15th for any shipments. Each login has its’ own address book so you can save people you send too often. Just go to

 Click on register now

 Use my account online

ďƒ˜ Complete your information

Our account number is 2052-8271-8 Finish registration and you’re good to go.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Crown Point Signage Crown Point Realty has standard and open house signs available for your use or you may want to order your own signs with your information on them from the supplier below. Included are examples of our standard signs and one branded for Matt. If you chose to have signs made for you they will need to be approved by one of our brokers before production. Please forward mockup to Transaction Administer and they will get it approved for you. You may also chose another vendor to manufacture your signs, so we have also included our color set for our logo. You will also need to have approved by one of our brokers prior to production.

Sign Manufacturer Posterhead Signs, LLC 3560 Polaris suite 8 Las Vegas, NV 89103 (702) 204-2755 E-mail: Aluminum/Double Sided/18" x 24"/4 Grommets Qty 1-9: $25.20. Qty 10+: $23.94. Coroplast/Double Sided/18" x 24"/4 Grommets Qty 1-9: $16.00. Qty 10+: $15.20.

Attached are sample signs Sign Installation CNCLV 7345 S Durango Drive, Ste B107-157 Las Vegas NV 89113 (702) 573-2119 E-mail: $25 to install sign

Crown Point standard sign

Crown Point Agent sign w/ Agent phone #

Crown Point Agent sign w/ Agent phone #

These signs have our text rider attached

Accounting Reports Monthly by the 15th you will receive a Transaction Detail from Accounting showing year to date all commission paid to you. These will be e-mailed to you. If you would like to review or just have questions please see Accounting.

By January 31st you will receive your 1099. This report shows all commissions paid to you for the year. You will need this form to file your taxes.

Crown Point Team

Brokers: Name Gidget Graham Matt Farnham

Cell # 702-501-5200 702-528-2559

Email Address

Agents: Name Derek Belanus Diane Moore Gabriela Macal Jared Uraine John Kennedy Kyla Massenburg Matt Malcho

Cell # 702-286-2355 702-279-2878 702-279-9067 702-714-0686 702-630-3819 702-376-4332 702-376-7323

Email Address

Administrative Staff: Name Amy Pfeifer Kayla Sanchez Kristen Martinez Candace Thorsted

Position Accounting/ IT Assistant to John Kennedy Business Development Assistant to Matt Farnham/ Transaction Management

Cell # 702-274-0763 702-635-6072 661-932-6871

Email Address


Welcome to Crown Point!