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CP Reykjavik is a dynamic and creative service company with years of experience. Our focus lies in delivering state of the art conferences, out of box events, inspiring incentives and bespoke luxury travel for international and domestic clients alike.

Iceland is a country of contrasts and a destination that has endless options for incentive groups, conferences and events. Iceland is inspiring and refreshing, striking that fine balance between untouched landscape and the most modern conveniences.

CP Reykjavik consists of an experienced team of specialists who have organized some of the biggest conferences ever held in Iceland along with award winning events. We are your solid partner of choice when it comes to going that extra mile to create the memories of a lifetime. We love to ensure our guests get the best our country has to offer.

ReykjavĂ­k is a vibrant city with an excellent infrastructure, access to cutting-edge technology, modern meeting venues and warm hospitable people.

This catalogue will provide you with an overview of many of the partners we work with, as well as ideas about what to do in Iceland and practical information about the country. Sudurlandsbraut 6 IS-108 ReykjavĂ­k +354 510 39 00 cpreykjavik@cpreykjavik.is www.cpreykjavik.is

CP Reykjavik is the result of a merger between the PCO Congress Reykjavik and the Event Management Company and DMC Practical in 2014. In 2016, PCO Your Host and First Class DMC also joined forces with CP Reykjavik, making it the largest MICE agency in Iceland.

Centrally located between Europe and North America, it is the perfect destination to meet in the middle. Its remarkable landscape, a great variety of outdoor activities and unpredictable weather guarantee a unique adventure.

VALUES FRESH We’re imaginative, creative and always on our toes to ensure we give our clients the best possible service. We think outside the box each step along the way and take on every assignment with energy and enthusiasm.

FUNDAMENTAL We are reliable, organized and apply our expert knowledge to finding a myriad of solutions. We fully respect the needs of our clients, partners and colleagues and place a great deal of emphasis on good collaboration between all the parties concerned.

FABULOUS We are an outstanding company that aims to exceed the expectations of its clients. We offer you a unique experience and, at the same time it is a unique experience to work for CP Reykjavik.

How to prepare yourself for Iceland? Always be prepared for a change in the weather and if you dislike the weather in Iceland, please just wait five minutes.

INDEX Event themes ............................................................. 8 Team building ............................................................12 Activities ................................................................... 16 Venues ...................................................................... 24 Hotels ........................................................................ 32

Hotels in Reykjavík .......................................33

Hotels outside Reykjavík ............................ 40

Restaurants & bars ................................................. 44 Restaurants .................................................. 45 Bars ............................................................... 52 Practical information ...............................................54

CONFERENCES ORGANIZATION | FINANCES | REGISTRATION SYSTEM | ABSTRACT SYSTEM | WEBSITES | APPS | EXHIBITIONS One of CP Reykjavik’s area of expertise lies in the organization of conferences, meetings and congresses in Iceland. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can focus on the professional aspects of their projects while we take care of the details. We place a great deal of emphasis on establishing a good working relationship with our clients and collaborators and work under the guiding principle that all the projects we work on should be successful and memorable. Key success factors Organization, Ambition, Professionalism and Results We do our utmost to solve any problems that may arise in a secure and professional manner, to ensure that the event is as fruitful as possible and to your benefit. Let’s join forces – that’s how we’ll achieve results.

EVENTS CELEBRATIONS | MOTIVATIONAL DAYS | MARKETING EVENTS ANNIVERSARIES | FAMILY DAYS | OTHER EVENTS | PARTIES CP Reykjavik has several decades of experience in organizing of events and possesses a thorough knowledge of all the optionswhen it comes to choosing locations, caterers, artists, designers and entertainment. Thanks to our resourcefulness and track record in the events sector, our clients can relax, participate and enjoy the event to the outmost. It’s important to be able to rely on a trustworthy event management c ompany and CP Reykjavik has won the trust of many companies both home and abroad. Key success factors Resourcefulness, Professionalism and Trust

INCENTIVES BESPOKE PROGRAMMES | ACTIVITIES | EVENTS | MOTIVATION GALA DINNERS | MEETINGS Just like with other areas of CP Reykjavik´s core business, the DMC division’s strength lies in the experienced staff, their creativity and their ability to think out of the box while understanding Iceland; the country’s dynamics, flexibility and above all, nature. With different backgrounds and years of experience working in the MICE market in Iceland, the team tackles each task head on. Key success factors Organization, creative thinking, eye for details and quick thinking Give us a challenge, we will not let you down.

EVENT THEMES We are constantly generating new ideas for themed events. Here we only give you a few examples of what we have done in the past. We are looking forward to getting to know your needs and wants and to create a tailor made and unique event for you and your group.



The CP Reykjavik team loves to play with the icy elements from our surroundings as well as fiery volcanoes. Would you like to start with the red hot theme and cool down at the end of the evening, or the other way around? We design the event around your group by finding a venue for the event, booking artists and teaming up with an Icelandic culinary expert to create an icy and fiery menu for your group.

An Icelandic circus? As strange as it may sound, this is a very successful theme and the atmosphere, entertainment acts and décor that come with it, create a night you will not forget any time soon!





A huge part of the Icelandic culture are our quirky superstitions, many of them regarding elves and trolls. For this gala night we´ll create the perfect mixture of Icelandic myths. We suggest a standing buffet with smaller sitting areas across the venue. Roaming artists such as fortune tellers, elves and hidden people and rune readers will perform. The setting will include a backdrop and photo shoot, low fog, sound effects and forest scent.

Many of our guests are amazed by our landscape and the contrasts they witness during their stay in Iceland. We love to mix all this together by creating a gala dinner where the different elements of nature play a leading role. We’ll take care of finding the perfect venue for the event and create an unforgettable evening with an audiovisual experience and menu that matches the contrasting theme.




You can treat your guests to a barbaric Viking dinner or you can also offer them something slightly more subtle... Icelandic Viking singers perform Icelandic folk songs during the predinner drinks, which are served from a ram’s horn according to the tradition. The venue will be decorated according to our theme and your Viking waiters will set their mark on the evening. Guests get to enjoy a photo shoot with Leifur Eiriksson or other Vikings and learn more about our many Viking traditions.

The Icelandic music industry has been booming over the last few years. Icelanders are said to be quite eccentric and we still have plenty of talent waiting to be discovered. For your evening we’ll prepare a special programme with Icelandic artists performing during the gala dinner.



How about a themed gala night at Reykjavik’s oldest and most elegant hotel? During the Second World War, Reykjavik was booming with life. First the British army and later the American army brought a lot of colour to the local social life. Hotel Borg’ s Golden Ballroom was the hotspot where dances were held and young women fell in love by the dozens. This evening will embody the early war years through its decor, cuisine and entertainment.

One of our strongest aspects is creating signature events for our clients. We’ve worked with many international companies in maintaining their brands and creating an even stronger one through a memorable event. Put us to the test and make us come up with a creative solution for your corporate group.



SPICES All good courses need the right mixture of spices to make a good thing even better. Here are a few examples of how we like to spice things up!



TEST YOUR STRENGHTS (any group size) You are in Viking country and to not take advantage of that fact would be a missed opportunity. Whether you want to travel in the Icelandic wilderness or spice up a meeting, the Icelandic Vikings will put a smile on the guests’ faces as they test their strength and stamina against those of the Vikings!






(any group size)

(max. 25 pax)

(max. 40 pax)

Some say that a two hour bus ride is an ideal way to experience Reykjavik, we beg to differ. The Amazing Reykjavik Race is an ideal way to explore our little capital. We’ve created a race where teams face creative tasks and, in doing so, they’ll visit Reykjavik’s highlights and get to know the city in an exciting way while boosting the team spirit.

Take a tour around Reykjavik, the local way. We will take you around in unorthodox transport, grab some food on the go like true Icelanders and even pop into some of the residents’ homes for some Icelandic pancakes and the latest gossip!

Let’s put on an apron and get ready for some culinary action. We’re taking you to one of Iceland’s leading restaurants where the group will be divided into smaller teams to have a culinary and teamwork experience. It goes without saying that we’ll provide all the necessary equipment to make sure that our guests at least master the “look” in the kitchen and of course the group will get to enjoy the food they make.





(any group size)

(any group size)

(any group size)

Here is a fact: Beer was banned in Iceland until 1986. But luckily for you and us, this has changed and the country is now producing internationally awarded beer that you need to taste. Just tell us where and when and we will show up with local beers, our local beer expert and a lot of stories.

Being one of Iceland’s leading event management companies we also have the privilege of working closely with many of Iceland’s talented musicians. Musicians from different sectors of the music industry assist us in releasing the creative power from within your team. A rapper, opera singer, human beat box or a pop star will take your group to a new level and you’ll be amazed by the outcome.

Why do great ideas often generate from the cafeteria? It’s because of the laidback atmosphere and comfortable setting they provide. At Practical Café we bring ideas to life and make sure that your team enjoys every minute of it. You just need to come up with the topics and we’ll create the perfect setting. Another idea: We’ll dress up the management team and have them act as waiters for the group. This way they get to witness the work taking place in the room while your team is having a blast.


ACTIVITIES Iceland and Reykjavik offer an abundance of great options for groups as well as individuals. Here are some of the activities we recommend.




2-3 hours (max. 80 pax)

6 hours (max. 150 pax)

Tour 2.5 hours (max. 50 pax)

Getting up close and personal with the land of fire and ice, safely within the confines of the robust roll-cage and 4-point seat belts of the four-wheel drive Buggy. This has now become possible for just about everyone. If you’re lucky you may have to use the winch, which each Buggy is equipped with, and pull yourself out of a situation of the sticky kind.

The Hvitá river is a beautiful and exciting glacier river located just an hours’ drive from Reykjavik city. The river has a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. While rafting, participants will have the option of jumping from a cliff into the river - an activity that is unforgettable for any visitor.

Mead, beer substitute, Brennivin (a.k.a. “Black Death”): These are all a part of our ancient and current history. Olgerdin (The Brewery), Iceland’s oldest brewery, invites you on a unique journey through the drinking saga. Taste the quirkiness of Iceland while listening to funny stories about the drinking culture as it was in the past and how it is today.






4 hours (max. 60 pax)

7-8 hours (max. 30 pax at a time)

4 hours (max. 18 pax)

We’ve created a unique tour on the Reykjanes Peninsula where action and adventure are simply a part of the bigger picture. Imagine riding your ATV in the midst of a lava field, on black sandy beaches, and observing the Atlantic Ocean pound the surrounding cliffs. En route we’ll serve the group hot chocolate on the beach, on top of a mountain or in a cave - you choose!

A walk on the glacier is a magnificent phenomenon. A glacier is a rugged, raw and everchanging hub of ancient frozen water. We will explore the crevasse riddled outlet glacier with its amazing ice formations, sink holes and jagged ridges, accompanied by an experienced glacier guide. Participants will be provided with all the tools necessary.

A snorkelling tour in the Silfra fissure at the Thingvellir National Park takes you to the world between the continents. It’s here where the tectonic plates drift apart. The glacial water that flows in the fissures is crystal clear, with a visibility of around 100m, making Silfra one of the top spots worldwide for underwater tours. Participants will be provided with all the equipment needed.



3 - 3.5 hours (max. 250 pax)

3 hours (max. 25 pax per group)

3-4 hours (max. 40 pax)

Take part in an adventure at sea with an unforgettable trip into the world of whales and sea birds. Conveniently located in Reykjavik’s old harbour, a three hour journey can bring you up close to whales in their natural habitat. This is a journey that can be absolutely breathtaking.

Would you like to see your group happy and laughing? Invite them on a guided tour around the city with Iceland’s most sought after comedian. He is not only a comedian, but also closely linked to Icelandic history and culture in so many peculiar ways. This is a great way to get to know the comic side of Icelandic history, politics and the daily life of an Icelander.

Sea Angling is a great activity for all ages. We set off from Reykjavik’s old harbour and head out for an exclusive tour of the bay, where our experienced fishermen will spot fish in a flash! Well, we need them to do that, since the catch of the day is going to be grilled on the boat! On our way to the fishing grounds we might also pop in for a visit to Puffin Island...




3 hours (max. 60 pax)

2-3 hours (max. 20 pax per group)

3-4 hours (max. 800 pax)

Iceland is a geothermal wonder and we sure know how to make use of all this natural hot water. Indulge yourself in a spa day or half day. Laugar Spa is one of Reykjavik’s leading fitness areas with a geothermal swimming pool and the spa with its scented saunas, salt water hot tub, cosy relaxation areas and restaurant. Our guests receive a voucher for light refreshments during their visit.

Reykjavik is a small city, but an unmistakably vibrant one which we are proud to invite you to discover! Let us take you on a rotating city walking tour that takes approximately 2 hours. You will visit places of interest and get a taste of Brennivin & shark along the way. Professional guides will lead guests in groups of 15-20 people.

Are you ready to take a relaxing dip into the geothermal wonder that is the Blue Lagoon? This place is known for the healing power of its water and natural mud, which is rich in minerals (anti-aging), silica (strengthening) and algae (revitalizing). The lagoons temperature is a warm and welcoming 38°C/100°F and its colour is electric blue. A true “must experience” for every visitor.







3-4 hours (max. 70 pax)

3-4 hours (max. 30 pax at a time)

full day trip (max. 250 pax)

The Icelandic horse was brought here with the settlers and has not been cross bred with any other horse breed. Have a close encounter with Iceland ‘s most beloved animal while getting in touch with nature. It is small but sturdy horse, sure footed, social and good humoured. Travel while enjoying nature and respecting the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

How about making your group explore the underground world of an Icelandic lava field? Caving in Iceland is a dark, strange and unique experience. You literally walk into a world that once was glowing hot and bright but now is frozen black and completely silent. We can also blend by mixing your caving experience with folklore and/or team-building.

To several full day tours we can add a twist on the glacier for a snowmobile adventure in the vast and calm white. Starting from Reykjavik it is possible to organize such a tour at the south shore or in combination with the Golden Circle, allowing the group to break out into the wild of the glacier.






1-5 hour (max. 40 pax in rotation)

2-3 hours (max. 25 pax)

3 hours (max. 20 pax)

Take a fantastic helicopter ride to Esja Mountain including a scenic flight over the city. We land on the table top mountain overlooking the bay area in order to enjoy unforgettable panoramic vistas of the coastal plain, the cityscape of Reykjavik and distant volcanoes as a unique backdrop. This heli tour is bound to be an awe-inspiring experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime!

The Reykjavik city centre is a real treat for the fashion lover. Laugavegur, the central shopping street, is bustling with life and is a gem for any fashionista. Here you can find an array of shops and boutiques that display and sell chic clothing from Icelandic and international designer labels. We suggest that we line up a few of the foremost Icelandic designers and invite you to their showrooms.

The Top Gear team came to Iceland to witness these vehicles… and the “slightly insane” drivers in person. We’re happy to introduce to you the tourist version! The drivers have promised to behave but still make your heart race. Truly unforgettable and exactly what the adrenaline junkies are looking for.


3 hours (max. 150 pax)

6 hours (max. 82 pax)

The tower is a memorial to John Lennon and is an inspiring piece of art. Every year this column of light acts a beacon of hope and peace during the dark winter months. It is turned on every year on the day of Lennon’ s birthday, October 9th, and stays lit every night until the 8th of December. Take a short boat trip to Videy Island to visit the tower and even have a meal at the charming Videyjarstofa restaurant.

Ever played golf at midnight? Iceland’s midnight sun makes golf a 24 hour sport. We tee off in the evening at Iceland’s top ranked golf course, located only 15 minutes from the city. The front nine are carved into a lava field, while the back nine are played on the Hvaleyri Peninsula with fantastic views over the ocean. On clear days, Snaefellsjokull glacier makes a stunning backdrop to a fantastic golf course.




SEA KAYAKING 3 hours (max. 25 pax) Sea Kayaking is a great way to experience the closeness of nature and the beauty of the surrounding landscape from an exciting angle. The group will bond over a hands-on athletic activity which is bound to be great for the team spirit. The trip begins with a short lesson followed by a paddling excursion while keeping a sharp lookout for various bird species and seals.





Chances are that you’ve heard of this tour; one of Iceland’s most popular tourist routes, on which you visit the Thingvellir National Park, Geysir hot spring area and Gullfoss waterfall. We, however, avoid the routine tour and suggest that you test your survival skills at Thingvellir, enjoy lunch in a greenhouse and eat some geyser-baked bred. For a twist, do this tour in a super jeep and tackle Europe’s second largest glacier on the same tour.

We depart early from the city and head to the south, approaching the spectacular landscape surrounding the Thorsmork area. On route we enjoy some off road adventures, which lead us to one of Eyjafjallajokull’s glacial tongues to explore the awe-inspiring area that was one of the most affected by the 2010 eruption. Combine this tour with: a helihop, hiking, wading or an ATV adventure and a BBQ meal in nature!

This trip can be combined with the Golden Circle or stand on its own. We head inwards to the highlands and to Langjokull, Iceland’s second largest glacier. Once there we suit up and hop on powerful skidoos to experience the glacier first hand. This trip can be completed in the highland natural warm pool area. (Option of an overnight stay in mountain lodge).

Additional ideas: Take part in a “Strongman” competition led by real life Icelandic strongmen or enjoy a vocal performance by a local artist in between the continents at Thingvellir.

More ideas: We continue to Thjorsa Valley where we visit various natural wonders such as: Gjain, Hekla Volcano, Iceland’s highest waterfall Háifoss and more. We can even travel through Thjorsa valley by ATVs!







Fly over the volcano Eyjafjallajokull and experience the effect the eruption had on the natural environment up close. The crater is still warm and the surrounding nature is amazing. Rough wilderness, vast black sands, glaciers, waterfalls. This is a once in a lifetime experience!!!

The Westman Islands lie close to the southern shore of Iceland, a cluster of volcanic islands that offer a unique experience, quite different from anything you might experience on the “mainland”. Sailing into a lava cave or enjoying a BBQ on a beach or rib safari are just some of the things worth trying in this amazing area.

Only a mere 45 minute flight from Reykjavik city is the beautiful town of Akureyri, often referred to as “The Capital of the North”. We fly out in the morning and come back at night. In between: A packed tour with amazing landscape, bubbling mud pools, waterfalls, activities and a relaxing bath in the Myvatn Nature Bath. All of that close to the northern Arctic circle at 66° degrees north!





We fly east to Hofn, a young town partially framed by Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull. We’ll drive towards Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, where huge, aqua-blue icebergs float into the sea. Sailing between the icebergs is a truly unique experience, seeing these imposing wonders up close leaves a lasting memory. A visit to the Skaftafell National Park with the chance of hiking towards Svartifoss, the black waterfall, taking in the breathtaking beauty of the area is the last stop before we head back.

Did you know that Iceland boasts of a true heritage treasure that is “The Sagas”? The Sagas are stories of Vikings and kings from around the year 1000 AD. One of the more interesting ones, Egilssaga, took place in West Iceland. Travelling in a coach or super jeeps, we visit the Settlement Centre in Borgarfjordur, hear stories about the Vikings and the first settlers and breathe in history. Our guide will bring history to life while we visit Hraunfossar waterfalls and Reykholt, the home of Snorri Sturluson, one the Saga’s author.

On this amazing driver-guided super jeep safari you will see the south shore’s most treasured natural sights. We will head east from Reykjavik and, before you know it, you will be walking behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall! Ideally we then take a closer look at water in ice form: Take a walk on a glacier tongue or take a snowmobile tour! Subsequently we will drive our highly specialized super jeeps to where they belong: racing along the water’s edge on one of Iceland’s amazing black lava sand beaches before we take our last stop at the Skogarfoss waterfall and head back to Reykjavik.



VENUES Reykjavik offers a great variety of venues not matter the occasion. From the Harpa Concert & Conference Centre to hotels, art galleries, unusual restaurants or multifunctional houses, we can cater for different needs and wants.



Hilton Reykjavik Nordica is ideal for meetings, with a wide range of rooms and back-up systems for every kind of business event. Hilton Reykjavik Nordica has gained an excellent reputation as a conference venue in Reykjavik.

Grand Hotel Reykjavik is a venue for a vast array of occasions, including small and large conferences and exhibitions and business events, including daytime meetings, sales meetings, board retreats, award presentations and seminars.

The hotel is a popular choice for both local as well as international gatherings of all kinds. It offers seven meeting rooms and four rooms serve as multifunctional rooms. On its first floor in the heart of the building is the majestic 530m2 conference hall – a lavish space that doubles as a ball room/ banqueting suite for big occasions, and outside the room are 440 m2 of pre-function/exhibition space. All eleven meeting and function rooms are equipped with fully staffed business

At the hotel you will find 15 meeting rooms seating between 6 to 470 guests. The meeting and conference rooms have over 1,600 m2 of meeting space with many possibilities.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura is a Reykjavik original and embraces its legacy. It is the perfect place to hold conferences and meetings. The hotel offers impressive conference and meeting facilities suitable for small meetings and events, as well as larger conferences, exhibitions and presentations. A selection of seven rooms of different styles and sizes (4 to 344 people) are available to choose from at your convenience. All rooms have the technical facilities needed as well as professional services.

Gullteigur, the largest conference hall in the hotel, is a great venue for large conventions, meetings, exhibitions or banquets and can seat up to 470 people.








The University Cinema complex is fully equipped for conferences and meetings with facilities for video, computer or slide projections and wireless internet connections.

The conference town of Akureyri is a world in its own league. It is a peaceful town, with short distances and the ideal location to hold a group together in work and play. Akureyri offers first class services in all areas to easily meet your needs and those of your guests. The entertainment options are endless all year round, whether you are interested in tours, group entertainment, sports, cultural events, presentations or education.

The 4-star Radisson SAS Saga Hotel is just across the road, with 209 rooms and suites, restaurants, bars and lounges. There are many more first-class hotels in the city centre. The University Cinema has hosted regular domestic and international events for many years, for the medical and pharmaceutical sector, the industrial and technical sector, public and international institutions, advertising and marketing and many more. The University Cinema Complex has seven specially designed conference halls for meetings and lectures with seating capacities ranging from 23 to 970. The complex can accommodate a total of almost 2000 conference participants.

Hof offers a variety of spaces for big or small meetings and/ or conferences, both in Hof and Samkomuhusid. All meeting rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, i.e. projectors, screens and sound systems. Hof also offers catering services and office facilities for the administrator/coordinator of the conference.

HARPA CONCERT HALL AND CONFERENCE CENTER Harpa is one of Reykjavik’s greatest and distinguished landmarks. It is a cultural and social centre in the heart of the city and features stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic Ocean. Harpa is an enchanting destination for intrigued travellers and its grand-scale awardwinning architecture has attracted 7 million guests since its opening on 4 May 2011. The Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre offers the best facilities for concerts and conferences in Northern Europe. It offers meeting facilities seating from 10 up to 1800 people and an exhibition area with space for up to 1500 people. It is also a great venue for events, parties and gala dinners, since this multifunctional landmark in the heart of the city offers so many potentials.  



Knock the socks off your team by taking them to a gala dinner at the in-house Blue Lagoon restaurant called Lava! The restaurant, seating up to 300 people, has an exclusive bar area, a great view overlooking the lagoon and is framed by a natural rock wall that is perfect for the setting. It is possible to arrange that your group has the whole lagoon exclusively for themselves. A DJ and live performances by dancers and singers will make a night in the Blue Lagoon absolutely unforgettable.

Hafnarhus is located in the heart of the city centre and houses the distinguished Erro Collection. Works from the collection are always on display. Erro is one of the pioneers of pop art in Europe and without doubt one of Iceland’s most well known contemporary artists.

The Idno restaurant is housed in one of the former theatres of Reykjavik and is a historic building with a lot of atmosphere. It is situated downtown at the city pond and close by the town hall of Reykjavik. On the ground floor, the theatre hall can seat up to 120 guests. With its stage it is perfect to use the hall in combination with the appropriate entertainment. On the first floor is a room with an art collection and windows that overlook the city pond. It can seat up to 60 people. The next level’s saloon can ideally be used for an aperitif or a standing reception.

The Blue Lagoon has over 1,200 m2 of meeting facilities; the biggest room can seat up to 500 people or cater for 1000 guests in standing receptions. This is certainly a relaxing place to do business in.

There are several events held in Hafnarhus each year and it provides a venue for various festivals, such as Iceland Airwaves. There are six exhibition spaces in the building, in addition to an outdoor yard that is unique in Icelandic architecture, a multifunctional space and a library. Hafnarhus can serve as a great venue for gala dinners and parties in the city centre of Reykjavik. The venue can host up to 250 people seated at round tables and up to 500 standing. The white open space allows for creative freedom with regard to the theme of the event – anything ranging from an ice bar to a runway, or a Mexican fiesta to a black and white gala dinner.









If you are looking for an exclusive dinner setting outside of Reykjavik and in the middle of nowhere we’ve got just the one. Dine in style in the Icelandic countryside in a privately owned country lodge. This is for those who simply want the best. You’ll find yourselves surrounded by stunning Icelandic nature, experience an outstanding catering service, excellent food and enjoy the absolute privacy of the place.

This is an ideal stop on our way back to the city, following a glacial hike on the southern shore or the Golden Circle tour. A local seafood restaurant, specializing in Icelandic langoustine, is the perfect setting to end an active day outside of Reykjavik and even better if you’re still in your outdoor clothes. A predinner drink can be served outside with a view over the sea. We can reserve an adjacent tent for your private group. A band, a singer or a accordion player can contribute to an excellent ambiance.

A glacial buffet is certainly something special to experience. It can, for example, be combined with fun games on the glacier, a snowmobile adventure or a meeting up there. Surprise your group with a lunch buffet in the white wideness of our ice shields and allow them to extend their visit on the glacier. An outdoor buffet of this kind can basically be organized on two glaciers and for any group size.



Imagine an island that you can reach with a specially hired boat in 10-15 minutes from Reykjavik harbour, offering a great view of our capital and the surrounding mountains, a menu that is served by a restaurant that sets a benchmark for Icelandic culinary excellence. Videyarstofa can seat up to 150 guests. On Videy island you perfectly experience the midnight sun in summer or might get to see the Northern Lights in winter and you might be almost the only guests out here. If you come between the 9th of October and the 8th of December, we can take you on a walking tour to Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace tower, situated on the island.

This venue is situated close to our beach in the city, sheltered by a small wood and on the foot of a hill. It is a modern place with large windows offering views out to the beach. It takes a 5 minutes drive from the city centre to get you out there and into the green. Up to 100 guests can dine at Nautholl, taking a culinary journey that is guided by a member of the Icelandic national culinary team and his crew.

Laugardalsholl is just a walk away from the Hilton Nordica, Grand Reykjavik and Reykjavik Lights hotels. Close to downtown, it is located in the biggest Sports Park of the city. This hall is used for a variety of sport events, pop concerts and large classical events, as well as conferences, trade shows, banquets and corporate events. It has a total of 20,000 m2 with a maximum capacity of 11,000 people. Conference rooms of mixed size are spread over 700 m2 and can take between 40 and 400 people in meetings and other events.  




Music is one of Iceland’s most important export products. Check out some of our famous musicians: - Ásgeir Trausti - Björk - Of Monsters and Men - Retro Stefson


- Sigur Rós


HLÍÐARENDA / VODAFONE HÖLLIN MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS ARENA The sports arena is located next to Perlan in the Oskjuhlid area. The arena is the base for the Valur sports club and includes football fields, basketball and handball pitches and a large multi-purpose indoor hall. There are many options for smaller meeting rooms as well and all of them include sound systems, projectors, microphones, tables and chairs. The venue also includes a fully equipped kitchen and catering services.



HOTELS Iceland offers outstanding first class hotels that range from four star hotels to an array of hotels that can be described as upper three and a half stars hotels. We are totally confident we can find the most suitable accommodation for you and your group.





The historic and dignified Hotel Borg overlooks Reykjavik’s Austurvollur square in the heart of the city, across from the parliament building, Althingi, and the cathedral. It’s located within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, museums, and the old harbour area, as well as the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. Hotel Borg offers 99 elegant rooms and suites, all in 1930s Art Deco style.

The 101 Hotel is situated in the city centre near the main shopping street Laugavegur, perfectly located to enjoy what the city has to offer. It is a stylish designer hotel with dominating colours of gray, black & white, clean lines and local art works to convey pure Nordic coolness. The 101 has 38 rooms, equipped with a CD/DVD player, satellite TV, iPhone sound-dock, safe, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryer and minibar. Free wireless internet is available throughout the hotel. There’s a lounge/ bar, restaurant, fitness centre, spa with Jacuzzi and sauna, state-of-the-art board room for 10-12 people, business centre and a small meeting room.

The Radisson Blu 1919 is a historic hotel housed in the former offices of Iceland’s first shipping company, Eimskipafelag Islands. The Hotel is perfectly situated in the heart of Iceland’s capital city. The 88 rooms and suites each include free wireless internet, TV, minibar and safe. Guests have complimentary access to the health and fitness centre. There are three fullyequipped meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 35 guests.

Standard amenities include: ironing boards, coffee and tea making facilities, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryers, a safe, WiFi internet and minibar. Hotel Borg offers extensive concierge services at the front desk, as well as a spa and gym facilities.







The Radisson Blu Saga is situated at just a 10 minutes’ walk from the historic city centre of Reykjavik across the road from the National Museum of Iceland. The Hotel has 209 rooms with free wireless internet, hairdryer and a pay-per-view TV. State- of-the-art conference and meeting rooms are spread over 1,339 m2 and are suitable for all kind of events. Radisson Blu Saga invites you to unwind at the spa and health centre with a fully equipped gym.

Hilton Reykjavik is located near the city centre, around 2 km away from the central square. It is one of Reykjavik’s top hotels, with 251 bright and modern rooms and some of the best meeting facilities in Iceland. The hotel’s restaurant, Vox, with its delicious new Nordic style cuisine is considered to be one of the top in the city. Free wireless internet is available throughout the hotel. Guests staying on the executive floor have complimentary access to the Nordica spa, as well as the executive lounge with a panoramic view over Reykjavik.

Grand Hotel Reykjavik is now the largest hotel in Iceland with a total of 311 rooms. The hotel is situated in a quiet area around 2 km from Reykjavik’s central square. All of the hotel rooms are very spacious and equipped with first-class amenities. The hotel has 15 meeting rooms seating 6-470 on 1,600m2 with modern technical equipment. In the basement is a spa with fitness rooms, massage rooms, beauty parlour and Jacuzzi.

Entrance to the health centre is free for hotel guests.





Icelandair Hotel Natura is situated approx. 1.5 km from the city centre in a green area near the sea and city beach. It has a long history connected to the Icelandic airline which started to offer stop-overs in Iceland and needed a hotel. Natura is still one of the biggest hotels in Iceland with 220 rooms.

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum is located in a historical building by one of Reykjavik’s oldest streets. It has a lot of authentic atmosphere, created by the dominating wood interiors. The hotel has 89 rooms with TV, small fridge, radio, iron and ironing board, safe, tea and coffee maker. You’ll find the fine restaurant, Fjalakotturinn, and the cosy bar and lounge Uppsalir, a business centre and internet access. The hotel has two conference rooms, one with a board room set up for 14 people and one with a set-up for up to 39 people in a theatre setting.

Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina boasts a colourful and quirky design. It has 108 rooms spread over four floors and is situated in a completely renovated building that has become a landmark among local residents. On weekends, the hotel bar is highly frequented by Icelanders. Marina is located next to the local dry-dock called Slippur in the up-and-coming harbour district of downtown Reykjavik. The hotel rooms are functional and stylish, have wireless internet, a flat screen TV and hairdryer. The Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre with all the necessary meeting facilities is situated at just 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

All rooms are newly renovated and well equipped with all the necessary amenities. The hotel offers an in-house movie theatre, a spa with an indoor swimming pool, Satt restaurant and various meeting rooms that are all equipped with modern technology.







Centerhotel Thingholt is a boutique hotel with a strong focus on modern quality design inspired by Icelandic nature. It offers 52 rooms, decorated in a sleek, contemporary style. The hotel is located next to Reykjavik’s main shopping street Laugavegur. Bars, cafes, restaurants, museums and shops are at your fingertips. Thingholt offers free internet in all rooms and the lobby.

Centerhotel Plaza is set on the square of Ingolfstorg in the very heart of the historic city centre. The hotel is perfectly located to enjoy all Reykjavik has to offer: restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, museums and the harbour. Each of the 180 rooms at the Plaza has a bright and modern interior, free internet, TV, en-suite bathroom, hairdryer, tea and coffee maker.

Centerhotel Arnarhvoll has 104 rooms in modern Scandinavian design and is situated right in the Reykjavik city centre, only a few steps from Laugavegur main shopping street with bars, restaurants, shops, museums and the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. An excellent location, free wireless internet in all rooms, personal service, a breathtaking view overlooking the Reykjavik bay and the mountain ridges beyond, a spa with a Jacuzzi, a Turkish bath and a sauna.





Midgardur is the newest member of the CenterHotels family. It is ideally located in short walking distance from all the main attractions in the city centre. The hotel has 43 comfortable and bright rooms, a breakfast area, restaurant and a bar. Each room is equipped with a mini bar, coffee and tea making facilities, flat screen TV, shower, hairdryer, a safety deposit box and Wi-Fi.

Hotel Klettur is a first class hotel with a design inspired by Icelandic nature. It is situated within a short walking distance from Reykjavik’s main shopping street. The hotel has 146 standard rooms and 20 deluxe rooms and a game room, as well as a bar with a large lounge. 10 of the deluxe rooms have private balconies and 5 have a great view overlooking the bay and surrounding mountains.

Reykjavik Lights Hotel offers 105 fully equipped rooms. The hotel is located approx. 2 km away from Reykjavik’s main square and a five minutes’ walk from the largest outdoor thermal pool in Iceland and sports centre. Every room is unique and linked to a specific day in the ancient Icelandic calendar, decorated with artwork demonstrating local traditions and experiences related to each season, such as the Northern Lights and the midnight sun.








Hotel Frón is a modern and friendly hotel situated in the heart of Reykjavik on the main shopping street, Laugavegur. The hotel is simple in design yet elegant and structured to suit all our guests’ individual needs. Our aim is to provide total comfort in every room and a friendly atmosphere to make you feel right at home. Only a few steps away are the centre’s bustling cafes, restaurants, shopping, galleries and theatres. The hotel encompasses a total of 96 rooms on four floors, offering a wide range of accommodation from single and double rooms to studio apartments as well as larger apartments.

The Fosshotel Baron is located in the heart of Reykjavik, only a few steps away from the main shopping street Laugavegur where you will find restaurants, shops, museums and nightlife. The hotel offers 121 rooms, all equipped with the basic amenities a modern hotel should have. Internet access is free in the hotel lobby.

Centerhotel Skjaldbreid is located on Laugavegur, Reykjavik’s main shopping street, where the city is at its most vibrant. The hotel offers 33 rooms with satellite TV, telephone and high speed internet. The breakfast buffet is served on the third floor where you can also sit down at any time of the day, relax and enjoy a complementary cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the Reykjavik city scenery.

Cabin is situated around 2.5 km from Reykjavik’s main square. It offers a high level of comfort at affordable prices. The hotel has 249 rooms in three different types of room. The standard rooms are small but comfortable and have private bathrooms with showers. The deluxe rooms are bigger and have a bathtub with a shower. The Superior rooms are all situated on the hotel’s 7th floor and offer magnificent views of the city or the ocean. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, but the Superior rooms come with a hairdryer, refrigerator, tea and coffee maker.






Hotel Apotek is situated in the very heart of Reykjavik, by the main square of the town, and on a street with bars, pubs, clubs and fine restaurants. The Apotek is a historical building, a landmark in Reykjavik right next door to the prestigious hotel Borg. This boutique hotel has 45 spacious rooms and a 3 floor tower suite, bar and restaurant.

Fosshotel Reykjavik opened in June 2016 and, with 320 rooms, is the largest hotel in Iceland. It is located in Reykjavik’s business district in short walking distance from the main shopping street. The hotel has 16 floors and all the rooms offer magnificent views of the city and the bay area. The top floor has 7 suites and the hotel has first class conference facilities. Unwind with a bottle of Icelandic draught beer in the Beer garden, relax at the luxury spa and enjoy dining at Fosshotel Reykjavik’s restaurant, Haust.

Alda Hotel Reykjavik is located on the main shopping street, Laugavegur, in the centre of Reykjavik. Bars, restaurants and pubs are just around the corner. Their rooms offer ocean and mountain views or views over the city. The top floor rooms have access to a great balcony from where you can enjoy the panorama to the fullest. All rooms are smokefree, feature a walk-in shower, hair dryer, work desk, a 40” Samsung HD TV and free access to high speed Wi-Fi internet.

Skuggi Hotel is a design hotel managed by Kea hotels. The hotel features 100 modern rooms, a stylish lounge and bar and offers a great location in the centre of Reykjavik. The main ideology of the design is to convey nature to urban area. Timeless, modest and clear-cut design reflects the style of Skuggi Hotel. The rooms are spacious with a unique touch of urbane elegance and warm atmosphere. Every room features a TV, telephone, radio, hairdryer, free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee set. Additional services, such as laundry services and luggage handling can be found or requested.








Hotel Rangá is a luxury countryside hotel and the only 4 star resort in southern Iceland. It offers all the facilities and services of a modern resort and a few more. Situated at about an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, it is perfectly located to discover South Iceland. The hotel has 51 rooms, 20 deluxe rooms, 18 rooms with king size beds and two rooms with twin size beds. The junior and other suites are styled in the theme of the continents. The rooms in the hotel either face the river, the outdoor Jacuzzis, or the Mt. Hekla volcano.

Hotel Budir is a countryside hotel, located in a lava field on the tip of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in the western region of Iceland. Guests have an impressive view of the breathtaking Snaefellsjokull Glacier. Hotel Budir’s restaurant has been referred to as “The Mecca of Icelandic cooking”. The restaurant’s menu is seasonal and takes advantage of fresh local products from neighbouring villages. The hotel offers accommodation in 63 rooms and has facilities for meetings and medium sized conferences.

A new hotel in a wonderful setting in the village of Vík, nestled under sandstone hills and embraced by magnificent natural surroundings. The views are stunning as you look out over the beach, to the sea and the Reynisdrangar Pillars, and experience the spectacular cliffs and birdlife. Myrdalsjokull Glacier stands guard over the region in all its splendour and there are adventures to be had all around. The hotel has 36 elegantly fitted rooms, decorated with Icelandic design and inspired by the natural environment.

Hotel Selfoss is situated in the town of Selfoss on the southern shore of Iceland, around 60 km from Reykjavik and 100 km from the Keflavik International Airport. It contains 99 spacious rooms in four categories. Conference facilities have a capacity of up to 450 guests and are equipped with the latest technological equipment. Hotel Selfoss boasts a spa with a steam bath, sauna and hot pool.




Set in the heart of a stunning lava landscape, Silica Hotel is just a 10 minute walk from the Blue Lagoon. The hotel offers its own private bathing lagoon which is available for hotel guests every day from 09:00 to 22:00.

An exclusive private retreat set in the Icelandic countryside. The Lodge’s exclusive private accommodation, suitable for up to 12 people, is ideal for anyone from a couple to a group of colleagues on a business retreat. The Lodge is conveniently situated close to the Golden Circle but in a calm surrounding, removed from the main trails. In the rooms are a satellite TV, high-speed wireless access and a whirlpool. There’s a chance to see Northern Lights during winter season.

Built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers an oasis of calm, relaxation, and healing. The hotel has 35 bright and spacious double/twin rooms. All rooms offer private facilities and a veranda, with breathtaking views of the surrounding lava fields. The hotel is located 1 kilometre away from the main Blue Lagoon resort.

GRIMSBORGIR LUXURY ROOMS AND APARTMENTS Luxury Apartments Grímsborgir are situated approx. 70 km from Reykjavik and 110 km from Keflavik International Airport. They are ideally situated for excursions at the South Shore. Grimsborgir offer luxury accommodation in 44 double rooms, 6 suites and 14 apartments which are fully equipped with a large kitchen, dining room, fireplace, lounge area with a TV and an outdoor hot tub. You find meeting facilities for up to 70 delegates.

HOTEL ION Not far from the Thingvellir National Park and less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavik, you’ll find Hotel ION. Here you are located in an area, around which the Northern Lights can often be seen in the winter. Close to the ION you will also find the power plant that provides the capital with energy. The hotel has 46 rooms, with large windows that offer breathtaking views, an outdoor hot tub, a bar/ lounge and an excellent restaurant.




CANOPY BY HILTON REYKJAVIK Canopy by the Hilton Reykjavik City Centre is set in the heart of Iceland’s capital city. Explore the neighbourhood at your own speed on a Canopy bike, and enjoy Icelandic meals, brews, art and music right here in the hotel. We’ll welcome you with a locally inspired keepsake at check-in.

STORM Storm Hotel is a 93 room hotel in Reykjavik city centre offering stylish and comfortable quality accommodation. The hotel is located between Reykjavik’s main business district and the Laugavegur shopping street. Storm Hotel offers a Nordic-inspired design combined with functionality, quality and style. Every guest room has a sleek bathroom and an ultra-comfortable luxury bed as well as free wireless internet connection.





TTower Suites Reykjavik is a new private abode in Iceland, ideal for those with an appetite for comfortable living or anyone who wants to marvel at what life has to offer. The eight suites are on the 20th floor of one of the city’s more defining buildings, which adds flavour to the intriguing skyline. Each suite has its distinctive character, and with a full panoramic view in every direction, you’ll enjoy one of the rarest outlooks of the city and the neighbouring mountain range, privy to a view that varies as the weather and light changes.

The hotel is located in the up-and-coming downtown Reykjavik area, offering a view over the city and its signature mountain Esja. The rooms feature a four-poster bed, flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with shower and free toiletries. The hotel is right off Laugavegur, the main shopping street, and next to Hlemmur Square, the former bus terminal that soon will be turned into a food market with fresh and organic local products.


Some of the things you might want to taste in Iceland:

“flatkökur” (flat rye bread) with “hangikjöt” (smoked lamb) “svið” (sheep head)

“skyr” (diary product) “hákarl” (fermented shark) “brennivín” (Icelandic schnapps)

RESTAURANTS Within a 1 km radius around downtown 101 Reykjavik, you’ll find many restaurants that reach world class culinary standards. Without any doubt - and we are proud of that - you will get to taste fresh and local ingredients and enjoy your gastronomic journey through Iceland with all your senses.

THE GRILLMARKET This restaurant surely has enhanced the quality of life for the foodie in Reykjavík. As well as at the Fishmarket, Hrefna Saetran (one of Iceland´s leading chefs) and team are serving juicy Icelandic dishes, prepared on a special grill. You can be sure that they use seasonal ingredients straight from the farm. The decor is inspired by Icelandic nature and features live moss, basalt columns and fish skin. Capacity: 166 seats, groups max 40

THE FOOD CELLAR Food Cellar is a Grill & Cocktail bar, situated in a 160 year old building in the centre of Reykjavik. We like to think that food is for your body and music is for your soul. The food is in the Icelandic brasserie style, elegantly prepared by our skilled and enthusiastic chefs, using the finest Icelandic ingredients.

The Fish market is a trendy restaurant housed in one of Reykjavik’s oldest buildings. By purchasing directly from the country’s farmers and fishermen they guarantee sustainability and the quality of the ingredients with which they prepare fish, meat and other scrumptious dishes, with a modern twist. Guests can watch each plate being prepared in the open kitchen, which adds to the modern atmosphere of this popular eatery. Capacity: 110 seats on two floors

Capacity: 70 seats

THE SEAFOOD GRILL It was a dream that came true for the young chef Gustav Axel Gunnlaugsson, a lad from a tiny fishing village up in the north, when he opened his restaurant in cooperation with master chef Larus Gunnar Jonasson. Gustav and Larus spent months travelling Iceland looking for the real taste of the culinary side of the country and picking up some key items for the interior of their restaurant. The Seafood Grill is a small and cosy eatery with a diverse menu, focusing on seafood. Capacity: 90 seats




THE HARBOR RESTAURANT The Harbor is a cosy little restaurant in Reykjavik’ s old harbour located in the centre of the city. The Harbor emphasizes on the freshest fish available, personal service and a laid-back atmosphere. This charming little restaurant is family owned, budget friendly and absolutely authentic. Capacity: 90 seats




At Kopar they focus on Icelandic ingredients and seek them both on land and at sea for the composition of their menu. Of course the food is the most important element, but the service, company and atmosphere also fundamentally contribute to a good night out. Kopar is influenced by its environment; The old harbour, ships, vibrant city centre and a surprising mix of old and new. Capacity: 120 seats on two floors

VOX Vox restaurant is an exquisite venue for a tasteful night out. Located at the Reykjavik Hilton Nordica Hotel, the focus of this restaurant is blending highly professional service with a laid-back atmosphere. Vox offers New Nordic style cuisine and maintains ingredients as fresh as possible by specially selecting them straight from farmers, fishermen and hunters of Iceland and the surrounding Scandinavian countries. Capacity: 110 seats

THE GRILL The Grill team strongly believes that quality comes first and that their guests have an experience that arouses all senses. Not only are the dishes they serve a true feast for any guest, but the panoramic view of Reykjavik from this top floor eatery makes the experience even more enjoyable. The Grill is located on Hotel Saga’s eighth floor, a 10 minute walk from the city centre. Capacity: 96 seats

THE GALLERY RESTAURANT The Gallery, located in the city centre, is one of the leaders of fine dining restaurants in Iceland. There you will also find the finest wine cellar in Reykjavik, in our opinion. Leading the kitchen is master chef Fridgeir Ingi Eiriksson, who earned his stripes at the Michelin restaurant Domaine de Clairefontaine in France. Together with his team he will make sure your evening at the Gallery Restaurant is an unforgettable one. Capacity: 80 seats

BORG RESTAURANT Located in Reykjavik’s oldest hotel, restaurant Borg offers a view of the city’s central square and parliament. In the restaurant is an Art Deco bar. The setting is elegant and the focus of the dishes is on traditional Nordic cuisine with an exotic touch.

The Dill Restaurant was established by Gunnar Karl Gislason, an extraordinary and unique chef who published his first cookbook “The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland” with his longtime friend and writer Jody Eddy. DILL is inspired by the New Nordic Cuisine Manifesto, using what surrounds us and embraces the Old Icelandic traditions. The chefs at DILL allow the ingredients to shine in their own simplicity and most importantly they try to have fun while they’re are at it. The restaurant is open every Wednesday till Saturday from 6:00 PM.

Capacity: 120 seats

BY THE POND You’ll feel like you are stepping into your great grandmother’s dining room when you enter this quirky little restaurant. By the Pond is an old fashioned restaurant with great personal service and a menu that focuses on seafood. This eatery is located in the city centre. Capacity: 50 seats




TORFAN Torfan is located in one of Reykjavik’s historical buildings which has housed multiple restaurants. The location is well suited and you can experience classical and exquisite food in an historic atmosphere. Torfan mixes French culinary traditions with a Nordic twist. Torfan is located in Bernhoftsstofa and was built in 1838. The restaurant seats over seventy guests and has banquet rooms available for private events. Capacity: 80 seats



This restaurant offers an adventurous menu in a laid-back and cool environment, located in a historical building in the city centre. The Fish Company is all about seafood and the freshest ingredients. We suggest a menu that offers a culinary journey around Iceland - enjoy!


Capacity: 80 seats

KOLABRAUTIN Kolabrautin is a restaurant located on the 4th floor of the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. It boasts a picturesque view of the city harbour and bay with its surrounding mountains. This is the place where seasonal menus with Icelandic ingredients meet Mediterranean cooking traditions. Capacity: 180 seats

TAPAS BAR The Tapas Bar restaurant has the appearance of a typical Spanish bodega or wine bar; cool and dark, wooden tables and smiling staff. This eatery serves traditional tapas along with the best of Icelandic ingredients. It is very popular amongst the Reykjavik locals and often serves as a place where friends meet to chat and joke before heading out on a night of fun in the city centre. Capacity: 80 seats

VIDEYJARSTOFA To reach this restaurant you must undertake a 10 minute boat ride from Reykjavik harbour to the island of Videy. On the island you will find beautiful nature, charming walking paths, the Imagine Peace Tower and the Videyjarstofa restaurant. Gallery Restaurant from Hotel Holt, which has been the benchmark for Icelandic culinary excellence since it was opened in 1965, caters to Videyjarstofa. Capacity: 150 seats

NAUTHÓLL Nautholl features modern Icelandic cuisine with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients, in-house production and a casual atmosphere. The restaurant is led by an Icelandic National Culinary Team member who belongs to a new generation of Icelandic chefs, committed to sustainable cuisine.

Idno restaurant welcomes you to dine in one of the city’s most important historical buildings. It is located in the heart of Reykjavik, by the city pond and opposite the city hall. It is truly an interesting place with a history well worth investigating. Remember to ask to be escorted around the building so your time at the restaurant will be even more enjoyable. Capacity: 110 seats

Capacity: 110 seats

AT THE SEASHORE Enjoy a lobster feast by the seashore, in a cosy & rustic seafood restaurant only 40 minutes away from Reykjavik! At the Seashore is famous for its fresh lobster and delicious lobster soup. It is located on the southern shore of Iceland in the small fishing village of Stokkseyri and offers a picturesque view of volcanoes, the ocean and endless meadows. Capacity: 220 seats




LAEKJARBREKKA Laekjarbrekka is a cosy restaurant with a lot of atmosphere. It is located in an old wooden building downtown. They focus on excellent service, delicious food and do their best to let you experience the charm of the place. Laekjarbrekka offers two charming Nordic wooden beamed private banquet rooms located in the restaurants loft space; both are equipped with a bar. Capacity: 95 seats




Bryggjan Brugghus is Iceland’s first Micro Brewery and bistro located in the trendiest area of Reykjavik harbour side. The bistro offers delicious local food in a cool atmosphere and world class beverages brewed on site. Our menu offers a good variety of local seafood , salads, steaks and desserts, along with some great street foods to go along with our beers, which are brewed on the premises. Capacity: 280 seats

RESTAURANT REYKJAVÍK Restaurant Reykjavik is situated in the city centre in an historical building from 1870. This restaurant focuses on good traditional Icelandic food and spices it up with a modern touch. You’ll find a varied menu and the possibility to get a taste of many different Icelandic dishes that you will not find in other local restaurants. Capacity: 170

KOL This restaurant is spread over two floors with an open kitchen and alluring bar, where some of the country’s best cocktail bartenders offer an ambitious cocktail list. The restaurant is divided into spaces with cosy leather couches and has a variety of different table settings. The head chefs of Kol have accumulated over 20 years of experience at Reykjavik’s best restaurants and worked at several renowned restaurants around Europe. They now present their ideas in a variety of finger food, salads, fish, steaks and desserts. Capacity: 95 seats

BAZAAR ODDSON Bazaar is a place to eat, drink, and be merry. Bazaar meets all your needs for tasty liquids and delicious meals no matter what time of the day. At Bazaar you will find a cafe with newly baked goods and fresh coffee to start your day as well as a bistro with the perfect menu for lunch or snacks. If you feel the need to get a little high, our bar is happy to serve you a cocktail or two or one of the fantastic beers we have on tap. Then feel free to head over to the piano if you know how to tickle the ivory, or even better, deliver a tune in our specially designed karaoke booth. Capacity: 150 seats


Capacity: 100 seats


American Bar captures the American spirit: land of the free, home of the brave. With a unique selection of beer and a simple, yet delicious, menu, American Bar is a must-visit when in Reykjavik. Its selection of beers is second to none; with more than 50 different brews you will be sure to find the beer that suits your taste. You’ll find everything from an exotic beer made in the tropical islands of Hawaii to a beer made from the famous Icelandic water.



BARS & PUBS Reykjavik is a young city with a vibrant night life, a dynamic music scene and with a lot of people that love to party as much during the long summer nights as in the dark winter months. On the following pages you will find a selection of places that you could check out while in Iceland. Let us know if you want us to organize a VIP night for you. *Most bars are open until 01:00am on weekdays and 05:00 am on weekends.



Austurstræti 7, 101 Reykjavík

Ingólfsstraeti 3, 101 Reykjavík

Austur is without a doubt one of Reykjavik’s most popular clubs. Here you can book a VIP bottle table and dance the night away with Reykjavik’s “it-crowd”.

Den Danske Kro is a casual and cosy pub that is very popular with Reykjavik locals. It offers a selection of Icelandic and Danish beer and live music on weekends.



Bergstaðastræti 1, 101 Reykjavík

Bankastræti 5, 101 Reykjavík

This is considered to be one of Reykjavik’s coolest bars, it even had a starring role in the cult movie 101 Reykjavik (2000). At weekends you will most likely have to stand in line to get in, but it’ s absolutely worth it!

Coffee house, bistro, bar and a highly popular club, this place is it all. B5 is laid-back and trendy, a great place to dance and mingle with fun and outgoing people.






Ingólfsstræti 1a, 101 Reykjavík

Laugavegur 20a, 101 Reykjavík

Laugavegur 28b, 101 Reykjavík

Laugavegur 20b, 101 Reykjavik

It offers a great selection of Icelandic beer. Live music on weekends.

The 1998 comedy film The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers is not only a film, it has now become a lifestyle. The Lebowski Bar in Reykjavík is everything you want it to be, a bowling themed burger joint, restaurant and bar.

Each weekend a DJ makes sure the atmosphere is fabulous with a wide music selection of the best of everything, across genre, countries and even eras. It pulls an incredible assemblage of people from all walks of life and creates a vibe where you just want to mingle and dance.

Kaldi bar draws its name from the beer Kaldi, which is brewed in a small brewery in the north of Iceland. They have all the year-round varieties of Kaldi and of course, they serve the seasonal Kaldis (such as Easter Kaldi and Þorra Kaldi) when appropriate.







Vesturgata 2, 101 Reykjavík Micro Bar only serves beer from micro¬breweries. All the beers on tap are Icelandic, but you can get rare beers from Europe and the US in bottles. Ask the bartender about the brews, they know absolutely everything there is to know about beer.

Bankastræti 7, 101 Reykjavik

Vegamótstíg 4, 101 Reykjavík

Skúlagata 28, 101 Reykjavík

The people are friendly, the beer is decent, the whole place has been certified as environmentally friendly, and most importantly of all, the view is unbelievable. We highly recommend having a beer on the balcony on a nice summer day.

A long-running café-bar-club, but still a great place to eat, drink, see and be seen. Vegamót is always packed with people, locals and visitors. Each weekend they offer dance music, although the dance floor is quite small.

The Kex Hostel Bar is one of the most successful establishments that have opened in the last years. It is cool, retro and quirky, a highly popular place to kick off a night out on the town. Here you will most definitely meet some chatty locals and travellers... but be aware, the bar closes at midnight!



Country Size: Isa

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Akureyri Myvatn



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Vatnajokull Gullfoss Höfn

Thingvellir Geysir

Reykjavik Hekla


Keflavík Stokkseyri




CAPITAL Reykjavík, a young and modern city with excellent restaurants and first class hotels.

Vik Westmann Islands

330,000 language: Icelandic

We are friendly folks and most of us speak English



Our main season for incentives trips is April to October, while meetings and conferences follow their own agendas. Due to a strong desire by many to see the Northern Lights, guests are increasingly travelling to Iceland in the dark winter months. Each season has its own wonders and we know how to take advantage of each season.

A number of airlines fly to Iceland all year around. Most airlines fly during summertime and shoulder seasons. We are proud to recommend our Icelandic friends at Icelandair www. icelandair.com and also Wow Air www.wowair.com.

DAYLIGHT The following is an overview of the average daylight each month in Iceland. In spring, the sun rises about 3 minutes earlier with the passing of each day and the light lingers for an extra 6 minutes in the evenings, leading to that wonderful phenomenon known as the “midnight sun”. In autumn, on the other hand, daylight diminishes every day by around 3 minutes in the morning and 6 minutes in the evening.


SUNSET 05:44 17:15 18:45 20:18 21:51 23:30 23:57 22:33 20:45 18:58 17:12 15:49

SUNRISE 11:19 10:09 08:36 06:47 05:01 03:04 03:04 04:33 06:08 07:35 09:09 10:44

MONTH January February March April May June July August September October November December












14° Mar














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City Boston

Our currency is the Icelandic Krona (ISK). It is common in Iceland to pay with credit cards, even small amounts. Restaurants and most shops accept the major credit cards like VISA, Master and Eurocard and in some places you can also pay with others.







Further options of airlines: EasyJet, SAS, Norwegian, Air Berlin, Air Greenland, Austrian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Edelweiss air, Germanwings, Niki, Primera Air, Thomas Cook Airlines, Transavia, Vueling Airlines, British Airways.




In general, business hours are from 09:00 to 17:00. Most shops are open from 09:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. Several supermarkets have extended working hours (some 24 hours) and shopping malls, as well as several book and souvenir shops are open on weekends. Visitors to Iceland are entitled to claim a VAT refund of up to 15% on purchases amounting to ISK 6,000 or more.

INSURANCE & HEALTH CARE We do not include individual travel insurance in our tours and therefore kindly ask our clients to arrange it before coming to Iceland. Medical assistance is available in all regions. Health care in Iceland is high standard. In emergency cases help can be on the spot within 5-30 minutes in most of the places we operate in.

WHY CP REYKJAVIK? • Creative team of experts who love what we do


• Corporate minded & focused on getting value for our clients • Personal service 24/7, we welcome you at breakfast and wish you a good night in the evening • Few highly experienced companies in event & travel industry as well as congresses. • Site Crystal Award Winner, we organized the largest event a single company has operated in Iceland • We organized the 98th Congress of the European Orthodontic Society which was held in June 2013 with 2,450 attendees. That was the biggest congress held in Iceland to date.

FACTS ABOUT US: Two companies, founded in 2000 and 2004, merged in 2014 20 full time employees and about 20 guides and contractors CEO‘s: Lára B. Pétursdóttir & Marín Magnúsdóttir.

CONTACT US: We are aware of the fact that we do not cover all your questions with the above information. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you personally and to exceeding your expectations. It’s your choice, it’s your turn!

CP Reykjavík Sudurlandsbraut 6 IS 108 Reykjavík +354 510 3900 Mail: cpreykjavik@cpreykjavik.is Web: www.cpreykjavik.is


Every journey begins with the first step - It‘s your turn!



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CP Reykjavik Catalogue 2017