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Welcome to BLS CPR Downey Martin Luther Vocational Training Center, including,provides Vocational Education/Job training under Article 4;code 94874 of California Post Secondary Education Act of 2009.

CLASSES WE OFFER PROGRAM LISTING: 1:Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers(BLS):This is the CPR/AED course for Healthcare Providers. It is a little more complex than the Heart saver/Workplace CPR class. Any Licensed Medical Personnel who may have direct patient contact requires BLS certification. Most healthcare Institutions now require American Heart association's BLS certification card.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support(ACLS): This is Advanced Cardiac Life Support. When Sudden Cardiac Arrest develops, Immediate high quality Basic Life Support with emphasis on high quality chest compressions and rapid defibrillation with AED or Defibrillator as soon as available. Advanced Cardiac Life Support is initiated if BLS does not result in Return of Spontaneous Circulation(ROSC) if a provider trained and certified in ACLS is available.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support(PALS): This is Pediatric Advanced Life support.PALS builds on High Quality BLS for Children and Infants with emphasis on high quality chest compressions within seconds to minutes of cardiac arrest and rapid Defribrillation with AED or Manual Defribillator when available.When a healthcare proffessional who is trained in PALS is present,advanced life is built on high quality BLS to improved chance of survival.

HEARTSAVER CPR/AED: This is a combined CPR+AED class.This class gives instruction on action steps a Lay person may take in the community or workplace to help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. This class is given by experienced Instructors according to American Heart Association's 2010 guidlines for CPR and ECC courses.

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